Coalition backs West Bay duo

| 08/04/2013

c4c candidates (187x300).jpg(CNS): As expected, the Coalition for Cayman has now formally endorsed the two West Bay candidates that are running on the advocacy group’s ticket. In a press statement, the C4C said that Mervin Smith and Tara Rivers, who were two of the speakers on the platform at the movement’s political launch last year, had been given the backing for their bid to be elected to the Legislative Assembly in May. Smith and Rivers launched their co-campaign last month and have already appeared on the national platform with the five other C4C candidates running in George Town. “Mervin Smith and Tara Rivers are honest leaders who will always do what is right for the Cayman Islands,” said C4C. 

“Their passion and love for Country mixed with their extensive business experience make them the perfect fit for our Assembly. We need fewer partisan politicians and more independent leaders like Mervin and Tara who will focus on what’s really important to Caymanian families like schools of excellence, a stronger economy and safer communities.”

The group said that C4C endorsements will be announced in the coming weeks and at present only Sharon Roulstone, who is running on the C4C ticket in the capital, has yet to be given the formal nod. So far, Roy McTaggart, Winston Connolly, Jacqueline “Jackee” Haynes and Jude Scott have all been endorsed by the C4C, which describes itself as an advocacy group and has rejected the party label because of its opposition in principle to the party system.

There remains a question mark over the endorsement of Charles Clifford, the former tourism minister, who resigned from the PPM as a result of disagreements over how the opposition should have handled the UDP administration's proposal to sell the new government building, among other issues. Clifford was understood to be in talks with C4C about his endorsement but it is not clear if the former minister, who is running for office in Bodden Town as an independent, will be seeking the group's backing.

Gregg Anderson, who has been a leading member in the district’s activist group campaigning to keep the proposed landfill project out of the district, has also sought C4C endorsement for his fight for a Bodden Town seat, but there have been no indications if he will be backed by the group.

The C4C has courted controversy since it was launched to high expectations last year because the group acts like a party but at the same time blames the party system rather than the politicians for the corruption and economic failures of government.

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  1. Well Another surprise coming says:

    C4C are going to start endorsing Party Candidates. Just wait for the announcement!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is Tara qualified to run?  How can we trust someone who begins her political career unwilling to even sign the document acknowledging she is qualified to run?

    • Anonymous says:

      The old guard will say anything to keep passing the batton from one party to the next

      while the country and most of our people suffer.

      Registered parties came to life in 2001 and since then the country have gone down hill,

      why? because the Registered parties are all about keeping themselves in power.

      While they fight and continue to low punch each other across the isle and in public,

      these Islands suffer with crime, unemployment, majority of kids leaving school with a attendance certificate instead of a diploma of achievements that will get them on their way to a succesful and prosperous life.

      Ms. Rivers is qualified to run stop being mischevious, you all are being transferred

      from the fast boats to the pup, p u p, puu p skifs come 22nd. May,   Seeee uuuuuuuu

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, very much so,

      while she was away studying she did what was necessary to get

      her top rated qualifications.

      Now as a Caymanian you want to discriminate against her,

      bet you are a registered party member?????????


    • Anonymous says:

      Boy oh boy, tell you about them party members!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Say and do anything, greeeeeeeeedy band!ts, power wha,  hun gry

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, she is. I for one look forward to seeing her as one of my representatives come May 23!

  3. sickntired says:

    surprise suprise.  Back to bed now!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    As a Voter I find it appalling that these people still don’t admit to being a party. To me it is unfair to the other TRUE independent candidateswho don’t have the luxury or benefit of the “money men” backing! If I were to be convinced, it would take them running their campaigns seperatley without these bannered endorsements! I mean, I see people like Mr. Leslie, Mr. Ebanks, Mr. Mcfield etc…running some sensible campaigns too without all these money pools. But their outnumbered financially by the wealther campaigns. Isn’t there a campaign limit? If not, there should be. Cayman should stop feeding these lies by allowing these people to deceive us so blatantly! Call ’em out on it! If their already fibbing now, imagine the tales that will emerge if they’re in the L.A.?? What makes c4c anymore deferent than pna, udp, ppm? What?? A gang is a gang. The crips, the bloods, the lodge and the cartel all have identifying symbols too right? Like a life or death struggle, that we now face in cayman, we would never vote our court jury in like this, so why vote for MLA’s this way? We enjoyed many years in politics without the current party systems. It was always better to keep yourself to yourself. No team colors, joint banners etc. What you had was independent thinkers who were not obligated to no one other than their constituents. People need to stop the power struggles and just work to achieve respect and fairness. Simple. If you are a true leader, you’ll lead on your own. Remember folks, nothing comes for free. Whomever is pooling these joint campaigns are going to want a favor in return for their generous contribution to these “dependents”. I hope they look into all these campaign funding too. Alot of corruption has taken place in the past through that popular means, just look at the u.s.a.
    But remember no “gifts” allowed. If we can’t get our c.u.c. paid, then they shouldn’t get no perks either. Buying is buying.

    • GT voter says:

      This group are endorsed by C4C but the candidates have decided to work with other Independents they feel comfortable with and calling the group “TI” looks like they going back to old skool teams before party politics took over in 2001.

    • Anonymous says:


      You, like many others have been so accustomed to the thought of politicians having to repay favors in politics because that’s the way it has always been. C4C has worked hard against this, hence the reason for no party. Candidates endorsed must be vetted; this is to ensure they are people who have integrity, honesty and the skills necessary to face the problems facing our country. C4C members have been working for the good of the country, because they all have vested interests in their businesses, investments, family life and love of country. Stop for a moment and look at the executive members of C4C, and then connect the businesses they are involved with, and the amount of persons that are employed by those businesses.  So what choices does the Caymanian voter have this upcoming election?
      Under the past PPM administration, according to the Miller Shaw report, government spending grew faster than government revenues and the economy as a whole. Between the budget years 2004/05 and 2008/09 alone, government spending increased by 60 per cent. Among the different elements of spending growth the Miller Shaw report identified government personnel costs as the main culprit for excessive expenditure.
      From 2005/06 to 2008/09 total salaries and wages for civil servants surged by 46.3 per cent from $172.4 million to $252.3 million. Meanwhile the number of civil servants increased by 15 per cent between 2005 and 2007, indicating that not only the number of government employees grew significantly but also their salaries.
      We now look at the last 4 years under the UDP administration. Government spending has continued unchecked, we have a strained relationship with England, and corruption is rampant. If C4C, or ANY group of concerned Caymanian voters who have any love for their country has an opportunity to assist strong independent leaders in running for office, that can only be a good thing. In the words of JFK, ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country. 


  5. CayStudent says:

    And two exceptional independent candidates at that! As a student, I highly identify myself with the same approach to education as Tara Rivers. Mervin is community-oriented and business-smart. Can't complain, so far! 

  6. Anonymous says:

    As Truman would say, "They are a group, not a gang (or party in this case.)"  But any how you take it, they are certainly a team and they have some very qualified individuals, with good character and integrity, which is just what we need at this point in our history.  We have one shot to make and if we elect the same old set of politicians, we are going to get the same old results.  This time around, give some untarnished people the opportunity to take the helm.

    • Anonymous says:

      Boy you simple…  "They are a group, not a gang" – did you somehow miss the irony of Truman's idiotic statement?  In other words, Truman got it completely wrong.  And you try to use Truman's misunderstanding of a situation to somehow demonstrate that $4$ is good for the country.  Did you skip all dem logic courses offered at your local nursery school or you a few points short of an IQ?