CG reveals port fiasco

| 24/04/2013

Cline.JPG(CNS): Going back as far as his first disagreement with the former premier over the cruise berthing fiasco and up to the recently revealed details of the alarming agreement McKeeva Bush signed with CHEC, the gloves came off Tuesday night when Cline Glidden opened the PNA’s West Bay fight. With several hundred people crowded into a local district yard, Glidden, who is now tourism minister, said it was Bush’s insistence on dealing with the Chinese that had caused the cruise association to announce a drop in port calls to Cayman. He said that Bush signed the proposed deal with the Beijing firm without the knowledge of the board, except for the chair, andthat Bush had previously threatened to resign unless the UDP parliamentary group backed him in his decision to drop GLF in favour of China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC).

Glidden told the crowd Tuesday night that Bush had never offered a full explanation over why he insisted on working with the Chinese, which ended up being a far worse deal than the two that Glidden had negotiated.

He told the West Bay crowd that he had never taken any money from anyone during the course of the cruise port negotiations in which he was involved, but implied that the former premier may have had an ulterior motive for insisting that the party back his decision to cancel the GLF talks and instead push for CHEC.

Recalling the events of 2011 when the premier pulled the rug from under Glidden’s negotiations with GLF Construction at the eleventh hour, the new cabinet minister said that emails that have been circulating relating to the events at the time are genuine. He said they show that Bush threatened to resign as premier if the rest of the UDP caucus did not back him, even though others in the UDP believed that GLF’s proposal presented the best deal for Cayman. Glidden did not say why the party members all yielded to Bush’s will, despite the former premier’s failure to explain why he was so keen to deal with CHEC, but it marked the point when Glidden stepped away from the negotiations and had no further involvement.

However, since he took over at the Department of Tourism, Glidden said, there have been more revelations.

During his first meeting as tourism minster with the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association they had informed him that the former premier, when he presented them with the CHEC proposal, had said the cruise lines had to pay $37 per passenger (as reported on CNS last year) to use the new dock — a price Glidden said the FCCA felt was too high.

Since they could not prevent Cayman from choosing its own developer and as they were given no say in the decision, the only thing the FCCA could do was reconsider Cayman as a cruise destination. Nevertheless, Bush had still agreed to a minimum passenger guarantee for the Chinese, which, given the FCCA's position, Bush could not possibly hope to deliver and would have cost the public purse millions of dollars.

Glidden also revealed that the consultant, Alastair Patterson, engaged by Bush at a generous $15,000 per month, was employed after the former premier had already signed the framework agreement and had already committed CIG to a deal that favoured only CHEC.

The first part of the construction of the piers would have required around 400 workers, Glidden said, and with the deal Bush had signed guaranteeing the Chinese 300 work permits, Caymanian workers would have had little opportunity to be involved.

Pointing to a catalogue of issues with the CHEC dea,l Glidden emphasised how poorly it compared to the GLF proposal, which the former premier had gone to great lengths to cancel, even threatening to resign if the party didn’t play ball.

He said the framework agreement with CHEC was so secret that none of the board, with the exception of Port Authority chair John Henry Ebanks, had seen it, nor had their lawyers. Even the UK advisor sent by the FCO to assist with the port talks was unable to get his hands on a copy, he said.

Although Bush has insisted that this was only a draft agreement, Glidden said there was no indication on the document, (posted on CNS earlier this month) that it was indeed a draft and Bush had signed every page. 

As Glidden revealed the various details of what he said was a terrible agreement for Cayman,he asked the crowd to consider exactly why the former premier would have signed such a bad deal.

The minister did not detail the events of December which saw Bush eventually ousted from office by the current PNA members, leaving that to his district running mate and deputy premier, Rolston Anglin. However, Glidden stole the mantra of the Coalition for Cayman when he said the PNA members had actually put "country first". He said he had no regrets about supporting the opposition leader's no confidence motion in December which led to the downfall of the UDP administration, despite his previous long friendship with Bush.

Although they had been labelled "cut throats", he said none of the new government and PNA members had any apologies for doing what they did and, although it was a very tough decision, it was the right thing.

Promising more revelations at the next PNA meeting, Glidden called on the people of West Bay not to vote as they had in the past, ironically criticising the coat tail effect that Bush has had in the district, clearly to the benefit of the PNA members for three previous elections. 

Although Glidden’s revelations add to the catalogue of questionable behaviour by the former premier, the tell-all approach being adopted by the PNA may backfire, given that they were all part of the Bush administration when this took place. With the exception of Glidden, they had all opted to back Bush in his port negotiations with CHEC, despite being entirely unaware of what they were supporting. However, they had apparently been bullied into backing Bush because the alternative was likely to have brought the government down.

The eleventh hour decision to oust the former premier only when he had been arrested for theft and corruption offences leaves the five Cabinet ministers vulnerable to criticisms that it is too little,too late. Nevertheless, it is clear that in West Bay at least, Glidden and Anglin will be taking the fight directly to the UDP in an effort to return to the Legislative Assembly for the first time in both their political careers without the help of Bush.  

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  1. Anonymous says:

    There's something decidedly shifty about this lot. Like, all of a sudden they didn't know anything, and even if they did they couldn't do anything to stop it. Pull the other one, pal. It's got bells on it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter".

    Martin Luther King Jr.

    PNA/UDP Lite, your political life is at an end.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The only ones thrown under the bus were the people of this island. What a sorry excuse for humans these people are.  Have they no honor at all?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Please West Bayers, show us what you are made of this election. Don't sell out to these jokers again. We have faith in you, don't let us down.


    The Rest of Cayman.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I doubt that McKeeva threatened to resign. Removing a minister and replace him with Ellio seemed to be the most likely threat. As bad as that sounds, JuJu replacing someone as incompetent as Mike with John John is even worse.

  6. Shock and Awe says:

    The Nazi Defense: "I was just following orders." but mind you, I didn't mind collecting that wonderful salary and perks. It sounds also from Glidden's statement that he is trying to distance himself. Because possibly the $hit is going to hit the fan about this, and other misdeeds when the former premier's case goes before the court. Nice try.

  7. Anonymous says:

    So you didn't stand up to McKeeva, despite suspecting him of corruption, because he threatened to resign? That actually makes it worse- you could have avoided the port fiasco and gotten rid of Mac. Is this some reverse psychology attempt to get us to vote for you by showing what a terrible representative you've been?

    • Anonymous says:

      I presume he reported his suspicions to the Police? Oh no? I wonder why…self incrimination probably…

  8. Anonymous says:

    And he thinks this will help him get re-elected?  He did not raise public concern when these events were happening.  He did not indicate to Bush that he should re-sign but rather he agreed that keeping Bush in office was more important than correcting the port contract fiasco?  Deeply unimpressive man lives up to the incredibly low expectations I have of him.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Million dollar question, if the ex premier was ranting he would resigned if he didn’t get his way, why didn’t you all allow it? Wouldn’t that have been the best thing before it got to this point? I really believe you all were in it together and when he was arrested it was decided to split the team to save your hides. Far as I am concern you all are dirty and should not be fit for office.

    Another question, if this was the kind of under the table deals what about the 4 Cayman Alliance deal with Dart? How as a nation we know this is good for the country when mr. Dart has already cut the road up?

    What will it take to wake this country up and see that the existing UDP PNA and ex UDP supporters (the Stefan’s, Jude, Roy’s, etc….) have destroyed this country and we need to end this madness now!

    • Anonymous says:

      I asked my Dada "How should I know who to vote for?" And Dada replied "Listen Sonny Boy, here are my Ten Commandments for you":

      1. never vote for anyone with hair on their face, be they man or woman – 'cause they hidin more than you can imagine

      2. never vote for anyone who dress too good – 'cause they got a style to keep up and you will be payin for it one way or the other

      3. never vote for anyone with shiny ass pants – 'cause them are professional wheel spinners who been sittin to long doin' nuthin good for you, me or the country

      4. never vote for anyone who shave their head – cause I just don't like em greasy sleaze balls

      5. never vote for anyone who talk too well or too much 'cause they sure as hell is covering up

      6. never vote for anyone who wears religion like its a badge – 'cause they only using it as a mask to rob you blind

      7. never vote for those you know are being backed by big money fellers – cause it won't be your interests they be lookin out for

      8.look for those with good hearts who care more about the old, the sick and your children, than they care about themselves, vote for them first of all

      9. look for those who are beyond compromise – and if you ever find one you might as well preserve them with your vote, for everyone's benefit

      10. always look deep in their eyes and when you find real honesty deep in there, then that's who should be your leader, so vote them in too

      • Anonymous says:

        By my reckoning it would be impossible to vote for any candidate in these elections using this method.  If that happens do you see if anyone passes 1-9 only?  Even by that method, one might struggle to fill a ballot until criteria 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 are ignored.  There is far too much bad facial hair going on.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Glidden, Putting Others Second (POS).

    Nuff said.

    • Anonymous says:

      You gotthat right. I know for sure not many got a pleasant welcome at his front door if and whenever they were able to make it that far. He doesn’t let go money easily. Maybe now is a bit different tho. It’s election time baby. Time to dig deep in those pockets ole boy!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Nor many left to vote for really is there?

  12. Anonymous says:

    It’s time to wake up west bay and listen to the truth,keep bringing it out buddy.

    And all you UDP supporters please come out of that McKeeva dream that you were in for so
    Long and smell the roses.

  13. PoliticalPolice says:

    Breaking News!!! Elections Results!!For May 22 2013.


    1-Mike Adams(UDP)- 5201

    2-D.Kurt Tibbets(PPM)-4703

    3-Roy Mctaggart(C4C)- 4450

    4-Jude Scott(C4C)-4150

    5-Winston Churchill Conolly(C4C)- 3989

    6-Walling(Wally) Whittaker(UDP)-3740

    Almost Made it_____——>

    7-Alden McLaughlin(PPM)-3634

    8-Ellio Solomon(UDP)-3489

    WESTBAY Votes

    1-McKeeva Bush(UDP)- 3254

    2-Rolston(Rollie) Anglin(PNA)- 2699

    3-Cline(CG) Glidden(PNA)- 2487

    4-Bernie Bush (UDP)- 2198

    Almost Made it_____—–>

    5-Captain Eugene Ebanks(UDP)-1980

    6-Tara Rivers(C4C)-1879


    1- Mark Scotland(PNA)-3290

    2-Theresa M. Pitcairn(UDP)- 2980

    3- Anthony Eden(PPM)- 2789

    4-Charles(Chucky) Clifford(INP)- 2651

    Amost Made it____——>

    5- Osbourne(Ozzie)Bodden(PPM)- 2590

    6- Gregg Anderson (C4C)- 2435


    1-Ezzard Miller(IND)- 390

    Amost  Made it____——>

    2-Joseph(Joey) Ebanks(IND)- 159

    EASTEND Votes

    1- V. Arden Mclean(IND)- 399

    Almost Made it____——>

    2- John Bonwell Mclean Jr(IND)- 349

    CB & LC

    1-Moses Ian Kirkconnell(PPM)- 840

    2-Julianna O'Connor Connolly(PNA)- 690

    Almost Made it_____——>

    1-David Allen Bodden(IND)- 470


    Finals Results


    1-C4C – 3Mlas     1-UDP – 2MLas     1- PNA – 1 MLa   1- IND- 1MLa   1- IND -1 1- PPM -1

    2-UDP- 2 Mlas     2-PNA – 2Mlas       2- PPM- 1 MLa                                       2- UDP-1

    3-PPM- 1 Mla                                  3- UDP- 1 MLa

                                                          4- IND-  1MLa

    • PoliticalPolice says:

      Start forming political alliances from now!!!The Political landscaping will be changing in the cayman islands for the next general election.No recounts allowed.Remember the Political Police told you first.

    • Dred says:

      This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs.


    • Anonymous says:

      Signed, John Foster the UDP weatherman. Not to worry folks, very much to the contrary, the Weather Channel says May 22nd is going to be a gloriously bright and sunny day.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dream on.

    • Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

      What a load of Hog Bloody Wash!

      Even for the jordanian this is over optimistic!


  14. Jacky Boatside from Oldbush says:

    Here he is folks Minni Vanilli Glidden  and his favourite tune "Blame it on the rain"!  I know i am sick and tired of hearing it too, aren't you Cayman

  15. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, but you are but one of the sheep that followed the wrong path and now need to be sacrificed for good of our nation. Be thankful you are not actually a sheep since following a good sacrifice you'd be roasting on a spit.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Glidden, we want the truth and nothing but the WHOLE truth and NOT HALF truths. Please tell us about the Dart tender and your conflicts of interest in this regard and tell us about GLF, Diamonds International, the port chairman, Royal and yourself with the GLF deal and the retail space at the dock. Its time to come clean on everything and expose the corruption and influence in these deals that you were represent the people and this country to manage and administer in the best interests of this country.


    • Anonymous says:

      Which truth do you want? The UDP/Ex-UDP/NPA truth or the real truth? You probably will never get the latter.

      It doesn't matter anyway. IF CG didn't know anything, he is obviously clueless about what is going on right under his nose and why should we pay someon CI$ 15K/month for that?

      A bunch of crooks and a bunch of liars have been attempting to run the country. What a mess!

      And to think that someone of them will still get votes…………..

  17. Anonymous says:

    What about his US citizenship? Did he say anything about his US citizenship and if he had US citizenship while serving as an MLA.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I don't understand this campaign strategy. It seems to be "bad things were done last time we were in power which I knew all about and did nothing to stop, but that was because I was spineless, not because I supported them, so vote for me".

    At the very least CG was an enabler. He knew Cayman was getting a raw deal on the port, he implies that he suspected corruption was at the heart of it and yet he allowed it to happen on his watch. If we'd had someone willing to stand up and shout about what was going on we wouldn't be in the mess we're in.

    Whether CG supported the port deal, or opposed it and kept quiet, he failed in his job as an MLA.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is a last ditch effort to distance this PNA from the UDP. It won't work!!! Besides, we already heard the Cayman Brac Queen say she will work with anyone for a Minister seat.


    • Anonymous says:

      He needs to read "Codependent No More".

  19. mccarron mclaughlin says:

    None of these spinless PNA swine deserve another chance to be elected, the ability to not think for yourself is good reason not to vote for these fools.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Lying by Omission.


    Cline, telling us what happened without telling the whole truth make this a half-truth which is just a fancy name for a lie. We the people know there is some reason the UDP did not act to remove Mac when all of this happened yet you refuse to tell what  the reason is. This makes it appear that Mac had something over all of you and threatened to expose things you would not want made public. The overt appearance is that of blackmale or bribery. Only you can set the record straight by coming clean and fessing up but we know that is not likely. Therefore you remain untrustworthy and are not likely to be re-elected to public office. If you truly have our interest at heart you would tell all.


  21. Anonymous says:

    CG is not even legally eligible to be an MLA.   The tell-all PNA meetings are just a distraction from the real issue that he isn't now, and never has been legally eligible to stand as an MLA.

    We all know that the PNA and UDP MLAs are the ones that are really accountable for allowing Premier Bush to damage our economy and international reputation.  They are the ones that could have called for a No Confidence or at least supported the Opposition's countless No Confidence motions.  CG, Capt Eugene, Elio, Juliana, John John, Mark, Mike, and Ralston are all equally responsible!

    CNS – can you find out whether CG is even legally qualified to serve as an MLA?

    • Rorschach says:

      Wait..first you say.."CG is not even legally eligible to be an MLA." then you go on to ask, "CNS – can you find out whether CG is even legally qualified to serve as an MLA?"

      I would have thought by the way you made that first statement, that you would have done some research and determined that for you want CNS to do the legwork??   You na easy…

  22. Anonymous says:

    Please continue to spill dem beans, guys, not that it's going to help any of you get re-elected, but at least it should help clear your…er… consciences.

  23. Anonymous says:

    So many reasons not to vote for the former Premier in the coming election. I only hope, for the future of Cayman and our children, that he and his cronies do not get back in. I don't think Cayman can take much more of them UDP before we fall off the cliff.

  24. St Peter says:

    I am concerned that Cayman has become a major contributor to global warming – with all of this hot air being spewed by our politicians…

  25. Really? says:

    Ah boy. First Jon Jon gets run ovr by the Mackeeva express from WB to BT and now CG and Rolly claim they got hit by a WB bus. I guess wegoing soon have to take away Macs drivers license with all these people claiming they got run over. 

    All of these jokers are the same. Mark CG Rolly Julie and Jon Jon all supported Mac until Alden and the PPM finally twisted their arms so hard they gave in and voted Mac out.

    Thank God we had an opposition who respect the rules and put country first because what CG did was not Country First it was more like lets wait and see what happens before we dump him. 

    By the way, The PNA and C4C are now making deals together. Both of them are splinter groups of the former UDP so be careful what you wish for because C4C seems to be making deals just so they can grab power!


    • SSM345 says:

      "take away Macs drivers license".

      Quick question, or perhaps an FOI request is required here, but seeing as Mac is no longer the self annointed Premier he once was, I assume he no longer has a driver, cook, garderner etc that we had to pay for that came as a perk?

      Are we still paying his electricity and other utility bills?

      Just wondering…….

    • Anonymous says:

      Mac doesn't need a driving licence, he still has someone driving him around in his truck – and he sometimes wears a suit L.O.L. He just thinks it's a matter of time before he is back on top – what a shock May 23rd early morning is going to be for him!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Party politics at it’s finest. More worried about losing a foothold as the government of the day than doing what was right it’s true, you could have lost your jobs. But,if you had stood up for what is best for the country, instead of what was best for you in following the leader at all costs it might have made a difference. As it stands now your credibility as a group is 0.

  27. Anonymous says:

    "Putting Country First", PLEASE, you should have done that way back when Bush threatened to resign if he didn't get his way and you all knew CHEC was a bad deal for the country. All of you are like kids in the sand box, well, Cayman's sand box is closed 

    • Anonymous says:

      $15,000 A MONTH…?…Why why why…?

    • Anonymous says:

      system abused and taken advantage of for the last 12 years by both parties

      now we are all suffering and you all have the nerve to ask for 4 more years

      so you can totally destroy the country. wake up people do the right thing, they all must go. 

  28. Anonymous says:

    You really want us to believe that all this was going on and NONE of you had the guts to vote with the Opposition in a vote of no confidence to remove Mac as premier? It only bolsters the fact that you are all cowards who allowed what was the worst possible scenario for the country to continue. You have no chance of being re-elected, you are worse than the remaining UDP lackeys, at least they stand by their (misled) convictions.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Sorry CG,  but the fact that your wife flew (probably first class) and stayed (probably first class) with you and Mac and hiswife and Richard Parchement and his wife in Venice to meet with GLF speaks volumes. You may not think you received anything being involved in these negotiations, but we certainly paid for it. 3 days later GLF is out of the deal, this costs us millions in payments to them and you didn't take Mac's offer to resign over it? GIVE ME A BREAK! I don't believe a word of it. No votes for PNA. (Party Not Alliance), we aren't fooled for a minute by your excuses. 

  30. Anonymous says:

    I seriously don't know much about big finance, but why cannot someone come up with a scheme where the Caymanians can buy shares in a new port – even if the port renovations were done one step at a time, can this venture not be "floated" by the Caymanians?

    • Anonymous says:

      Ya,  But who gonna handle the cashflow and can anyone really count

      on the the accountability of any goverment agency on this island to properly

      record received funds to pay back investors from the profits…….don't think so.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anon 1043 I love that idea. Problem is that the Caymanians or whoever has to put that money up front and its a lot of money.

      If you ask me what I would look at to say that the UDP failed and its simply this. They went in for four years and we neither have a cruise port nor do we even have anyone signed to get us a cruise port. We still dont have an alternative source of revenue and at the rate Government is going we are not close.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t know if you are a George Town voter , but this is what Bo Miller is proposing. Check him out!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Must have been one "Big Bus" that all of these guys thrown under…

  32. Libertarian says:

    It is ashame that we are taking so long to develop our economy. Right now there are so many businesses in George Town suffering because we have seen a decline in cruise ship visitors. Look at how long we have been talking about a cruise port and every four years politicians hold back progess. 

    • Anonymous says:


        Spineless puppets for 12 years and now they expect us to believe they know nothing, nothing for 12 years l i a r s,   they helped plan the schemes and signed off on everything.

      do the country a favour tell us everything and then resign, we do not need people like you all UDP/PNA           in our Government.

      You all are a disgrace to all West Bayers, even those that voted for you all.

      No wonder your families are feeling ashamed, no honesty or   i n t egri ty,

      once a lierd always a liard. You all are too old to change now, go home and hang you head in sha   me.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why don’t the businesses in Town invest in building the cruise berths since they are the ones suffering from not having any? Or is it that they are waiting for someone else to build it for them? Then they will complain when the investor tweeks things to earn his return on his investment and they are not able to grab the whole hog. The best option was the GLF deal and the UDP threw that baby out with the bath water.

      I am glad Cline has decided to make the whole truth known. And all you UDP supporters who want Mac back in, that speaks volumes about you too. I always heard that birds of a feather flock together, didn’t you?

      Now instead of running him down, run your leader down. He did it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Wow, you win the award for the stupidist post EVER!  Really like we can just build a dock on public land without GIG approval.  And while we're at it can we collect the fees??  IDIOT.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Proceeding to this level of discussion (MOUs and framework agreements) without a bankable feasibility study, execution plan, or open Request For Proposal bidding process is disasterous, as we've seen time and time again.  We shouldn't want any politician to apply this simpleton negotiating strategy on our behalf on anything, ever again.  Reading through the transcripts and email threads is a horror show of knowledge gaps, over-ambition, and personal agendas.  There is no sense in tearing up our shores without some assurance that there will be sufficient and guaranteed revenue to offset the permanent damage that results.  Until that is a public document, we shouldn't rush into any new capital project – neither airport nor port – we haven't the money or revenue to contemplate these things unless they can be self-amortizing.     

  34. Anonymous says:

    CG = Joey 2.0!!


    Lay it all out CG, put everything in the light so the people can decide for themselves what Bush was up to.

  35. Anonymous says:

    "that he had previously threatened to resign unless the UDP parliamentary group backed him in his decision to drop GLF in favour of China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC)."

    So, CG is merely confirming that the rest of the UDP were spineless puppets who did not bother to do what was right, rather just did what they were told.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anyone who is willing to be bullied in the L.A. until it suits them not to be, is not worth voting for.

  36. Anonymous says:

    "The eleventh hour decision to oust the former premier only when he had been arrested for theft and corruption offences leaves the five Cabinet ministers vulnerable to criticisms that it is too little, too late."


    This sums the situation very well.


    I do not trust anyone who has been associated with the UDP. The corruption is cancerous.

    • Anonymous says:

      and this also includes some prominent business men who were previously such big supporters of the Ex-Premier and the UDP. Now that the ship is sinking, you can find them endorsing the Indpendent Candidates and PPM. How disgusting! 

      I don't know what is worse, the Indpendents and PPM to allow them on their platforms or how shameless those business men are. Just lining themselves up with whoever is going to run the show….

      • Anonymous says:

        Eh….. none of them are on a PPM platform, you are misinformed. 

  37. Libertarian says:

    This is why I believe in separating the legislative arm of government from the cabinet arm of government with its ministries. In Constitution we should have had "one person two votes" and not "one person one vote" like its being suggested by so many that want to keep cabinet porfolios with the MLAs. A one person two vote provision would be everyone having one vote for their district MLA and another vote for who should be Premier. That way when the Premier has lost the people's confidence, they can vote him out before the end of his term and the people wouldn't have to rely on MLAs to do it. So you would have 18 MLAs in the house solely for representing the districts and crafting the laws of the land. The portfolios will be given to the Premier and by law he will form his cabinet which MUST consist of community members who are educated and qualified for the positions. All like ministries like Tourism, Public Works, etc… should not be managed by MLAs!  If Alden gets back in, I hope it is not the same chirping of "one man one vote". What power do the people have if we can't vote out the Premier and have MLAs who will not listen to the people because they are so caught up with ministries. We need to wake up and realized what is best for the country.

    • Anonymous says:

      Now there's a recipe for political patronage if ever I saw one.

      • Libertarian says:

        Not if the selected cabinet members are approved by the majority of members in the House. The premier will be deemed "president" and like the federal U.S. system will be able to veto bills. He will not have the power to undermine the decisions of the LA members who make the laws of the land. It is very simple change… We just have arrogant uk loyalists that believe we shouldn't divert our government away from westminister style. That is rediculous and benefits only them – not Caymanians.

    • SSM345 says:

      "The portfolios will be given to the Premier and by law he will form his cabinet which MUST consist of community members who are educated and qualified for the positions."

      Hey Lib, they have tried this before with various boards and regulators over the years, ever heard of Joey Ebanks, Jeremy Jackson, Dick Arch etc etc?

      The power of appointment / delegation needs to be TAKEN AWAY, period, because they continue to prove that when given these sorts of powers, they use and abuse them.

    • Anonymous says:

      The first and foremost separation that needs to take place is to separate the politicians from the money. You can change government all you want but if our fellow citizens whom we elect to represent us, set policy and make laws have access to the purse strings, we will end up right back here trying to fix things. 

      Here are some things that don't mix well:

      Oil and water

      Alcohol and driving

      Politicians and money.



  38. Anonymous says:

    he said he'd resign?! Another lost oppertunity.

    • Anonymous says:

      Absolutely.  It would have been better for the country and for all had they accepted his resignation (although I suspect he was all mouth and meant none of it as usual).  Now we're in an even worse mess because they accepted the Chinese instead… fools.

      • Anonymous says:

        Resign? He wouldn’t even resign after he had been arrested! The two West Bay (former) UDP members, Cline and Rolston, got caught up in a web which they have now courageously freed themselves from, thank God. The people who attended their meeting on April 23 left with a lot to think about. They were ALL WB voters not a bus load from another district. As was said last night, they did was right, albeit somewhat late in making the move.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Basically they are all spineless jelly fish. He was not brave enough to stand up at the time and do what he calls is best for Cayman, but he can now….Lord help us, the quality of candidates is appalling here…never doing what is right or a principled approach…trying to justify themselves after the fact. That is what the majority do, but Cayman should expect statesmenship from its politicians…sadly none present in this candidate.

  40. Peanuts says:

    I donot expect that Bush will be sent back to the LA, also the Good Capt will also be retired. Only then will Cayman get a break from the speculation of misdeeds. 

  41. SSM345 says:

    "being entirely unaware of what they were supporting but had been essentially bullied into backing Bush because the alternative was likely to have brought the government down."

    So if Bush told you to jump off a bridge? Oh wait he did.

    Bring the Government down? No, it would have meant that Bush leaves and you all might actually have worked together to get us all out of this mess without a dictatotr standing in your way.

    Pretty simple really, YOU ALL NEED TO WORK TOGETHER.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Since 2011 they didn't agree and realized something wasn't right…but did anyone do anything? NO, fast forward to 2012 when things started happening, but it wasn't anything to do with the UDP stopping Bush…now when elections are around, and everything is coming to light then everyone has something to say and pointing fingers.  I would have thought alot more of Cline if he had stood up to Bush in 2011 as of now, he is no better or any of the UDP from west bay then bush.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Why did the now, PNA members take so long to wake up?

    • Anonymous says:

      Have you ever found yourself in a position from which you had to exit later than you would have wanted to? That is what happened to these young men.

      • Anonymous says:

        Wrong. These "young men" were willing to ride the Gravy Train to the last stop which is exactly what they did. Now they're looking to hitch their wagon to any new train that helps them get what they want.

        Never ever again should these weak minded, money hungry, fast talking few be elected to the honourable house.

      • Anonymous says:

        This is what happened to these young men?  Fire exit is straight ahead!

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes. But mine was an unavoidable car crash.

      • noname says:

        Young, REALLY?

    • Anonymous says:

      Election time looms

    • Anonymous says:

      They were awake they hoped that the people were asleep. We’ve are now wide awake.Go PPM!!!