One third of local kids victims of bullies

| 02/04/2013

tdc168-a.jpg(CNS): Following the results of a survey among local students in both the primary and high schools, a group of local businesses have come together to sponsor an anti-bullying campaign. The survey found that more than one in three children in Cayman has been victimized by bullies. Bullying behavior reported by the students included physical assault, tripping, intimidation, rumor spreading and isolation, demands for money, destruction of property, theft of valued possessions, and name-calling. With the advent of the Internet, cyber-bullying is also a growing problem with the use of modern communication technologies used to harass children from afar.

The campaign to put a stop to bullying is entitled “Be the Difference” and organisers said it will take a multifaceted approach to raising awareness. The campaign will provide outreach and learning tools for children, parents, and schools throughout the Cayman Islands, a spokesperson stated in a release.

The short-term and long-term effects of bullying are felt throughout the nation and affect everyone.  Bullying can lead to low school attendance rates, depression, aggression, increase in criminal activity and even suicide. 

“Bullying is a complex problem that needs to be addressed cooperatively by schools, families and communities to make Cayman a safer place for all,” said Dr. Jill Kristal, a prominent psychologist who specializes in treating children and families. “The Be the Difference campaign will spread the word about bullying, encourage schools to adopt anti-bullying programs, inform parents and teachers of the warning signs and how to discuss this issue with children.”

Be the Difference materials will be distributed to Cayman schools.  The kit includes movies, workbooks, and discussion guides designed to ignite honest, meaningful dialogue about the issue of bullying.  Educatorsand organizations who contributed to the kit include Harvard Graduate School of Education, Not In Our School, Love is Louder, the National Center for Learning Disabilities and Facing History and Ourselves.

Cayman businesses that have partnered with Z99 and Rooster 101 to broaden outreach on this issue include  Burger King, Caledonian Global Financial Services, Davenport Development, Edgewater Development, Flowers Group, Island Taste, and Lime.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Parents, teachers , others who are interacting on a daily basis with kids, and Government officials – especially in the Education Department – please do not bury your heads in the sand over this issue like you did when so many were saying there were gangs in the island and you preferred to call them groups. Bullying is a serious issue and must be nipped in the bud. I hope it is not too late because even some adults in this country act like bullies, setting a terrible example for our youth.

  2. Anonymous says:

    As a mother, of course we don't want our children to be hurt by some not discipline children. Now, bullying has gone so far because of the technology, specifically facebook and other social networking sites. All we need is to tell them how to handle every situation when they are being bullied, or what the consequences are when they bully other kids. But how we will know if our children are secretive to tell us. We don't want to have a peek to their accounts because we also invade their privacy.

    Well, my son was a bully before. And because of what he did, one mother approach me that her daughter was having an emotional distress because she was being teased by my son. I talked to my son and asked him why he did that. He told me because his peers are also teasing that girl. Immaturity and peers can lead them to this kind of situation. The mother of the daughter told me to use this service, pgguard. Because it will send alarms when it can see suspicious incidents in my kids social networking sites. I was happy because my kid didn't stop doing it until I use this service, because he can't keep it a secret anymore because pgguard always monitors his accounts. I just want to let other mothers know about this service, because it can help them just like us.