Population and its needs on the increase

| 23/07/2013

(CNS): The Compendium of Statistics 2012 released by the Economics and Statistics Office last week reveals that the population in Cayman increased by 2.2% by the end of last year and that people were making more demands on government resources. From more free school lunches to an increase in legal aid, government was having to support more people in need. Those granted with “poor relief” rose marginally by less than 1% but those granted with indigent medical care rose sharply by 18.6% and recipients of free school lunches also increased by 19.8% throughout 2012

In the courts those assisted in criminal cases with legal aid went up by almost a third at 32.7% to reach 276, while those assisted in civil cases rose by 15.2% to a total of 244.

With the population increase and the addition of more Reception classes, total enrollment in government schools increased by 1.3%, reversing the decline in school entry figures in 2011-2012 and 2010-2011. With the population reaching 56,732, a growth rate of 2.2%, this is the largest movement since the 3.7 percent growth in 2008.

However, the new finance minister described the increase in people as a positive opportunity as well as a challenge. “The population increase presents the country with an opportunity for economic growth, as well as a challenge for the government in providing the necessary services particularly social services,” said Marco Archer, who is also minister for economic development.

The compendium also reveals an inflation rate of 1.2% and an increase in GDP by1.6%. Total Revenue for central government increased marginally from $545.9 million to $564.6 million and expenditure fell from $622.1 million to 615.6 million during the 2012 calendar year.

A surprising statistic for 2012 was the fall in the average number of prisoners, which fell considerably to a daily average of 185 from 215, and a year-end population of 183 made up of 43 non-Caymanians and 140 locals. The prison population is overwhelmingly male, with only seven women being incarcerated throughout last year.

See Compendium below or visit www.eso.ky.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What exactly does indigent medical care mean and how does one qualify for it?


    • Slowpoke says:

      It means that we failed to enact single payer, non-profit universal health care and now the public has to pay the subsidy for those who do not qualify for the profit making insurance companies.

    • Anonymass says:

      It means you go to government and say "Doctor says I need X, it costs $Y but I only have $Z". They check it out. If it all adds up then government declares you 'medically indigent' and pay what you can't. – Its probably more technically complicated than that, but I think thats the process in a nutshell.

  2. Da Voter says:

    Parasites burdening down our infastructure dey worst than these Chickens send them home my PPM bigga up Da PPM for starting this eradication program to stop this immigration problemo

  3. Anonymous says:

    Economic refugees displacing Caymanians thats all!

    • Anonymous says:

      Twaddle 10.57, I do not know one Caymanian refugee on this island, apart from the ones who want to complain about expats coming in andnot being prepared to stand up and do something themselves about the inability of a few to find work…just blame everyone else because thats easy right, no brain needed…


      Population growing is good…more rent, more spending…

      • Anonymous 10:57 says:

        Come i describe your argument 4 u one word a Myth!

      • Anonymous says:

        Most of those gaining permanent tenure here have no money – so contrary to your assertion, growing the population only means more burden and more unemployment unless someone actually starts enforcing some of our laws around here.

      • Cayman Metaphor says:

        Twat 13;45 your choice of adjective also describes exactly who you are and whence you cometh from. You are exactly the type of whom i speak with your disinformation and false propaganda that will lead to our displacement and detriment and that of our very own children and island. Those days of people you playing us for fools.are drawing near as well those who believe your rubbish. Why don't you return back home and call us when you find employment in your own patch since it is so abundant there. You economic Pirate! 

      • Anonymously says:

        Population growing is good, more rent, more spending… The increase of Cayman's population since 1975 has been the decline, downfall and displacement of the natives todate.  I see more rentals yes, more spending on basic goods true but far less on items that will benefit government and the entire population in a meaningful way. Government is forced to spend more on infrastructure because of the growth and as a result has not received enough revenues to offset it's expenses.  We don't want taxes, guess what's next if we don't increase some fees on services such as immigration and work permits to a reasonable amount which factors in the cost to government for the Infrastructure and added social cost for displacement.  Since the government have a care of duty to provide security of tenure for those who qualify for residency/status the cost should be greater the filing fee for the application should be at a minimum $500.00 and the cost for grants should be anywhere from $25,000.00 to $50,000.00 this is a one time deal that gives the successful applicant a host of rights and privileges.




      • The lone haranguer says:

        The truth offends.

    • Anonymous says:

      On paper increased population should mean increased business that need employers. What is not being said is that a lot of these new companies are bringing their own people plus others that need funds from social services.

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly, population grew, but not by live births. That would be an interesting statistic to have included. Again a wonderful fall out from the UDP's attempt to secure a loyal voting base.