Attempted murder suspect sacks another lawyer

| 01/07/2013

courts_0.jpg(CNS): The 41-year-old man charged with the attempted murder of Wesley Clarke in the early hours of June last year has released yet another defense attorney provided to him by legal aid. Garry Hurlston requested last week that his defense counsel be taken off record, and despite being set to face a retrial in a matter of weeks, he still does not have a lawyer, The court has advised Hurlston that this will be the last legal representation he will be able to gain through the legal aid system or he will have to find his own resources to fund his representation. Hurlston rose from his seat in the dock to explain that he wants this matter "disposed of as soon as possible" and that he may be seeking to represent himself with the advice of his initial lawyer, John Furniss, throughout the judge-alone trial.

The defendant began a trial earlier in April, when he was represented by Furniss, but partway through the case was adjourned when Hurlston sacked him. His case is now due to return before a judge on 15 July but Hurlston's representation now remains unclear after he also sacked Michael Wingrave.

The defendant has had several legal battles throughout this case due to trial conflicts and personal disagreements with his many attorneys. However, he told the court that he remains as eager as ever to conclude the case as he is the father of five children and a self-employed mechanic. He was remanded into custody following the dismissal of his attorney.

Hurlston is accused of stabbing Clarke in the neck during an altercation at a party in the Windsor Park area at approximately 3am on 21 June last year. Although Hurlston has denied ever stabbing the victim, a witness at the scene told the court that Clarke was his friend and that he had seen Clarke arguing with the defendant immediately before he grabbed his neck and shouted, "They killed me!"

The victim was taken to the hospital immediately following the incident and slipped into a coma. Clarke has been in an unresponsive state connected to a life support machine ever since and it is reported that he did not name his assailant before he lost consciousness.

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