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CS makes plans to recruit and develop local talent

CS makes plans to recruit and develop local talent

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staff entrance (251x300).jpg(CNS): The latest minutes released by the deputy governor’s office showing a scant record of the regular weekly meeting between the civil service boss, Franz Manderson, and the chief officers on 13 May  revealsthat the public sector management was discussing succession planning for Caymanians. They were also given a presentation on 'The Rationalisation of the Public Service". However, the short record of the meeting gives no detail of what was discussed following the presentation and merely indicates the chief officers were asked to provide their comments by 17 May. Details regarding how the management plans to ensure Caymanians are promoted were also absent from the minutes.

The succession plan was described as a workforce planning strategy designed to ensure that the Cayman Islands Government CIG recruits and develops Caymanian talent to fill each key managerial or technical roles within the organisation.

“While succession planning is focused on Caymanians, as a responsible employer, CIG strives to inspire the personal best from all its employees,” is all that is recorded in the minutes.

See minutes posted below.

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