Pines case stalled as police wait for details

| 15/07/2013

(CNS): The RCIPS has confirmed that they are still waiting on details of a theft which is alleged to have taken place at the Pines Retirement Home. Sue Nicholson (left), the former manager, was dismissed by the board atthe old folks’ home in George Town and left the islands under a cloud of suspicion following revelations that a sum of money had gone missing. However, although a report was made to the police about a possible theft, a police spokesperson stated Monday that the RCIPS is still waiting for statements and details of the crime in order to begin an investigation. In March the board of directors issued a public statement indicating that KPMG was undertaking a forensic audit and preparing a report for the authorities.

The board also said that Maples and Calder was assisting in the recovery of the missing funds, although it was understood that Nicholson had left Cayman. Since then it appears that the board has not given the RCIPS any further information.

“We have received a complaint of a theft but no statement on the details of how much was stolen or any other details,” the RCIPS said Monday.

The police are aware of an alleged crime but no one has yet given a statement explaining the details or offering a starting point for an investigation, nor has the Pines board of directors detailed how much was missing or under what circumstances. It did state in March, when it confirmed that Nicholson had been dismissed, that the sums involved did not affect the operation of the home and the directors were confident that the losses would be recovered. However, there has been no indication since then if any of the money has been returned or why the board has not yet offered details of the crime to the police.

The Pines is a privately run non-profit facility for elderly members of the community dependent on charitable donations. Although it also receives funding from government, two thirds of its costs are covered by the funds it raises from the private sector. As well as caring for the 35 residents, the home provides a programme for senior citizens who live independently or with their families but require daytime support, as well as temporary respite care for several more.

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  1. The Badger says:

    What sense of responsibility is there left?   The time has come for a judicial enquiry into the Pines and all other alleged frauds.  How much longer can the island suffer these (alleged) frauds?   People seem to think that they can come here, act with impunity, and then leave the Island and not face the music.  People that steal from organizations are no better than sneak thieves who would go into an old person's home when they are sick and defenceless and steal from their handbag.  If the allegations prove to be true, the persons involved should be thoroughly ashamed.   They are going after the weak.  We are disgusted by those crimes, this one is of even greater magnitude.  The people who oversee the books, and sit on the committees cannot only be there for the photocalls and public service awards and dinners.  They also need to be there to check on what is happening to donations.  If they were asleep at the wheel they have questions to answer.  What sense of responsibility is there left here?


  2. ATT KMPG says:


    KPMG, Ask Mrs Nicholson about her helper at home, allegedly she was also paid for by the Pines… could be a rumor but if true it makes me sick. 

  3. Agree says:

    Make no bones about it. 

    The Board heard plenty of complaints!  The Board heard complaints frokm staff (That called this woman the Evil mighty-midget) the BOARD heard complaints about misuse of funds and donations (donated van being used for personal use) the BOARD heard about the inflated invoices to pay for nursing staff to a company run by this same woman, the BOARD heard about employee abuse, the Board heard about this woman's contant unreported absences……okay folks: THE BOARD heard a LOT and did absolutley NOTHING.  So dear RCIP perhaps it is time to prosecute the BOARD for their knowledge of these thefts (financial thefts and proceeds of crimes?)

    Sorry Board….you were just BORED and now you have been found lacking.  WHO does this BOARD report to please??? There must be someone to answer to!  The residents of the Pines deserve better than this Board.

  4. Anonymous says:

    CNS, can you advise why you don't allow comments on say, the Bodden Corporate Services theft of $400k plus, but do allow them in this situation? Is it that once someone is chargedyou do not allow comments in case they might influence the outcome?

    CNS: When a matter is going through the courts, we block the comments until a verdict has been reached. This generally starts when someone is arrested unless there is an issue for the community to discuss other than the guit or innocence of the suspect, although in such cases a lot of comments wil be deleted. For example, this story raised issues about how society deals with mental health patients.

    Regarding the Pines theft, no one has been arrested or charged and it does not appear likely that this will happen, since the only suspect has left the country.

  5. 4 Cayman says:

    12.41 I agree with you regarding the compass. Recently they are selective when it comes to reporting the news. The other day I posted a comment on their online services regarding the car tyres on their front page and it was a question to the general public as to where those tyres were being stored, whether it was at the existing site or in Bodden Town and they did not post my question or respond to the query. 

    if the news is being selective at reporting, my question is why is this and shouldn't the general public be kept abreast of all local news whether good or bad?

  6. Anonymous says:

    This is a very strange case

    Questions I would ask

    There is a lot of money missing and it seems over several years

    Why did the board not notice?

    Were the books audited at all in those years?

    If not, what were the board doing to justify their roles?

    I fully support the legal proceedings that must happen to absolve or incriminate but everyone should be presumed innocent until otherwise proven.

    Finally,a gain of a serial number of thousands –  Its a lot of money for some – not for Mrs Nicholson I would imagine. So where is the motivation?



  7. Anonymous says:

    The perpetrators are hoping that this will all blow over. There are implications at the very highest levels and Nicholson was merely a well-rewarded cog in a big, bad wheel. If the truth gets out as to who was providing her temps, large heads will roll.

    Unfortunately, a cover-up is in process and I hope the press are up to the task. No point asking the Compass to out the "brethren".

  8. Anonymous says:


    I gave money to the Pines for a number of years to say I am angry is an understatement.


    Regardless if the money is re-paid (that is good), if a crime of theft has been committed the person should still be held to account no questions about it.


    The people who were supervising Mrs Nicholson also have a case to answer which may explain their reluctance to communicate with the RCIPS – if they cover this up they are culpable. 

  9. Anonymous says:

    Funny how these foreighners who are accused of crimes don't have their passports held by the police until the official enquiiry is done and are just left to board the plane after stealing from us.  While i don't condone any crime, a Caymanian in the same position at the very least would be under house arrest untilenquiries are over.

    This always pisses me off but you can bet yous A$$ that there was and still is a Caymanian somewhere covering for her.


    we are our own worst enemies.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you read previous reports you will find out that the theft was not discovered until after she had left island.  It is very difficult to take someones passport and hold it or put them under house arrest if they are not in the jurisdiction when the crime is reported and have not returned yet.

      This would apply to both a "foreighner"  or a Caymanian.

      • Pines Donor says:

        Actually the announcement was made after she left the island. The Board knew of the allegations prior to the departure but nobody expected her to not return. There is an old saying that "Innocent people do not do not run" so we are only left to speculate why she has fled the jurisdiction.

        If there is no issue or case to answer why hasn't she returned to the island? She's in the UK check Facebook. 

      • Anonymous says:

        The problem is that she was essentially tipped off that they were on to her before she returned thus ensuring that she did not return. Obviously, if this had been a Caymanian his or her ties to the Islands would likely have overridden that.

    • Anonymous says:

      So true. If a Caymanian had been accused of this, him or her would have been arrested and held at Fairbanks!  Such an unfair system!

    • Anonymous says:

      I think it the correct spelling is "furreigner" in the context you are using.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually she is in fact a Cayman – call her a paper Caymanian if it makes you feel better, but she is still a Caymanian. Also she didn't flee the Island to excape the charges, she actually left to go to her daughter's wedding.

      • Anonymous says:

        Since you seem to know so much about Mrs. Nicholson's whereabouts when can we expect her returning to the island to address this serious matter or did she go on the honeymoon as well?

        She needs to lose her Caymanian status along with everybody else involved in the crime and cover up as Persona Non Grata in Cayman if she is guilty

        • SSM345 says:

          Check her daughters Face book accounts, it seems she was hiding in Caves this past weekend…….in the UK.

  10. Pines Donor says:

    Dear Board Members

    Please do not allow yourself to be party to a cover up.

    Why have you not given the statement to the RCIPs yet? If the alleged theft is true that means several hundred thousand dollars were misappropriated during your term and you have been negligent as Directors.

    Chairman Reddyhough confidence in the Pines and all the hardwork you and your team have done over the years will be undermined unless you assist the RCIP and do all that you can in your capacity as Chairman to protect he Pines and the old people it serves. 

    Pride cometh before the fall

  11. Anonymous says:

    What would happen if the alleged theft took place and a local was involved? All who made donations, Corporate Cayman and the Board of Pines would make sure justice is done.

    The way this is being handled is proof of the double standard in Cayman society. It has been happening for years. 

    • Anonymous says:

      I expected such acts of crime to take place in the Larger countries like UK, Canada, Jamaica etc but not Cayman –  Our hearts are placed in foriegn labour, and believes and worships what they do within the country. Then the time comes when we prove ourselves wrong by too many years too late to discover these acts of crime. What is the total amount missing? This could have helped with more of the elderly persons at the Pines – XXXX  "Let us pray for the Cayman Islands, as we experience our downfalls in the foreign get rich schemes". 

  12. Anonymous says:


    Has Mr. Nicholson started to make sure all missing funds are returned as he promised his friends in Rotary and in the press?


    • SSM345 says:

      08:48, paying back the funds will not make it right. Thats the same logic as Mac.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The alleged theft means she stole from everybody who ever game money, made a donation and time to help the Pines. If this is all true this is one of the sickest crimes ever committed in this Country. 

    The board of the Pines are accountable and seem to be protecting their friend. Where is the conscience and willingness to do the right thing? The continued failure to do the right thing will eventually mean People will stop making donations or supporting the Pines and Rotary given the propensity of its members to misappropriate funds at the work place (too many examples in the press over the past 6 months)

    What about the Four Way test and what it all represents? Mr. reddyhough as Chairman the buck stops with you and the Board. Stop the cover up!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Knowing those involved at the Pines I am sure that they are simply doing their due dilligence.

    Crow is not very tasty.

    • Jes Jokin' says:

      If you marinate it in whiskey for a few days it's much better.  It's still chewy but that doesn't seem to matter by then.

  15. Anonymous says:

    This stinks.  No public money should be available to an organisation that does not act in the interest of the public by reporting such activities once they have come to light and making a formal complaint.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Left the Island? …she was already away when the Board announced the possible theft, and therefore seemingly assured her of certain protections.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why did they scare her by announcing that she [was under suspician for stealing] from the Pines.  They should've waited for her return and arrested her at the Airport, or it was already cooked-up amongst. them.  It is a disgrace, shame on the cover up.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Trust they are looking into the dealings this lady apparently had with CINICO for the provision of nurses through her own company. XXXX

    • Anonymous says:

      Hell……I even hear that CINICO is paying for breast augmentation now. Nurses are the least of this woefully inadequate and mis managed place. Maybe An FOI is needed!

  18. Sine Die says:

    How nice ???? sures sounds like sombodee cutting a nice deal to avoid prosecution to me.

  19. Sucka Free Cayman says:

    When a certain government official complained about how government funds given to the Pines were unaccounted for, a certain ministry official dismissed complaint as being frivilous and offical being miserable. I wonder what will they do and say now in light of the present situation? and from the looks of it this will be just another Syed jiggery pockery.

    • Anonymous says:

      End that public funding now.  That might result in the report suddenly being available to the police.

  20. 4 Cayman says:

    And there will never be a statement and if this is the case, going forward I certainly will not be contributing my hard earn cash so the managers can enjoy a lavish life style! 

    You reap what you sow mr. Reddyhough! 

    • Anonymous says:

      Find locals to work at the Pines and stop sidelining them.  Every job has to be given to a foreigner, expat or anyone who drifts to these shores.  She should've sold the property.

  21. Admiral's D Byrd says:

    Yes Cayman different strokes for different folks i wont hold my breathe waiting on this being prosecute either  too many people involved including certain ministry officials who are complicit in this matter no surprise and no worries it,s just government's money???????

    • Anonymous says:

      It is not only Government's money here, it is also donations from the public which were raised from all the fundraisers held over the years.  What is so sad about this is that the elderly of our community will be the ones to suffer while this woman galavants all over England as if she did nothing wrong.  I understand that even the toiletries donated to the residents were also regularly stolen from them.  Not saying she did it but she sure knew about it because a complaints were made to her about it.