Former party official pushes independent message

| 15/03/2013

baraud (215x300).jpg(CNS): Stefan Baraud, who is going it alone in the May general election, pushed the message about the value of independent candidates when he launched his campaign at his new HQ in George Town on Thursday. Once the chairman ofthe United Democratic Party’s George Town committee, the former party official distanced himself, not just from his former political colleagues but the principle of party politics as well, as he opened his bid for a seat in the capital. Baraud, the former Port Authority board chair who had a public split with the leader of the UDP and former premier over the cruise development, attracted around 100 people to his first appearance on the hustings and delivered a well-received short political speech.

He spoke about the scandals that have plagued public officials and government leaders, who he said have let Cayman down, as well as the many challenges that governments in the past have failed to address. Baraud said that both the political parties had promised a lot but achieved very little. He told the audience that a vote for an independent candidate was not a wasted vote.

Baraud called on voters to support other independent candidates but he didn’t indicate which independents (those on C4C ticket or those going it alone) his voters should give their remaining five votes to.

If elected, Baraud said he would support the National Conservation Law, all legislation that stamps out corruption and restore trust in government, and preserve the local culture among many other issues, which are now laid out in full on his campaign website.

Baraud’s debut appearance on the campaign platform was greeted with enthusiasm from the crowd of younger Caymanians, which was also dotted with former and current UDP supporters as well as Baraud’s replacement on the UDP George Town committee, Kenny Rankin.

However, there was no sign of any green on Baraud’s platform as the George Town entrepreneur has gone for gold with his campaign colours, and what it likely to end up being the most stylish t-shirt on the 2013 campaign trail.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You stood up for what you believed in and spoke up against the dictator Mac. You have my vote for that. young man that took heart.

  2. GT voters says:

    This is the same Cayman mentality that keeps putting the same old dirt bags in power. And to do what? Follow their leader, go with the flow, shut up and see the future of Cayman fall into pieces. Seriously if you vote for any past UDP or PPM member you are doing a great disservice to your country, your children and your grand children.

  3. Last of the Sea Urchin says:

    He's good for the port you say? Well have you seen the news lately? Most of the cruise lines are barely making it to the ports. The point the weekend warrior was making was that Stafan must of known of other XXXXX deals by his sweet premier. Why didn't he leave the party when the Stan Thomas deal came to light? Stefan is, was and still UDP to the core!

  4. Wow says:

    Are we really going to elect this dud because he has a nice t-shirt? Come on people, he is UDP regardless of what shirt he puts on. How long did he sit on the Port Authority Board? He didnt quit the board either, MAckeeva kicked him off. He should have resigned and told the public what was going on witht he Port deal, but instead he sat silent and is still silent on what really happened. Oh he tells the story in private, but if he wants any credibility he needs to speak up! Im tired of these so called patriots who have the dirt and are still holding secrets. As far as I am concerned if Stefan wants my vote he better "Tell ALL" otherwise just forget it brah you are no better than those you are holding secrets for. And you cannot be trusted.


  5. Voter 2013 says:

    Well if it is a choice of the same old career politicians or giving some new blood a chance, I'll choose the latter. 

    Let's listen to these people first and then make up our minds….Isn't that the way we are supposed to do it?


  6. Anonymous says:

    Sorry Stefan but anyone who supported Mac and the UDP in the past is a part of the disastrous situation we are now in. Jumping ship in 2011 is not good enough. 

  7. Anonymous says:

    Obama – It was Andy Warhol who did that effect! Anyway i think the shirts look good! Young People go tru! Wha una want, Red shirts or Blue shirts? Rass!  

  8. Anonymous says:

    Sefan Baraud stood up for what he believed in and stepped down away from UDP immediately.  He should never had been crucified for what he believed in.  Who they have now just goes with whatever UDP says, count your days UDP because your demise is soon to come.  I support you 100% and the people of Cayman should do the same!!! He sat on the Port board with an open mind, not using his position to influentiate people and look what happened.  Remember Sefan you can tell them "what comes around goes around"!!! GOOD LUCK!!!! 

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh wake up!! Check what Barud did when he sat on the board and you will see that his priority was looking after 1) the guy who appointed him; 2) himself and 3) UDP supporters. When he eventually got nervous that he could be sued as a director of the board over how they handled the GLF deal he started running scared. Mac saved his ass by firing him,. Baraud did not resign. He is cut from the same cloth as Elio, Cline, Mac and Julia. I would not trust him to mind my dumpster. 

  9. Voter says:

    Everyone asks Stefan about theCruise Port and he will be the expert candidate on this topic…

    Agreed we need a port before all the ships pass us by, but do we really need the mega shopping mall to go with it?  All the high-end ships (the ones we want to court) already offer all duty-free shopping onboard now (including art work, watches, cosmetics!) that used to be the bread and butter of shops here.  The ships have "changed" and we need to as well.

    Don't plan for the retailers Mr. Baraud, no casino and acres of restaurants, the cruise passengers do not want this…..just pour the cement for a simple pier so they can step off instead of tender off- simple!  simple!  Find some other simple tours, like the national musuem or catboat club so that we too, can become a 2-tour destination at a value cost for tours so that the passengers once again say that they learned about culture and Cayman was their favourite stop.

    Don't overthink this….Mr. Baraud, look at Mexico's simple port piers, or St. Kitt's (islands do not get smaller that that!!! and it is now a favourite desitnate for cruisers)-

    Build a dock, not shops.Keep it simple and you will win.

    • Anonymous says:

      I like your thinking, except for one thing you are wrong about : stop supporting Stephan. From your few thoughts so far you seem like someone many of us would support. How about you step forward and offer your services. We need more thinkers like you, cut thru the crap and distill things out to the real necessities.

  10. Voter in GT says:

    Anyone that left Mac Bush (and the UDP) during the height of their political power gets my vote!  Good for him for doing the brave thing back in 2011. 

    I like that he took the time and dedication to represent the Cayman Islands in two Olympic campaigns and was a YCLA finalist too.  He has been giving back to the community for years and most of the other politicians only step forward when it suits them?

    I wish we had more young businessmen running for office independently and hope we can get rid of all of the career party politicians.  

    Once elected, they will all have the country's best interest at heart that is why we have a legislative assembly.  We used to have independents and I think the country ran much-much better before party politics.



    • huh? says:

      why is his family still mixed up with Mackeeva then? Stefan is another UDP spoiler setup by Mac to run and split up votes. He knows he has no chance of being elected so he is simply doing what independents did last election! Helping the UDP

      You can take the man out of the Bush but you cant take the Bush out of the man! 

  11. Weekend Warrior says:

    Another UDP puppet! You mean to tell me for the three plus years you supported Big Mac you knew nothing of his wrong doings or scandals that you are now criticizing? You are the worst kind cause you change like a chameleon to suit your environment.

  12. Hope for Cayman says:

    Well Cheesy if thats the only thing  you can find to complain about it says alot for Stefan. It shows that he is a good candidte and has alot of potential.  I for one will be voting for Stefan, as he proved that he is a stand up guy and cannot be pushed around when he resigned from the Port and the UDP.  Thanks Stefan and hope to see you and more real genuine  INDEPENDANTS in the house come May. 

  13. Prospect Palace says:

    Stefan is without a doubt a worthy candidate for these elections! He has experience in the political field, he has experience in the private sector and the public sector.

    There are several young new candidates who should be voted in this year in order to keep Cayman fresh and moving ahead and Stefan is one of them. If we don't get people like Stefan in government now we will clearly only have ourselves to blame.

    George Town is dying without proper docking facilities! Stefan will be our first politician who has first hand experience here!

    Love the Obama look!

  14. Batman says:

    The common thread amoungst the independants is their commitment to put an end to the scandals.  BUSH suggests that parties can get more done than independants…what a croc. maybe for himself…..   I am voting to PUT AN END TO THE POLITICAL CAREERS of those that have been just going with the flow, and turning a blind eye to the corruption.  I respect Stefan for standing up to MAC and I beleive he has the capability and the will to effect for the greater good of Cayman and everyone that loves it.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery.  The emulation, to any extent, of an inovative winning campaign as President Barak Obama's is a good choice. It is wise to choose a "winner" to emulate. Is it too much to ask that there be no mud-slinging and that we address the issues/challenges and solutions instead?


  16. Anonymous says:

    Starting to see good things from the independents! We need change, the country cannot take another four years of this crap! I will not be voting parties! My grandkids wont forgive me otherwise!

  17. SleeplessinCayman says:

    It was just as cheesy of Obama to steal it from Andy Warhol! 🙂 Not sure who Warhol stole it from….

  18. Anonymous says:

    Great attendance for an independent!  Stefan you got it together my boy, keep up the good work and don't stop, we need you!

  19. St Peter says:

    I'm independent, You are independent…

    He is independent…

    Ok then we are all independent…

    By the way that new Caymanite Pink ad in the black bikini is extremely eye grabbing..

    And no – I wont say anything about a water buffalo…

  20. Anonymous says:

    I like his vision, but my two questions are these: a) can you actually make it happen? and b) can we trust you?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Isn't it a little cheesy to use the same graphic effect as obama? 

    • Anonymous says:

      Like seriously…. will this never stop! That is what the problem is now, too much negativity! stop watch da man shirt and  listen to da man message! suuuuuusssssss!

    • Anonymous says:

      I don't think Obama has an exclusive franchise in Pop Art – this is a universal graphic that young voters can associate with.  But to each their own!  Your opinion is your right and as always entitled to your interpretation.

    • Anonymous says:

      that's not the only "borrowed" part of his campaign and if you clowns elect him, then in very short order the independent skin will peel away and the UDP will come bursting out

    • Anonymous says:

      LOL true especially seeing as how there is NO comparison.  I'm sure Stefan became (outwardly) independent the day he was thrust off the Port Authority Board.  Had he been kept on he would still be boot licking, its disgusting.

    • The lone haranguer rides again! says:

      Andy Wahol I believe, to classy for you?

    • Anonymous says:


      Is that all you can find to talk about, talk about shallow. With the country experiencing such drastic economic and social issues your main concern are colors resembling Obama. Woww!!!!!! Why not in the shame  breath congradulate this individual on stepping up to the plate and trying to make a better Cayman for us. This comment is a direct reflection of you and quite frankly cayman can do without such comments right now.


    • Anonymous says:

      Wharhol, actually.

    • Who????? says:

      No No, ah we dont want him!

    • Voter 2013 says:

      It is popular, I like it.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Does a lepard change it's spots?