UDP Lite reveal new name

| 27/03/2013

purple.JPG(CNS):  With purple already picked out as the campaign colour, the new tourism minister finally let the cat out of the bag late Monday on the official name that he and his minority government colleagues will be using for their election bid. Cline Glidden revealed that the current Cabinet ministers and the YUDP’s former leader, Richard Christian, would be running as a team under the moniker of the People’s National Alliance (PNA). Planning to launch their campaign after Easter, the group is expected to be just six strong. However, last week Deputy Premier Rolston Anglin pointed to possible alliances with other candidates, including those on the C4C ticket or independents.

Making his contribution to the adjournment debate as the Legislative Assembly drew to a close, Glidden spoke about the events of December 2012 and his change of plan about public office.

The West Bay representative had originally planned to step away from the political scene and return to the private sector once this administration was over as a result of a much earlier rift with former premier McKeeva Bush. A backbench UDP MLA at the time, Glidden has never commented publicly  on the obviousdivisions between himself and the then premier in the wake of the GLF debacle over the cruise port talks, long before Bush’s arrest, which led to the break-up of the UDP government.

During the LA adjournment debate, Glidden said that the arrest of Bush andthe events that followed in December had led to breaks in loyalties and the end of friendships. However, his interest in politics and public service had been rejuvenated by his short time as a cabinet minister and being in a position to actually “follow proper process”, he said — referring to criticisms made of the previous administration, of which he too had been a member.

With this reinvigoration for public office, Glidden said he was happy to be running with the new team, which includes the current premier, Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, his West Bay running mate, Deputy Premier Anglin, as well as the remaining cabinet ministers, Mark Scotland and Dwayne Seymour, who will be joined on the ballot sheet in Bodden Town by former YUDP leader Richard Christian.

The public split between the UDP and the People’s National Alliance will be a key factor in the forthcoming election as it will also lead to a split in the vote and more mudslinging on what may or may not have happened in the past. Speaking on Rooster’s talk show last week, Anglin said that he and his cabinet colleagues did the right thing when they joined with the opposition to support the PPM leader’s no confidence vote in government, given the circumstances. Despite making their own chances for re-election that much more difficult without the support of the party machinery, Anglin insisted it had been the right thing to do.

Since the split Bush has hit out at what he seesas the disloyalty shown by his former colleagues, and they are likely to be in his sights as targets throughout the campaign, especially in West Bay, where Anglin and Glidden are already the butt of an unofficial slogan, “Don’t vote for cut throats”.

Bush has said that the former UDP members have fallen into the trap of the UK’s deliberate efforts to divide and rule with their conspiracy against him.

Although the former premier faces criminal charges on eleven different counts, ranging from theft to offences under the anti-corruption law, he has emphatically denied any wrongdoing. Bush continues to insist that his legal difficulties are a conspiracy against him personally for the stand that he has taken against Cayman’s colonial masters, which he claims will be revealed in time when he is vindicated.

Despite the current divide and whatever the outcome of the vote in West Bay on 22 May, there is still considerable speculation that several members of the new alliance would return to the UDP fold post-election if they retain their seats.

Given that all of the members of the new party were long-standing and original members of the UDP and part of an administration where questions were raised about due process, good governance, transparency and integrity long before the former premier’s arrest, their eleventh hour distancing may have come for too late to aid their election chances.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    PNA + C4C = UDP x 4 more yrs = 0 change. Greed, corruption, and special interests continues.

  2. Anonymous says:

    P = Pretenders

    N = Not Trust Worthy

    A = Arrogant


    Love purple but not them for sure!! No Votes for Cut Throats!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Paul's New Administration.

  4. Anonymous says:

    never forget their failures and incompetence over the last 4 years…..

    • Anonymous says:

      PNA?! Give me a break.

      These politicians got some nerve! I bet they believe they can fool us by coming up with this flashy new name. Well, might fool those on the Brac, but it wont work in Bodden Town!! Go back to paving Mark and John John, your sacred vessel has sailed!!!!


  5. Anonymous says:

    Well at least it nice to see that they representing the purple ribbon pledge! Good on them. *snicker*

  6. Anonymous says:

    P ushing
    N atives
    A side

    These people are just as guilty as their cohorts. They are a joke. When we needed their backbone we got their cowardliness. Enough of the frat party politicians. RCIP take ’em ALL down! Not only a few should fret. They all enjoyed the perks of these dillydallings, so their just as tinted! They should have cut ties from the beginning. Too late now to save face.

    “Hey Big Mac! Talk a bit louder so we can hear everything”.

    Dog war time.

  7. Philo the Philosopher says:

    P.              N.             A.

    Please     Not          Again!   

  8. Anonymous says:

    The majority voted those 5 in and although there will no doubt be a few who will not vote the same way again those 5 demonstrated true leadership….and no catch phase will change that fact.

    • Anonymous says:

      Rubbish, these 5 are going nowhere.

    • Anonymous says:

      You don't need a majority to win an election in Cayman, you just need more votes than the next person. Leadership? You mean when they had no other choice than to vote against Mac after following him blindly for all these years? Please! They KEPT him as premier for as long as they could. 

  9. Dred says:

    Cyanide is just as effective in smaller doses.

    It's like choosing a smaller cow over a bigger cow. They are both cows.

  10. sickntired says:

    No Votes for Cut Throats!!!  West Bayers don't want them, never did only voted for them because of our Premier!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      No wonder West Bayers are referred to as "Zombies", doing anything that McKeeva "Jim Jones" Bush tells them to do

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah we Zombies like the UDP Lite were and still are!!!!

        P – Pay

        N – No

        A – Attention (to these bunch of woosies)

    • Anonymous says:

      That has to be the most thoughtless statement today.  People who want true leadership Do NOT and Should NOT cast a vote just to make someone else happy.  Party or not not every X has to be marked and definately do not have to be all candidates from the same group.  I hope in light of the current situations that your vote will represent an honest and deep search of what candidates all and new can offer Cayman for the good.  That we all can keep our heads up with true representation.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well even if i knew who you were i certainly would not be asking for your advice on what qualities to look for when voting for someone – just vote for whoever is running with our ex-premier Talk about being brainwashed.
      To be honest they should never have ran with him to begin with but those two definately have my vote this time around I dont know exactly what you mean by being a cut throat – standing up for what you believe is in the best interest of the people of the Cayman Islands. Asking your leader to step down until he is proven guilty or innocent If he is proven innocent then he goes right back where he is If you all are tooyoung to remember ssk your ex premiet what he said during the 1st Cayman Bank situation – something about stepping down for the best interest of the people – i will look up the article and will post his exact words as a reminder .
      Come on West Bay – not telling you who to vote for but just telling you to use your common sense and look for qualities that go beyond who is running with who

      • Anonymous says:

        CG and Rolston were very brave in doing the right thing! Particularly as they are from West Bay. They deserve our votealong with Tara; I haven’t decided yet where my fourth vote will be placed. I may just vote for only three.

  11. Thunder Storm says:


  12. Anonymous says:

    Can’t be trusted!

  13. SOS,.com says:

    PNA = Puuuuure Nonesense Again!!!

    Positively, NO Action!!!

    Its HIGH TIME  and pasy due that we elect great visionaries with integrity, true CAYMANIAN values and morals, intellectual speakers and thinkers, and respectable leaders!!

    Lets go Tara!!!

    Lets go Mervin!!!

    Lets go Woody!!!

    Lets go Capt Bryan!!!

    I'm a borm and raised West Bayer for over 50 years so I KNOW who these people are!!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    How original…. NOT! I guess Ms. Lana Mae Smith is a trendsetter afterall. Those who remember that contentious election not so long ago in 2009 when the UDP were united, Ms. Smith in her valiant bid as a rep for West Bay, promoted and sported purple everywhere. For what its worth, I liked it better on her,no  hard feelings Ms. Premier!! As for the new name Peoples National Allance(PNA), well personally I prefer UDP LITE!! Its definitely less calories without the BIG MAC!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone seen or heard from our Premier lately? On the bright side, we are better off if she is doing nothing and not speaking in public.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Couldn't they just call it the Purple Rain Alliance?

  17. Anonymous says:

    It beggars belief. A new political party in Cayman where the leader might be under investigation for her possible involvement with the illegal paving of private driveways in Cayman Brac, and where the deputy leader has been recently sentenced, after pleading guilty, to driving under the influence of alcohol.

    You can't make these things up.




  18. Anonymous says:

    Let's have another PARTY! Yay!!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    You all shudda neva done dat to the Boss,unna really out a order,unna short political careers are forever ova,i see purple is unna colour,i guess barney is unna mascot(lmao), biggest mistake unna eva made,goodbye jokers.

  20. Say Wha? says:

    New name, same sh1t…

    • Anonymous says:

      Hmmm….. Purple. The traditional colour of royalty. Guess that’s how they see themselves!

      • Say Wha? says:

        Colours and non-verbal clues are often more telling than words.  Funny you noticed…

  21. Anonymous says:

    No matter how much lipstick you put on a pig, it will always be a pig.

  22. Anonymous says:

    My wish for the new representatives for West Bay is that Rollie & CG gets in along with Woody and Capt. Brian or maybe Tara.  West Bayers needs to wake up and cut the negativity out of our Government system. Tht negativity is none other than McKeeva Bush, who also do not have any respect for his fellow Caymanians.  This man has been destroying these Islands, running his mouth here there and everywhere, displaying his greediness, his self rule, XXXX and has no regards for rules and regulations. XXXX We West Bayers cannot allow McKeeva Bush to further destroy what little we have left. He has created a Welfare State, made his people lazy, created Mass unemployment, XXXX taxed us, sold our land for little or nothing and told the world we are broke. Yet he has money to XXXX hand out to his croonies, break deals after deals, never collected from his Buddy Michael Ryan XXX. His desperation to spend peoples money and feed his own nasty habits has cost us dearly.  I really hope my fellow West Bayers will wake up and see the damage this one man has cost these Islands and simply vote him out. Even if you vote for people you don't know, vote every 4 votes you have, but don't vote for McKeeva Bush.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you had not started your comment off with "Rollie & CG gets in"  it would have been the best comment ever!

  23. Anonymous says:

    PNA is nice and easy to remember. Just think "Please, Never Again".

    • Anonymous says:

      excellent 10.26, for the record my first thought was Peabrained Nothings Association

  24. Anonymous says:

    "Lame Duck Government" is more like it…

  25. jimmy says:

    If you notice Richard Christians advert is in purple. Does that mean he has left UDP and joined the NPA party?  Just asking


    CNS: The clue is in the first paragraph.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Difficult to see what this bunch have to offer!

    When they were UDP, they were yes men (and women!) for the bully boy, when they split from him they didnt even have time to turn up often enough to pass the legislation, at their head they have a one person shopping traveller who has never uttered a useful word that I can recall, and in their ranks they have little to commend or even trust!

    There are worthwhile people standing this time, but not in that party!

    • Anonymous says:

      Go ahead and give yourselves a fancy name. We wont forget that you 'FAB 5' sat by for four years and let McKeeva Bush run rampant and destroy these islands. You all are no better than McKeeva Bush and none of you deserves to be re-elected. As for the Premier, I wonder why there is no charges being brought against her for misconduct and abuse of office.  The evidence is overwhelming!

  27. Anonymous says:

    What 's wrong with having  "cute throats?" Is that something bad in West Bay?

  28. needlecase says:

    Oh boy, we now have 4 groups, Cayman: 
    I just hope voters see that it is CHARACTER and not party, labels, personalities, and this "vote straight" nonsense I am hearing from these groups. Last time we voted straight and see what happened… you had an LA house that couldn't work together and McKeeva was calling the shots. They sang vote straight under PPM too and you had a house where Kurt and Alden was making all the decisions. It's follow the leader and no debates and willingness to listen to the other members of the house. So I can only hope that the voters see through these groups and elect people who are HUMBLE, yes of HUMBLE CHARACTERS. People who will listen to the experts and try to understand the NEEDS of their community and the island as a whole.

    • Anonymous says:

      When you speak about humble, it has to be individual members from each party. NO party (UPD, C4C(its going to be a party), PNA or PPM) has every member who is of humble character and would listen to others. 


      Right now, the only party who seems to have their acts straight is the PPM. 

      C4C- what they are doing is soooooo transparent that you can't even tell whether they are an official party or party in the making(please hurry up and confirm). Either way, if they get elected they are going to continue the trend that started…..PPM(Bad)>>>>>UDP(Worst)>>>>>C4C(Catastrophe).

      PNA-UDP- needs to go relax or go to school and learn something about leadership and how to make the right decisions and also learn how to budget money when it is limited. Actually they need to go back to Kindergarten.

      • Anonymous says:

        I'd suggest you go out and listen to the intelligence of the C4C and take a background check on the candidates. I had some curiousity to them at first, but after hearing. They are independant and actually have something useful to contribute. I believe they are the hope and can't connect any dots with the PPM spreading rumours of "Oh they are in it for UDP." That is just utter nonsense. 

        Educate yourselves please.

        • Anonymous says:

          Kindly explain to me where these so-called independents were in the past four years when they were needed most?

          Why all of a suddenthey want to run for elections? Because both parties has officially failed the islands, therefore people want change and so it will be easier for these lunatics to get into the LA.


          Don't need to learn about them until they come clean! With C$C the new leader, prepare to see the sinking of Titanic 2!

          • Anonymous says:

            They were succeeding and working inthe private sector, most of them family people.
            I think everyone is sick of the foolishness of UDP and PPM with mostly unqualified selfish "leaders" who just pick their noses and sign bad deals or do nothing but sit on a fat paycheck.

            This people are trying to turn that around now that it has gotten to this horrible state. I don't understand how others are so blinded and think all this conspiracy crap about C4C, when they have the skills and knowledge to put forth better representation than the trash talkers and   the "do nothings" try to run again.

            I think they understand the economy and know how to keep cayman direct tax free and actually start to FIX something. They work, they do. I don't understand anyone's stance who bashes them yet as they have shown nothing but success in the past…


            • Anonymous says:


              Filling their pockets, that's what they were doing. That says a lot to me, they didn't care when the country needed them most, because they were busy filling their own pockets, doesn't that tell you a lot about these people when they get into the LA?


              Please and wake up from your dream. Open your eyes, these people IS NO DIFFERENT than any other politician. They are using the country status to their own selfish benefit! They should just rename the party UDP2.

    • Anonymous says:

      There is only ONE way to ensure that Mckeeva is not premier next time around.  Vote PPM.

      If the PPM do not get the majority, there will be a coalition between the UDP, C4C abd PNA. Mark my words!

  29. Anonymous says:

    I like them, I just wish I knew for certain that if I vote for them that they are not going to backtrack and be UDP again. If they can convince me on this then they will have my vote.

    • Anonymous says:

      What do you need to hear from them. They will tell you anything you want.

    • Anonymous says:

      What time are Caymanians going to wake up. Every tuesday for the last four years Executive Council met on tuesdays. What do you suppose they do? They discuss Government business. So that means that knew anything that Mack put on the table, and whatever they put on the table. XXXXX