PPM pledges integrity

| 18/04/2013

18013_436680879755705_1750459017_n.jpg(CNS): In a collective pledge made in front of an enthusiastic crowd on Thursday night, all fifteen PPM candidates swore to uphold high ethical standards while serving in office when elected. Led by the party leader, Alden McLaughlin, the largest team running in this election made a public declaration to stand for good governance. At the official PPM national campaign launch, which focused on introducing the Progressive candidates ahead of next week’s manifesto launch, the opposition leader lauded all of the political hopefuls, new and old. In his relatively short address, however, he spoke about the importance of rebuilding the people’s trust in government. (Photo by Mark Lewis)

As a party with a reputation for integrity and honesty, McLaughlin said, the pledge was a way of delivering home the message that the PPM would work to restore that trust after four years of an administration tainted with corruption, which culminated in the arrest and charge of the premier for theft and corruption offences.

Speaking in front of a crowd of around 1000 people, McLaughlin said that once a PPM government was returned to office, one of the first things it would aim to do would be to roll back some of the crippling taxes, create better local jobs, set about rebuilding the relationship with the UK and restoring the country’s good name and transparency in government.

McLaughlin reminded the people that it was a PPM government that had introduce the anti-corruption law and the freedom of information legislation, which he said had been critical during the last four years. Without it, he wondered how much more would have been kept from the country about what had gone on under the UDP government.

Stressing the importance of the next election when it comes to regaining integrity in the country’s leaders, McLaughlin said that with 56 candidates 21 of which were in George Town, he understood the confusion among the electorate.

Speaking about the independent vote, McLaughlin pointed out that no other group aside from the PPM and the UDP would be capable of forming a government on 23 May as they did not have enough candidates running.

The next government will need a majority of ten and he said the independents would have to work withone group or another. He said none of them had spoken to the Progressives about working with the PPM post-election, so the question remained which other groups were they speaking to.

McLaughlin made it clear that electing independents was no guarantee of a coalition but was more likely to guarantee a return to office of the UDP. He said any independent who found him or herself in the Legislative Assembly on 23 May would need to make a deal with nine other people in order to get into government, taking Cayman back to the days of horse trading and losing the independence that they are currently so fiercely guarding.

McLaughlin pointed to the very real danger of voters unintentionally returning a UDP government by voting for disgruntled former UDP candidates running as independents. He said any UDP candidates returned were likely to be looking to join forces with their former members in the PNA and independents who have been past supporters and who could be sucked into a reshaped UDP administration. Those thinking about voting for independents need to ask themselves if that is what should be inflicted on the country again for another four years.

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  1. Just Commentin' says:

    I cannot believe that the best these Bozos can do is invoke the "I-word".  Has not every politician since the cave men elected their first Grand Poobah of the Clan promised "integrity"?  But think about it, through the intervening millennia how many candidates, once out in office, have kept good on that promise?  What, five maybe?

    I would be extremely distrustful of any politician who has to publicly promise to conduct his affairs with integrity, especially in a population this small. Earth to Bozos: If you have not established yourself in your district as people of pristine integrity well before running for office, no amount of spewing hot air will magically make honest people of you.

    Wait a minute!   I might be waxing a bit idealistic here, Alden, but isn't "integrity" in office a very minimum standard of performance that every politician should be expected to achieve?  It is the least you can do. Are you to lauded because promise not to be corrupt? For a politician to promise integrity if elected is like an applicant for the position of body guard stating in his interview that if he gets the job he won't kill you in your sleep or poison your family's food. It goes without saying that a politician (or anyone for that matter!) should not be dishonest.

    Geeze! Give me a break! Promising integrity has to be the most hackneyed, stale, dog-eared, empty, over-used and under delivered expression in politics. It ranks right up there with promises of lower taxes, more jobs, and good governance as being things every politician spews during their campaign but quite seldom delivers once elected.

    Our own history has proven that the ones who most loudly proclaim "clean hands" are usually the ones you can trust, yeah…trust to be the most dishonest, steal us blind, take care of #1, make behind-closed-door deals, and say to hell with anyone who dares challenge their "integrity?



  2. Anonymous says:

    The Deputy Governor Mr Franz Manderson need to remind some government officials to stop riding around with certain political candidate family members at political meeting because it can be construed as being a political supporter when they need to be or appear to be neutral,

    • Just Commentin' says:

      A little extreme there Bobo, don't you think?  So you are proposing that it is improper for a civil servant to ride in the car with a candidate even if the candidate is a family member?  That is moronic.  Suppose one is a civil servant married to a candidate?  Do you reason that they need to sleep in separate beds because making whoopie with a candidate (or God forbid getting pregnant by a candidate) might be considered "supporting" the candidate? Please, please, please, do the world a favour and stop listening to all the silly thoughts in your head.  Perhaps if ignored they might go away. The day this country would cause a person to abstain from association with a member of their family for such silly reasons will be a sad day indeed.

  3. Anonymous says:

    God knows I love my english roots that came here in the seventeenth century and there is so many of us that are related . We are all mixed with English,irish, welsh and cornish blood .Then of course Great grandmother brought in some of that african mix blood too. But we all lived in harmony and respect. We didn't steal food ,clothing , TV's, laptops, iphones . All in all we helped one another now that we have so much some of us. But here is some that have forgotten what they were reading in the bibe. Think about it sometimes folks when you leave church and monday arrives. 

    My concern is the idiots who are taking the signs from people's property. What kind of teenage fashion is this ? Have we really have nothing better to do this then this. Do they feel that anyone taking the sign from the private property is going to change their mind. Who do you think you are ? A magician? well then hocus-pocus still going to vote for the same people ta-da. 

    Diego garcia comes to mind and tax sheltering . If you haven't seen the diego garcia story watch it on you tube. Very interesting for those of us who believe we run things. Its a very scary story how England takes away a island country away from the inhabitants . They go to court and win and still can't even go back because its in US hands as a military base. Please watch the program. 

    We are no longer a tax shelter Wilmington , Delaware is the new tax shelter. Americans states are low on tax funds. So this is the new place for business. Well then why did wehave to sign all those tax agreements? Should we have had to sign ? Why? What did we get in return? Who were the Premier and deputy that signed them? Didnt PPM minister also signed them?

    Wait this minute are you telling me the lawyer didn't ask for a concession? He should or would have been fired for not offering a alternative. He got nothing back for his clients. Talk about throwing the baby and the bath water too. This is why we shouldn't be voting for party politrics. We almost lost the country and all these people did is NOTHING. Yes we got a school and some roads etc etc.But how do we pay for it with no revenue coming in? Sell drugs? Sell fish? Go to stingray city? How about the Turtle farm?

    We need proper investments if Cayman is to grow and maintain what you boasting about in your yard . The pretty car the pretty house etc. Without it you won't be taking those flights to miami. Ezzard is the only person with the cojones to stand up for this country. But we need backing Roy Mctaggart excellent person who was not just a accountant CPA. But also ran as management of one of the largest accounting firm in the world For years. We need lawyers like Sharon Roulston ,Winston Connolly in GT  . Successful business people like Bo Miller,Stephan Baraud, Jude Scott these people can bring back GT .

  4. Anonymous says:

    Food for thought…

    I started out excited about C4C back in November. I went to several of their meetings, even wore their t-shirt! Last night while out for drinks politics came up as usual. in our discussion a friend brought it to my attention that neither the UDP, PNA and yes my C4C have any plan, strategies to get us back on track. After a few cuss words and insults I left to avoid an escalation of tempers.

    This morning I went on-line for the first time to C4C’s website and clicked on all their candidates, I was surprised and pissed and now embarrassed that not one of them provide any solutions! As someone mentioned in one of these post they are great at identifying the problems we all know are out here.

    Given all the bs I have gobbled up since November I don’t know what to do now, because they are no better than the Parties they continue to insult, like Kent MacTaggert, Mervin Smith and Chucky at last night’s meeting in Savannah.

    What I heard Chucky say was things I heard from the Progressives flapping their jaws since late last year and that he is no better than them because he warned Cayman about Party Politics since 2004 only to join and run with the PPM in 2005! I give up they are all full of shit and it makes me sick

    • Anonymous says:

      I consider myself as Indipendent thinker. I have attended all the party events.

      UDP.. Cayman can't afford to pay for by-election at this time. Just think seriously for a second, XXXX. Do you want more uncertainty in this country. UDP is out of question.

      PNA..  Thease guys are the same bunch did everything with the big boss. They courage to stand up the arty leader till the last minute. I do not think, they have enough vote to come to power. They will be the spoilers.

      C$C- Not in touch with average Joe. What did they contribute to the Cayman society other than their own success stories. Just look at who is behind these all BigMac friends and cheer leaders.

      That brings you to Progrssives. I have not seen any corrupted individuals yet in that party. It looks like they are well organized at this time. We need some sort of stability at this time and I think they have the right attitude and right momentum going for them.


    • Anonymous says:

      Ppm keep throwing the sales pitch that c4c endorsed candidates were all ex-udp. Well my question is: Please remind the Cayman public who got in bed with Mac in 2000 and formed the government?

    • Anonymous says:

      Have you thought about doing something for your country better than ANY of them are doing other than complaining until you make yourself sick? THAT really doesn't help any of us very much. Including you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Some of the candidates this election have earned professional designations and charters which hold them to a much higher standard of productivity, intelligence, and honesty than most politicians require, and certainly higher than previous MLAs we've suffered under.  They may not know how to sling mud in the sandbox like the mentally frail dinosaurs that preceded them, but they know how to negotiate, how to seek professional opinions, and how to execute.  Their private sector experience was in meeting deadlines with fairness and efficiency, which logically, would result in more free cash surplus to allow employer incentives, which in turn, is how governments achieve an atmosphere where jobs can be created.  

      I haven't heard anyone from any of the other parties that actually understands that the private sector creates jobs through accomodative policy, government efficiency, and incentives.  Those are the keys to job growth!!  A thinner government creates private sector jobs, not a fatter one.  The government is never supposed to create the jobs themselves, which is the political lie you'll hear for the remaining weeks of this election from those that don't understand how to create jobs.  

      Voters should keep this in mind.

      • Just Commentin' says:

        I agree. What the bloody blazes does Alden mean that the PPM will "create better local jobs"?


        Huh? What does that mean?


        What kind of jobs are these? 

        Doctors?  Nope, already promised in writing to Indians by way of Shetty.

        Accountants?  Yeah, right!  Mostly expats now. Do we need more? 

        Attnorneys? (see "Accountants?", above)

        Teachers?  With the lack of respect and lousy wages teachers get these days no bright Caymanian would covet this vocation.


        Alden just had to revert to the the crap he has heard countless politicians in other parts of the world doing and then spew the same crap like a dumb parrot. (Sorry, I just just insulted parrots by making that comparison). What crafty politician, from Hitler, to Chavez, to Mao to…all of 'em has not made promises of jobs, jobs, jobs?


        Can Alden please stop promising dazzling results and give us an insight into a detailed plan for achieving Utopia "first thing after I am elected"? So far it only exists in his head.


        "Create better local jobs". Wow! Alden! You GO guy! Better local jobs! Sounds great in a speech. He almost makes it sound like a lofty and achievable goal. But then you realise that sounding great was exactly the purpose for his choice of words, because the term is essentially meaningless. With his "better local jobs" nonsense, Alden just made himself the personification of the old saying: "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullsh_t." Sorry Alden old boy, Bush beat you to the title of Best BS Baffler a long time ago and we are all-too-keenly aware where voting for him led us.

  5. Dred says:

    What amazes me……

    I read so many comments here and so many of you miss the mark its actually mind boggling.

    Lets step back a little….

    We have 3 fundamental groups and some can argue 4.

    1) PPM – an old standing party built around “build it and they will come” – blamed (and possibly rightfully) for throwing some gas on the recession fire.
    No signs of corruption per say
    Not a big believer in tax to buy
    Not jetsetters
    Belives in a decent degree of transparency
    A party and generally does what party wants to do
    SLOW TO ACT – talks things to death
    Does not seem to see far ahead. Did not see recession.

    2) UDP – an old standing party built around “Cayman is FOR SALE”. Come all buyers. Best known for taking a bad situation (recession) and making it worst. This is seen by the raising of taxes on everything including the kitchen sink to EVERYONE EXCEPT DART.
    Quick to act. Moves faster than a hiccup IF LEFT ALONE TO DO SO. Post Ivan is a great example of this.
    Attracts investors. Their fire sale mentality brings investors from every corner of the globe.
    Will sell their mother for a nickel
    Will create all sorts of back room deals
    Seemingly if not actually corrupt
    Lies like a dirty rug
    Has no intelligence about economics
    Believes in taxing of citizens to pay for their stuff.
    Jetsetters – see the world on the peoples dime
    3) True Indepents – This is not new to the arena but a lost commodity. The few that ACTUALLY fall into independents are loyal to their district and the wider Cayman.
    They generally are honest and hard working.
    They Speak out in matters that affect us
    They hardly get anything donebecause dont have numbers to command rsspect or power.
    4) Other Independents – I say other because at this point we know not if they are TRULY INDEPENDENT. Let me explain with clear examples.
    Pitcairn is now UDP but in last election “independent” but was widely known to be UDP supporter. Now true colours shown. Vincent is a UDP wannabe but running as “Indepent”. Many others running as independents are either former UDP supporters or young UDP and now “Independents”. How many will switch sides from “independents” night of election is going to be staggering. C4C sounds good on paper but in practical world is just silly. Many of the leadership there were UDP supporters. Then some of the founders/backers became candidates.
    Possibly new ideas and thought processes
    No power.

    • Anonymous says:

      'Did not see recession…"  Who the hell DID see the recession, what a fatuous comment.

    • Libertarian says:

      SOLUTION:  MORE PARTIES. Because the more parties we have other than two, is the more representation and diversified views in the LA. Moreover, more harder for corruption or special interest to monopolize the assembly. But we have to act fast, or else both these parties, will grow so much in strength and unification that it would be almost impossible for other parties to arise and given a chance. The situation will be like the United States, or worse like Jamaica and other Caribbean islands.

  6. Big Whopper says:

    I have really never been a party supporter…UDP has forced my hand to support PPM as they seem to be the only organized structure that has indentified who the Premier/Deputy will be. Shall I leave it up too a mix of PNA/UDP/C4C/PPM to try and come up with a goverment afterwords? It will be interesting to see who crosses over to form the majority and their excuses for doing so…lets say C4C (which all have never been elected) and Independants win the majority….again..who will the Premier be?..I hear people saying that the leader should be a newly elected member…now how asinine is that? I know the canidates are reading CNS..so lets see which one of them has quevos to answer this:

    C4C = Whom out of your group do you support as premier regardless if they win or not.  Out off all canidates running, who do you support as premier regardless if they win a seat or not.

    PNA = Whom out of your group do you support as premier regardless if they win or not.  Out off all canidates running, who do you support as premier regardless if they win a seat or not.

    UDP = Whom out of your group…….Neva mind….

    Independants: Out off all canidates running, who do you support as premier regardless if they win a seat or not.

  7. Anonymous says:

    So far as I see it, do I want to vote for a party who have members with a criminal record and/or dodgy dealings or do I vote for people who have a history of being good people? Hmm, let me think. Additionally there is a lot of bashing about members of C4C being rich and successful people. Doesn’t everyone want to be rich and successful? Maybe the people of Cayman that dis rich and/or successful fellow Caymanians is because they dont realise the cause of this was the creation of political parties in Cayman? Maybe they have this view because they are used to getting handouts? Btw there are a couple of rich and successful people running that are not part of C4C, so look at their backgrounds too. I personally feel that I am not comfortable voting for people that have a criminal background. But that’s just me. Perhaps the voters who vote for candidates with a criminal , are hoping if they get in then their own criminality will get overlooked. INTEGRITY, is a strong and powerful word, but I can help but wonder if some candidates ACTUALLY know the official definition.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ppm has someone running with them that spent 45 days in jail. UDP has their leader charged with multiple things. Some independents got 29 counts on them, one couldn’t run because of legal issues……

      Come on cayman..who do we vote for.??….they seem to be all crooks or heading there!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    My question to the PPM members that were part of the previous goverment are you all

    prepared to take blame for some of the excessive spending?

    (1) Vehicles ordered for the Premier and Deputy Premier at an excessive price.

    (2) As soon  as you all were voted in you gave yourselves a raise  in pay!!! I do not know which other Caymanian will tell you, but that was an insult to all Caymanian's and some of your excessive  spending.

    (3)When a member needed your support-Charles Clifford what did you do? you all turned your backs on him all because you were afraid to support him and anger Big Mac, as far as I am concerned when it suits you all, you jump the fence!!!! and then now I must beleive it will be different no thanks, I personally believe voting for the PPm and UDP and enyone associated with them will make the situation worse!

    We need to vote for  better!!!! not for the one's that had a chance before and proved more than once that they cannot be trusted.

    I ;am sorry that money alway's seems to change people.

    As far as I am concerned you all owe an apology to all Caymanian's old and young!!!!

  9. Libertarian says:

    My dear electorate, please note that a 2 party system of UDP and PPM, logically limits the people to the beliefs of 2 parties. Not everyone will agree with the opinions of one of these 2 parties. Rather more parties and political alliances provide more diversity and more differing opinions. If there are multi-parties and groups, the Legislative Assembly will be more diversified in opinion, and holistically represent the island. Laws will be legislated making it harder for the special interest to gain a foothold influence since their will be more groupings in the house. There is a democratic rule I affirm:  The more “power” that is shared in a government, is the less corruption will be found in its legislations. When you vote this may remember not to be so staunch on one party – the more differing opinions, the more debates and well thoughtout, crafted laws for the Cayman's best interest. 

  10. Anonymous11 says:

    I personally would not want to see another party dominate our legislative assembly. I perfer a government with differences, rather than one that follows a party leader. So my vote will be mix. Some from PPM, UDP, NPA, C4C and Independents. I do not want another PPM/UDP repeat, trust me. 

    • Anonymous says:

      @ 10:47 – I think a mix of candidates is a good thing also but I cannot for the life of me even consider voting for anyone from the UDP/PNA.  They have been the worst govt. ever – status grants fiasco and selling out to developers.  In my opinion these are the two worst things that ever happend to the Cayman Islands and which we'll never recover from.  They are responsible for creating this welfare state we have become and I could on with many more negatives but you get the point.  I hope they are all retired at the polls come May 22 – that will be the best thing we the people could do for Cayman. 

  11. Anonymous says:

    Did you not hear about restoring confidence in government and the Cayman Islands? About mending fences with the UK? About creating new jobs? 

    You were obviously not at the same meeting I was at.

    • Anonymous says:

      When elected, the UDP and its new slate of candiates will seek to restore confidence in Cayman as well as govern with transparency and responsibly, reduce government spending, establish a trade school, and create jobs for all, including the dogs in West Bay.

      This is a new era of UDP – one that will bring unity to these islands.

      • Anonymous says:


        Thats what the last UDP party was supposed to do remember?

        • Anonymous says:

          UDP – new and improved.  New members, new mind set.  This time around things will be done a lot differently, and all will be represented as before, not only the elite.

          • Anonymous says:

            This is not the first time the PPM is going to sweep the UDP squeaky clean because of the UDP's ever worstening questionable performance as our government representatives. Hopefully the courts will help the remaining 20% or so of the voting public make up their minds this week. And hopefully the forever dishonerable UDP will finally be out of all our lives once and for all.

          • Anonymous says:

            This sound like the promise make in 2009. Come on folks don’t be fooled this time, no one can control Bush. It certainly will be a sad day in our history if Udp come to power again.

          • SSM345 says:

            Anything to do with McKeeva will be the same old shit, GUARANTEED. The fact that these people are still aligning with the man and allowing him to be a part of politics is mind boggling. I could not and would not associate myself with that man if he was the last person on earth. Get rid of him and the UDP and you might stand a chance of getting some votes.

            If people are still blinded by the bollocks these peole spout, they should not be allowed to vote, EVER.


          • SSM345 says:

            How is it new when McKeeva is still in charge of the UDP, please explain.

      • Anonymous says:

        YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING!! Nobody is buying the crap that UDP is selling any longer! Pathetic leadership and even more pathetic followers now. You all need to export some of the gall you have – very powerful stuff!! 

  12. RRP says:

    If we elect the majority of one group, say 10 ppm representatives, the other 8 MLAs will have no voice. We need to have all 18 elected members working for us, not just 10. Aren’t we paying for 18? The only way we can have 18 working for us is to elect the best people out of the 56 candidates, irrespective of their affiliations.

  13. Anonymous says:

    With all these party people thinking that they are or were  the solution ,let us not forget it was Ezzard miller who started the ball rolling . It was Ezzard who got the papers to bring forward that something was wrong. Not one party member UDP or PPM had the cojones to stand against El Senor. 

    Did we forget that PPM went to  the G20 summit and signed away our banking tax shelter and never got anything back in return ? Could we not have compromised and maybe got a CITES release to sell turtle shell leather and oil?? It would help with revenue and jobs. 

    We know El Senor screwed up and we don't want him back. But who to take his place? Alden? Julianna? Roy? Ezzard is the only person for the job. He is the only person with the cojones to stand up to Dart, England or El Senor. We need a person with experience, education and professionalism to lead the country back on top again. We need a person who will talk to investors but still enforce the word of law in immigration. A man like Ezzard can work with anyone who gets elected as long as they are loyal and FOR the people of Cayman. 

    Vote independents vote professional, educated ,honest and experienced candidates that can show a track record

    God Bless you all

    • Anonymous says:

      I am Caymanian and very concerned that Ezzard appears very racist. He’s made very serious comments in the past in public, and it’s not just against expats. Can any of his supporters or even Ezzard address this please?

      • Peanuts says:

        Please look at Mr. Millers record in the LA. You are repeating the view of those who do not want the Laws that were made to protect Cayman, and protect Caymanians from becoming beggers in their own country, enforced. Go and ask candiates running in this election what Ezzard has done.

        I will remind you that last year he alone started the OMOV movement and got Bo Bo, Marco, Sharon, Al, Arden, and Kenneth on board along with many others incl PPM. Also a BIG Shout out to Consuelo for her work.

      • Anonymous says:

        What I am concerned about is putting an end to corruption in our Government, and electing a government that cares about our people. Like Ezzard Miller.

      • Ed says:


        Ezzard appears to be racist?  Only appears?

        About 4 years ago he was talking on Crosstalk about sewage.  I can’t remember the details now but it was something to do with sewage works being taken over by a private company.

        “We’d have to be careful,” Ezzard said “that they don’t jew out on their commitments.”

        I had never heard the word ‘jew’ used in that way before and Ezzard’s meaning was very clear.  I was astounded and fairly shocked.  The hosts, of course, said nothing. 

        I’m not Caymanian.  Does “to jew” have the same meaning in Cayman as “to renege” or to “break your promise”?  If it does then it’s not just Ezzard who is racist.

      • Anonymous says:

        Joey, that you?!!

        Please stop with the hate seed planting. We not voting for you in North Side, OK?!!!


      • Anonymous says:

        His utterances are frequently ill-judged and show he’s unsuited for any position of responsibility. That “Lord Cripple” comment was revolting and warranted an apology.

        He’s really not as clever as he thinks he is. But I guess we’re stuck with him for another 4 years.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually it was the PPM that were trying to get reciprocal concessions for signing TIEAs as you would expect any reasonable government to do. The UDP on the other hand decided to simply sign what was put in front of them. In any event your assertion is wrong in that the TIEAs were signed to demonstrate cooperation and appropriate regulation to protect our financial industry not harm it.

  14. Anonymou says:

    I am concerned that the PPM love of spending will lead us to direct taxation.  Call them whatever you like they like to spend.  Now we need a new airport terminal, a cruise ship berthing pier and whatever else they are able to think up.

    Say what you like but I don't hear any cost cutting measures from the PPM.  Double talk with platitudes are not solutions. The country is approaching a crossroads and most of the candidates are blowing smoke.

    The West Bay Road and the Boddentown dump are not reasons to elect wantabe politicians. We need to retire some of the LA dead wood and let them get on with their planting or cooking or whatever they want to do in their retirement.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes its time for the old timers (JOCC,KT,MB) to retire. Some of them collecting salary, pension and running their own businesses. They have not offered anything beneficial to these islands for the past 4-12 years! Infact its their leadership that has gotten us where we are. Its broken, time to fix it! Coalition time!

    • Anonymous says:

      You fool, the PPM didn't put us in any further economic trouble than what the Global Meltdown would have done. If we had 50 million in the bank, we would have still been heading down this current economic path. Keeping political projects like Boatswain Beach alive, huge Civil Service and so on.

      Please look at all the facts before you jump on this UDP band wagon of blaiming the PPM for the Global Economic crisis.

      What roads and schools that were built should have been built long time. Now that we got the roads I don't hear people complaining daily about traffic like we used to.

      As for the schools, it has been my experience that we don't value education much in this country, so what can I say to balance your view on that?!

  15. Anonymous says:

    A question to every candidate. If you were elected into a minority government and the leader of your group or party was not elected. Who would you support to be premier? Who would you support if none of the leaders of any groups were elected? Who would you support if none of your group was elected?

  16. Anonymous says:

    I honestly think that our Politicians and to a wider extent, every one of us that resides in a controlled or owned -Dependent” territory need to study what is meant by this; I must point out quickly that I am aware some will see where I am going and readily correct me that we are not Dependency anymore but Rather “Overseas” I can agree with you, because in no way Cayman Is dependent on the Uk and maybe should not even be considered an Overseas Territory, when it is not conspicuously clear in what way the UK in deed earn or is maintaining this indubitable title, even if they did in time past! So yes the term changes from Dependent-Helpless, Reliant, or Needy! To Overseas-Foreign, External or Abroad;

    Right here we see the difference in expediency or concept as it relates to the terminologies, but don’t fool yourself nothing changes in principle; Benjamin Disraeli, 1st Earl of Beaconsfield (21 December 1804 – 19 April 1881) was a British politician, novelist, and essayist, serving twice as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has this to say; To govern men, you must either excel them in their accomplishments, or despise them.

    I think it is imperative that we study what this means; doing so you will see what or who is classified as a territory of someone else especially a” Monarchy-Empire” it should be a treat for you to study Kings/Kingdoms/Domain Monarch/Monarchy! Rules and Ruler- ship/Government;

    Go online and study history of Monarchs/Kings in Europe, Africa, and Asia the Americas and you will see what is meant by dependent territory! I tell you not much have changed, we might cannot feel or see the direct effect from such rule or control because in truth on in fact Cayman “especially” is neither Dependent or Independent base on the fact that there are Local Legislature that are endowed with the Authority to make Laws and by an large able to make independent decision as of where, they want to take this Island, and how! Is that a bad thing? Maybe yes! Ok let’s reason; the UK as much as it is a quasi or partial dependency still has the ability to analyze or access the margin of error in what these Legislatures does! And “If the Governor who act as the Monarch here feels in his Opinion that such a law is not good for the wellbeing of the territory he can use his reserve powers to overthrow/override such; in this case what happens to the Local Legislatures so-called Authority that he is allowed? You think the fact that the Territory is just partially owned or Govern, the Governors decision won’t be final? Think again!

    Ok, on the other hand, think’; Who gets the blame at the end of the day the local representatives crews up or got certain thing wrong in the administration or operation of the Islands, or who would have to assume liabilities?  Would it be the Governor or the UK?  I say not the UK! The fingers won’t be pointed at the UK! Because they are not totally in charge, if they were then they would have to assume liabilities, what would be the case in a child under the age of consent getting into trouble and have to pay a penalty? The parent would have to be held accountable! In most cases children are taken away and placed into social services care if or when a parent deem to be unfit, a parent can be forced to pay or go to jail forchild support or maintenance to their dependent! That is the law.

    But it changes when the child reaches the age of consent-maturity! What will happen in the case of a grown child who still chose to stay under their parent’s roof for any particular reason? It simply means that the parent or guardian would still have some accountability of such a one but to a lesser extent, but not bound! Now the difference is, it would be left up to the parent and what rule they want to set for the adult inhabitant or no rule at all! The thing about no rule at the start does not rule out the establishing of rules later or going forward! So it is up to the grown person to decide whether they want or can take the rules imposed by the ruler or person in charge.

    Cayman is a grown child still living under her Mothers roof but were allowed a free run while the rules were veiled or compromised; Cayman shown that by going as far as making a haughty gift to her Mother a few years back; you remember.

    Was that a sign to say we need you but we do not really need you?  And the UK took that to mean ok, this is at least one more complete burden from my back, never the-lest I will bear the name but playing the game? In fact I have other big Kids to worry about and you obviously show signs of self-sufficiency;  But the day will come however when the Veil will be removed and as long as you are under my roof and for some reason or the other and I will have to do what I have to in spite of!

    Remember the allowance is already made and Britain been in this thing of controlling and losing territories all over is not new to them; they very well know just like a parent that growing up such as compromise has it challenges and so it is very benighted to be apologizing to Britain for some things they should expect from grownups! Like challenges, like fights, like disagreements, like objections and things of the sort; so in that I do not think it is even prudent to talk about making up or mending relationship with the UK, nothing has changed; the Britain is a Sovereign Country well bureaucratized to deal with any matter arises from which ever sector and so is not a personal or individual conflict or maliciously bickering between two or more individuals to settle personal scores.

    The UK just like the Cayman Islands is not operating in vacuum spaces and very much not so anymore of the Cayman Islands; we are on a world stage with eyes looking that never went to sleep, and I am not talking The “Kings of all Kings” the Lord! I say this to say that the Uk could not punish or malice or exhibit personal malice or vendetta to a group of persons or one person that stands up to them, audaciously defended a conviction or cause that they courageously feel strongly against or with even if it was not presented so right accordingly to protocol or political correctness! I think the UK welcome this challenge and would be more adept and insistent to meet their objective or goal.

    The people that make up the nucleus of the world are persons with wild imaginations, strong will, challenging audacious convictions and perspectives! Some were very zealous, impetuous, repugnant and impulsive, even vile! Some of the world’s renown’s of negative behavior has become worlds renown’s In doing positives now, like a rags to riches story, from a prisoner to a president kind of thing! The magic word here for that is transformation or transfiguration.

    So let us get away from being apologetic and impoverish in our actions, ways and thoughts and show to the world we are astute, capable and ready to hold our own and to compete in the global world; once we remember something’s that common sense or our parent taught us! Manners take you where money cannot! To be polite, and most of all be humble! “Humility is strength” not weakness as we generally believe; remember where wisdom is called for weapon is of no use, do not throw away your stick before you cross the river and be wise as a serpent, harmless as a dove.

    And finally aspiring Politicians those of you who are seeking representational Political offices, don’t promise things you know you cannot delivery, it is better to offer less and deliver more than the other way around; be aware of your resources and don’t be afraid to acknowledge and accept them, let the people know that you cannot do as you would have liked because your hands are tied, this is still a British Territory despite what term you want to use! it is common for representatives to tell persons who seek representation in any person matter, to say they cannot get involve because this and because that! Yet in their campaigning they promise to represent you! So the question is? Who do you vote for anyway! I would say vote for the person who whether they offer less or more is not the issue, the issue is will they put up a fight for you? Will they at least try to make a presentation on your behalf or that of the countries? Are they in anyway trying to make representation in matters that will provide better living for all or prepare a better and brighter future for the younger? Will they at least have or show that they have the fortitude to try? And do so with some decorum as though they have the acumen for the job that will make you feel proud of being a Caymanian at home and abroad? You don’t have to get what you fight for or stand for but at least you put up a fair challenge!

    Its two ways out of it! Fight or flight! We need to know when to flight and when not to also how to choose our battles!


  17. Anonymous says:

    So let me get this straight!


    C4C doesn't have atleast 10 members to form a government, nor does PNA. So obviously when the C4C members are elected they would have to join forces with PNA and UDP to rule.


    If I'm right, UDP and former UDP members (now PNA) helped titanic 2 to sink. So this sounds more like C4C, UDP and PNA are indeed going to help Cayman sink under the sea floor now.


    PPM wasting money, atleast they don't pocket it.

    • RRP says:

      Has anyone ever considered that some elected members of ppm may jump ship and join c4c? PPM, enough with all these conspiracy theories! Solutions please!

    • Anonymous says:

      Just because the other groups don’t have 10 candidates means that it is them against PPM. What I predict will happen is no group will get 10 members in. PPM certainly will not get 10 of thier 15 in for sure. So it might be wise for PPM to not beat up on C4C and the Independents at this point if they want to be in the next government. PPM will need their support to form the next government. UDP is clearly making a strategic move in not beating up on those other groups too much in case they need to invite them to have some turtle meat on May 23rd. PPM should take note of that strategy.

    • Proud to be a WesBaya says:

      As a Caymanian, a West Bayer, a registered voter and a respectable woman, I found the comments made by the PPM leader at their launch,  to be highly appalling, degrading, insulting, verbally abusive, bullying, and repulsive.

      Every West Baya in the audience should have pelt him with their shoes.

      How can any sane voter, especially women, who have suffered verbal abuse at the hand  of a man tolerate this type of abusive rhetoric from someone who supposedly had been elected to represent the entire Cayman Islands.

      We talk about bullying in our schools, well, the PPM are the biggest bullies of all, and I am ashamed to know that they are Caymanians just like me!

      The West Bay PPM candidates need to hang their heads in shame, dismay and disgrace to hear their leaders call them dogs !!  After all, they Bayas too, unless, they really beleive that they are not!

      PPM better not knock on my door asking this dog for a vote cause I will introduce them to some real dogs that I have in my  back yard bobo!

      Proud Baya!

      • Anonymous says:

        We find your comments to be highly appalling.

      • Anonymous says:

        Give us a clue – what did they say?

      • Anonymous says:

        The Honourable Alden Mclauglin did not refer to any persons from west Bay as dogs. He told a humorous tale about some puupies who were UDP when they were in infancy but afterwarsds they were PPM as their eyes had been opened. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Please quit the outright and disgracefil lies. The PPM most certainly DID NOT call anyone dogs. But McKeeva most certainly DID refer to the Cayman public as donkey faced devil worshippers.

      • Anonymous says:

        You should be hanging your head in shame, disgrace and dismay to have voted for someone like McKeeva Bush.

      • Anonymous says:

        You obviously were not at the same meeting that I was at. At no time, I repeat no time did anyone on the PPM platform call anybody a dog. Nobody from West Bay. Nobody from George Town, Bodden Town, East End or North Side.

        You Bayas really are a piece of work!

      • Anonymous says:

        Pray tell what were these comments that you found so terrible? Surely not a joke about puppies that has been around for over a decade. I did not hear any reference to people. Jokes illustrate points of view.

      • Anonymous says:

        You are an idiot, the PPM leader did not call any West Bayer a dog. He told a joke that you chose to misinterpret. If you set your dogs on any candidate you should go to jail. 

      • Anonymous says:

        McKeeva was a proud baya too.

      • Anonymous says:

        9:02 I know you were not at the meeting because I was there and I NEVER heard any bully by Mr. McLaughlin.  Shame on you my fellow Caymanian. 

        As a Caymanian I will hold my head in shame if people like you in West Bay vote that bunch in again.  When will you all open your EYES?


        My eyes are open and I hope that the SMART West Bayers open there EYES too…

        Come on man, don't lie on any party or group of seeking office.

        SHAME ON YOU

      • SSM345 says:

        As a neutral trying to decide who will get my votes, I have been to various meetings and you must be deaf or dumb, or you have never inyour life attended a McKeeva rally, so stop spouting utter crap. They all do the same its called politrics and its a shame that people like you fall for it, EVERYTIME.

  18. Anonymous says:

    PPM were almost as bad as the opposition as the UDP old and new have been as the government. If the event on Weds night is a sign of how organized they are for running the country God help the this country. There is no vision no answers to key questions that faces Cayman. Alden and Osbourne showed everybody that the only thing they are good at are mudslinging and ranting about things we know about. PPM claim to have integrity but the way the campaign is exactly like the UDP. Cayman needs leadership not people looking a job with scores to settle on our time with the people’s money

    • RRP says:

      The ppm party operates in overdraft for two consecutive year ends! (Source: treasurer at party conference). If they can’t balance the books of their own party, how can they balance the books of an entire country?

      Alden, please explain!

      • Anonymous says:

        I foolio was begging money to help mckeeva fight eleven criminal charges how can THEY balance the books of an entire country?

      • Anonymous says:

        What it simply means is that they were not receiving funding from big money person so their actions/decisions would not be compromised/influenced. So what was the position of the other groups?

      • Anonymous says:

        I am not a member of PPM but a supporter, and I do not agree with them running their bank accounts in an overdraft position as it gives the UDPs leader fodder to feed on.However, does one know whether the UDP's bank accounts are not in overdraft?. Many organizations/businesses may avoid going into an overdraft position simply by not honoring payment of their debts in a timely manner, therefore the absence of an overdradt position does not always signify that an organization/business is being ran in the "black" (with a surplus or a profit depending upon the type of organization)

    • Anonymous says:

      You are showing your ignorance and stupidity as there is absolutely no comparison between the two parties with one being a totally corrupt non transparent one man rule dictatorship and the other who spent on only infrastructure for the country and its people, was transparent, honest, ethical and gave you the FOI  law, Anti Corruption law, Standards in public life and the new constitution. The fact that you do not appreciate the difference between these parties says it all about you as a person. Obviously you were one of the many stupid people who voted for the UDP in the last election supporting Bush because "he's good for business" and "he gets things done" and "we can control him". Well the results are in and he was none of all those things and was the worst and most damaging leader the country has ever known. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE, instead of DRINKING THE UDP/PNA KOOL AID.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Independents can't provide stability, the last time we elected a group of independents was 2000, and that was a disaster.  Even though they were a group of good people they were overthrown by Mac a year later.

    Don't let the C4C-PNA coalition propaganda convince you otherwise.  It's a shrewd strategy to get all the old UDPers elected.

    They are using the innocent phrase 'elect the best man for the job' to hide their real strategy which is to divert votes from the PPM so Julianna's party can join C4C to make a government.

    Don't take the bait.

    • Anonymous says:

      And what would be wrong with Ms Julie’s group and C4C running the country?? It would be a lot better than having either the UDP tribe or the PPM tribe running it if the last 8 years are any indication. At least we would not have a group of folks that just ” follow the leader” like we have had. We would certainly see control of our finances finally come to the front not like the record of these two parties that moved us from $92M in national dept in 2001 to a staggering $800M today. Cayman vote wise this time and forget about the tribal mentality. Vote for the best. And if that means you vote for one UDP, one PPM, and a couple of independents then do it. Parties have ruined the Caribbean lets put a coalition in this time. Vote smart this time please.

      • Anonymous says:

        A smart vote is not ju ju….. She is too vindictive and self centered.

      • Anonymous says:

        err if you want to try to use facts to bolster a rubbish argument please use real facts. The national debt is nowhere near $800 million. Knock off a couple hundred million and make sure you understand that half of that is the unfunded public service pension fund liability that the UDP contributed notone red (or green) cent to of their own volition in the last four years!

  20. Anonymous says:

    There are 56 candidates running and 5 parties or groups. Each Party is running a set of Party affilaites and another set of Party affiliates disguised as Independents. I have not seen a single candidate that I could really consider Independent and as such this whole election is designed to fool the voters into thinking they have a choice to vote Independent. There are candidates running as Independent who are putting all sorts of unsubstantiated charges out there to try to take attention away from those candidates who do not deserve a vote. We are approximately one month away from the election and up to this moment I have not been able to decide on a single candidate who I would vote for, so if there are any other voters seeing thingsthe way I am my recommendation is that you weigh your options very carefully and hope that the decision you make will be the best one under the circumstances.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I think that they can deliver integrity.


    I sure hope that they improve their competance and courage.

    – Competence is required to avoid repeating the school construction fiasco.

    – Courage is required to stop the financial bleeding at Boswains Beach and Cayman Airways.




  22. Anonymous says:

    Ellio 2.0 can dance good tho afterall he was a club promoter

  23. Anonymous says:

    Based on the track records of both parties, I am ALL too SURE that we will get MORE INTEGRITY from the PPM than we could ever dream of from McKeeva and the UDP period.

    Enough said!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I listened intently to Mr Panton at his meeting by the Hurleys. I must say that he is the kind of Politician that we need. He did not get up on Platform praising himself about his money qualification his good ways etc etc. There is only one other Politician that comes over so well without praising himself so much and that is Frank Mcfield. You can hear that both of them are well brought up and educated. It is a pity that Dr Frank is not recognized for his values. He always had his people at heart. Maybe alot of us dont understand him because of how he comes over but he certainly have alot to offer the Cayman Islands. How many of us had the ability to write a play like the RUN DOWN. Also when he was in power he pushed very hard for the seamen. Some of our memory is very short. Any how PPM your meeting was a success and mr Panton certainly do a very good job.I rate both of these Politicians very high and wish them every success.

    • Anonymous says:

      That may be so, but it's not saying much!

    • Anonymous says:

      Lack of Integrity = theft and corruption = UDP

      Lack of Competence = mismangement of fund = PPM

      Both = Country bankrupt!

      • Anonymous says:

        And your choice for the government is the C$C no doubt? Well consider this, the two CPAs that are with C$C were both Chairmen of Cayman Airways for a considerable period of time. If they had the solutions to fix financial problems of Government why is Cayman Airways still perenially bankrupt????!

      • Anonymous says:

        UDP were devoid of both integrity and competence.

  24. You don't need a weatherman says:

    This isn’t a football or cricket match. People are not voting for ‘teams’. Theyare voting for those they believe will run the country properly. If the Independents will do that then so be it. Don’t try to buffalo people into believing only the PPM or UDP ‘team’ or party are capable of bringing in legislation to make that come about what you are saying is you won’t co-operate. If this should be the case. People are entitled to vote for INDIVIDUALS they believe will have solutions. Get it? So far the parties you speak of have let them down consistently. And who’s fault is that? The voters?

    And speaking of which PPM.. where were you when all this nastiness and corruption was taking place? We couldn’t stop it……but you could have. You were in the Legislature.

    • Anonymous says:

      Where have you been living for the past four years? The PPM spoke out about Mackeva’s actions many times. They took three no confidence motions to the LA before they were successful in removing him. Why don’t you ask the so called ‘independents’ where they have been or the past four years, They may be reluctant to say as most of them were right next to him watching what was going on and only jump when the ship started to go own.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Go PPM! As a single mother, I went to several different political meetings already and if the vibe in the air has anything to do with the Candidates and the Party. The PPM was the most comfortable and positive I have felt. I shook hands and spoke to every candidate and they gave me all the time I needed.

    At my former UDP PArty meetings, all I felt was negative in the air and hate coming off from the stage. So i went to The C4C candidates. they were not as generous with their time and acted like I was in there way or wasting there time and hurried me.

    So as a woman and a single mother my gut feeling is that the PPM is best for our country

    • Anonymous says:

      Single mother? That is the break down of our country and the reason why it is the way it is now! Men need to take responsibility for their families.  Another reason why we should have more females in the house.  They know how to run tings.

      • Anonymous says:

        You're blaming this person for the breakdown of the country?  Sounds like she's got it together to me.

    • Anonymous says:

      You should have gone to the UDP meeting on Tuesday nite at Connies Gas Station in West Bay – that was powerful and positive.

      But if you don't like UDP, no matter what they do or say, some will find a reason to complain.

      • Anonymous says:


        Those reasons are most certainly not hard to find. Should we start with they have a leader with eleven criminal charges against him?

  26. New Voter says:

    Considering this is my first time able to vote since being disenfranchised by the UDP and now the PNA during One Man, One Vote (OMOV), I have followed very closely all poltical stories, meetings, Launches etc. On that note, I will never forget being cheated out of my human right by the UDP and PNA.

    Nevertheless, the negative comments on this article brings home to me what Alden McLaughlin has been saying for sometime now. Truthfully, I thought he was a bit paranoid until today. These negative comments below confirms to me that C4C and its operperatives are not out for the best Government, they are out to remove any sign or hope for it by putting back in McKeeva Bush as Leader in some form or function.

    As I mentioned above, I have keenly paid attention to all the “political talk” for sometime now and there is one consistent theme that keeps emerging everytime there is an article on the Progressives in this forum. That is C4C and its operatives (because water cooler and casual talk does not relect many of the negative comments herein and in other simlar articles on the Progressives) do their endeavour best to discredit the Progressives at every opportunity. Surprisingly I have not noted similar full bodied attacks on the UDP or the now PNA, especially when these persons are attached to very concerning matters affecting us all.

    My mates and I have attended ALL C4C meetings and we have not noted one single solution. We hear the same identification of problems we all know exist. Yet, the C4C operatives herein discount what was said and released on Wednesday night. Shameful and down right stupid if you ask me if you are indeed a Public Advocacy Group.

    Today I can earnestly say I agree wholeheartedly with the Progressives that The Cayman Islands need a proper plan to move forward. We are way far in a hole and not to think soundly on a unified front will only place us deeper in. Even the Plumber requires a set of Blueprints to do his tasks and for C4C to disregard that concept leads my Mates and I to look elsewhere. Maybe with the real ‘independents’ like Bo Miller or the Progressives.

    In closing my remarks, I have to express that I have been in the Caymans for 16 years, and I find it odd that almost all of C4C were McKeeva’s consultatants or go-to-guys during the worst Administration in the history of these islands. They silently stood aside and allowed him to run wild with no public outcry, or a call for him to step aside during any of the three no confidence motions brought before the house. This resulted in destroying our reputation not only locally but internationally in the process. Now they want to be the Leaders in Government!! This can only happen in Cayman.

    The call for OMOV was a just call to give equality to every voter and I only note one C4C Candiate Sharon Roulstone who tried to give us this fair legislation. Where were the others?!!! The Progressives almost all, including Alden was in the Public calling for us the people to make this happen.

    So thank you C4C and your narrow minded operatives for helping me and my mates make part of our decision for 2013, which is a No vote for any C4C Candidate!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I to have been to many meetings, spoken with many candidates from all parties/teams/independents whatever they choose to call themselves and most of them except The Progressives have left me still wondering what they were trying to tell me.  Until they all come out and reject corruption and coruption 's main perpetrators as ably as the Progressives have done I cannot really support them. C4C continues to hedge on matters relating to the past and present premier and the UDP.  At least the Progressives let one and all know how they feel about the entire matter.  My family and I have 16 votes  and they are going to The Progressives!!

      • Anonymous says:

        PPM sing about being the party of integrity and that corruption must end at every single chance they get! You are clearly a troll or deaf!

    • Anonymous says:

      If Alden had put the full force of PPM behind OMOV It would have passed. Instead he rode the fence. He opened up their office for them then went off to the gym!! He knew that he needed Mr Tibbetts coat tail to get reelected so made sure it did not happen- even said there was not enough time to inform the people!! . Mr McLaughlin, sitting idly about for 4 years and just expecting to be handed the Premier’s crown is not how it works. We voters are smarter this time. I am not voting for you this time for sure and I hope a lot of us that voted for you last time do the same. Goodbye.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Independents are getting all of my family votes this time around.   You cant fix old problems with old solutions, this Country needs a fresh start and neither is UDPor PPM or PNA.  You all were the same ones that put this Island in the mess that we have now.   We need to give independents a chance so they can put our Caymanian people back to work and get this Country on the right track!   

    • Anonymous says:

      We've asked the election observers to ensure that your family gets to vote on their own accord on election day.

  28. Anonymous says:

    ppm bankrupted the country and then spent the last 4 years being a totally ineffective opposition against the most incomptetent administration of all time….

    • Anonymous says:

      PPM did leave the country broke and I may be wrong but I do recall reading some time back that the PPM administration were spending based on figures given by the country's Financial Secretary. Either way, the people of this country need to wake up and VOTE people with INTEGRITY who truly have OUR COUNTRY at heart.

      • Anonymous says:

        Arden once said and I quote ” they tell me to build roads and I build them…they need to find the money to pay for then, not my problem “”. End of quote. Let me see now…responsible representatives??? Nope. Old people with old solutions and old attitudes do not solve modern problems. Don’t vote UDP don’t vote PPM!! Simple solution.

  29. CYM says:

    I have a digicel phone. I wish they would stop sending me text every single day from a 916 number!  Digicel should be mindful of harrassment from political parties. They should have PPM sending me text all the time. I have nothing to do with the party!

    • Anonymous says:

      This sending of texts messages is clearly treating…they should be arrested 🙂

      Seriously, just check they are not topping up your phone account!

  30. Anonymou says:

    I wish the PPM would have been more vocal and spent more time standing up to the UDP when they were the Opposition. In that role they were weak and ineffective.

    If their major claim to fame is thatthey are not the UDP then the country is in trouble.

    To earn the voter's trust the PPM must offer solutions to the nations problems, frankly I am uncertain they are up to the task.  They will not be able to spend their way out of this trouble.

    • Anonymous says:

      Standing up to McKeeva?  Were you sleepong? don't you remember the 3 Protests organised and supported by the PPM?  and the 3 No Confidence motions, the last of which did remove McKeeva as Premier?  You must have amenisia.

      • Anonymous says:

        WOW!!!! I am impressed. The ppm did 3 things in 4 years of service that they were paid for by the people of this country.  As for the last, it was Jude Scott who went on Cayman 27 asking for the premier to step down the same day of his arrest. Alden showed up 2 days later walking the dog around his pool. A true leader tackles the issues head on!!   

        • Anonymous says:

          you joking bout poor lil Jude on this one right?! 🙂

        • Anonymous says:

          an you wish too!

        • Lets be serious says:

          Lets be serious.  Jude Scott is a business man who is now retired from working for  big name business firms and who now wants to be elected.  He can say whatever he wants and does not have to care too deeply.  It is a shame though that he did not choose to speak out earlier when he was working closely with Mac on tourism or CAL or whatever.  Everyone with any sense knew that Mac was up to no good long ago.


          Alden McLaughlin, on the other hand, is not only an elected MLA but he is also the Leader of the Opposition and as such should not say whatever he may want to.  Alden's response was calm, measured and followed a process.  He called on the Government to sort out the mess and to encourage Mr Bush to do the right thing.  He gave them a deadline to do so.  They did not and he then placed his third no confidence motion on the table at the LA. This one succeeded. 


          I am sure that he was also working behind the scenes to try to get Bush out and with as little harm to the country as possible.  In the end it was he and the PPM, coupled with the other Opposition members and the UDP five (now PNA) who got rid of Bush.


          So..  lets not only be serious but lets also be factual.  I like Jude personally but if I had to choose Jude or Alden to lead the country I would choose Alden. 




          • Anonymous says:

            Perhaps he should ask the sitting immigration boad member to step down then, if he so full of integrity. I am talking about the person who is under invesgation for corrupt activities.

        • Anonymous says:

          OH PLEASE! Jude Scott was one of his big supporters who ENABLED him to do the damage he did. What was Jude Scott saying when the previous TWO no confidence motions were raised by the PPM? Did he support them? Don't talk crap about asking McKeeva to resign AFTER the arrest.    

        • Anonymous says:

          Jude Scott eh? an wey he was during the previous five criminal investigation announcements over nearly two years when the PPM were demanding he step down? Where were any of the "independents" when Mr panton was on the radio saying that Bush should step aside in the interests of the country. Country First eh? Today maybe but back then it was jude first and roy first etc especially since they were on plenty UDP boards…

    • Anonymous says:

      How about a quick politics 101 – majority rules!! Having said that who do you think exposed the Stan Thomas matter? Who organised no less than three public protests against the tyranny of Bush? Who had to take their second No confidence motion to the park outside the LA because the tyranny of Bush and gang refused to have it heard in the LA? Who succeeded in having him removed? Who managed to prevent the biggest offence of all, the Port steal with CHEC!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Why would they try to stand up to the leader when all their claims would've been overruled? If you want to blame PPM for not doing anything, you should consider what the "independents" did to help. Wait, they didn't really care either because they were busy filling their pockets.


      Educate yourself sweety!

  31. Anonymous says:

    A meeting of Hope!  After the last few years of consistent, discouraging news of corruption, crime, unemployment and 'special deals' it was really nice to see an upstanding group of successful and caring men and women on stage.  

    I voted for a mix of independents, PPM and UDP candidates last election, but I've learned my lesson.  I'm voting for all PPM this time because I want a team that can tell me from now what they will do!

    • Anonymous says:

      And what exactly did you hear that they would do? And 'A meeting of Hope!' you say? Since when does 'hope' put food on your table?

      • Anonymous says:

        Hope actually does a much better job of putting food on your table than does corruption. Unfortunately after our years of udp crap we barely have even hope left.

    • Anonymous says:

      If hope is good enough for you and you don't need to hear specific solutions then that's fine. But that won't cut it with me. The PPM are insulting the inteligence of the caymanian voters. The PPM are taking a strategy of "We are NOT the UDP, so vote for us". But I have some news for the PPM and their supporters. Caymanians are not dumb. We see that you all are without solutions and I can assure you that bashing the C4C, UDP or PNA will not get you elected. In this election we are going to vote for the candidates who are offering the best solutions. Not the ones offering false promises.

    • Anonymous says:



      Yea, right ! you fall  for all that BS! Politics ia just a strategy, a game that grown men with little boys brain use to brainwah the populance, that they are better than the others….and you must vote for them.

      Every election their is a different strategy…this one is all about their honesty, integrety and transparency. This one is right  on time to be  modeled and based,  off the past Premier and his contraversy over  credit card scandal and importation of  dynamites.

      These are the people who Jesus expressed to..".you hypocrites"! the Scribes, Pharasese and sanhedrins….the religious body that condemned and tried Christ.

      Dig up some of these hypocrites past and you will find out  they have more skeleton in their cllosets, than Amelda Marcos had shoes in her's.

      Caymanians…. stop siting there clapping your hands, like a damn fool, at these people's road show..its just a game being played. we  are the only ones getting shafted,

      I sadly witnessed so many young and old alike, trailing over to this grand road show, on Wednesday night at Grand Harbour. I saw again my people being conned by  the brainwashing, of these so caled leaders, just spitting poison at the other candidates that are  not a part of their road show.

      Ossi and Alden were the worst. They never gave the young or the old, any  indication of what they were going to do, to let the people recovery from their unemployed situations.

      But my people clapped shouted and cheered for joy when they cried for the UDP's head on a platter. …so sad.

      When it is all over, we hope to cash in on their so called integrity, honesty and transparency…yea right! take that home and feed your families, pay your bills. 

      • Anonymous says:

        guess you're the only one that Jesus would not express that to nuh?! yeah right! what a sad situation we have on our hands with people like yourself who just cannot be pleased no matter what and no one is ever good enough – you and others like you must live in a very sad little world of your own. try to put a smile on your face now and then – there must be something you can think of that's positive! so sorry 🙁

    • Anonymous says:



      You are one that were brainwashed, i feel sorry for you! you still havent learnt  your lesson. come back to me this time next year…. and tell me how disappointed you are.

      What plans did you hear from those leaders?

      • Anonymous says:

        Glad you asked!  I heard very specific solutions for lowering the cost of living and creating jobs.  

        You should plan to attend some of the PPM meetings and hear for yourself, and ask questions directly to the candidates.  I did, and am impressed with the detailed, sincere answers I got.


        • Anonymous says:

          Ok 15:03

          So you heard something no one else heard! please let us in on it. What specific ways are they  going to lower cost of living and creating jobs. I will be waiting on your answer.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Judging from the amount of time Alden has spent on the Independents, and the employment of his trademark fantastical line of thinking, in this instance in regard to telling us that a vote for an independent is actually a vote for another UDP/UDP clone government, he is clearly very worried, as indeed he should be. Times have changed from the "us or them" and "now it's our turn" fiasco that has done so much damage to our community since the new constitution imposed a divisive party system upon us. It's a new ballgame in which "the party" is going to have to play second fiddle to the country – what a welcome relief!


  33. Anonymous says:

    All politicians are businessmen with big ego's. 

    None of them really cares for YOU.

    So stay home, don't vote . . . . .

  34. Anonymous says:

    All two of them.

  35. Anonymous says:

    I started watching this on Cayman27 but after I saw Alden and his candidates dancing on the stage to Bob Marley and then heard him making Jokes about dogs I had to turn it off. How infuriating… I'm sorry but I find the issues of this country too serious to dance and crack jokes about 

    • Anonymous says:

      We thought you were attending the UDP meeting in Newlands, mr ex premier. 

    • Anonymous says:

      AAHHH. Good, honest, decent, upright, educated folks singing Bob Marley music. What a very refreshing change from criminally charged, casino mongering, fifth grade educated, hypocrites singing church hymns.

    • Anonymous says:

      I hear you anon, but unfortunately the candidates who actually spoke not about blaming past govt but actually unveiled hard core solutions and plans they want to implement were not given enough time to speak.  The loud mouths spoke the longest while the candidates who actually wanted to demonstrate their plans didnt get much talk time.  Alden spoke for ages and he should not have, this was time for us voters to meet the candidates especially the new ones we want to get to know.  We have heard Alden and Ozzie over and over and over it would have been nice if the newer candidates were given more time to speak.

      • Anonymous says:

        According to CNS, Alden's address was a "relatively short one".

      • NJ2Cay says:


        I totally agree, this is a prime example of the problem with the Party system. Even with all the people on stage when you vote PPM you will actually be voting for Alden because they will all answer to him no different than how all the UDP folks answered to Bush. Take the words from Mark Scotland and Dwayne Seymore, they admitted that even though they were against the BT dump they had to keep their mouth shut and support it as members of the UDP family.

        • Anonymous says:

          Alden may not be perfect but he is not a Dictator like "Papa Duck" Bush

    • Anonymous says:

      Wise man say when politicians promise integrity RUN.

      I will vote for who I think is the best but i will never trust a politician.

    • Anonymous says:

      All work and no play makes jack a dull boy!  Lighten up.  The country has serious issues but at some point we must all put a smile on our faces and realize life is not all doom and gloom.  A brighter tomorrow is with the PPM!

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeahhhhhhh! finally someone thinking like me!!!! Life is just great in the Cayman Islands – gosh people! listen to yourselves – unna all sound like a Country song – sad and lonely and da dog died too! jeeze! lighten up!

    • Truth says:

      How sad. In two hours you heard maybe 2 minutes of music and one minute and thirty seconds of humour. The rest was all the serious stuff you mentioned…try taking a credibility pill…

      • Anonymous says:

        Clearly you do not live anywhere in the vacinity or attend the event because if you did, you would have heard that the music, hollering, people blowing horns etc etc went on for longer than a minute or two – more like an hour or so.  Additionally, the event started at around 7ish (at least from the noise it did) and went onto 11pm-ish!!

        • Anonymous says:

          give me a break! you poor sufferer – oh my! your precious lil nitewas disturbed by noises from the 'real people' …suggest you get yaself prepared for a lot  more of that over the next several weeks dahlin or get outta town till it's all over…a prime campaign site BoBo! 

          • Anonymous says:

            Really? I just read this and my jaw dropped. What is a ‘real’ person? Is it like someone who is not a dummy? Or is it like someone who aint a muppet, sorry, puppet? Oh, I know, I know, it’s like not a mannequin! Right? If that is the case I think I’ll take my chances with independents…

        • Anonymous says:



          When the Romans had their  shows with the killing of the gladiators, their shouting went on forever!

          They shouted kill! kill!

          PPM people are no different, they have one thing in common….they shout … give us the UDP head! 

          Will they be able to feed their children with this shouting, clapping and blowing horns? I do not think so.  At least they had a happy short moment of joy.

    • Anonymous says:

      You call what Alden was doing was dancing??? Thought that was hilarious him trying to be ” one of the people” and using reggae to get the Jamaican votes in town.

      • Anonymous says:


        i just dont understand how some people keep confusing Alden with mckeeva.

  36. Anonymous says:

    I'm curious. What was the purpose of this meeting? Didn't you already unveil your candidates at your party convention? Was this a 're-opening' for the party? Just trying to figure out why they are wasting the people's time. We need to hear about what exactly you are going to do once in office! Anyone with two eyes can see what the problems are. But we are voting for you to SOLVE these problems. So PLEASE stop with the bashing, stop the rhetoric and stop treating us like mushrooms… WE WANT SOLUTIONS!

    • Anonymous says:

      Just rest assured they won't solve the problems like McKeeva did.

  37. Anonymous says:

    I went out to this meeting. Was eagerly waiting to hear the SOLUTIONS to the problems of our country. But unfortunately was left disappointed. All I heard was bashing of the UDP, PNA and C4C. Not one solution. And this is the party of integrity?

    • Anonymous says:

      One thing I can say for certain…the party of integrity sure ain't the UDP or PNA. School children in Timbucktoo know that by now.

      • NJ2Cay says:

        I am sure the PPM guys are banking on that attitude spreading and it putting them in offcie by default..Which why they are trying to lump the C4C in with the UDP.

        • Anonymous says:

          So what if they are?

        • Anonymous says:

          darling, where you living? PPM dont need to lump C4C with UDP – they do that all by themselves and very well too.  Maybe you just dont know enough about the C4C players and their previous connections to UDP – no lumping necessary!

    • Anonymous says:

      ah guess unna all think that PPM just supposed to roll over and play dead when it comes to this dog fight – they must let C4C, PNA, UDP an everybody else bash the crap outta them but they must keep quiet? sorry but even with all the integrity and other good things PPM candidates got running through their veins at some point ya gotta give them a lil slack and let them bring out da 'nigga' for a few brief moments! LOL 

  38. WHAT !!!!!!! says:

    Ok now that the campaign has begun.. Lets get away from the name calling nit picking foolishness lets campaign for a better Cayman away from the bondage we were under.. Lets go PPM..

  39. Anonymously says:

    Although the Progressives are a much better alternative than the UDP the leader of the Progressive should come clean and stop branding all independents as UDP supporters and that independent members would not be able to effectively run the country because he knows that this is not true. I would agree a few of the independent members are UDP members repackaged with new colors and the same old ideas the people of Cayman know who they are. Two of the most effective members of the LA for the last few years were independents and the best governance that these islands had ever gotten was when the members were independent of parties, colours and corruption. Cayman went to hell in a hand basket with the formation of political parties just my opinion.

  40. Anonymously says:

    PPM is the better way forward for the Cayman Islands. Any PPM candidate would make a much better leader than all the premiers past and present.

    • Anonymous says:

      The way things have been going it seems to me we have 0 premiers past and 2 premiers present. And the two of them together make a very sorrowful half a premier present.

  41. The lone haranguer rides again! says:

    I am going to vote mainly PPM, and I will tell you why, I believe the UDP culture of stealing and dealing will destroy this country quicker and more thoroughly than the PPM’s economic ineptitude and general slow movements.

    The PPM is honest but slow but luckily we have enough things on the drawing board now that with good steady management will keep the island afloat for the next 5 years.

    Slow and steady wins the day.

    • NJ2Cay says:

      And what happens in year 6…?

      • Anonymous says:

        Year 6?…2019?…comes the $310,000,000 bond due date. Both UDP And PPM credit card’s bill will be due. Vote independent.

        • Anonymous says:

          the independents who sat around the throne and advised Mac on all of the bad governance, "money fa walue" and steals that he was trying to perpetrate on the country? no thanks. I am sticking with integrity and love of country!

      • Anonymous says:

        NJ2Cay = C$C = Blind Love

      • Anonymous says:

        NJ2CAY is Mckeeva's love child. He blindly accepted everything that McKeeva said and supported him through thick and thin until the evidence was so overwhelming that he had to tone it down.


        Having castigated Ezzard, the PPM, and everyone who spoke against McKeeva for so many years, C4C is the only place NJ2CAY has to turn to. I can't wait until he changes his moniker to CAY2NJ.

  42. Anonymous says:

    I pray this is true. God help us this election. We hear so many “promises” every year, every manifesto….all we hear is ” change change change” and all we get is….EXCUSES!

    Wish we had one man one vote! Because all these teams, pna, udp, c4c and ppm are all about “change change change” and we know what we got hearing that last time! What we need is COURAGE! And when you stand alone, that to me shows COURAGE!

    Party voting in any numbers is corrupt. Cayman has received nothing positive through it! Vote idependents only or for one member of their group. Mix it up. Get variety. Cayman needs balance.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Well I swear that if I hear these three buzz words again–transparency, accountability and integrity– one more time I’m going to scream. I certainly will NOT VOTE for any candidate that says them.

    Okay folks, we get it but tell me how you are going to get me a job? How you will deal with the UK and our finances? How you will deal with my high utility bills? How you will ensure my kids get a good education and reasonable shot at life? How you will deal with our crime? Our tourist and financial industries to allow them to grow? How you will cut spending in the government? How you will pay our $300,000,000 bond coming due in 2019? How you will create opportunities for all of us??? How?? How??

    I am tired of hearing buzzwords and statements like ” I will increase jobs”…..increase jobs? Really??

    …..TELL ME HOW AND I WILL VOTE FOR YOU. Oherwise you are just blowing hot air!!!!!,

  44. Anonymous says:

    Scare tactics …. This is all I hear in this artice! Who are the PPM talking to form a government? What makes them think they can get enough of their candidates elected? All I hear is PPM and UDP bashing the Independents! They are both frightened because they both know that they have failed and Caymanians want change! Coalition governments served Cayman in her most properous years ….. Its what we need now! A government that will serve the people and not their Party! There are more independents than PPM UDP or PNA …. Independents can win the majority. And with less bobblehead party members and more independent, capabe leaders with integrity …. We might just get our Country on the right course again!

    • peter milburn says:

      I have been saying for many years now that PARTY politics have been the downfall of this country to date and now its all about a change.Yes a refreshing change and the Independants hold the key to our next Govt.I have heard each successive govt blame the past govt so what will be different about things this time around?I say give the independants a chance to show what they have to offer which will be like a breath of fresh air.Forward thinking people with bright Ideas and yes solutions to the problems that we have faced for the past 12 years.I have never nor will I ever support the party system for this has proven to be our downfall year after year.So what have we learned or gained from all this?Nothing and we will continue to get nothing until the voters of this country say enough is enough.

      • Anonymous says:

        Peter where are there bright ideas and solutions you speak of? I have only heard the independents repeating things I heard from the PPM first

  45. Anonymous says:

    Alden……your silence has been deafening the past 3+ years. Cayman is FED UP with party politics and you will see the proof in this on May 23, when you and others I must add realizes that the Cayman voter could not be fooled this time by either the UDP or PPM and our votes was cast for INDEPENDENT minded thinkers AND doers. As a Voter in West Bay, the signs point clearly to CG, Rollie and Tara getting seats and the 4th seat is a 3 way race with Mervin, McKeeva and Woody. So if you can see the picture just painted, the big man in the west just MIGHT lose his seat. Like I said- May 23 will bring a lot of surprises and will leave many with their jaws hanging low.

    • Anonymous says:

      GG and Rollie are not independents but just UDP in disguise who jumped the UDP ship wehn they thought it was exepdient for them. Getting McKeeva, Rolston and Cline back in for West Bay will mean only a 25% change in representattion for that district.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you for real?… what rock have you been under where Alden has been silent.


      Based on that comment alone, I have to disregard everything else that you have written!

  46. Anonymous says:

    I would rather inflict the country with a large number of independents than inflict it with another 4 years of party politics lead by another XXXX. You can pledge all the integrity you want Alden, but we know what you're really about.

    • Been there done that says:

      You want to know what happens when people want to elect independents? See the 2000 – 2005 election results! You want to know what happens when people decide to try for a coalition government? See the results of the last four years! Can the country really afford to have any of those disasters inflicted on it again???

  47. Anonymous says:

    A public pledge. Now there's a first.

    • Anonymous says:

      You mean you don't remember the one about turning the economy around in ninety days? Oh, there was another one as well, it was about making Caymanians king in their own castle again. I certainly hope we have learned to not listen to public pledges  from THOSE folks.

  48. Progressives on the Move says:

    This is a beautiful sight to see, finally we are free from tyranny and corruption. The Progressives have arrived and we are taking this country back once and for all. This team is astonishing and has the right people to FINALLY give us a good hard working and honest government. I cannot wait to cast my vote for them, I wish tomorrow was the 22nd so we can be finally free of the stench left here by the UDP and PNA

  49. Anonymous says:

    Say what you want about PPM, but you can not say that they are being dragged infront of any judge on corruption or theft.

    Some people blame PPM for the economic downturn that the globe is going through, because they built roads (that should have been built long ago) and scholls (which we don't seem to have much cultural value for). But at the end of the day UDP/PNA has all the baggage of what is wrong and we don't want a repeat of!!!

    While i do not support everyone on the PPM ticket, at least we can say that they seem to take some pride in keeping their name out of the papers for the wrong reasons.

    • Anonymous says:

      They may keep the negative headlines off of them as individuals but their incompetence will land the Country in the headlines under “Bankrupt Cayman!” and not to mention black listed! Another exampke of how the PPM is not concerned for the Country!

  50. Anonymous says:

    I recently, read for myself The Miller Shaw Report to understand the claims of McKeeva Bush that the PPM broke the islands. I am not sure where his info comes from, but the Miller Shaw Report confirms that the PPM was a good government. The Report in essence expresses that they simply got caught out in the global financial melt-down.

    So with last night’s public pledge, which is the first I have ever heard from any poltiical party or politician in the Cayman Islands. It has confirmed for my family and I where our votes MUST go in May!

    The Cayman Islands need a government of such standards and listening to the Progressives they seem to be the only viable option.

    • Anonymous says:

      I clearly remember Chuckie stating he foresaw the global meltdown. 

      • Anonymous says:

        I guess he was using the Cuban low cost housing saga as his spyglasses.

    • Anonymous says:

      So now, having read the report, you realise all McKeeva did was ensure we were broke, and soon to be bankrupt if the warnings within the Miller Shaw Report are not heeded – and as you know – McKeeva steadfastly refused to follow these recommendations or any recommendations in any other reports he obtained at our expense either.  In the last 4 years our public purse has been raped and pillaged by the UDP.

      …and I'm not even a PPM supporter but can see this.

  51. Anonymous says:

    We need you back in office PPM. Four year of the UDP and even good people are beginning to forget what integrity look like.

  52. CayStudent says:

    Blah, blah, blah. Nothing but mudslinging and endless repetition of 'we need to restore confidence' or bible quotes. 

    The people want to know your economic plan of action; who your prospective ministers are; what projects you wish to pursue or pull out from; and most importantly, we the people want to know your strategy to increase employment and lower costs of living. 


    I couldn't care less what Alden thinks politically of C4C or PNA or whoever. Alden, stop the mudslinging and show your more ethical side. Debate the issues not your opponents' character.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thumbs up to Kurt for the new Admin Building, Thumbs up to Alden for the Clifton Hunter High School, Thumbs up to Arden for the Roads. With our children and grand children now saddled with those liabilities there is no need to reelect those responsible and we should now move on to electing someone who can help relieve those debt burdens on our offspring.

      • Anonymous says:

        The PPM folks are indeed magicians in their own right. Indeed they can be considered Christs since they are ressurecting themselves from Mckeeva's crusifiction right before our very eyes. But come on now, did you REALLY expect them to build all those schools and roads and fabulous Government administration buildings free of cost? We sincerely believe that following their visit to the pearly gates at the hands of our devil worshipping premier they will be perfectly capable of turning water into wine and feeding the five thousand. Give them a chance. Please. After all, satan himself has proven without a doubt he simply cannot do it.


  53. Anonymous says:

    whoever elects PPM or UDP is sick………for the past four years we have bragged about wanting change…we dont only need to change the crew the old captains have got to go as well!.. you expect me to vote stright for your 6 in GT? i think not! not again would i do that! I am looking for educated,capable individuals who have experience.. one of your candidates don't even have a high school diploma, has been convicted for drug offences..and have no experience otherwise…you have some dead weight on that team too! get um all out 23 MAY new GOVT no more UDP and PPM… Jude, Roy, Chuckie or  Sharon as our Premier..

    PPM you are jealous and scared of the C4C admit it! 

    • Anonymous says:

      We should all be scared of C4C!


      if they cannot be honest on something as simple as their organizational design, WHAT can we trust them on?

  54. Anonymous says:

    Way to go Progressives! No more back door deals and no more coaltion governments. Ah dont care what de C$C say thm dont wuk nowhere in the world!

  55. Papa says NO! says:

    I say we vote for Mr Derrick Thomas the local con man he is safely in prison now and won't hurt or decieve us any further i wish i could say the the same for most of our political candidates now running!!!!!!! I will vote for u bro at least i know what you are.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hopefully that is Friday humour being thrown at a very serious predicament.


      Not sure what Party, if any  Mr.Thomas is a member of, but his MO sounds very familiar! All he needed was a government credit card! 

  56. Anonymou says:

    You can have integrity and still be fiscally irresponsible so the country needs more than integrity.   You can have integrity and initiate direct taxation because you cannot avoid big spending.  

    Why the PPM rebranding?

    Was it because of the PPM history of big spending?

    • Anonymous says:

      Big spending to get good roads and schools for the country. I do not disagree that they could have been more prudent but prudence is something rarely practiced by any government. They got good roads so that persons like you can drive their luxurious automoblies over and get to their destinations in a much quicker time period.

    • Anonymous says:

      LMAO PPM history of big spending?  Well at least we now have good roads and schools and can see where the money was spent.  Better that than seeing out money spent in Casinos, churches, drunken parties, air fares to exotic locations, free paving for certain folks in the Brac, and to fund extravagant lifestyles as the UDP did (and given recent press reports and court hearings, this cannot be denied). 

      If you call the PPM the Big Spenders, WTF do you call the UDP?

  57. Anonymous says:

    That is the one thing we need in the next government and what has been lacking in the two governments we have had over the last 4 years – integrity.

    • Anonymous says:

      Integerity? what about competence, have we forgotten why we voted them out the last time? try nuh mahke that mistake again and use integretity as a crutch with us.

      • Anonymous says:

        I am not the commenter you replied to, and I don't want to join the spelling brigade, but I think you mean Integrity.  As for competence, please don't tell me you think Bush and Ju-Ju and their MLA's are more competent than the PPM or at all.  The last four years have been nothing but lies, deceipt, incompetence and corruption and blatantly lacking integrity and accountability.  My dog could do a better job.

      • Anonymous says:

        Come on McKeeva, someone in your ex position should at least know how to SPELL integrity. Sheeesh.

        • Anonymous says:

          He did not possess it so i guess he was unable to spell it, considering his level of formal education!

  58. Anonymous says:

    A good tree bears good fruit and a bad tree bears rotten fruit. Pledges are worthless. What matters is what you actually DO.

    You will be held to the success rate of your manifesto, so I hope it's not a load of waffle.

  59. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, nice to see there is a pulse over in that camp, but let's be honest:  we are months into the campaigning with less than a month to go, and they are only now starting out.  There are some outstanding independent candidates finally, I don't see there being any clean sweeps in this election.  Everyone in this race has got to bring their A game and may the best candidates succeed in becoming our representation; hopefully in an improved, clean and honest LA.

    • Anonymous says:

      Some Politicians are so greedy and they realize that there is not enough of them to form a Government that they are already courting other Politicians that they did not get along with in the past. Remember that Politician who accused Alden of taking the Bible out of the schools? Can you imagine that she is so power hungry that she can work with him now. There are more courting going on now they cant even wait until the morning after the election.Even Ms Marys job is being undermined. Be careful folks that you are not driven out the LA again and conveniently referred to as strangers.

    • Anonymous says:

      Honestly I feel that there should be more than Lyndon that dont qualify to run. Some that are in there should not even gualify to be Back Benchers. I know that Lyndon has an edge over them and for sure is more liked.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agree that to the wider public PPm seems to be very slow off the block. However They have been very busy behind the scene, they have been pounding the pavement, knocking on doors, and working hard on identifying pssible solutions to bring forward.


      I hope that this term in office they are more decisive and avoid consulting on every simple decision. We elect them as leaders and we want them to act as leaders.


      Knowledgable, Decisive and Accountable. 

  60. Anonymous says:

    Is that a new pledge?

  61. Anonymous says:

    Curious. How much did the International School in Camana Bay cost to build? How much did the school on Frank Sound road cost? Where was the good governance when the first quote came back to build that school? Where was the leadership then? Who approved a school that size? Does anyone really know what it cost to build and what the monthly operating costs are? Why did no one have he courage to step up and make a business decision? Not to let anyone off the hook… Why when the UDP took over they actually accepted the plans and finished it as designed?

    • Anonymous says:

      Interesting questions. But you are comparing aples with oranges. CIS is an all age school. Clifton Hunter is purely high school (800+ students) which requires larger and more expensive facilities. CHHS is apparently already full in the current configuration; CIS is not. CHHS is a designed to be a community centre – adult education, activities, sports. The hall at CHHS is a very large hurricane shelter. You cannot simply compare the costs of two facilities without looking at the actual use.


      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry, I used CIS because it is here. In which case I wonder what a multi use high school housing 800 students would cost to build and operate in any other country in the world. And I am surprized it is at capacity in its first semester, I guess the portable classrooms have been ordered for next year the .

      • Anonymous says:

        How about: CIS is not a public school, and in no way a burden on the public purse!

    • Anonymous says:

      CIS was not built with public funds.

  62. Anonymous says: