Thieves steal C4C candidate’s banner

| 16/04/2013

conolly00534.jpg(CNS): In what appears to be at least the second incident relating to campaign posters, thieves have made off with a banner promoting one of the Coalition for Cayman candidates running for a seat in George Town. Winston Connolly said he was “not intimidated” by the theft as he implied that the disappearance of his poster was at the hands of his political opponents. Ezzard Miller has also fallen victim to campaign skulduggery after his poster was defaced in North Side. However, neither election officials nor the police have indicated if the incidents are related to political opponents or the work of young pranksters.

Connolly, whose banner was removed from Linford Pierson bypass and Agnes Way on Monday in what he said was a suspected act of malice, said he was “shocked that someone would actually resort to this but I will not be intimated. Our people deserve more than petty politics," Connolly added, implying that he believed the culprit was a political opponent.

The incident has been reported to the police and the Elections Office and the matter is being looked into.

Connolly said it was vital to the wellbeing of the Islands that, in accordance with the Elections Law and the Candidates Code of Conduct, candidates “play fair” in this election, and act with honesty, integrity and responsibility.

“The Code of Conduct calls for respect for others as well as a positive contribution to a peaceful election campaign. This should be a fair election, freeof prejudice and every effort must be made to avoid harassment of this nature. I will continue to stand up for what is right for our country, our people and our future," he said, adding that a new banner will be put up tomorrow.


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  1. Anonymous1 says:

    Anyone else notice that the George Town UDP candidates poster does not have then listed in numerical sequence? Without the paper handouts this year, UDP voters will probably forget Ellio's number by the time they have used up all of their votes.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I cannot understand why anyone would vote for C4C? Aren’t these the same guys that financed the UDP party four years ago? I would have thought their principles are still one and same as the UDP’s principles? Yes I concur the majority are educated but are they trust worthy, have Caymanians at heart and I mean grass roots Caymanians? I suspect a lot of them will take care of the darts, the Ryan’s and the shettys and forget the small people.

    Can you really see the Judes or the Roys or the Stefans in Scranton assisting the people in these areas? They never did when they had their big titles at their respective firms and businesses? Now they want to save us. give me a break. you all created this state of affairs when you all lavishly put big Mac in power and sat on his various boards.

    A waste of time splitting the votes. I suspect this was the plan between C4C and UDP?

    Voters lets not take the chance we can’t have 4 more years of what we currently got! We deserve better as people and as a nation.

    • Baya 4 life!! says:

      Why vote for C4C? Why Not!!!!

      Those people woke up and finally saw the Hurt and Pain the UDP (actually one man) has been putting this country through. I wish the rest of unna would come out of that COMA that you are in.

      I also agree with your quote!!

      "Voters lets not take the chance we can't have 4 more years of what we currently got! We deserve better as people and as a nation."

      Sounds like you are a smart person, but being led the wrong way!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    It may not be politically motivated. It might have been a sponaneous act by someone unable to control their impulse to rid the world of offensive typography and really bad design. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Exaclty 10.05…a wise person once told me that one should never try getting in the news or newspapers or adverts…for todays newspaper is tomorrows toliet paper and your face gonna end up on someone's ass…

  4. Anonymous says:

    The Elections Office should mandate that all political signs should have a maximum size of 1 foot by 1 foot square and be placed at ground level.


    This would also allow my dog to express his opinion of the candidates.

    • Anonymous says:

      Man dem fellas was so cute i jes had ta get a pitcha fi mi outhouse.

  5. Donkey Face says:

    I trust all these signs – some of which are quite obscenely large – have all the required planning permissions and the relevant fees have been paid in full.  This should be a nice cash boost to government through the Planning Department.


  6. sickntired says:

    Really who gives a crap we got ppl without jobs and need to feed their families tell us what you gonna do about that!!  Who cares about  a sign!!

  7. GT voter says:

    PPM took it because they probably upset you didn’t run with them or was it the UDP

    • Anonymous says:

      …or maybe C4C wants us to think that.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hmmm. Good way to budget! Buy one sign. Take it down. Get in the news, put it up somewhere else. Take it down, do this five or six times…. You are the guy the others must be scared of! Why else would the enemy keep removing the sign(s).

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes. Makes him look like the good guy while the others are the bad guy. If it achieved that the cost of a mere sign would be nothing by comparison to the rewards.   

    • Anonymous says:

      Thay can take away the signs, but they cant remove the DIRT, CORRUPTION and DESTRUCTION that has already happened to these Islands!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Please! That's a UDP tactic

  8. Anonymous says:

    Ezzard's comments like the one badmouthing ICCI on Rooster this morning doesn't help with this type of situation. I still cannot believe that either Gilbert or Austin did not demand he apologize or that Gilbert did not "bleep" it out of the conversatio..Kudos to Arden for encouraging him to do so.

    I graduated from ICCI with a Masters Degree and if that is how one of my "want to" be leaders sees my education level and that of the school I went too, it makes me really sad and offended. Many eell educated and successful Caymanians went to school there and Mr. Ezzard should take a look at where his "overseas" college has gotten him before he looks down on his own. He was very disrespectful in my opinion.

    I will am voting in George Town but if I was in North Side I wouldn't vote for either of the candidates. Niether in my opinion show any common decency, mature demeanor or even the good common sense that would describe a leader. I feel very sad for North Side.

    • Anonymous says:

      I never heard the comment but I see it mentioned on FaceBook that the remark was made  and I am shocked he would make such a denigrating remark as I always admired his highly nationalistic stance in defending the rights of Caymanians against our foreign enemies.The Drs. J Hugh and Elsa Cummings made a lot of sacrifices in order that Caymanians, myself included, could obtain a college education.

      • Anonymous says:

        Someone has it recorded and posted on facebook and it has been going viral around the country…If I were April I would ban him from ever coming on Cayman 27 again..As far as Rooster goes Austin and Gilbert will go to any end for a dirty story so I am sure rather than a reprimand fromt he radio station he will be right back on there next Tuesday spewing his filth and disgusting remarks once again.

    • Anonymous says:

      ezzards arrogance and ignorance mixed with the radio hosts's weakness makes for bad listening…….

    • Anonymous says:

      There will come a time when EVERYONE will put their foot in their own mouth. With politicians, it happens in the public forum, which opens them up to the backlash from the public.

      Do I like what Ezzard said?, no, but before I go off on a tantrum demanding his head I will review my own pass and see where I have said things that I wish I could retract.

      It is funny how people are so quick to hold others to a higher standard than themselves.

      As far as voting for Ezzard, I would, and I would still let him know how I feel about his comment.

      There is no doubt that there is tension between Ezzard and Joey. So I am not surprise by anything that is said. Has anyone been listening to Joey on his "show"?!!!

      I applaud you for obtaining a higher education from ICCI, and regardless of what people say about it, the value YOU place on it is the one that matters.

      I too graduated from ICCI and then went overseas to get my MBA because I felt that a Bsc was not suffecient in any economy.

      Good luck to you.


      • Anonymous says:

        All I can say is , Pride cometh before a fall…Ezzard, your words were disrespectful and your words were inappropriate. If you had any decency you would not have said these things and you should be man enough to apologize to all the people in these islands who have not only graduated from ICCI but have supported it for many many years…Most of us didn't have Daddy and Mama to help us and were very grateful for the good edcuation we got from ICCI.

        • Anonymous says:

          Sounds like you envy people who got parents that see the benifit of having their children obtain a good education.

          • Anonymous says:

            I only said that we didn't have them to help us not that we didn't have parents. Everybody does…It is the financial situation of the parents that I am talking about. Ezzard had two very wealthy parents that could send him to the best schools overseas we had to rely on scholarships from the government and other grants just to get into our "little one room school Newlands."

            I am not getting into politics. I don't vote in NorthSide so it doesn't effect me directly but I do feel for the people of North Side to have this type of representation that choses to denigrate even the educational institutions of this country for their own political advancement.



            • Anonymous says:

              If you read my reply to your original post…I said "who got parents that see the benifit of having their children obtain a good education."

              Obvious, you were in the same little room Joey was in!! and not the main ICCI campus.

  9. St Peter says:

    It is kind of ironic when we hear about people stealing from politicians instead of the other way around…

  10. Anonymous says:

    Stand strong Winston!!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Doubt he was intimidated because it’s not really news is it?

  12. Voter 2013 says:

    Winston is a true good man and has my vote.  The party politics have done nothing in 12 years but take our national debt from 92M to over 800M, Unemploymnent is up, the civil service is bloated and the party wallets are full. It has been a proven disaster in many other Caribbean nations and I cannot believe our people are still swallowing this BS and blame game.

    No more!  It is time to go back to decent educated people running this country that are not power hungry cronies.  The Independents and young businessmen can save us!

    Throw the party bums out and take back Cayman!

    • Anonymous says:

      The C4C are in it to help business interests for the most part. They live in ivory towers and have no concept of the challenges the common man faces. It would be like electing the Chamber of Commerce.


      • Anonymous says:

        oh dear 09.12…you really do not get it do you.

        The best thing for business would be a very well educated, willing local work force whom local business men (and the offshore community) would want to employ. The issue is that some (but by no means all)of the "common" man makes his own issues by either not wanting to work, not complying with any of the rules of work, and all wanting to be CEO's themselves when they have no idea how to do that. Some of these people want to be "entitled" without actually earning it. Show me where else that happens in the real world?


        I suspect C4C understands this and wants to change the system so it is good for all. And no, I am not a member there.

        • Anonymous says:

          Oh I get it all right but clearly you do not. You are saying that any challenges the common man faces are his own fault and he simply needs to pull himself up by his own boot straps. It is exactly that sort of cluelessness that I am talking about.  

      • Anonymous says:

        The Chamber of Commerce would be much better than the incumbents.  

        • Anonymous says:

          Better for whom? They are all for themselves and their business interests.  

    • Anonymous says:

      The national debt is not over $800m. Last I checked it was less than $600m.

      • Anonymous says:

        I'm not sure why this comment got thumbs down since it is factually correct. According to the ESO Third Quarter Report for 2012 issued in December, 2012 "the total outstanding debt of the central govt. declined to $595.8 million from $622.3 million a year ago".  

      • Anonymous says:

        $600,000,000 divided by how many Caymanians? 15,000? Dat's $40,000 per person, including babies, retired people and lazy good-for-nothing bums?  How you gonna pay dat back witout taxin dem farkin furiners? 

        • Anonymous says:

          How can there be only 15,000 Caymanians (including babies, you say) when there are over 18,000 registered voters? 

          Obviously revenue is derived from all residents (and some non-residents too), not just Caymanians.

          It doesn't help your case to exaggerate and distort the statistics.

      • peter milburn says:

        Thats US$,s

        • Anonymous says:

          That's bad math, Peter. CI$595m = US$743.5m. In any event the national debt was certainly not US$92m 12 years ago but about CI$107m. It is fine to make the point that our debt burden is greatly increased but let's be accurate and not exaggerate.