Joey charged with cocaine use

| 25/04/2013

(CNS): In addition to the 29 counts he faces for theft and fraud, 49-year-old Joey Ebanks has also been charged with consumption of cocaine and possession of a drug utensil. The former managing director of the Electricity Regulatory Authority, who is running his political campaign for the North Side seat from his Facebook page and a shock-jock evening radio show, has been bailed to appear back in the courts on Friday 3 May. Ebanks was first arrested at his home in the Pedro area on 6 March in connection for theft and drug offences. He was later charged on 29 counts of theft fraud and abuse of office in relation to misuse of ERA funds. The RCIPS has now added the drug charges as a result of forensic tests.

Ebanks appeared in Summary Court last week and the first of his offences was transmitted to the Grand Gourt, which is where the former ERA boss is expected to be tried.

He has vehemently denied the charges and placed a video on YouTube saying he can refute all of the charges. He has claimed that the charges are a conspiracy against him because of his attempts to expose corruption, including a bribe he claims he was offered by the Dart Group to fix the ERA bid for additional generating power, which has triggered an internal investigation.

Ebanks has also been making many allegations and insulting his political enemies, reporters and local officials on his radio show and Facebook. He has saved most of his vitriolic attacks, however, for his political opponent and North Side incumbent Ezzard Miller, who has filed numerous complaints about Ebanks' evening radio show being broadcast by local radio station VIBE FM.

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