Scott officially endorsed on C4C ticket

| 02/04/2013

IMG-20130327-00538.jpg(CNS): Having already appeared on the campaign platform and being a founding member of the advocacy group, Jude Scott’s formal endorsement by the Coalition for Cayman came as no surprise. Scott, who appeared on the platform last year when the C4C formally launched their goal to endorse a selection of independent candidates, was also the original joint leader of the group. He stepped down from the team’s executive when he later announced his intention to run for a seat in the capital. Scott is often seen as the leader of the team, which still denies being a political party. C4C's formal endorsement came on 1 April, when the group said in a release that Scott was “the kind of respected statesman we need to unite the Cayman Islands”.  

C4C said it remained dedicated to electing independent minded leaders that will be accountable and free of partisan political ties.

“For as long as we can remember, Jude Scott has been leading the way toward a better Cayman Islands,” said the group. “From his work as a successful business executive to the countless hours he has spent volunteering for various boards and non-profits, his intelligence and passion for country make Jude the kind of respected statesman we need to unite the Cayman Islands toward common goals.”

Although he is only the fourth candidate to be formally endorsed, following the endorsement of his fellow George Town running mates Jacqueline Hayes, Roy McTaggart and Winston Connolly, the C4C is expected to endorse Sharon Roulstone inthe capital as well.

Mervin Smith and Tara Rivers, who are running in West Bay, are also anticipating being endorsed shortly. Charles Clifford, who was understood to be in talks with the advocacy group last week over his endorsement and association with the team, is speculated to be the 8th and final candidate that the group is going to support.

C4C continues to court a certain amount of controversy as it refuses to be acknowledged as a party, despite the joint platform that the candidates are appearing to be running on. In addition, the group’s collective position that it is the party system rather than the individuals on the political scene that are responsible for what they see as poor governance in recent years has brought considerable criticism from both the main political parties and the wider community.

However, the group and its candidates have also received wide support from those who have become frustrated with the political landscape.

“We are committed to bringing new and accountable leadership to unite the people of the country and restore the Cayman Islands’ reputation while maintaining social balance and sustainable growth,” the group said in its latest release.

One problem facing the group, however, is that unless things change in the coming weeks, it is not likely to have more than eight candidates running on its ticket, and with the increase in the number of seats in the Legislative Assembly from 15 to 18, any group that wishes to form a government will require a majority of ten.

Hoping for a coalition, none of the C4C candidates have yet committed themselves publicly to a party that they would work with to help themselves or another group form an administration if a single group fails to gain a majority. Nor have any of them yet stated which independents outside the coalition they would be willing to work with or which potential premier they would be willing to rally around.

The split in the United Democratic Party following the arrest of its leader, former premier McKeeva Bush, on 11 counts of theft and corruption related offences, has left the minority government now running as the People’s National Alliance under the leadership of Juliana O’Connor-Connolly with a team of just six and they have dropped heavy hints about aligning with the coalition or independent candidates to form the next government. However, they have yet to name names.

Meanwhile, the UDP still has Bush at the helm and twelve candidates, including four incumbents, in the race.

The PPM, led by Alden McLaughlin, the current opposition leader, has fifteen candidates, including four incumbents, with their eye on the LA. These two parties remain the only groups that are in a position to form a government in the wake of an election without the need for horse trading or negotiations.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    A coalition government is inevitable as constituents are beginning to look at individuals and not parties. This should change the face of politics and ultimately lead to a financial and social turn around. We can thank C4C for helping to change the landscape. As for the Brac, David Bodden might deserve a chance to show his stuff.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I an certain there would not be the level of spending on social welfare in Cayman Brac under a government with Moses Kirkconnell as a minsiter than there was with Julianna. Moses is a prudent businessman , though he may not be quite as prudent as some of his father's cousins, and I do not see where he would endorse the idea of Cayman Brac as a welfare state. I am certain he will try to determine steps to improve airlift to Cayamn Brac and to improve the attractiveness of the island in order to improve tourism.

  3. Caymanian woman says:

    Prediction you are a fool to think that the UDP will not return any candidates to the LA. PPM will not secure the four BT seats. Wishful thinking on your part though! Ha ha! Good laugh for the day.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Where is the billboard located? Guyanaor Washington D.C.? The reason I ask is because GEORGE TOWN is spelled as two words in GRAND CAYMAN but as one word in GUYANA and WASHINGTON D.C.

    • Anonymous says:

      That sometimes happens when your try to save some money by purchasing overseas.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thats BS!!! If these are the people to represent me after the next election I think they should have everything done correctly. Normally before items are produced the marketing people review the product to ensure everything is done correctly!!!!

  5. Prediction says:

    EE – Arden

    NS – Ezzard

    BT- Anthony, Osbourne, Wayne, Alva

    CB/LC – Julie, Moses

    GT – Alden, Kurt, Kenneth, Marco, Joey, Sharon

    WB – Woody, Roulston, CG, Capt Bryan


    The Next government

    Anthony, Osbourne, Wayne, Alva, Alden, Kurt, Kenneth, Marco, Joey, Moses, Woody, Capt Bryan

    The Next Opposition

    Arden, Ezzard, Sharon, Roulston, CG, Julie

    It is clear as day folks. This is what will happen.


    UDP will not get 1 candidate elected including Mr Bush because they support the pillaging and destruction of this country that we have seen under the UDP.

    PNA will get Julie and CG and Roulstone because for some unknown and ungodly reason people still want to vote for them despite their stubborn support of Mac and his cronies during the Bush era.

    C4C will fail miserably because they started on a lie, and cannot persuade anyone they are genuine. Sharon will get through because of her OMOV work. I cannot remember the last time I saw Jude, Roy, Winston, Charles Clifford anywhere near to a local hang-out or socializing with a common person. These guys are in the game for themselves. Charles just opened a Law Firm, how much of his time will be spent building up his business? If he wants to be a Lawyer, then dont waste the peoples time telling us you want to represent us. Go and be a Lawyer. 

    PPM will dominate on a platform that is clean, and a slate of candidates that everyone will believe in, they are not plagued with corruption allegations, are not notorious vote buyers, they are educated, intelligent and make good reliable decisions. We can trust them with the countries financesand well being. PPM are a grassroots party that is in touch with common people and represents the poor and middle-class. Many of them are just like us bceause they are us. They come from the same families and social groups who are now struggling to make a living. PPM can represent us because they are from us!

    I am not a big PPM supporter, I am a common ordinary Caymanian and I know many of these candidates. I worked with some and I went to school with others. I trust the PPM and that is the most important issue we have to face, how many of the UDP, PNA, C4C can you say you trust?




  6. Anonymous says:

    This is quite a surprise.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Jude just got endorsed by C4C? Really?

    His pictures have been posted all over cuc poles for the last month with the other C4C's! yeah right Jude! you organized the c4c party, the next step was for them to endorse you! this is rubber stamping at its best!

    • yup says:

      The whole C4C nomination process is a sham. They just hand pick whomever and then throw the name out in the public. I guess Jude has finally decided to commit, because I heard he wasnt too sure after the dismall campaign launch the other night. Ho Humm not news worthy at all. 

  8. Anonymous says:

    CNS I have a idea: for the duration of the election campaign, no candidate should be allowed to post anonymously. (And no, I am not a candidate!).

    • Anonymous says:

      I will not post anonymously, but sometimes Richard still uses my computer to send fax messages.

  9. Green Hornet says:

    Be aware folks of wolves in sheep clothing. Nothing will change if C4C merges with PNA. As for Chuckie you join them you lose my vote! Plain and simple. So be up front with your intentions as I’m not voting for any ex UDP puppets.

  10. Anonymous says:

    THis is the type of leader that our country needs. We would be honored to have Mr. Scott representing us.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Cayman voting public of which I am one should be very concerned with the C4C "party". This is nothing more than a policitcal action committee that prefers to pull the strings behind the scenes. Haven't we seen enough of this from the United States with the various Tea Party activists who are not elected or the the republicans who follow grover norquist with his ridiculous requirement for politicians to follow his rule or run the risk of not being endorsed.

      I would have more respect for one of these business people to formally reject any spport or ensdorsement of the C4C group. By the way who is funding this group?

    • Anonymous says:

      The C4C campaign CNS poster is getting more wooden by the day.  Perhaps the service is getting automated.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Jude is a great man and the type of role model for younger generations. He is pure class and is exactly the type of person Cayman should look to as a leader and hopefully in May as a Premier.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Big deal he has finally endorsed himself!

  13. Logic says:

    It’s abundantly clear to everyone that the C4C are a party, despite their party line, and that they will be forming an alliance with the current minority government, former UDP party, current PNA party. The same people who stood by and did nothing but support McKeeva for 2 weeks after their leader was arrested. They only stood up to him when it beca,e obvious that they would ose their jobs also if they didn’t speak up. C4C was formed apparently to get away from this type of behaviour and now will be forming an alliance/party with them, in all likelihood. Wake up Cayman and see that the C4C are just an offshoot of the UDP and the PNA – nothing will change. Vote for change on May 22nd – C4C is not that change.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yet another ppm blogger talking crap.

      C4C and Jude Scott were the first ones to call for the resignation of Premier Bush. Not the type of actions one would expect from a group working with the UDP is it?

      • Anonymous says:

        Post didn't say working with the current UDP (McKeeva).  It said the former UDP, yes those ones that didn't do a thing about McKeeva until they had no other choice.  Read the post before you comment…..

        • hold up says:

          How many no confidence motions did the PPM bring? I bet C4C didnt publically support the PPM on those?


          • Udp blogger says:

            C4C did not exist when ppm brought 2 failed motions of confidence. The only reason why the 3rd one passed was because UDP lite saw an opportunity for power nothing more. Their greed was the reason Big Mac was ousted not the ppm nor its leader so stop fooling yourself.

          • Anonymous says:

            the ppm is paid a lot of money (by us Caymanians) to bring these motions forward, not C4C.   

    • Anonymous says:

      C4C was the first group to demand that McKeeva resign as Premier while ppm did their usual fence sitting. Jude Scott went on CITN and spoke directly to the issue and showed leadership.’s-resignation

      So your post is a poor attempt at negative propaganda.

      • Anonymous says:

        The PPM moved two motions months before Jude, I guess Jude was busy working for Mac thru his firm…and yes Roy too.

        • Anonymous says:

          GEEEE!!! 2 motions in 4 years??? This is down right disgraceful. Clean house on May 22!!!  We deserve better!!!     

  14. Anonymous says:

    The C4C is a group/team/party whatever they want to call themselves who can advertise on CUC light poles and hang up expensive banners. What I would like to know who is backing this group/gang or whatever, it must come clean and let every voter know who is supporting them else they are not being very transparent or telling the truth about their group/team. I believe this is a wrong impression to give to the voters of this country. Come clean C4C and do the right thing. Charles Clifford I will give you my vote, but please stay far from them C4C untill they stop hiding behind the bushes, we know what them bushes can do.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you know who is funding Ez, Arden, Joey, PPM, UDP, UDP part 2 or anyone else?
      Stop wasting your time on this “stuff” and focus on the people running. Pick the best ones and call it that.

  15. Anonymous says:

    The country needs a coalition government!!! There are good people in both partys, plus independants  that can come together and work for the best interest of the people. Cast out the party system in May!!! Vote for individuals that you know that can make a positive change.

  16. Peanuts says:


  17. Anonymous says:

    On Tom Fool Day! Are you sure? If yes, why did they take so long to endorse a founding member? C4C? Not for me! Tit 4 Tat be better.

  18. Anonymous says:

    It is not a political party, but a group of lobbyists for big business.

    The rich will profit and the poor will pay.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Juliana and Jude or Juliana and Roy?  With PNA joining with C4C to form a government Juliana would remain as the Premier, she certainly would not be willing to go back to being a Deputy Premier, and she is the only experienced legislator of the three. The question is whether she would take Roy or Jude as her Deputy.

    Seems that our options for leadership are:

    1. Juiliana and either Roy or Jude with PNA & C4C

    2. McKeeva – UDP  (it really doesn't matter who is deputy since he will runeverything)

    3. Alden and Moses – PPM

    • Anonymous says:

      Alden and Moses are the only real choice!  

      • Anonymous says:

        God help us if that is the best choice. we can look forward to more waste bigger monuments to the grand ego and increased social welfare in CYB just another day in ppm paradise I guess.

    • Anonymous says:

      There should be a rule that bloggers have to post some kind truth instead of the crap people put up. Where did u ever hear Jude saying anything about teaming up with PnA? They are all UDP and needs to go

    • Anonymous says:

      Jude should be the minister of finance regardless of who is eventually the leader (assuming Jude gets elected)

      • Anonymous says:

        Provided he is elected as a member of the Legislature and is nominated for a Cabinet position and receives enough support from the other members of the Legislature. Mr Roy McTaggart by the way has more years of experience in the financial sector than Jude. Jude and Roy though may side with the UDP and help McKeeva get back as Premier which would be a disaster in my opinion.