ESO team updating household register

| 15/07/2013

(CNS): Staff from the Economics and Statistics Office (ESO) have begun collecting information in communities across all districts in the Cayman Islands to update the Household Register. The team began the research field work on 8 July and will continue until the end of next month, collecting the necessary basic information. The Household Register is a list of all household addresses in the Cayman Islands and provides a sampling frame from which households are selected for surveys. It is usually updated prior to the annual Labour Force Survey. This year’s update is a partial one, in which only dwellings that were previously listed as of August 2012 as “under construction” or “vacant” will be visited.

New dwellings are also visited to determine if they have become occupied as households.

“ESO generally enjoys good cooperation from the community in our various household surveys, and we thank them anew in advance for their support this year,” said ESO Director Maria Zingapan.

ESO staff members can be identified through their IDs. She therefore advises that concerned community members should always ask for the field workers to present their IDs before providing key information.

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