Human Rights court rules against life imprisonment

| 09/07/2013

article-2358669-0D685FEF00000578-896_196x308.jpg(Daily Mail): Justice Secretary Chris Grayling today launched a furious attack on European judges who ruled Britain's most notorious murderers could not be told to die in jail because it breaches their human rights. The Tory minister said the original authors of the Human Rights Convention 'would be turning in their graves' at the ruling which means dozens of killers could launch bids for freedom. Judges in Strasbourg ruled locking up murderers without any prospect of being released was unlawful. The extraordinary legal challenge was brought by murderer Jeremy Bamber and two other killers, Douglas Vinter and Peter Moore, who claim that condemning them to spend the rest of their lives behind bars without a review is cruel, inhuman and degrading.

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