Diabetic runaway teen found safe in GT

| 26/03/2013

Ashley McLaughlin.jpg(CNS): Update — Ashley McLaughlin, the fifteen-year-old diabetic teenager who was reported missing again this week, has been found safe and well. Police said Wednesday afternoon that she had been traced in the George Town area this afternoon. Earlier this week the police said that her family in East End had not seen her since left home at around 7am on Wednesday 20 March to go to the Clifton Hunter High School, where she is a student. Ashley has been reported missing on a number of previous occasions after running away, including earlier this month when she was found in the George Town area a few days later. The teen is diabetic and police said they were unsure if Ashley had insulin to medicate her condition.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I dont think it necessarily have to do anything with home even though we cannt ruke out the possibility, but more often than not at this age its normally a boyfriend issue…I think the RCIP should also turn there attention to the person or persons with who she is hiding out at their place, it is their responsibility to call the RCIP and hand her over…

    Its quite obvious that her health is of no importance to her…

  2. Anonymous says:

    It is not for me, or anyone else, to comment on why this girl has run away, but can those people who are helping or looking after her just let the police kow she is ok so they do not waste time looking for her if she is safe and well.

  3. to be or not to be says:

    i remember the days when i was much younger, if i ever disrespected my mother she would string me up, take off one of her hard back slippers, had me playing ring around her while she was wopping my backside, mind you no matter what age i was then, (LOL).  God bless her she loved me and only wanted was best for me i was quite rebellious at that age mixing up in the wrong crowds, skipping school, i had this attitude i would rather talk to my friends instead of my parents about any problems i was going through. 

     Eventually i got tried of getting in trouble and my A$$ was hurting me also my mother did not give a Sh__ who was watching , i straightening up started to get good grades.  I nowhave a family two young sons (belive me i have turned into my worst nightmare MY MOTHER), i have a good position with my job, all because my mother never gave up on me and she sure didn't take no foolishiness with me. 

    As i have said i would rather talk to my friends, in reality i should have turned to my mother or my father for advice.  Ms. Ashley needs to turn to her parents with whatever is on her mind if she continues to go down in this road no good will come out of it, whatever tragic she may face her friends will have vanished and act like they didn't know anything. 

    being with an man is not the best thing to happen it may look good to your friends but eventually you may have a baby at a young age and he will leave you.  sweetheart take it from me try your best to do good in school get yourself an education, and also love your parents if anything should happen to us our parents are always the first to shed that tear. 

    • Anonymous says:

      It's not always as simple as that in certain cases. Like someone said below, there are either two reasons, or maybe both, she has a man or there are issues with the family. You also have to look at the length of time she's been missing for before anyone is notified or her disappearance has been made public.


      I can only hope she's being very careful wherever she may be.

  4. Anonymous says:

    one week and now we are hearing about it.  Social Services need to check into this.

  5. Slowpoke says:

    Time to put on one of those GPS ankle bracelets on her.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It can only be 2 things why that child keeps running away (1) She have a boyfriend whom is much older then she is that encourages her to run away and come stay with him OR (2) She’s don’t like where she’s lives are the people she lives with. Putting her into girls home won’t stop her from running away. Maybe she needs a ankle Tracking Device on her, that won’t stop her from running away either but it’ll tell where’s her whereabouts when she don’t return back home. Sad choice but something needs to be done

  7. Anonymous says:

    This is not a job for the RCIP. This is the family’s problem at this point. If social services have not intervened as of yet they are also to blame. Poor sheep. She’ll turn up when she’s ready.

  8. Rorschach says:

    Why is this child only being reported after she has been missing 6 days??  It was the exact same story last time…6 days…Someone needs to do some 'splainin…

    • Anonymous says:

      The explanation seems obvious enough. She is constantly going missing and any time less than that is within her normal absence.  

  9. Anonymous says:

    She need to be placed in the custody and care of the state.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Social Services please investigate.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Someone needs to investigate WHY she is running away from home, AGAIN!!

    Does she have an unresolved issue at home? Has she fallen in with the wrong crowd?

    Or does she need discipline?

     Either way this home and young woman needs attention and outside assistance. 

    Social Services, are you helping to get to the bottom of this?


  12. Anonymous says:

    This child belongs in the girls home!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Obviously this young lady has more problems than diabetes, will someone from social services get to her, if found this time and try to hear her out. she should be given the opportunity to speak with some one in confidence as she obviously needs guidence and should she not, to be put in a special home for monitoring, seems as she has a death wish

    by her actions.

  14. Anonymous says:



  15. Anonymous says:

    Something is not right at home why she’s running away! Investigate that RCIP!


  16. Anonymous says:

    She must have a boy friend or girl who’s hiding her? Rcip the one to check is her girl friends! They know everything about each other at that age!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Something is wrong and no one seems to be getting to the root of the problem.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Oh no…NOT AGAIN?!?

  19. Anonymous says:

    You must be kidding!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like this child needs to be cared for in a secure facility.

    Has an investigation been done into her welfare and that of her caregivers/guardians?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Maybe there is something bothering this child. Child Services should intervene and get counselling for her. 

  22. Anonymous says:

    This is no longer news.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Yawn.  This is not news.  No police time should be wasted on these kids.

    • Anonymous says:

      Really!!! It's people that think like you why we have so many destroyed children in this world. I hope you don't have any kids of your own! This child may very well have a serious issue and this is her cry for help!

      Social Services please do look into the well being of this young girl.