Karate school to offer scholarships

| 12/04/2013

Sensei-Floyd-Purple-Dragon-&-Timothy-Edwards-CML.gif(PDSMA): Recruitment agency CML recently announced that it has funded a one-year scholarship at the Purple Dragon Martial Arts School, enabling a deserving student to participate in the facility’s renowned training programme. Staff and management at CML have decided to sponsor a local student as part of Purple Dragon’s effort to source funding for at least 12 young people. These pupils are primary and secondary students who have been identified by the school, social services or school administrators as individuals who would greatly benefit from the opportunity to participate in the dojo’s (martial arts training hall) legendary training programme.

CML joins sponsors Conyers Dill and Pearman, RE/MAX and Digicel offering student scholarships. The scheme offers attendees a chance to learn Purple Dragon’s technique of martial-arts discipline, promoting personal growth through a self-defense curriculum designed around values of motivation, self-control, respect and self-confidence.

In exchange, sponsors will gain a contract from each student, committing to regular attendance and timeliness, maintenance of school grades and behaviour reflecting respect for individuals and property. Scholarship sponsors will also receive twice-yearly reports from the Purple Dragon teachers, parents, school and counselors, tracking the performance of the students.

“We are thrilled to be able to lend this kind of support to Cayman’s young people, who, after all, form the foundation of our future. Like others in the Cayman Islands community, we are only too aware of the social pressures our young people face as they grow up, and especially so in a time of economic difficulty.    Anything we can do to build the community and the future of the Cayman Islands is something we want to pursue,” Mr. Steve McIntosh of CML said.

The scholarship is intended for student candidates who confront mental, behavioural or physical challenges, are victims of broken or disadvantaged homes, or who are eager to participate in the dojo programmebut cannot afford the costs.

Dojo chief, Sensei Floyd Baptiste, said, “The Purple Dragon dojo and staff are recognised for their integrity and the quality of their training programmes.  The overwhelmingly positive impact it has already had on Cayman’s young people has been widely acknowledged.”

He continued, “Our martial arts instruction is proven to have a positive impact in people’s lives, no matter their age, working to increase strength and ability, while the formal discipline provides a foundation for personal development and growth for all of us, but chiefly in children and teenagers.  We are extremely grateful to our corporate sponsors who have the chance to make a significant difference in the life of a child and within the community.”

Michael Myles, government’s liaison officer for at-risk youth, applauds the scholarship initiative, saying,  “We continue to look forward to motivating more of our young people through the Purple Dragon programme. Because of the mentoring, structure and discipline the programme has afforded our young people, we have observed improvements in behaviour and academic achievement.”

More information can be obtained from Cathy Williams by calling 916-9900, by email at cathy.williams@remax.ky, or by emailing Purple Dragon purple@candw.ky. Visitors to the dojo’s Facebook are welcome at Facebook.com/PurpleDragonCayman or at the dojo located at the Micro Center, North Sound Way in Industrial Park.

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