Parties go head to head with weekend conferences

| 20/03/2013

alden (220x300).jpg(CNS): The PPM and the UDP will both be holding their political conferences Saturday afternoon within a half mile of each other. Both events are open to the public and will be setting the scene for the coming general election. On Wednesday PPM Leader Alden McLaughlin held a press conference with the new party chair nominee, Patricia Estwick, and said the event would be a mix of party business and a launch of the Progressives' manifesto and the polices it will be pursuing if elected. With 14 candidates already confirmed, McLaughlin said he hoped that the fifteenth candidate will also have been ratified by the West Bay branch in time for the conference.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday afternoon, the leader of the UDP, McKeeva Bush, was charged by local police for theft and various offences under the anti-corruption law but this does not prevent the former premier from being nominated and running for office. The party made an announcement in the wake of the charges that they continued to stand behind the UDP leader and that the general assembly would take place, as planned, on Saturday when the candidates for the upcoming 2013 General Elections as well as the party platform would be revealed.

In the wake of Bush’s arrest, the UDP suffered a very public split when five of the nine parliamentary members voted with the opposition leader on a no confidence motion to bring down the UDP administration.

As a result, the UDP needs to find another fourteen people if it is to contest every seat. So far, both Theresa Pitcairn and Chris Saunders have stated that they will be running with the UDP in Bodden Town. While other potential candidates have been tipped to run with them in a district which will prove a tough battle ground for the UDP, no other candidates have been formally acknowledged by the party there yet.

In West Bay both Bush and his long-time running mate, Captain Eugene Ebanks, will be running but they have not said who will join them in the fight to retain West Bay against independent members and at least four PPM candidates, as well as their former colleagues and incumbents, Rolston Anglin and Cline Glidden.

In George Town both incumbent UDP members Mike Adam and Ellio Solomon will be contesting their seats and Jonathan Piercy has also confirmed that he will be running in the capital. 

Although Bush, who remains party leader, has indicated he wants to run UDP candidates in all the other constituencies, it is understood that he is likely to back John McLean Jr in East End rather than running a candidate against him. Although McLean announced his candidacy as an independent, he was publicly endorsed by Bush last year. The then premier promised the East Ender money from the Dart deal with government to carry out certain local projects in the district and offered him UDP support.

Over in the neighbouring constituency of North Side it is understood that Bush is having some difficulties finding a candidate willing to take on incumbent MLA Ezzard Miller. There is still considerable speculation that Joey Ebanks, who ran as a PPM candidate in the last election, may join the UDP and try to tackle Miller, despite his popularity in the constituency. However, Ebanks’own arrest on suspicion of a drug related offence as well as suspected crimes relating to financial irregularities discovered at the ERA, where he was suspended from his post as MD, may have dampened his political ambitions. 

It is not clear if Bush would be prepared to field a candidate in Cayman Brac and Little Cayman against his long-time former government colleague Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, who many believe will return to the UDP before long.

With the PPM slate almost settled and their candidatesalready hard on the campaign trail in all of the districts, the PPM conference is expected to be more about policies than who is running and who is still in the party.

McLaughlin has promised to give a broad picture of the PPM’s policies if they are returned to government and the conference will include performances and a keynote speech from country star, Jimmy Wayne. Norman Bodden, who in 2009 ahead of the May General Election that year endorsed the UDP, will be acting as master of ceremonies at the Progressives' conference, sending a clear message where his support will be for 2013.

McLaughlin said Wednesday that the party had gone through a process of change and renewal and was well placed to present a team and a set of policies that will lead the country through the difficult times it faces. The opposition leader said that on Saturday he will set out exactly what the PPM proposes to do once it is elected as the next government.

The PPM conference begins at 3pm at the Family Life Centre on Walkers Road. The UDP General Assembly will be at the UCCI Sir Vassel Johnson Hall starting at 1pm.

For more information or to confirm your attendance at the UDP conference people are asked to email or call 943-3338.

More information on the PPM conference is available on the website: or  tel: 945 1776 or email

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I just hope that Anthony can stay awake form 3:00 o'clock until whenever this ends. Is Kurt frying any fish or cooking up some turtle meat this time?  These new boys like that Wayne and Kenny they think we like Jamaicans and going to eat jerk chicken all the time just because chicken is cheap for them to buy…

    PPM doesn't always have fridges but they got good food. Don't dissappoint now, please. Don't make UDP show unna up!

    I going for lunch at the UDP meeting and then for dinner and the concert at the PPM.


    Lunch, dinner and a show..Who says parties aren't the way to go?

    C4C..I'm waiting…What's for breakfast? Are we going to the Riz for a little brunch…please, please! Come on, we know the you have the dollars ..




  2. noname says:

    The path to pride and prosperity in this country is a principled path.  It seems clear to me that the Progressives are the only team that know the way. Caymanians now have enforceable rights in their country. They also have compelling obligations to do right. We want all of the good people of our country to join us. Fulfil our common obligations  to do good right by our nation. Come and take the journey with us to a better government, a better society, a better Cayman.  

    • Pa said no! says:

      This is what happens to you when you eat and drink PPM Likker! ooops! Cool aid yes Cayman vote us back to the stone age elect these Doo LaLi"s and their party patron  who's favourite line is " My hands are tied " when called upon to do what they are elected to do and ya think you bad call either the Cut throat five or PPm phones Mailbox is full up! Good news folks after the 27th those little availability and phone problems  are mysteriously no more and will now go away until they are elected in May  Sooooo sad we fall for the same old trick every 4 years. as natty Dread  would say  Dont Let Dem Fool Yeh!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      The Progressives operate as i would expect any proper party to. Likethem or hate them, they are organised and prepared. I get the Progressives.  They are a party and they don't pretend otherwise. They have candidates, identifed leadership, policies and programmes and members.  But I don't get this C4C bunch at all.  What are they playing at?  They are not fielding sufficient candiates to form a government so who exactly have they made a deal with?

      I hope they don't get in trouble with the Elections Law and constitution both of which clearly state they are a party.  Maybe they want to have a look at the financing restrictions come nomination day.  Just sayin'.

    • Anonymous says:

      You can change your name but they are still the same group with same leaders who accelerated Cayman’s fiscal decline. I won’t even touch the joke Constitution that they negotiated thinking they would be re-elected as Kings. People are not fool fool.

    • Anonymous says:

      Although I think there are some quality ppm candidates, all Alden has done for as long as i remember was to bash udp and now c4c. Nothing constructive comes out of this man’s mouth.

      Vote for quality candidates that can debate issues. We need MLAs that can listen to others’s ideas and points of view, and debate issues for the betterment of our country. Frankly I have not seen these qualities in Alden. It seems to be his way or no way. Maybe I don’t know him well enough, but I have been reading his views for 8 years now and listened to him on rooster every time he’s been on the show over the past year. Alden, please show me that you have these leadership qualities. Stop bashing others. You are effectively saying, vote for me because the rest are worst than me. That’s not good enough for me!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I wonder whether the C4C candidates will also have a conference and let the people of Cayman know ahead of time who will lead if they win the Government and what their policies will be.  

    The country will know this before the elections if a PPM Government wins enough votes to form the Government.  Presumably the United Disaster Party (UDP) will also do the same.  

    I will attend the PPM conference and wil listen and take in how a real party operates.  I will also see what the UDP have to say – though unlikely to attend their event as I do not want to be incorectly associated with disastrous leadership and policies.  And I will not vote for their candidates- current or former UDP members.

    And I will await eagerly as to what the concensus positions of the C4C party candidates are.  I intend to vote for certainty – knowing before I place my X what any candidates in groupings have agreed is their concensus platform.  I wont vote for uncertainty – and so far this is all the C4C means to me. Uncertainty and playing mind games with the public.  

    Mind games like:

    – saying they will not have candidates yet their website has a candidates link.  

    – they are not a party yet their sponsored candidates must have policies that they agree with or C4C will shame them.

    – they are not a party yet they are financing websites and advertising for all their sponsored candidates.  

    – candidates are being vetted but the folks being vetted were founders who helped set up the organisation and put the vetting process in place.  What exactly is their criteria for vetting processone wonders?  Is it who can afford the entry fee?

    The C4C for me are playing games and trying to buy the election.  But they have time to start being truthful and to let us know ahead of time who will lead and what the concensus policies and solutions are.  I am not holding my breath. 

    • Anon says:

      You should already know how parties operate. You don’t need to go to the ppm meeting to see that.

      You need to go there to see what SPECIFIC solutions they offer. If they will offer none, you should not vote for them.

      I will be there too listening to how exactly they will get our country out of the mess it’s in. The moment I hear any of them bashing UDP, independents and/or c4c, I am leaving and will not give any of them my vote. I am tired of “vote for us, because the others are…(insert your favorite conspiracy theory here)” nonsense.

    • Anonymous says:

      C4C is not a party. Therefore will not being having a conference like PPM and UDP. C4C have stated on numerous times it seeks to endorse independent minded candidates who will work with all others in the best interests of Cayman by adopting a Country First approach to governance.

      Check out the link: for full details and a better understanding of what C4C is all about instead of the negative propaganda by PPM bloggers in particular.

      Independents can work together by finding consensus on issues. During Cayman’s best years before the parties it happened and can happen again to work for all.

      • Anonymous says:

        C4C not a party???  You must be delusional.  The Cayman Constitution and the Elections Law sure says you are.  But besides that small technical point, you waddle like a duck, quack like a duck and have feathers and a beak.  what does that make you….a goose i guess!

  4. Well says:

    After yesterdays actions by the Police (and I applaud them for standing up to corruption) any political candidate who still seeks office on the UDP team is just as bad as Bush in my opinion. I am pointing to people like Theresa, Jonathan, Chris who all should know better. I am especially disapointed in Theresa who talks about integrity and honesty and then jumps on the sinking UDP ship for some unknown reason. Her motives and actions are suspect now because she has dirtied herself. How can we look up to her as an example of an honest hard working black woman from BT when she makes a move so desperate? All the others have abandoned ship and this is when she decides to jump on? I seriously question her judgement and values now that she has done this. She is a Lawyer and should know better. Good Luck in BT Theresa but you will get less votes this time.

    I refuse to give my district back to the UDP (Mark and Jon Jon Included) they are a sorry set of individuals and do not deserve the honour of sitting in our legislature. There are other individuals running in BT (PPM Included) who will get my vote!


  5. Anton Duckworth says:

    The Progressives are still the only association of voters who have joined together to get good, honest, democratic government free from control by big money.  Other people see the need for that kind of government, especially after 4 years of astonishingly bad government, but have not yet recognised that they must play their part  and join with like-minded people to get good government.  I hope they come to the Progressives Conference, members or non-members, to put their weight behind the push for good government.


  6. Anonymous says:

    I ould like to encourage all voters to come to the PPM conference to see how a party should operate. I feel that this will go a long way to quell the "parties are bad" sentiments that some folks are spouting.

    Anything with people involved can be bad but it is the persons involved that can cause that. So chose honest & ethical persons for your representatives. Plus party members must come to understand that it is their right to control the direction a party takes. I trust that we will mature politically and come to this understanding.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Last election I voted for two independents and they lost.  What I did was split the vote and my fear is that with a lot of good independents and C4C candidates, voters will fall into the same trap this time round and UDP will get back in by default.  I am therefore voting straight PPM this time – I cannot risk UDP getting in again and I urge my fellow voters to do the same.  Until we get one man one vote in place the independents do not stand a chance. 

    • Anonymous says:

      ppm sure doesnt have an issue when an ex udp supports them (which is good) but they sure get their panties knotted up when an ex udp seems to be associated with other groups.

      • Anonymous says:

        To poster at 9:02 – if by ex UDP supporter you are referring to Mr Norman Bodden then you will have to tell me why you think he was a UDP supporter.  Last election he stood on the UDP platform and confirmed that he was not there to support the party but to Support Mike Adam alone.  He then went on to endorse Mike Adam singly.  This made him a supporter of Mike and not necessarily of the UDP as a whole – albeit support for Mike did help the UDP.  Presumably he realises that this was a mistake and is now trying to correct it.  

      • Anonymous says:

        If you are referring to Mr W Norman Bodden when you mention ex-UDP. as far as I know he was a PPM supporter in year 2005 elections. In addition, he and Mr Kurt Tibbetts were running mates together, for George Town,  in several General Elections prior to the era of organized politcial parties.

        • Anonymous says:

          To them you only good or got sense if you support ppm. To have a differing view seems to make a person evil and stupid. What a bunch a jokers

    • Anonymous says:

      Is that you Alden ? what a way to get more votes. Both the UDP and the PPM need to be out of the picture to make room Independants. Voting for independants will not put the UDP back in office it will keep both the UDP and the PPM out of office..

      You PPM supporters aren't fooling anyone..It's time to put and end to all party politics. UDP, PPM C4C whomever they are. Vote for people who can stand on thier own ground..

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry, it wasn't Alden, it was me, Miss Anon.  I am NOT even an Alden supporter, I am a PPM supporter and Alden just happens to be in the mix!  Believe me when I tell you – if you "throw away" your votes on some really good C4C and independents (and there are some excellent ones in the offering) then you run the risk of allowing UDP to slide in by default.  Think about this Cayman … it can happen.  Wait till the one man one vote comes in and then we will see real change but it's not going to happen this go round.  I don't think so anyway.

        • Anonymous says:

          Give it a rest so what you are saying is that people should vote for the lessor of two evils, BS. People need to vote for the best choice and that is not the PPM.What you are looking ot to do is increase the PPM chances by associate independants with a UDP win.

          Bottom line, PPM and UDP both need to be out of the way for a new generation of independant thinkers..

  8. PPM says:

    PPM, We Ready Now!

  9. Pa said no! says:

    The PPM the PPM ready this time Get real ! Lord !!! what a real mess we is in mannn????? All happen here is the Mango dumpling gang has got more members to join and a their cook now has a restaurant…….

  10. Anonymous says:

    “And there shall come a manlike non other before him. And he shall float to our shores on a white raft of cups. And all he shall do, all shall say of him, ‘ ya gotta admit, he does it right’. And his legions shall call his enemies Neanderthals and cavemen, and revel in his mighty victories. Even the wetlands shall lie down to his mighty machine. (And the point here) And he shall watch as a bemused parent as his children play as politicians and party members” Amen

  11. Anonymous says:

    We don’t need parties anymore! Yaweh dart is now in the drivers seat.

  12. Anonymous says:

    A disgrace that any Cymanian prtending to have morals and integrity in public office would associate themselves with MacKeeva's UDP….YOU REALLY NEED THE MONEY THAT BADLY…?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Doesn't matter. They are in it for the power, the money and to benefit their private businesses.

    No politician gives a s..t about others.

    Stay home, don't vote. . . . . .THAT will result in a major overhaul of the current political system.

    If you DO vote, you get what you asked for;  Corruption and further decay of the country.

  14. Anonymous says:

    A steady hand at the wheel, I am looking forward to your proposed policies on Finances Alden, during the last go around, you made a few mistakes, civil servants tried to warn you then, but with the likes of Chuckie and Arden, you did not heed, hopefully you have learnt your lesson and will return all the better for it. Oh and by the way, you seriously need to shake up Public Finance if you have any hope of returning fiscal responsibility to this country.

  15. Anonymous says:

    PPM is ready this time.  It's clear to see the difference between the disorganisation of the UDP & UDP Lite, and the organised Progressives.  Just reading this gives you a whole different feel.  The Progressives must have been planning this for awhile, with a keynote speaker, great master of ceremonies, and lots of ways to reach them to get more information with their facebook, website, and other contact information.  I'm looking forward to hearing their policies.  Congrats to the new Progressives team!

    • Anonymous says:

      A team of losers, who where no better for Cayman the the UDP…Don't forget that they were also part of the problem…