Cops use new weapon on armed man

| 18/03/2013

taser.jpg(CNS): A second person has been hit by a police Taser following an altercation outside a George Town nightclub in the early hours of Saturday morning. The 23-year-old man, who police said was armed with a knife, was shot with the taser, which packs 50,000 volt punch, when he interfered with an arrest and threatened officers from the uniform support group who had been called to Elements Nightclub in the Strand at around 3.30am. A group of young men and women were arguing and being disorderly outside the club, a police spokesperson stated, and as USG officers were arresting one man another tried to intervene and prevent the arrest.

“Despite repeated warnings he refused to desist and then pulled a knife on one of the officers,” the RCIPS said.  “He refused to comply with instructions to put the knife down. As a result, an officer who was armed with both his conventional firearm and Taser discharged the Taser. The man immediately fell to the ground where officers subdued him and disarmed him. The probes were removed and first aid was administered,’ the spokesperson added.

The man is now said to be in police custody having been arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and possession of controlled substance.
Police stated that the agreed post-incident investigative protocols for the use of Taser have now been implemented and a report on the incident is being compiled.

This is the second time the RCIPS have used the new weapon which was added to their arsenal at the beginning of this year. The first victim was tasered just four days after the weapon was commissioned. Police used the stun-gun on a suspected burglar who had escaped from police custody. 44-year-old Jeff Pandohie was also armed with a large knife when an officer from the Uniform Support Group fired the taser at him in Bodden Town
The weapons are fitted with taser-cams which film the discharging of the stun guns and police have said the footage could be made public if it is not needed as evidence.

However, at this point the footage regarding the first incident in January has not yet been released.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank god the police did not have tasers a few years back when they stopped me at a road block on Eastern Avenue and accused me of being disorderly.  All I did was ask the sole female officer which coupon I should remove (given that the old one had expired and was still there with the new one) from the windscreen given that I was inside the car and could not see the front of the coupon.  The female officer went and sought back-up and complained that I had cursed her. To this day, I have to assume that she misunderstood what I said because of cultural differences. It was clear though that after trying to explain to the officer in charge what had actually happened they did not want to hear my version. To sink the hook and line even deeper she called another female officer who was about 20 feet away from the car to corrobrate her story…and she did with "Yes, I heard him curse you"…Needless to say I was fuming and then ready to curse each and every MF officer that stood there and banded together in a very strange lie that could have gotten me "tasered" had they been using them.

    My complaint was relayed to the police department a few days later, however,  as is customary, there version was believed and I was told by the investigating officer that I was lucky I was not arrested for disorderly conduct. Imagine that …given that I was never disorderly, I did not draw a knife, curse or utter aggressive words or violate any part of the penal code and sober to the point that I asked them to perform an alcohol test…ofcourse they did not. Karma…..wish I could get my hands on a taser.  I would be just as trigger happy to taser police officers at road blocks as they are to taser innocent civilians.


    Be careful people it could happen to you.


    • Diogenes says:

      Which innocent civilian have they tasered?  Which of the two guys wielding knives do you mean?  Or are you talking about your assumption that if they had a taser they would have tasered you – cause they would have done, right, given that they didnt hit you with a truncheon or even arrest you, both of which they could have done at the time?  But they would have tasered you.  Right.   So an argument you had with some police officers – which apparently didnt result in a wrongful arrest or any physical harm to you – coupled with the fact that they have used tasers to restrain knife wielding individuals resisting arrest, now translates into justification for you to taser police officers at roadblocks.  Hmmm.  


      • Anonymous says:

        You be careful…you may be the first innocent civilian to get tasered by trigger happy police officers if they accuse you of disorderly conduct at a road block and you disagree with them. Clearly you have not had such an experience to even know their demeanour and how they abuse authority.

  2. Anonymous says:

    play bad man face the consequences simple.

  3. Just Commentin' says:

    Video footage from the taze-cam being made public!?  REALLY?  Wow! I can see it now! This could be the start of a new Cayman 27 reality show:
    "CAYMAN'S MOST SHOCKING! Drunks, Fools, and Ganstas"

    [Fade-in to a scene showing a deranged-looking suspect facing off with cops in a threatening manner…]

    The show's intro continues, accompanied by the chorus of the song "Electricity":
    "I said electricity
    Let it rain all over me
    Let the light be forever green
    I'm playing with fire if you know what I mean
    I need someone to help me

    The voice-over narration begins, and scenes of Batman-like cartoon splashes are flashed on the screen with accompanying sounds and are interspersed with the narrator's words:


    "If you are thinking about committing a crime in the Cayman Islands…


    **SIZZLE!!!**  .

    …better think again because the RCIPS officers in uniform have something in store for you…

    **SNAPPP!**   **CRRACKLE!!!**  **POP!**

    …before you can even try….



    ….you are going to fry!"



    The cartoon splashes dissolve from centre and we see the taze-cam a view of the firing of the tazers and the suspect dropping like a sack of trembling potatos. The deranged-looking suspect hits the ground and jerks wildly. He is riddled with small darts and encased in a tangle of small wires. [Cut to room scene] We see that the fine wires sprout from tazers held by two grinning cops who are high-fiving each other. The once-threatening wannabe thug is now a whimpering heap, writhing on the floor, slobbering, talking jibberish and wetting his pants.
    [And fade-out.]

    The intro narration continues over a black screen with the "Cayman's Most Shocking" logo in the centre:
    "Cayman's Most Shocking is filmed on location in the Cayman Islands' with the electrifying men and women of law enforcement. All tazed suspects are idiots until proven otherwise."


    [Fade-in to Scene One] Two RCIPS officers are emerging from their police cruiser with tazers in hand. They begin to pursue a scruffy-looking dude, who, seeing the police, drops the wallet he just mugged from a hapless tourist and starts running off into the night. Poor beggah! He'll soon be wee-weeing his nappy too. LOL

    Gee! This could be a very entertaining show!


  4. Anonymous says:

    Only a gand banging jerk would bring a knife to a Taser fight.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ok….so the idiots must realise…

    You draw knives on police officers, acting like a drunken fool, being disorderly and violent in the public…

    Your ars* is gonna get tased by the police…

    Simple as that !

  6. Anonymous. says:

    Don’t agree with you on that, if a person has a heart condition or a pacemaker, I don’t think they should be out them hours a morning making a scene and pulling knife on police. Image police saying, ok hold on, do you have a heart condition, tell me cause I’m fixing to Tase you. LOL. They asked for it, they got it, lol…

    • Anonymous says:

      Get real, such people should be in hospital or at home resting, not out drinking themselves stupid and causing trouble- can't beleive you wrote that…"reap what you sow"

  7. Last of the Sea Urchin says:

    We should all get one!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Rules need to be put into place in this regard, because if someone who has a heart condition, or has in a peace maker can seriously be injured or die! not against it, but what precautions are taken. This is serious stuff! be careful who unna taser!

    • Anonymous says:

      I only wish I could have been there to see it.

    • Anonymous says:

      if someone has a heart condition, they shouldn't be out in the middle of the night, walking around with a knife, now should they?

    • Anonymous says:

      If they had a 'peace' maker there would be no need to taser them!

      If they have a pace maker, how the hell is the cop being threatened with a knife or machete supposed to determine that 'excuse me sir, before I taser you can you tell me if you have a history of heart conditions in your family?, no, good. Do you have a pace maker?. No. Fantastic'.


    • Diogenes says:

      And of course the alternative would be a 9mm one.  Suspect even if you have a heart condition being hit with a taser is a better chance than being shot!

  9. insane says:


    That is a great news!!!
    Elements seems to have a lot of disorder recently!!!
    I will never put my foot there ever!
    Great job for the police oficer that could manage a situation where it could have gone out of control.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Betcha dat sobered him up REAL QUICK!!


    They shoulda tased all of them!! GO HOME, what unna doing rowing out in public that time of night?