Mobile and early voting dates set ahead of polling day

| 19/04/2013

(CNS): The Elections Office will be issuing electors ID cards for the district of Cayman Brac & Little Cayman today (Friday, April 19) for the general public and tomorrow (Saturday, April 20) for elections staff, candidates and agents at the Aston Rutty Civic Centre, 9am-4pm. The Elections Office has also said that mobile voting dates have now been scheduled and electors who wish to attend the static mobile polling stations ahead of General election day can check the dates and times below for their districts. There will be three mobile polling teams in the larger districts and two in Cayman Brac and Little Cayman to accommodate Little Cayman electors.  

In the districts of North Side and East End the mobile team will maintain a static station during the morning and visit homes and the rest home in the afternoon or sooner if those who opt to attend the static station vote early.

  • Cayman Brac and Little Cayman: Friday, 10 May
  • North Side: Monday, 13 May
  • East End: Monday, 13 May 
  • Bodden Town: Tuesday, 14 May 
  • George Town: Wednesday, 15 May 
  • West Bay: Thursday, 16 May 

The details will also be published in the Gazette and in the media again at a date prior to commencement of mobile polling in all electoral districts.

The Elections Office team will be at Foster’s Food Fair, Countryside Shopping Village with the Voter’s ID Cards on Saturday 20 April from 9am-5pm for those who previously had cards. 

Photos will be taken on this day but no cards will be printed until Tuesday 23 April. Electors are asked to be patient with the technicians who only have one new printer and a few almost obsolete units.


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  1. Baya to da core says:

    I’ll be voting early and I will be voting often, early voting really helps me in this regard. Thanks elections office.

    • Anonymous says:

      What a shame that one of our Prominant Caymanians Kelly Thompson was struck off the voters list in the Brac. Kel as is affectionately called in the Brac spends his weekends in the Brac for years while he works in Grand Cayman. He is in the Brac for holidays and any special  occasions and the holidays. We understand that the now Premier wanted the voters list cleaned up. However her sons name remains on the list. Who can look into this? Very, Very, unfair.

  2. Coalition For A Dump Free G.T. says:

    Vote for a dump free Capital, home of 95% of revenue!

    • Anonymous says:

      I listened to Bo Millers debate this morning and other times. Let me tell you that he makes circles around alot of others. His ideas are always good, just like Dr Franks. I dont know why the both of these intelligent Gentlemen are not recognized. Makes me wonder if its because they speak above us. Both men have Cayman at heart and Dr Frank proved it when he was elected before as he worked very hard for his George Towners. It was also disheartning last night to read in the papers the amount of money spent by some Politicians. I could hardly sleep when I think that we have to pay for these useless trips. This Tonga trip I understand that julie had to bring back a helper that she met working at some restaurant over there. With so many locals , Hondurans and Jamaicans that she pretend to care so much for couldnt she have gotten one of them? Oh I forgot that a helper comes with the Premiers position and it dosent matter how much we have to pay for her. Hurry come up people dosent know the value of money for sure.