Dump EIA is a ‘whitewash’ say BT Activists

| 09/04/2013

(CNS): Opponents of the plan to relocate Grand Cayman’s landfill to Bodden Town have described the environmental statement which was released to the public yesterday as a whitewash. The length of the document, at 1887 pages, makes it impossible for the public to digest and ensures controversies are “wellcamouflaged”, one of the leaders of the Coalition to Keep Bodden Town Dump free said in a release. Alain Beiner believes, however, that there was no hiding the fact that the proposal is nothing more than a clone of the George Town landfill and a long way from a promised modern eco-waste-management site.

Arlene Whittaker, another coalition leader, said the EIA notes the impact of the proposed site on the district’s traffic volumes, among other issues, as activists have long claimed, as well as odour problems. But she said these are “glossed over with assurances that they will be mitigated. But, with the new landfill to be operated by  the same government department that currently runs the GT landfill with even less of a budget, things are unlikely to improve, she said..

Former Cabinet minister and candidate for the district, Charles Clifford, said the report ignores the needless waste of travel time, truck fuel, wear-and-tear of roads and vehicles, the increased noise, pollution and safety hazards involved in the additional truck mileage, or about the spike in illegal dumping, which is to be expected by moving the dump so far from the island’s main population base.

“On the contrary,” Clifford said, “not only are these negative impacts ignored, but the report’s summary identify as ‘significant factors’ in the choice of site location, its ‘remote location’ and the 'presence of nearby quarry operations’. One can’t help but question the values and priorities of the Dart Group and its hired help. The substantial residential community in neighbouring Midland Acres doesn’t seem to count at all. The proposed site is certainly ‘remote’ from Dart’s Camana Bay and from the main source of Grand Cayman’s trash, but it certainly is not ‘remote’ from these residents or from the thousands living in BT.”

Clifford said government had an overriding duty to represent and protect the public from developers that consider the community’s interests secondary. “The government and in particular Minister Scotland and Minister Seymour have failed in their duty to their community and have placed Dart’s interests above those of our people.”

Mark Scotland has still offered some support for the BT dump plan, but recently brushed the problem off as one for the next government to wrestle with. His new Cabinet colleague Dwayne Seymour, however, has distanced himself from the plan, claiming in an unexpected declaration at the last government press briefing that he never had and did not support the move.

Gregg Anderson, another hopeful candidate in the district, said there was little in the EIA to allay the serious health fears caused by dumping toxic waste in such a vulnerable area.

“There is no financial study as to how much the project will cost the government, nor is there information as to the expected lifetime of the proposed facility. There is nothing mentioned about the economic and social impact on Midland Acres in particular and on the Bodden Town district in general – the certain loss in real estate and land value, the loss of new businesses, tourism facilities, new residential developments,” he added.

The Coalition has challenged the very legitimacy of the EIA process from the onset, underlining the unethical link between dump proponent and dump evaluator, the complete disregard of due process and the refusal to respect the conclusions of the Central Tenders Committee (CTC), which, after an open tendering process, had rejected Dart’s plan.

“The Coalition also protested the secrecy surrounding the deal between Dart and the then UDP government, as part of the so-called FCIA agreement,” Beiner said as he pointed to the refusal to consult the population about the relocation and the choice of BT as the Dart plan with no other alternatives. “The entire process surrounding Dart’s dump plan flouts the rule of law,” he said, as he pointed to the newly adopted Framework for fiscal Resonsibility, which was ignored.

“Reckless deals like the Dart dump plan, and the long-standing failure to properly manage the GT landfill – instead of ‘exporting’ it to BT — prove that past and present governments are responsible for our shameful environmental ranking,” he added, noting the recent news that Cayman came bottom for environmental protection among the UK’s overseas territories.

The Coalition is calling on candidates for the forthcoming election to stand up against the waste management facility in BT and commit to voting against any such project should they be elected to the next parliament.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    6.34 you omit to mention that Dart really doesn’t give heck bout you or this country. For example why would he place a school so close to the existing dump? I would have thought there would be laws against things like this? Imagine the kids playing on the field when it rains and the area floods? Can’t be too healthy! In his master plans why didn’t he place Camana Bay closer to the dump and the school the furthest? Someone should run some tests there to see how safe it is there especially for the children there.

    You also omit that where the propose sight in Bodden town is located is the central wetlands of the islands and any variation to this can be disastrous. Everywhere in the world recognizes the importance of wetlands and attempts are made to save them and protect them for the environment and for the wild life! Go to wwwducksunlimited.com and see what they are doing to save what is left.

    Our minister for health and environment should be ashamed that he would support this move to Bodden town considering he is supposed to be an educated man. Time will tell and the truth will come out eventually who are the real stake holders in the deal. They can hide behind big company names and their attorneys but Ezzard will get those documents and the truth will be revealed!

    • SSM345 says:

      Perhaps I am wrong here but wasn't there a plan in place by Government prior to Camana Bay being built that they were going to deal with the dump? And based on that plan, thinking it was going to get sorted, DART built Camana Bay? I am pretty sure that is why the developers of Lakeside put their apartments there too!

      Now years later, with governments plan down the tubes as always, DART has taken it upon himself to fix the problem.

      Had government done what they said they were going to do perhaps we would have never found ourselves where we all stand today, divided.

      Just a thought.

    • Anonymous says:

      it is amazing that this has become such a touchy issue.

      First off there are no immigration stops going from George Town to Bodden Town or to West Bay or to North Side or to east End. What hasto be done has to be done for the best of the country not district.

      A really big problem that Bodden Towners have is that they are trying to sell this not as a dump but as a waste management facility. there is absolutely no trust that this will be a clean facility anymoreso than what we currently have right now.

      If we are going to indeed have a waste management facility, why not put it back in the vacinity of where it is right now. The current dump location Dart will not be able to use for quite a while and if it is a waste management facility then it should not smell so bad and offend his wealthy residents of Camana Bay.

      If you do decide to move it elsewhere please do a proper job of investigating the impacts.

      Maybe such an issue should be decided as a referendum during the election…just a thought.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The wise man built his house upon the Rock, The foolish man built his house upon the sand. The foolish man has no right to blame the wise man because his house came tumbling down. Dart  has no right to blame me for his home being next to the dump. I built mine far away from the dump because I wanted to live in a reasonably healthy environment and Dart has no right to force his dirty environment on me.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Did I hear someone said "recycle'? Trash reduction? Not on any level.

    • Just Askin' says:

      I took my glass and aluminium to the recycling points at Camana Bay this week, how about you?

  4. Anonymous says:

    People of Cayman- keep debating, this is all you are capable of .

    When complaints about stench from the toxic Dump appear in the Trip Advisor, it will be too late. 

    • Anonymous says:

      So, is that the measure of a planned, long-term response to a long-term problem?   I recognise that visitors are our bread and butter, however, we shouldn't jump to support a plan that only addresses 1/4 of the problem.


      We had a tendered and vetted solution prior to this "deal" (of which we still don't know the full terms).   


      I support a plan which is sustainable, and for the good of the entire island, not a temporary band-aid that primarily supports an investors future plans.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have been living at my present location for the past 31 years. The air I breathe and the water from my well seem fairly helthy since I have enjoyed fairly good health over the years. However the proposed landfill will be placeda short distence upwind of my house. Once that happens I expect to start getting ill regularly and probably die prematurely from breathing dirty air and drinking contaminated water.

    Mr. Dart, if yuou want to move the landfill elsewhere, why not put it in your own backyard where you will be able to enjoy the consequences that come with it. You can afford to pay for any health related issue that may come with this move. I cant, and under the Bill of Rights should not be subjected to any of the choices you wish to make for me.

    To Joey Ebanks, You have a big mouth, how about giving your position on this subject on your now famous Radio Show.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is in his backk yard now.  That is why they want it moved to someone elses back yard.

      • Anonymous says:

        That was his choice, not mine. He must have known that he would have to contend with it prior to locating his yard there so he should live with it and dont pass it to me.


        • Anonymous says:

          But you and the rest of BT, EE, and NS can keep contributing to the mess on our side of the island?

          Tuff sh*t, it's unna's turn now to deal with it. Get over it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Right on. Well said

    • Anonymous says:

      Think about people living in Lake View Condos! Think about  reducing trash creating consumption. Think about recycling, think about refusing to buy plastic and ovepackaged goods. Did Caymanan had trash issue 100 years ago?

      • Anonymous says:

        No, they didn't.   However, not all of their methods were sound, at least under conventional views.    My relatives burned everything, and there are still numerous rock holes around the entire area that are filled with glass.      Now, in those days, there wasn't the prolific amount of plastic, so for the most part, the refuse they burned wasn't nearly as environmentally damaging as ours is today.  


        I think your point is a good one, though;   we could be far more careful about the mass-packaged goods we buy, and it is probably true that any valid recycling will begin with ourselves.    A good first step might be a glass-crusher, to be added to the roadbase and all this paving that's being done.   


        I personally believe that the primary reason recycling hasn't really caught on here is twofold:

        1)  It hasn't been profitable — some people will only do such things when they can make a buck, rather than for the general good.

        2)  Most recycling is driven by legislation.   It's a sad truth, but still the truth.  

  6. Anonymous says:

    The facts are:
    1. Existing dump was started in a hole in ground.
    2. It has everything in it from medical waste to car batteries.
    3. It is leaching into the north sound every hour, every day
    4. It is filled with methane gas that one day will explode and burn for months in centre of our tourist and financial centre. It’s just a matter of time.
    5. It’s is now in center of tourist district. It was in the back of beyond when moved from cricket pitch
    6. Only top 30% can be mined and used for waste to energy. The remainder is wet and would take more energy to burn than it would produce. In other words it will still be there rising 50-60 feet out of ground.
    7. It’s is estimated by the PPM report that government would spend upto $80-100M and 18 years to start to solve problem.
    8. Our government will never have that moneyso dump keeps growing.
    9. The fastest growing district is Bodden town. With Shetty the growth for next 20 years shall be in eastern districts. That means lots of garbage on that side of island.
    10. It is really not in Bodden town but north of breakers between two quarries.
    11. Parts of bodden town (savannah ) are actually closer to existing dump than the proposed land fill.

    All in all, when you look at facts this is a no brainer. What we have are a few political candidates in an election year that have found a buzz topic. This is a very sensible idea…we have a rich person who wants to do it for us–something we will never be able to do for ourselves–and we are making noise about it???

    Lets get this thing solved while the option is available.

    • Anonymous says:

      brillant post….

      • Anonymous says:

        But neglects to point out that the north sound is private. It’s darts back yard

        • Anonymous says:

          And it somehow figures that the shetty hospital will produce more garbage than the districts of George Town and West Bay combined.

    • Anonymous says:

      The option will always be available as long as Dart continues to develop that area.


    • Anonymous says:

      And the cost of buildiing this facility will be paid by whom?  Dart has said they are not building it.  They are just providing the land. 

  7. Anonymous says:

    Anon 9;43 to answer your question their is a law but it is old ithink their is only one ever prosecution and conviction under that law of persons  who were apparently hunting treasure  around these islands.  There was a move back in 2003-04 to revise the law after the deportations of these persons. This like everything else fell by the way side because of  the lack political will and certain government departments building their little empires around them and squabbling for  funding. It is a terrible ashame that our historical sites are still being pillfered and destroyed by whom ever with no law to protect them.  This Breakers site i believe is name after the RCIPs officer who carried out that prosecution. The National Museum can confirm this.

  8. Anonymous says:

    unbelievable…a bankrupt nation declines a free solution to a problem it has failed to tackle for generations….

    this is why cayman is doomed…..

    • Anonymous says:

      What is the cost and impact of developing the three open lined pits beyond that minimal start?


      What is the cost and impact of the additional fuel and wear and tear on our roads and trucks to move the trash to BT?


      What are the repercussions of dumping garbage in lined pits near wetlands?


      How much would it cost to install, sample and test vadose zone wells around the lined pits?


      And the big cahuna:   How much will it cost to mitigate the water table and associated soils when the pits begin to leak? 


      What is the complete and total vig (obligation) of the CIG's deal with Dart?


      you don't know.  I don't either.   Any questions? 

      • Anonymous says:

        Many of us use that same water table to supply our homes.  Is there any risk that our water will be contaminated?

        • Anonymous says:

          That your question got thumbs down is very telling.    Now, people concerned about the quality of their water cannot express their concerns?   


          I think your concern is valid, and worth discussing.    What we know, is that without monitoring wells, there is no way to measure contamination, nor to confirm that there is no contamination.   If this plan is all so wonderful and foolproof, why not provide an industry-standard tried and tested, measurable method of proving it?  


          In the absence of a mechanism to test and measure the quality of your groundwater, you have valid reason to be concerned.   

    • Incognito says:

      right, that is what has gotten us into this predicament as it is. Take the first bail out and run. It is mentallities like this that has made people sell their souls only to find out what they sold it for, isnt even worth the paper it is written on. FREE isnt always better and FREE most times cost more in the end.


      The deal is SHADY, no two ways about it.. from the person who  overided the tendering process, to the person who wants to help 'fix' the problem. If it quacks like a duck, walk like a duck… probably a duck. Use common sense man

    • Anonymous says:

      We are a bankrupt nation because our gowerment gave Dart $40,000,000.00 in duty concessions, and probably another $40,000,000.00 in room taxes. And we are doomed because we have a gowerment that lets the whole world come into our country and walk all over us.

      • Anonymous says:

        Your doomed because the caymanian people can not figure out how to do anything themselves and don't trust anyone else.

  9. Anonymous says:

    "Coalition for a Dump Free G.T."

    Dart now has formed (its) own non-governmental-organization the "Coalition for a Dump Free G.T."!  Bold tricky try.

    The Dart puppets are hard at work trying their best to counter all of good work done by Keep Bodden Town Dump Free. 

    It will not work, we recognize your spots regardless of how hard you try to hide them, XXXX.

    Solve the dump problem where the dump problem exists you will not be allowed to create another dump problem in Bodden Town!

  10. Anonymous says:

    When last have you heard of artifacts being recovered from a archaeological site prior to it being developed or prepared never, Kudos to Dart and his EIA it shows the excellent standard at which they operate and should be an example to all who intend to develop property in these islands. Kudos also the National Museum and their staff and volunteers who have identified these sensetive sites around these islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dart is only doing what the law, already in place, DEMANDS that he do, in regards to artifacts. No this is not some "Caymankind" voodoo law that no one else has. Every Country in the world has some regulations safeguarding their artifacts.

      Please dont make me puke by trying to spin this as some how Dart, or Mark or Jackie is doing us a favor by involveing the National Museum in the return of artifacts to their rightful owners i.e. the Cayman Island Government. To do otherwise would be theft by Dart and upon conviction the possible revocation of his Caymanian Status, and deportation (check the courtrecords).

      In your haste to credit everything good in the world to Dart, you have not even taken the time to narrow your retorical question to the Cayman Islands. You, Mr./Mrs/Miss A**kisser, are suggesting that Dart is the only person in the WORLD that would even think to "recover artifacts" and return them to their rightful owners.

      You sicken me even more when you try to "coat tail" Dart onto the National Museum, to suck up any goodwill they may have in the community. For your limited information, the Collector of Customs (Treasury), not the National Museum, is the body named in the law, who is perscribed as the "reciever of relics". This is the way it is in nearly every country in the world.

      Next time you want me to bite into the Dart apple please offer me more that the fact that he is forced to follow the law, in regards to artifacts, and is therefore not a thief.

      PS. I do agree with you in giving Kudos to the National Museum.


  11. Savannah Resident says:


    Man the Dart propaganda machine currently operating on this forum are unbelievable.  No way should any citizen accept this half ass deal currently being pushed down their throats.  If you insist on talking facts, how about revealing the FCIA deal currently under wraps?  

    I love how everyone seems to insist on openness and transparency but yet turn a blind eye to FCIA.  Dart is not above the law, no matter how much money he invests within our country, he should not have the ability to side step due process.  Where was the RFP regarding moving the dump to a new location?  Where did the Dart Group place in the final selection made by the CTC for WASTE to ENGERY Proposal?   If you don't have the information on hand let me inform you that they, the Dart group didn’t finish in the top 3.  If CIG insists on moving the dump, let the CTC create an RFP that will allows all companies interested to partake in placing bids for the work.  Not only will other options become available, we can mitigate the cost to CIG and by doing so it will also provide a medium for innovative ideas.  I refuse to accept for one second that DART group is the only experts that can resolve the issue. 

  12. Anonymous says:

    Dart is not, I repeat, NOT building the “proposed” new waste management facility in Bodden Town.

    His primary and sole objective of this “gracious” EIA is to ultimately build a case to support his desire to remove the present site from his trendy and expensive developments – regardless of the numerous negative implications for the country as a whole.

    • Anonymous says:

      True.  You will also notice that any comments posted here that are not supportive of Dart garner an overwhelming number of "troll" marks.     


      A person stating their opinion is not a troll.    Opinions should be countered with other opinions;  regrettably, it's far easier to just sit at a computer and click a button.    Don't be fooled my brothers and sisters by these lowbrow tactics, and don't be surprised if this comment also gathers  a few 'troll' clicks.  

  13. Anonymous says:

    BT is the best place for it, assuming it costs too much to ship it to the Brac.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ship our Garbage to the Brac, Man you crazy, dont start giving Juju any bright ideas.She may just start shipping the garbage from the Brac and Little Cayman to Bodden Town, especially when her party mates get their butts whipped in Bodden Town come the next election.

    • Anonymous says:

      It would cost even less to ship it to West Bay.

  14. Big Time says:

    Well they can never accuse Dart of not being thorough with his EIA reports In fact i was quite impressed by all aspects covered in this study even the historical and archaeological consultation and research in fact it is probably the first time it has ever been done as oppose to stumbling across a historical site as is the case frequently in Cayman. Congrats to Dart and their team of experts for even considering such things, you have to give the devil his due.

    • Anonymous says:

      Archaeological surveys as part of the preliminaries to development is the norm in many countries. Often the developer brings in a team of independant archaeologists. 

      In this case The National Museum has the expertise to be involved.

      Surprising that there is not a law for landsites, as there is a law for marine sites. 

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree, however the broken booze bottles from drunk rabbit hunters deep in the uninhabited forest are not an unusual scene and do not constitute an archaeological discovery even if they are 60 years old.   

    • Anonymous says:

      08.10…all very good, but actually it turns out to be no longer relevant how many pages there are or what they say. CIG has solved the problem already. They are once again no longer collecting trash. The new dumps will be many and all in our own back yards. 6 days since last collection!! Brilliant solution CIG..people giving you shit for incompetence and you just give it straight back…

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorta nice comment by the Dart puppets.

      However even they sometimes open their eyes, even they can sometimes speak the truth!

      Yes even they regognize Dart for what he is – "you have to give the devil his due."!

      Dart is a "devil", well said Dart puppet.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, they can accuse the authors of the EIA of not being thorough — they can not accuse them of not being verbose.  


      The EIA doesn't make any mention of vadose zone monitoring wells;  The vadose zone is the aerated, potentially capillary zone between the surface and the water table.    Vadose zone wells are a standard (and required) practice throughout the rest of the world in relation to landfills, and they required trained sampling personnell as well as analysis from an accredited analytical laboratory.  


      Why is this, I wonder?    I don't know, but I can guess:   Contaminants that cannot be measured arenot a problem to the builders of the landfill.      


      We had better get this right;   this "plan" of moving the dump to three lined pits has the potential to spread contaminants throughout the adjacent groundwater and watershed.    A disaster in the making for which there is no solution to repair or mitigate, once the damage has been done.   

      • Anonymous says:

        Do you have any idea of what is now going into our precious north sound from the existing dump??? I think if you knew you would not make such silly statements

      • Anonymous says:

        There are tables with these samples in the EIA.

    • GT voter says:

      Wake up Cayman. Dart is not your Saviour!

      If it really cared it would help to fix or provide a comprehensive waste management solution at the current GT site. Think about this fact How come everybody else is NIMBY except for the Dart group that made thedecision 20 years ago to build its flagship development next to the dumb?

      The Dart PR machinery and bloggers need to realize that a $hit gift wrapped in a pretty bow is still $hit!

      • Anonymous says:

        08:01 The GT site cannot be fixed, it is too late, IT IS BEYOND REPAIR. Govt sat on their fat asses for too long on the issue, it should have been dealt with 15yrs+ ago.

         Get that through your's and everyone else's very thick skulls.


        • Anonymous says:

          You mean Dart should have fixed it, on the present site, 15 years ago. Remember he has been here for the past 20 years. He is the only person that knew Camana Bay was going to be build there 20 years ago. If he had any sense HE, DART would have fixed it 15 years ago, when you proclaim it would have been fixable or even easier to fix it (I agree, much less styrofoam to deal with at that time).

          Let me put it this way….. It used to be in my back yard, so it was my problem……… I sold my land to Dart (like every other stupid, ignorant Caymanian), now it is his back yard, that makes it his problem. Problem solved for me ……. your move Mr Dart.


          By theway, I used the good money I got from selling my land by the dump, to buy beach land in North Side. No worries about a dump and no need for West Bay Road in order to see the sea. Before you ask, Mr. Dart proxy, NO it is NOT FOR SALE at any price.

          Smell you later.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dont touch that dump, Dart. We've got tons of classic cars and historic plastic in there.

      • Anonymous says:

        Don't forget the "archaeological" historic relics made from styrofoam that we have buried in there. Surely we need the National Museum to catalogue them as well as the construction debris from Camana Bay.

        If that stuff belonged to Dart before they threw it away, you know it must have good value left. Give the Devil his due, if Dart used it at Camana Bay before he threw it away we know it has to be first class …………. just look at Camana Bay if you doubt me ……. first class all the way like everything else he touches. 

    • Anonymous says:

      The Devil in this post is you. Who else would know all these facts about the "historical and archaeological consultation" and artifacts but someone from from the Dart inner circle? Me and the PUBLIC certainly do not know these tidbits because no one will show us the Deal and what Dart is REQUIRED to do……..

      Its OK ma'am, no koolaid for me today, check back tomorrow. I am not singing praises to anyone, for simply doing something that they are compelled to do legally, through some deal they signed, that I cannot see the other details of.


  15. Cayman Lost says:

    These people dont care about nothing they are even destroying our historical sites in the Breakers area  everything is being destroyed for DART  Please read Archaeological aspect of report  i love the part where they say work is going to stop if they come across arifacts yeah right those heay equipment operators are seeing dollars not preserving our history.  So sad our government is indifferent to even our own history.

    • Anonymous says:

      You mean the pictures of the broken booze bottles from the 1940s, that harken back to a simplier time of alcohol abuse deep in the woods?  They are sending those precious memories to the museum and anything else they might find, but they don't expect to find much since there are no other signs of human habitation in there – ever.    

    • P A Rody says:

      At least he says they will stop if they find any artifcats, rather than one of the much lauded Cayman Heroes who knowingly bulldozed ah Historical Building when he couldn't get his way.


      They even put a statue of him in Heros square for it

      Maybe if dart builds the dump on the Mission House they will give him a statue too!

  16. Anonymous says:

    I believe that Cayman needs a new Dump facility however we need that facilty equipt with the nessary resorces to run the way it should. We need our private sector assisting with this deal as well to insure best value for our country. Let us love our Cayman Islands the only place we call home. Ask God For guidance.

    • Truth says:

      You mean we all need the private sector to do it as CIG has shown that they are not capable of getting anything started much less working.  And anything they do ends up costing way too much to operate as it gets filled up with friends and relatives instead of skill and experience.

      • Anonymous says:

        If you are talking CIG as in the UDP controlled CIG then you would be correct.

  17. Anonymous says:

    There are no shortage of under achievers who are quick to protest anything that requires basic reading comprehension. Had any of them bothered to open and skim the document, they would have seen that the entire body of the EIA is only 300 pages, much of that charts and large colour photographs. The executive summary is only a few dozen pages. What a disgrace that (they) won't even take a look at the research and evidence that has been compiled for them, and the answers to the same earlier objections and concerns this EIA specifically speaks to. CNS please have a look yourself and try to balance the reporting on this issue. We don't need to create more drama and popular alarmism than already permeates our community. This should be an open discussion, since doing nothing and remediation of the existing facility is not an option.


    CNS: Of course Wendy read the entire report. She does not write articles on any reports without reading them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Beside the environmental impact study, it is my understanding that the largest percentage of population lives in West Bay and George Town (up to Prospect maybe). So why would you move the dump outside that area? It just doesn't make sense from a pure logistical point.

      • Anonymous says:

        because it does not make sense to put a landfill in heavily populated areas!

      • Anonymous says:

        Isn't there an initiative called "Go East" or something where they are trying to promote development outside of WB and GT? There isn't much free land left in those districts if you hadn't noticed.

        I guess once all the land is gone no one else will build anything in Cayman ever again and BT and EE will remain the sleepy little villages that they are.


        That thing called the Shetty Hospital…….how much crap do you think will eb coming out of there on a daily basis? What about the new schools?

        Why don't us GT'ers and WB'erts use our dump and you all can have your own for the BT'ers, NS'ers and EE'ers.

        The GT dump cannot be fixed, it is way beyond that, have you seen it before? The fact is we need a new one that will be managed properly. End of story.

        • Anonymous says:

          This EIA has provisions for the separation of waste, including a chapter on Medical waste disposal.

          • Anonymous says:

            There are 'provisions' for lots of things in the report.   Who pays for the separation facility?   That's the crux of the report  — many ideas bandied about, while being very unclear about exactly what Dart funds.  

          • Anonymous says:

            There are provisions for many things – but none of them are being given to us or paid for by Dart – we have to rely on our crappy broke government to fund such future provisions, and right now they can't even pay their own bills.

        • Incognito says:


          you know.. you might have a solution there.. Why arent we looking at a solution for each district, or region of cayman? Small recycle centres/refuses placed in each district/area with it own garbage trucks to facilitate the pick up of garbage. 
          You'll have less garbage to handle at one time, more efficient centres to address the garbage and recycle issues. Not to mention, you will have probably added more jobs  for locals, if they want it.
          Three other locations can be created, one for bodden town, east end/north side and westbay The george town one can be upgraded once the others are built, and servicing their own ares.
          I believe this would decrese the waste intake for GT dump and keep the garbage issue under control, hense decreasing mount trash more and giving each ditrict/area control over their own recycle centre.
          Just a thought
    • JJTA says:

      There is nothing that is forthright and open when it comes to what the Dart side is and has been doing to the Cayman Islands. Your point that it should be read is somewhat valid. but the fact that it was done for Dart and paid for by Dart equates to the simple fact that it is invalid before even being read and it makes what you say null and void from the very outset. Under these circumstances no sane individual could orwould expect even an iota of objectivity. It is a whitewash and everyone knows it, whether or not they are those who have been induced to the Dart side. Dart is not a friend of the Cayman Islands and nor are those who give them their loyalty, period. The last three plus years have etched that into stone for eternity. Their inextricable ties to the national nightmare which is the udp, it's decrepid leadership, and it's incongruous offshoot is proof positive. If the Cayman Islands forgets this or otherwise overlooks this it will be to the eternal detriment of the Cayman Islands, if it is not too late already.

      • Anonymous says:

        Developers are always responsible for paying the costs for EIA's for their proposed projects – not just here, everywhere on Earth.  So, of course DART commissioned the report, but that doesn't mean that those firms from Cayman and overseas that contributed to the report are conflicted in any way.  If you read the report, they are remarkably frank about risks and their plans to mitigate.  The current dump situation has never seen this kind of planning and the damage that is being done is very real and will effect us all.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Chuckie you have my vote and my family once you remain truly independent and keep the dump, waste management, darts baby what ever they wish to call it out of Bodden Town.

    The dump needs to remain where it is and recycle and if dart so wish to move it then place it in barkers. There’s no wetlands, water table or storm surges to worry about plus he got two roads going and coming now.

    It’s not fair to Bodden Towners who bought and built in the area with hope their little investment would appreciate over time so at least to remortgage to send their kids o university. Dart found the dump there and knew what he was getting into when he built around it. Why should the little man suffer now?

    • Anonymous says:

      It can't stay where it is – it is leaking fluid and airborne toxins into north sound, water table, and is an eye sore for our main target market.  It is also being mismanaged right next to a school.  It has to be moved to the best alternative location.  Feel free to suggest a better location to DOE by deadline and become part of the discussion.

      • Anonymous says:

        That begs the question: Why did Dart in all his supreme wisdom build a school right next a dump? He had plenty of land further north for the school and playfields.  Oh that's right, people in high places would not want to pay high rent to look out their windows ata dump.  Or for that matter breath in the fumes whilst on their walk from the parking garage to their office building. Whereas a few hundred kids contracting ilnesses early in life is no concern of Dart. Pure Genious at work – NOT!

    • Anonymous says:

      Chuckie, pleasestop posting these comments. We know its you every time you mention your name. Getting stale now.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Thank you to the Coalition to Keep BT DumpFree for bring this to light! The BT MLAs are useless in representing us! We need to vote them out and elect representatives that care!

  20. Coalition for a Dump Free G.T. says:

    They refuse to accept that there is a problem. As soon as they are capable of doing that, perhaps they can start to formulate a viable solution. The days of the free lunch are over.
    Unless they are willing to pay for it, Bodden Town it is!

    • Anonymous says:

      The Cayman people neeed to wake up. Garbage in todays world is another mans treasue.Look at the financial benifits this new facility can offer. But first the real issue is educating the people on how to seperate their garbage. The benifits of this will open the door to new business that can now be started. Government needs to get out of the collection, sorting and recycling business. This need to stay within the private sector. I for one would be encourage to start a new business once the government pays for the education of its citizens on how to seperate their garbage for collection. This new business could then have collection vehicles picking up aluminum, bottles, plastics, food, paper etc. new business would then compact sort and sold overseas for recycling. In todays world look amongst us and see the new business buying scrape metals etc. This alone would drastically reduce the volume of garbage that currently are being dumped without being sorted. I look outside the bos and it is the stop alcoholicas that is brain washing this projest to say it is a dump. People it is a sin to have a brain and dont use it. Be a visionary and stop saying " Why" but say "why Not". I challenge the new government to educate the people on how to sort their garbage first and then the "nay sayers" will have no reason to stop an excellent project.


      So the issue is………… "Not in my Back yard " but " A Better way Foward" …………



      So tired of this issue now, Please use this and a few other ways to get the people back to work………..Robert A. Bodden

      • GIGO says:

        Sir, you have my vote. Privatise the whole thing. Put it out to tender and let’s get on with it. Disband the incompetent DEH and hand it over to an entity which has a reason to care about the quality of their work.

    • Anonymous says:

      So we should accept Dart's proposal (of which we STILL don't know the complete terms of) which benefits Dart and screws Grand Cayman, because we don't have the money to do the right thing?    Is 1/4 of a temporary solution even worth considering?   No, it is not, particularly when that partial solution ends up costing the CIG as much or more than doing the right thing. 


      Absolutely insane to even consider this half-assed plan.   We need to re-tender for in-situ mitigation and this time stick with the successful bidder, unlike our former Premier who tossed a vetted bid and sole sourced to Dart.   


      Is is absolutely necessary that I keep reminding us that we still don't know the terms of the agreement with Dart?   Yes, apparently it is.    Illegal agreement, unknown impact and consequences.   The only thing that IS known is who will benefit from this scheme.

      • Coalition for a Dump Free G.T. says:

        It remains the better option to that which you have offered up, so yes.

      • Anonymous says:

        You are so right…Caymanians will benefit because we can never of fire to fix this problem ourselves!!!