CAL key to Brac economy

| 15/04/2013

(CNS): At the Chamber of Commerce forum on Cayman Brac Friday night the only candidate to offer himself not just as a representative but as a cabinet minister was Moses Kirkconnell, who said that as tourism minister with responsibility for Cayman Airways he would make sure that the Brac had better air service. Premier Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, while emphasizing her experience as minister, was keen to refute claims by independent candidate Maxine Moore that she and Kirkconnell could not work together as MLAs. “We support each other, no matter what party we are in,” she said. First time candidate David Bodden, however, maintained that the current politicians were “not doing what is required” and that the party system was not working. People were hurting and they need “good change”, he said.

After a late start while the audience and panel waited 40 minutes for the premier to show up, the four candidates for Cayman Brac and Little Cayman tackled the first question on improving the economy for the district. All four believed that airline service to the Sister Islands was key. Kirkconnell, deputy leader of the PPM, noted that 50 to 100 rooms are empty on Cayman Brac at all times and if they were filled, which could be achieved by better advertising, this would improve the economy and create jobs. “Two hundred more people could come,” he said. “What that would mean to the economy is more jobs.”

While Moore, making her fifth run for a seat in the Legislative Assembly, thought that making flights more affordable was imperative, Bodden focused on the aircraft and the needto for a proper airport on Little Cayman. The Twin Otters (run by CAL’s inter-island service Cayman Airways Express) were not the right aircraft for the Brac, which needed a larger plane like a Dash 8 jet. However, Cayman Airways cannot operate three different aircraft and the Twin Otters were used because they can handle the limited landing strip on Little Cayman, which meant that the Brac “has to settle” because of this, he said.

In a statement that echoed and appeared to endorse Kirkconnell’s desire for a ministry position, and with a backhanded criticism at her former party, the UDP, the premier said that more funds were needed for marketing the island but that would only happen if there was a minister of tourism who was from Cayman Brac. Cayman Airways, she said, should continue to be used “as a tool to get people to our shore”.

All four candidates believed that the retirement age should be raised, but also wanted more young people employed on the Brac. Moore said the practice of retiring civil servants and hiring them back on contract should stop and those jobs should go to young people.

Bodden wanted to see another bank on Cayman Brac, and while he fully supported passing the national conservation law and fiscal restraint by government, said that he would “move very quickly to put a cruise ship dock in place”, so that small, medium or even large cruise ships could visit the island on a daily basis. This could be built for about $4 million, he claimed. Kirkconnell said that they should “look at small cruise ships and a dock” for the island, while O’Connor-Connolly noted that the UDP administration, of which she was a member, had “diligently pursued” getting a cruise dock for the island and had “got the Chinese to sign an MOU” towards building one.

On the topic of job creation, the premier said that she had been talking to Dr Shetty (who is spearheading the creation of a health city on Grand Cayman) about establishing a medical school on Cayman Brac with about 200 students. She said she would “diligently work to pursue that venture”, which would not only introduce a “high level of academics” to the island but would also create employment as they would need to live and work here.

Kirkconnell proposed encouraging back office work on Cayman Brac to create jobs and that government “should lead from the front” to make the Brac more self-reliant. He was offended, he said, whenever he heard that the Brac was a drain on the Cayman Islands economy.

PNA candidate O’Connor-Connolly said that term limits on work permits, or rollover, was a “pet peeve’ of hers. “I never did support term limits,” she stated, and thought the “nationalistic approach” would “kill the goose that laid the golden egg”. Noting that Bermuda, Cayman’s competitor, had seen the wisdom of abolishing term limits, she said she hoped the next government would do the same.

Bodden said that this was a sensitive issue and there was a need to protect jobs for locals. Taking a jab at O’Connor-Connolly’s interim government, he said that the recently passed law to create the framework for Caymanian-only jobs was “political posturing”, and that all jobs should be for Caymanians. “If you can justify a work permit, then fine.”

Both women on the platform were adamantly against any form of legalized gambling, whereas the two men thought the issue should be put to referendum. However, Kirkconnell noted that he would not be in favour of making gambling legal only in the Sister Islands but it should be a national question.

All Sister Islands hopefuls supported the national conservation bill. “It is embarrassing that we don’t have it passed,” Bodden said. “One problem is that we are trying to get a perfect law. We should get something as close as we can that is acceptable (to everyone) … and then amend it as needs be.”

The two incumbents thought that the bill needed a couple more rounds of consultation but the premier said the law needed to be passed early in the next administration. Kirkconnell said that if the environment “gets ruined for the next generation, they will have nothing.” He also noted that it was important to pass the law from an economic standpoint so that potential investors could feel confident in their investment.

Kirkconnell stood by his party’s position on one man, one vote in a two member constituency, with the candidates with the most votes gaining a seat in the LA, which was supported by the other three candidates, even the premier, whose former party, the UDP, had campaigned against it.

On the topic of sports, O’Connor-Connolly made the surprising announcement that a sports instructor from Doha, Qatar, (where she visited for a postal conference in September last year) had been hired for the Brac to help the current sports instructor, Mitchum Sanford. She also said that she had “sat down with Dart” towards getting a 25m pool for the island. Both independents also wanted a better pool on the Brac, and Bodden thought the island should have a skate park for the young people as well.

The PPM candidate indicated that he wanted to continue the plan for the sports complex on the Bluff that was started by the previous PPM administration – to put a running track round the field on the Bluff, to complete the changing rooms and encourage sports teams to visit and train on the island.

The PPM and PNA incumbents thought that the number of police officers should be brought up to the right staffing levels. O’Connor-Connolly, who has been a cabinet member since the last elections, blamed the RCIPS for the shortfall. The government, she said, had always asked if they have enough funds and have given them what they wanted, but she had been told just a few months ago that the Brac station does not have a full complement of staff.

Moore thought that tackling unemployment would stop the increase in crime but Bodden disagreed. “Bad people take advantage of a good economy as well as a bad one,” he said, adding that there was a need to “watch who we let into the country”.

“We need to be careful not to legislate morality,” Bodden said about Sunday trading. With a clear dig at both the former premier and the current one sitting on the same panel, who have both made large grants to churches through the Nation Building Fund, he said, “We need a clear line of separation of church and state, whether through donations or telling people when they should have their day of rest.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Is David Bodden really serious about having a skate park!! LOL this man obviously knows nothing about what the people need!! This is man is an out right joke!


    I agree, Cayman Airways really needs to step up with providing the sister islands with better rates and more flights!! Its a shame because a lot of locals can't even afford to fly to Grand Cayman anymore.

    I personally feel that all the canidates that are running should be put OUT!!

    Julianna did Cayman Brakers one good thing which was the new roads, as cayman brac needed it. But to the way she got it done was wrong.

    Mr. Moses own two hotels on CYB and more than half of his employee's are expats (mainly Jamaicans). He has also been approached many times by the younger generation he so claims he is trying to save, for jobs or part-time work and still those same people are living off of social services!!!

    Davis Bodden is a Joke to say the least and Maxine had finally gotten a good job and gave it up to run again. for what, to lose AGAIN!!!


    One of the biggest issues on cyb is the lack of jobs because they wont fire anyone in the government sector. people soking weed at work and having numerous violent charges are still working at Public Works and District Administration. I mean COME ON!! I thinks its about time to let them go. Give people that want to work and make their life better a chance to do so.


    People (CAYMANIAN PEOPLE) should only be helped for 6 months where goverment provides a vocational training program for them such as hospitality, mechanics, farming, etc. and after that, sorry your on your own. the worse part it particular people within Social Services on Cayman Brac are only worried about helping perople they 'LIKE" or helping expats. Expats should NOT be allowed on social servies, make them go back home and use their own governments money and run them in debt!!




    • Anonymous says:

      Whats wrong with a skating park for the Brac? Do you realize that the young kids have absolutely nothing to do? And do you realize you shot down all four candidates? Why didnt you run then ??

      • Anonymous says:

        And do you realise that they are spending millions of dollars on a youth centre/hurricane shelter on the bluff!! Why waste anymore money?!

        I'm not saying they shouldnt invested in the youth, but do it in more promising ways to help them for their future.

        And yes i have realised that i shot down ALL FOUR CANIDATES because for the pay they are going to get and the position they are going to hold if they get elected, they should be doing a much better damn job that what there are doing now.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes I do and yea I agree with you, But I think we should give David a chance!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Moses has employed many young Caymanians so I don't know what you are talking about.  Maybe, someone who really doesn't want to work.

      I agree with the poster below.  Since you're shooting down everyone: run for office yourself.

  2. Registered To Vote Out Corruption! says:

    Only Julianna is benefits from being elected for the SIster Islands.  She got rich off the blood, sweat and tears of the Cayman Brackers.  Well David Bodden has nothing to lose so vote him in instead of Julianna.  As for Moses, leave him be, his replacement is still in University, that'll take care of him next Election.

    • Anonymous says:

      With all due respect to the young man in question, he is exactly that, a young man, with little job experience, little life experience and no political heft. Having a lot of opinions and voicing them vociferously are not the only qualifications that a politician needs. Unfortunately, as with many things in the Cayman Islands (and especially the Brac), family connections and the ability to shout loud seem to be the most important qualifications. While the youth of the Cayman Islands may one day produce some excellent politicians, they need to get into the work force and earn their stripes for a few years before they attempt to enter the political fray; it is, quite frankly, farcical to suggest that two years out of college is adequate preparation for a political candidate.

      • Anonymous says:

        Some of our politicians and would be politicians who have job experience are not ready for the political arena so crying down our young people is not the way to go. We have some individuals who believe they can throw their weight around and get what they want. Too little experience,, my question, how will our young men and women get experience if they can’t get jobs when they graduate?

    • Anonymous says:

      So next election you think everyone should vote for someone who is just a year or two out of university? People need to vote for someone who has a proven track record, experience and at least a few accomplishments.

  3. Anonymous says:

    If a pool is being proposed, the Cayman Islands needs a proper aquatics facility with a 3m Olympic springboard and 10m platform.   We have summer all year round and should be producing top competitors in synchro, water polo, and diving.  All children of Cayman should know how to swim, and should want to know how to save a life through RLSS instruction.  Those youth would be instilled with their own sense of self-worth, and would be earning their own college scholarships to top schools instead of relying upon the generousity of whoever had the keys to the Nation Building Treasure Chest.  

  4. concerned citizen says:

    As usual CAL has become a political football……instead of dealing with the problems they start kicking cal around again…come on guys this is nothing to do with cal but the inability of politicians to be honest to the people they are supposed to be representing.

    We all know that the economy of Cayman Brac is too small to have a 737 servicing it…maybe a dash 8 at most…I think other than a couple months of the year the twin otters are doing just fine…lets not blow anymore money…I can think of many other things that those funds could be used for…

  5. Anonymous says:

    The most neglected market for Brac and LC are the affluent residents/families of Grand Cayman.  I know many people that have been living in GCM for 20+ years and have never been drawn to either sister island, but they'll gladly spend thousands on a staycation in East End or to hideaways much further afield offering the same tranquility.  It has always struck me as odd that DOT and CITA neglect what's already here!  Although diving is the bread and butter business, you don't have to be a diver to love Little Cayman.  Offer resident packages in the off season and the hotels will be full every weekend.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The Bombardier Dash 8  (previously DeHav) is not a jet, it's a regional twin turbo prop commuter plane with STOL capability, much like existing Twin Otters, only higher passenger and cargo capacity.  The 300 version has seating for around 36 and the stretched 800 series has room for 50.  Current Otters have room for only 19, but are they even full?  Is it better to have Twin Otters flying every hour, or a Dash 8 going every couple hours?  The Dash 8 is also pressurized to 1ATM which might be better for apres-divers heading back to Grand Cayman for return flights abroad.

    • Anonymous says:

      "DHC-8-300 Series

      Stretched 3.43 metres (11.3 ft) over the Series 100/200, a 50–56 passenger version that entered service in 1989". There does not seen to be a Dash 8 800 but rather a Dash 8 400




      FYI Most of the time the Otters are full. CAL does not load to 19 to ensure that baggage goes on the same flight.

  7. WHAT !!!!!!! says:

    One thing need to be done about the airline pricing for the sister islands ..It is utterly out ragious the high price you got to pay for a 15min flight .And please dont plan a last min emergency trip there it could cost close to 200 dollars. There should be one set price if you book a month in advance or a few hours before flight. And 99% of the time when CAL have a sale CYB is left out WHY?? I use to go to CYB 6 to 8 times per year now I just barely can afford one trip..Hopefully Moses and Julie can try fix this problem.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why?  Fuel, salaries, maint, and the cost of flying generations of freeloading relatives of staff past and present.  None of these costs are static, and even with higher airfares, our nation must bail out the national airline to the tune of >KYD$10mln a year.  That's why.

      • Anonymous says:

        cal must be the only airline in the world that charges CI$300 for a $70 min flight and still makes a loss……

    • Uhuh says:

      Or HOPEFULLY David and Moses can fix this(wink wink)

  8. Anonymous says:

    It's funny that Bodden regurgiated what was said years ago about the planes that were needed to fly between the islands.  

  9. Anonymous says:

    My thoughts is if CAL is not able to service the sisters with proper airlift/ aircrafts for what ever reason, then we need to entertain the idea of putting the route up to other airlines to see if they are willing to service the route, at least for a trial period at reduced fees to see if it will be viable. It is defiantly without a shadow of a doubt the main issue for visitors to the sister islands. If anyone travels between Grand Cayman and the Brac regular they will agree that it is a constant hassle to get seats. The Brac economy is stagnant and basically dieing. If we expect the people to be less of a strain on the Government then we need to get opertunities and money flowing through the community. Moses definitely has a grip on this reality and himself employes locals so is in turn giving back. He needs someone to work with him, and not against.

    • Anonymous says:

      No other airline will service the route for cheaper than CAL does right now. CAL does it at a loss of about 1 million per year. So every ticket you buy to the Brac is essentially paid in part by the country and subsidised by the government.

      No airline would agree to a "trial period at reduced fees". How would that make financial sense? A private airline would most likely cut the jet service (no one in the world offers jet flights for such short flights) and increase fares.

      Brac has about six flights per day with Express, in addition to the four weekly flights on the jet. 

      All in all, the Brac is well served by CAL. But I suppose it's never enough and it makes for good election promises.

  10. Little Caymanite says:

    Build the cruise ship dock on Cayman Brac for smaller cruise ships. – I agree this is a good idea if the islands infrastructure and resources are put in place to handle it.  There is an easy way to bring more planes direct into Cayman Brac's under-used airport –  start a boat ferry service from Cayman Brac to Little Cayman.  Once per week this ferry could go to Grand Cayman and back just as the current "barge" does.   This is done in MANY places around the globe and our seas are no bigger or more menacing than theirs.  Just get the right ferry boat(s) to handle it.  Caymanians are world famous for their seamanship.  Build a cruiseship dock and safe harbour on Cayman Brac, then build a jetty and safe harbour on Little Cayman (Salt Rock Dock?) and start a regular ferry service.  The people who visit Little Cayman for her natural, undeveloped beauty will relish the idea of bringing a ferry over on the last leg of their vacation from Cayman Brac to Little Cayman and then back again on their return. Maybe Cayman Air Express could just run a charter service to Cayman Brac and Little Cayman since regular flights would no longer be needed.  Or maybe they can go down to one Twin Otter and run one flight in the morning and one in the afternoon.  This idea creates jobs for Caymanians and most importantly Bracers, it brings more direct flights into Cayman Brac, and benefits BOTH Sister Islands. 

    Good luck to all the candidates!!

    • Anonymous says:

      In the Grenadines the 'mail boat carries passengers between the islands. It is a cheaper option that the planes. It is well used, people like the adventure of travelling from island to island on the boat it adds to their total vacation experience. It may be something we can incorporate here seeing as mail to the Brac is taking over a week anyway.

  11. CayStudent says:

    While CAL may be the key to the Brac and LC's economies, it is still a huge financial strain on government. Without subsidies of $17 million going into CAL, the airline simply cannot function. I am aware it is a key employer on the Brac and is the only affordable service bringing the islands together, but we must opt to manage and reduce government spending. 

    For CAL to continue being an airline that does not place such strain on the government, it must opt to replace and retire its fleet. They're nothing close to fuel efficient. The timetables need proper DEMAND-based re-scheduling so its flying routes which have a lower chance of high vacancy; the airline needs to market the Brac & LC more if it wishes to improve its economy and CAL should try to start code-sharing with other airlines to reduce the financial burden.

    I might not be a HUGE PPM fan (I like some of them) but Moses is definitely a man of integrity and has interesting solutions. Unlike Whogene, Juju and the likes… he actually serves his district. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Unless CAL stops having all board members and politicians and their families fly for free on all their shopping trips and vacations, the airline will continue to be a strain.

      I understand there are people still getting free or reduced flights who have left employment with CAL or the airport donkey years ago. Why???? Stop that nonsense cause we can't afford it!

      I can understand that current employees and their spouse get a reduced fee, but once somebody left CAL connected employment or retired, they should pay just like anyone else.

  12. Anonymous says:

    If you think Cayman Brac is bad now vote for Ms Moore & Mr Bodden, then you'll see how bad things can get. Those two had no ideas. Mr Bodden contradicted himself on the question of airline service, first saying that the aircraft was large enough then by the end of his answer it was too small. Mr Bodden needs to return to what has been his home for more than 35 years. XXX Ms Julie does a good job and Mr Moses helps her too.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr. Bodden was the best, the only one with fresh ideas. The incumbents are too interested in themselves and their interests just as they have been the last 8 and 12 years. They both need to go! Mr. Kirkconnell said that Cayman is in good shape! Really?  Where is he living? Oh I get it he is in the 1% that is flouishing, not feeling the pinch or squeeze like the other 99% of us average folk. Get this people Moses Kirkconnell is looking out for Moses Kirkconnell just as Juliana is looking out for Juliana!

    • Uhuh says:

      Cant do no doggone worse than Julie or Mose


  13. Anonymous says:

    Or as we on Grand Cayman would see the headline "Drain on public finance relies on other drain on public finance"

  14. Anonymous says:

    While the last 4 years have certainly been struggling, I am not sure of anywhere else that has truly been thriving either.  

    The 2 incumbents are people that we can certainly send out to the rest of the world and be proud of how they represent us.  The 2 challengers… well, lets just say, they should've sat in the audience.  

    Further, it must be strange to come from being away for the last 30 plus years and then trying to just take over the place like you never left.  Spend a few dollars here.  Where is your house on the Brac or Little Cayman? What have you put into the Brac community in the last decade?  Mr. Bodden, you can say what you want, but when you haven't lived here life looks a whole lot different throught the rose colored shades.

    When will people wise up and realise that we need people in these positions that don't need the money but rather have the know-how to make money.

    I really only see one candidate who knows how to make the islands profitable.  Time to get rid of the foolishness and give Moses the opportunity to lead the way and have Cayman Brac and Little Cayman back on the map.


    • Anonymous says:

      Being a good stragetist all my life I have predicted that Moses will top the poles again. I have never been wrong as yet with my predictions. Pushing hard for the second elected to be David too. Julie needs a complete change and really behave like a christian.

    • Anonymous says:

      whats the point of having representatives who live there if they are not representing everyone?

  15. Anonymous says:

    I wonder why JuJu was being so nice to Mr Moses. The other two were lost.

    • Anonymous says:

      She afraid that Bodden beat her.  She's trying to show that her and Moses can work together.

      • Anonymous says:

        how many meetings have they held together in cayman brac to inform the people there what is going on in the country and ask for their input?

  16. Anonymous says:

    I was at the debate and was very impressed with Mr. Kirkconnell's understanding of the issues and his solutions for addressing them.  He was in a different league than the other 3 candidates.  I hope we can get the PPM back in power so he can help us finish all the projects he started during his first term.  I will forever be appreciative of him bringing UCCI here. It has made a huge difference for my son and many other young people.

    • Anonymous says:

      Something so important as the forum you would have thought that julie would have the manners to turn up on time. She is already too accustomed to turning up whenever she feels like believing that this makes her look important that she did not remember that she had more than the voting public insulted but Mr will and other guest. Thank God they did not wait on her. Almost everyone there was whispering and grumbling. She had no good excuse as she could have come over by the small plane that afternoon. You see she feels too comfortable with Lyndon out of the picture not realizing that his supporters will be supporting David.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Please people of the Brac. lets give Mr. Bodden a chance, by replacing JUJU.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ask Mr. Bodden why he has been unemployed for so long. When you get the correct answer from him lets see if you still think he should be voted in.

      • Anonymous says:

        While you're asking Mr. Bodden about his employment, please also ask Mr. Moses why he left the USA and returned to Cayman Brac. And by the way has anyone checked to  see if he has given up his USA citizenship?

        • Anonymous says:

          He gave up his US citizenship 10 years ago, don't you think that over the years JuJu and others most likely checked? Moses was born and raised in the USA but returned to Cayman Brac after finishing university. Mr Kirkconnell has spent his adult life working and living in Cayman Brac. Unlike Mr Bodden who after 35 years has returned because he needs a job.

          • Anonymous says:

            Mr. Bodden was born in Cayman Brac and has just as much or more right to here as Mr. Kirkconell who was born in USA has to be.

            • Anonymous says:

              So what? Mr Booden chose to live his life elsewhere. Mr Kirkconnell has lived most of his life in Cayman Brac. No one said that he did not have the right to run in Cayman Brac, Only that he returned because he needs a job. He never worried about Cayman Brac in the last 35 years why worry about it now?

              • Anonymous says:

                Neither has your current representatives! Both looking out for themselves and their own interests!

      • Anonymous says:

        Anyone with Mr Bodden’s banking experience and who is a Caymanian can easily get a job. Something not passing the sniff test here.

        • Anonymous says:

          i did not know he was unemployed, and as for being a Caymanian and having experience in a profession, being a Caymanian is not an advantage in our own homeland as I know from personal experience. Local trading  companies as well as banks sem to  prefer expatriates even if they have dubious qualifications over locals with proper qualifications and unquestioned integrity.

          • Anonymous says:

            Thats a good question to ask Juliana UDP and Moses PPM. They have been in the parties ruling the country for the past 12 years. Why are banks laying off and/or not hiring caymanians? Why have they allowed this to happen? Certainly they are NOT looking out for Caymanians.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agree.   I used to say, "better the devil that you know."    Well, now I have seen the works, and I want to give Mr. David a chance.    Yes, he may not be versed in the workings of politics, but that is refreshing in a way.   


      Mr. Mose is a class act, and I believe him to understand what is needed for the Sister Islands, and lets not forget that he has always lived here, and is always accessible to the public;  anyone can walk into his office, and he makes time for his constituents in a manner that very few, if any, MLAs do.  


      I like Maxine personally, but she is not MLA material, in my humble opinion.  


      As it stands now, I will vote for Mr. Moses and Mr. David.    I strongly feel that Miss Juliana has done a lot of damage, and that her time should be over;   I believe that she has frittered away our money for no gain, and has lost sight of what attracted her to politics in the first place.    That she would even dare to mention the foul CHEC deal tells me all I need to know, as if I didn't know enough already.    I have nothing against you personally, Miss Juliana, but professionally I think you have served your own pockets far more than the people who are supposed to be your employer.  

  18. Anonymous says:

    Why did we all have to wait 40 minutes for Julianna to arrive?  The Chamber needs to start these debates on time.  It is an insult to all of us who have to sit and wait.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ju Ju is obviously more important than you.

      • Anonymous says:

        Only a fool would believe that not turning up on time makes you important. It just shows the lack of respect. Ever tried going for a job interview and turning up late? Bet you never got the job.

      • Anonymous says:

        What makes her more important? Is it wearing her glasses on top of her head? That must be the latest style …

    • Anonymous says:

      According to some comments above, Mr. Bodden is not currently employed. This would seem to make it easy for someone to be on time for a forum when their major obligation and priority is to get elected.


      Mr. Kirkonnell has no Ministerial responsibility and can therefore be on time for a forum when his major obligation and priority is to get re-elected.


      Ms. Juliana O’Connor-Connolly is the Premier with the largest Ministerial responsibility in Cabinet. Let’s keep it simple. She has meetings to attend all the time and decisions to be made that demand that she be in Grand Cayman, usually Monday to Friday. The first opportunity she gets she is in the Brac and Little Cayman. She travels to the Brac almost every Friday for the weekend if not sooner and is there for holidays.


      The last flight out on Friday 12 April (the day of the Forum) was flight 105 which was scheduled to depart Grand Cayman at 6:30pm and arrive on Cayman Brac at 7pm, was late. This flight enabled her to fulfill her responsibility with regard to completing that day’s Government business effectively and fly over to the Brac.


      Apparently, the Forum was scheduled for 7 pm. Now if you expect Ms. O’Connor to be in two places at once or neglect her duties then you should have been a proactive citizen by standing up at the forum and giving your own contribution and suggest that the Government of the Cayman Islands schedule their priorities according to the forum schedule created by the Chamber of Commerce.


      Furthermore, comments about electing Mr. Bodden and Mr. Kirkonnell so they can get things done or complete projects are laughable. Do they intend to do so without being a Minister? I don’t think so. Mr. Kirkonnell himself proclaimed at the forum that if he was Minister of Tourism, with responsibility for Cayman Airways, he would ensure that the Brac had better air service. Unless these gentlemen have the ability to be in two places at once, I think it is unlikely that they will be on time to such functions if they are fortunate enough to become Ministers.

  19. Anonymous says:

    anyone beleive  all this guff? 4 years of doing nothing and now they have all the solutions…

  20. Anonymous says:

    Why not a high-speed ferry service from Grand Cayman? It should take 3 to 3.5 hours max. I've done longer trips than that to resorts in the Maldives so it won't put tourists off.

    • Anonymous says:

      You do know that most of the year the ocean is quite rough on the 75+ miles between the islands

      • Bono says:

        Ever taken the hovercraft from UK to France?The seas here are a millpond compared to that.

        • Anonymous says:

          How many passengers does the hovercraft carry? How many trips a day does it make? I think you will find the market is too small. That is why with an aircraft similar to a Dash 8 that could service the Brac and other routes is the best choice.

          • Anonymous says:

            Don't know how hovercraft got into this. They were taken off the cross-channel routes in the UK in 1981! What you would be looking at here is something in the FastCat style. As for the numbers? I suspect this is a case where you might just find that the increased capacity and reduced fares also increased demand. One trip a day would do, early morning out of the Brac with a mid/late afternoon return from Grand Cayman, plus it could carry light freight and mail. There seem to be a lot of closed minds looking at this. 

            • Anonymous says:

              Hovercraft are long since replaced by high speed wave piercing vessels with high capacity. They manage force8 in the English Channel (that means large Atlantic swell as well as short steep tide affected waves) and that would mean they are easily adequate for the seas around Cayman which I have sailed extensively!

              You are quite right in saying that it would handle freight, depending on the size it could carry articulated trucks, this would increase accessibility, reduce cost of imports, and largely replace the grossly expensive jet plane option, and also the "barge" which is so outdated and expensive!

              What the Brac really doesnt need is a Jet service, the distances are far too small to make this an option. 

              Nor does the Brac need the current Premier! She has shown herself to be a fine shopper, but a minister she is not!

            • Little Caymanite says:

              The ferry serviceon a Fastcat Catameran that can hold people, cars and heavy equipment if needed should be daily between Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.  Only once a week should it make a Cayman Brac – Grand Cayman – Little Cayman – Cayman Brac route.  Anyone who thinks the seas and currents are worse here than in the Englich Channel, where these boats run daily,  has never been to the English Channel.

        • Anonymous says:

          Your ignorance of the currents and resulting seas off East End is amazing. Ever been North of the Westin or East of the Rugby Club? (and yes, I have crossed the channel by hovercraft, several times).

  21. Anonymous says:

    A very expensive key.

  22. Anonymous says:

    If Brackerswant change, they need to change their MLAs. These current two have been 'wutless.'