TLEPs given across board

| 02/09/2013

(CNS): Although the controversial term limit exemption permits were billed as protecting the tourism industry from a mass exodus at the end of this year, the list of categories given to a member of the Legislative Assembly by immigration reveals that foreign workers are holding permits for jobs across the full employment spectrum, from accountants to welders. Independent MLA Ezzard Miller has said that he will be spending time over the coming weeks attempting to get local people into these jobs before government changes the law, as anticipated in October, which will allow all of these 1,500 plus workers holding the permits to apply for permanent residency.

Miller is starting his job-match project with an open day in his district of North Side today (Monday 2 September), where he will be helping his constituents examine the list and will be requesting the employers' details so that he can contact them and offer alternative local workers for the temporary permit holders. Following that, he has also offered to host an open session in the Legislative Assembly to help match other unemployed Caymanians with jobs.

Miller told CNS that it was inexplicable, when there are so many unemployed experienced and qualified Caymanians looking for work, that there are so many people on exemption permits holding jobs that locals could easily do.

“There are carpenters on that list and I know that I have several in my constituency alone that are in need of work,” he said. “In addition, I am surprised to discover from the information supplied by immigration that many of these permits are renewals, which means those involved have changed jobs.”

Miller said he was baffled by the fact that the TELPS had been renewed given that the goal was to help the original employers because they had not put proper measures in place to address their human resource needs, not to recruit new staff that should have been facing rollover.

Intent on pressing the fact that employers should follow the law and where a Caymanian is available to do the job they should be given a chance, Miller said he would be pressing this issue. The MLA will be holding an open day until 4pm at the Craddock Ebanks Centre today for any constituent to visit and discuss employment issues.

See list of permits held by category below. The term limit exemption permits are listed under the codes WTG to WTR.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well Ezzard how have things been progressing, does anyone know how much luck he's had with finding Caymanian replacements for these positions. How many people actually applied and qualified for them. Or is it that he had not luck and this just be another story swept under the carpet.

  2. Anonymous says:

    There should be ZERO un-employment in this country!

    The only people that should not have a job are the people that don't wantone. The system is set up to give Caymanians the right of first refusal for a job. Yes, the system is not perfect, but if you are Caymanian, and you want to work, then there is work for you.

    Now the real issue is the Caymanian wants THAT job. Yes, those jobs that are hard. Or those jobs that your boss is demanding. Or that you have to show up every day. And actually do something that is worth your pay. That is a JOB. Even if you don't like it, it is a job.

    I came to this country to work. My boss gave me a job, and I am thankful for that. And I am thankful that Cayman Islands granted me a work permit. But before I got here, I worked my butt off. I did any job I could to make ends meet. Most the time it was not a job that I LIKED, but I still went everyday. I worked jobs that were not the perfect job, but it paid my bills. And eventually, through hard work and dedication, I was able to get better jobs and more pay. Earning experience and qualifications that soon made me more valuable.

    To the point that now I am an experienced, hard working, dependable employee. And I go to work daily, thankful for the opportunity to have a job.

    My boss has tried multiple times to hire local people. I have worked with 20+ in my 6 years here. Great friends, awful workers. I am shocked to see the attitude of a Caymanian employee at work, when they show up at all! They treat my boss like he is lucky to have them, even though they are never on time, work as little as possible, act like they should own the place and then create drama when they are reprimanded. I guess everybody on island has an auntie at immigration!

    I understand that work is work, and really not that many people enjoy going to work. But if you want to have some money in your pocket, then that is what you need to do. I don't think I am "stealing" anybody's job, most people don't want my job. Even my employer has told me that he would rather not pay my work permit fees, but there is no other option for him. Our company even offers to PAY to train Caymanians for my job!! Without 1 single person taking the offer.

    I have seen him wait hours for Caymanian to show up for an interview that never did come. Countless job posting in the paper. New hires that don't show up once hired. Caymanians stealing money and not working well with the rest of the team. It is very obvious that the company is losing more money looking for Caymanians than paying high work permit fees. 

    So what is it that Mr. Miller is trying to do? Force companies to hire people that don't want to work? Show me a Caymanian that is out of work and I will show you a job that they can do. Maybe not the job they wanted, but a job none-the-less. And if you work hard, you will surely get promoted sooner than me. 


    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry to reply on your comment. The comment box was not there.

      I wonder how many of Ezzards unemployed Northdsiders are going to apply for the full page ad of positions at the Reef Resort – just curious.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The whole rollover to me seems to be self-defeating. A lot of people complain that expats do not want to contribute to the local community and that a lot of them send their money home. This really shouldn't be surprising, you cannot expect a person to come to Cayman and invest into the community when they will not be allowed to stay and enjoy it, really why would anyone who can onlystay in Cayman for 7-10 years consider buying a home when eventually they will have to leave.

    So what you end up with is a bunch of people who come here work hard and send every penny home or save every penny for the day they're kicked to the curb.

    Government may want to consider shorter terms if you ask me like 1-2 year contracts where a Caymanian apprentice is involved. And if the talent is really needed and key to the community a 10 year contract with the option to apply for PR which will require proof that they have set down roots and became a part of the community and now have an allegiance to Cayman.

    If you want people to stay and become a part of Cayman you have to offer them some security of tenure, if you just need short term employees then you need to treat it for what it is and expect nothing more from them other than that they come and do the job they were asked to do, it would be unrealistic to expect them to sink their earnings into Cayman and then go home with nothing to show for it..

    The undertaking Ezzard Miller is doing should bring some of the Work Permit rumors to light such as there's a conspiracy to keep Caymanians out of work or on the other side that there's no qualified Caymanian that can fill the jobs, he's out to find qualified Caymanian replacements for each TELP holder. I commend his efforts and anxiously await his findings which may help everyone understand what the deal is.

  4. Anonymous says:

    While we do appreciate the gesture by Mr E Miller, one hopes that he takes into consideration the impact this will have on the revenue of the country. Has a significant amount of revenue is earned from work permit

  5. Anonymous says:

    I was looking for a job, but not a thing listed under Obeah. But I did find it interesting that someone has a permit for a subsistence farmer.

    Isn't a subsistence farmer defined as someone who grows food for him/her self?

  6. Anonymous says:

    All granted TLEPs. So was this a rubber stamp board?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Every single construction company that I know of take money from their employees for permit fees, don't pay pension or medical and pay their workers when they feel like it.  Why should they hire Caymanians when they have foreigners practically working for free?

    • Anonymous says:

      Caymanians exploiting other people and breaking their own laws, surely not.

      How do you think it will pan out if these same business people got into political power? Oh look, they did.

      So much for Caymanians for Caymanians, hypocrites one and all.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are absolutely correct. Our immigration authorities are a joke. I no longer care whether they are corrupt or ignorant, but they are overseeing the destruction of Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you 100%. The same story applies in many European Countries. In Germany for example many East Europeans were eager to leave their dire situations in their homeland and were happy to work for a fraction of what a properly trained German (who has undergone several years of an apprenticeship in his/her trade) would be paid. The waitresses and sales people have been replaced with "foreigners" who can barely speak German – but hey, they are cheap! The immigrants are overrunning the city's welfare and social services dept and demand that they are put ahead of the list for government supported housing as they have 5-6 children where the average German family has only two.

      In a nutshell – many well established businesses who believed in a quality product or quality services had to close their doors. Everyone is bitching now about the poor service and poor quality of craftmenship they get, and despite everyone's believe, prices due to cheap labour have not been permanently reduced.  Sounds familiar?

      • Anonymous says:

        13.45…you are talking rubbish..Germany asked for and got 500,000 eastern europeans to come in, because they did not have enough people in certain areas and needed their skills. This included Doctors, nurses, welders, construction workers. They are welcome there, I know many such people and same goes for UK…Germany is powering ahead economically…a lesson worth learning? One big difference is, Germans know how to work hard…all of them..

    • Anonymous says:

      Why is it you see that and no one else does?  And yes I work construction here.  Real construction.

    • Anonymous 1001 says:

      Other then the one who fired you for not showing up you mean?

  8. The lone haranguer rides again! says:

    I have a small local company with three employees, I have hired three young Caymanians to work with me over the last few years, the first one formed a company with his father to compete against me after nine months, it did not work out,  the second one just walked of the job one Thursday (payday) and I heard he was in New York for a few weeks he never came back,the last guy  had what I call was the weekend disease he was sick out either every Saturday or Monday, and after 3 months of "work" he needed to go for a two week holiday in Jamaica with his girlfriend, I took the opportunity to fire him.

    There is a group of young people in this contry who want money but are not willing to work hard for it. Two of these guys still live home with mama, and the other one with his girlfriend.

    These guys are not hungry and will not do well till their support system fails and that also goes for the 9000 who are on the free money with social services.

    Spare the rod spare the child.

    • Anonymous12 says:

      I believe the saying is:

      Spare the rod, spoil the child

    • Anonymous says:

      I think you mean "spare the rod, spoil the child".

    • Anonymous101 says:

      With that line of thinking,I hope you never have a bad experience with foreign workers. Seeing as how your mind only works in absolutes. I'm guessing you would then paint all foreign workers as lazy and unreliable as well. Using your line of thinking I guess you figure that every one of those 9k people on welfare are nothing but lazy good for nothing worthless dregs of the earth. The world isn’t black or white. A few bad experiences with local workers doesn't mean that every Caymanian is lazy or worthless and it also doesn’t mean that all people on welfare are there because they want to freeload, for many it is their last option and it wasn't an easy one to make but they had to shallow their pride because there was no other option and we shouldn't be condemning them for it.   


      • Anonymous says:

        Unfortunately you are in the minority when it comes to Cayman labour. I don't know of one businessman who can honestly say that he/she hasn't had the same experience of lazy, self entitled, work shy Caymanians. Unfortunately it is the norm, whether we want to admit it or not, there is a serious lack of work ethic in this society that must be tackled before Caymanian labour is taken seriously.

      • Anonymous says:

        The ones who are notlazy in the private sector turn up…what about the CS???

      • Anonymous says:

        The point, 10.28, is that if an expat goes bad, doesn't work or whatever, he can and is fired, no come back, no more fees, nothing. If you do that with a Caymanian, even if they really have been lazy, not turned up, all the complaints you read on here, then you are going to explain yourself to 15 different boards.

        When that happens, you think three times about doing it again. Firstly, you want to do the right thing, and employ a Caymanian get unlucky and maybe get a lazybones (Please note I happen to work with some fine Caymanians). You fire him, having already lost time and money on his employment, that is the second punishment. You then get punished again by having to spend a lot of time and money on various boards, because the person fired has complained. (Easier to do that admit you are a lazy ass- and the person fired has not learnt a thing-just petty revenges for something he did wrong in the first place).


        The system is wrong, simple, but just giving people jobs ain't gonna work either…


      • Anonymous 1001 says:

        A few bad experiances?  Really?  You think thats all it was to turn Caymanian businesses run by mostly expat skill from Caymanian skill and work ethic?  It couldn't be just doing the smart thing versus the thing that usually dosn't work out for long?  Are Caymanian business owners really that dumb?  Then why are they still in business when the Civil service (mostly Caymanians) cost SOOOO much money and still take five times longer to do half as much work?  Its not personal.  Its just business.

    • Anonymous says:

      I only got the B's and you want to tell me we got 156 bartenders, 60 boat captains, 50 boat deck hands, and 46 beach attendants on permit.

      • Anonymous says:

        Good point…, now I can't find a "C" (Caymanian) who wants those jobs or who will turn up when they are supposed to every day…

      • Diogenes says:

        And how many Caymanians want to work in those jobs for the wages paid for them?  Ezzard can look at the list all he wants, but if the wage on offer is $5 an hour, not sure anyone going to turn up other than those from poor nations who can make that work by scrimping on their accomodation and food, or kids here for the lifestyle opportunity.   

        • Anonymous says:

          and hustle on the side, which they all do

        • SSM345 says:

          Guaranteed that Ezzard's next rant will be about enacting legislation / forcing employers to pay a minimum wage because none of the jobless Caymanians will work for such wages….Guaranteed.

          And then guess what…..more businesses closing down, Caymanians still unemployed……yadda yadda yadda. 

          Clearly there is something wrong for these unemployed people and they need to look at themselves and what they are doing.

          You might be educated, but if you are crap in the job interview process…….

    • Anonymous says:

      0810 sorry I cant write out that entire name.

      I have no problem with excepting the fact that you hired those bums. Simply put those three disgraced the rest of us and yes they will not be the last ones you find. However not every Caymanian is that way. We have hard working people that are educated. Unfortunately that is mixed with the lazy ones that believe that every thing should be given to them. In the end what they did was turn someone aginst hiring Caymanians. I would love top get Ossies cow cod to deal with them.

      And PS the Government cannot and should never stopp looking to find the best way forward for its people. Afterall we put them there and in such a small community more than  likely these same people were family or friends or someone they at least know.

      Expats are not my first priority in working for my people are.

  9. Bubba Conch says:

    Why is Sherri Ann in charge of fixing the immigration mess? You know, the mess that was created by Sherri Ann………

    That makes about as much sense as putting Eric in charge of his own cctv system!

    • Anonymous says:

      Eric in charge of his own cctv system… That's a good one… Oh wait!!!

      I always wondered why the cameras have big "CI Govt" stickers on them rather than "Police" like in every major city around the world.

  10. Anonymous says:

    All these idiots screaming for expats to leave and crying to government to help them get a job are all but admitting they don't have the education, qualification, work ethic or ambition to compete with expats head to head for a job. Government has to either hire them, or get a job for them. 

    Is it not enough that all businesses must be 60% Caymanian owned and operated? Is it not enough that to hire an expat, employers must pay thousands of dollars in work permit fees, advertise the position, consider all Caymanians who apply first, and justify to the board why this permit is necessary? Not to mention, do this same process every 1-2 years? How much of an Advantage does government need to give you? 

    Being Caymanian is not a job qualification, you actually have to work. Stop asking government to give you a job and go out there and earn one! BTW, yes, I am a Caymanian. 

    • Anonymous says:

      You know this second paragragh of yours would mean something if this were actually happening.

      • Anonymous says:

        Who's fault is that? A Caymanian has to sign the documents, so somebody is making it happen. 

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes, often a status recipient living overseas with no connection to Cayman and receiving a smallfee every year for signing.

      • Anonymous says:

        Who told you that?  Your uncle Ezzard?  Or was it your uncle Joe?

    • Anonymous says:

      I don't believe what people are complaining about has solely to do with the current unemployment, I think there is more to it.

      What is the point to have laws and regulations in place when they can be just changed at a whim whenever it suits? The question is what are we going to do with all the people who remain on Island and then have the right to become citizens. Where are we going to put everyone, which schools are those people's children and grand children going to attend and who is going to pay for it? What is the story with the next group of people who are going to be affected by roll over etc? Are we then also going to say "oh never mind, we didn't really mean it"? When is it going to end?

      I agree 100% that being Caymanian is not a qualification for a job, however, the immigration law needs to be properly upheld and everyone who came here (employee or employer) knew what it was all about.  I have worked in the financial industry for the last 14 years and from where I sit, in the last 5 plus years I have not seen anyone making junior positions available for Caymanians to even get their foot in the door and gain any experience. All entry level positions are taken up by Temps which are inundating these Islands with a rubber stamp to a temporary permit. How they get on this Island without even having worked lined up already is beyond me. Obviously, hiring a Temp is much more appealing to the employers as they do not have to deal with training, pension, health care and can get rid of them literally with a days notice.

      How can a school leaver compete with a Temp who came to Cayman because her spouse got a job here, and who has years of office experience and is now happy to take on any entry level position just so he/she has something to do while here? Many experienced Temps take on entry level positions just until they can find something better, and that Temp is then replaced with a new Temp.

      Lazy and incompetent people with poor work ethics exist all over the world, not just in Cayman. However, how can employers state that there are no qualified Caymanians out there or that they lacking experience when in the last 5 plus years so many places have refused to give entry level position to Caymanians so that they can start gaining experience?

      I have also recruited Caymanians and some right out of school and have been quite successful giving them their fist chance at work experience. Of course there were some Lemons amongs the Apples but I don't believe that would have been any different if I had recruited in the UK, USA, Canada etc. I believe however that for many employers it has become much more convenient to keep someone under control with the fear of the ever looming thread that the work permit may just not be renewed and as such, have gotten away with complete and utter exploitation of employees, failure to pay pensions and health insurance.

      As for the comment that at least 60% of the business must be Caymanian owned – if that has been and is enforced with the same laxy daisy attitude the immigration law has been enforced with over the last 10 or so years, then I would say that this requirement indeed is nowadays also just a myth!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I'm SO SICK and tired of all this bickering back and forth!! There are ONLY two groups to blame here, locals and government.  I am a local small business owner with NO government conections or family ties that benifit me in ANY WAY!!!  I have to do everything (which I know others don't) by the book. 

    and guess what, I would LOVE to have ONLY, I repeat ONLY local employees! With a staff of 7, and my average permit costing $2800 ($19600 per year) that would be a huge savings.  

    Because of this I ALWAYS register ALL new posistions with the labour board before government even asked for it! Sometimes letting my request sit for months with NO REPLY!!!! after calling serveral times (almost seems i'm being a bother) asking if any new prospected employees submitted resumes, I would finally get a few my way.  I can't tell you how many times people did not even show up for the interview!

    I currently only have 2 locals working for me. (which are great thank god!)  The remaining 5, I received a letter for each person from the labour board stating NO LOCALS wanted the job offereed. JUST REDICULIOUS!!!! This in the time when all you can read is 'WHERE ARE THE JOBS FOR THE LOCALS"!!

    you know what STOP BLAMING OTHERS!!!! get your heads out of the sand (wish I could say something else than sand) and start ERNING your jobs, opposes to thinking you are intitled to them.

    No one starts as a mamager, you work your way from the bottom to the top.  

    • Anonymous says:

      next time you have an opeing you should try going Door to door or let Ezzard know..

  12. Anonymous says:

    Why not just make a law that all expats need to leave by a certain date?  Then Cayman would be back to being just for Caymanians.  Living off of Caymanian money and work…..ethic.

    • Anonymous says:

      then grand cayman would turn into a big version of cayman brac……and you would not like that!

    • Anonymous says:

      Do not worry. We would never enforce it. We never enforce anything.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, that's the ticket!   Kick them all off the island and we'll reap all the riches. I love it!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, let's all go to a country that actually cares for its expat workforce and take our banks, law firms and accountants with us. Lets watch as Cayman struggles with furnishing its debt without the 'foreign' investment that keeps this rock above the waves or the expat workers who serve the few toursits that stay here. Lets take all the maids, gardeners and construction workers and wait for the huge economic crash that will inevitably follow, just think Caymanians will have to mow their own grass and look after their own children.

      Yes, lets do just that, what do you think you have here, some turtles, conch shells, rum cake?

      You don't produce anything, you don't export anything, you can't pay your debts and you are an island of 30,000. If 50% of your population were of working age that would leave an employment shortfall of at least 35 to 45,000+.

      This is of course an illustrative example, but even a numpty like you can work out that you don't have the population or industry to furnish your own GDP. You don't have the population numbers to generate a highly educated workforce, neither do you have the industry base to offer the skill sets and experience that would be required to be self sufficient.

      Simply put, you are going to go broke very quickly. Your land will be worthless and your property prices will collapse without the demand from expats. Your businesses will fail due to low demand and a lack of staff, and your young will leave in droves to find better prospects for themselves and their families, (lets hope the countries they go to are more welcoming than their own).

      You are already seeing the exodus of educated professionals, both expat and Caymanian, the time is coming when stupid business and immigration policies will cause serious issues and economic concerns.

      Cayman will be the irrelevance it was 50 years ago, not even Hollywood will mention your name in its grubby crime thrillers.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Why do we think our fellow Caymanians are qualified and hard working, if they are unemployed but lazy and worthless if they work for government?



  14. Anonymous says:

    sorry ezzard…this process was carried out for every work permit for every year of each of these emplyees…… you obviuosly don't trust the work permit board…why don't you go hassle them….

  15. Anonymous says:

    Let me try and make it explicable for you to understand.  Your telling the Caymanian business owners who still have a successful money making business that they must now run their businessses like the civil service does without the 50 million dollars a year to throw at it to keep it running because they can't afford to hire all the Caymanians.  This is Caymans way of showing the rest of the world what business friendly means here.  We get it O Honorable one.

  16. Anonymous says:

    “Opportunity doesn’t come knocking on your door— but Ezzard Miller will”!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    A good excercise if done with proper analysis (drug screening, police clearance, etc.) prior to delaying law or bothering employers.

    • Anonymous says:

      Drug sreening?  Great now no one will show up.

    • Anonymous says:

      Great idea. Let us submit all TLEP holders to drug screening! If a Caymanian cannot smoke a spliff in his own country, why should an expat?

      • Anonymous says:

        Add all work permit holders to that scrutiny. The amount of drugs in watersports alone is terrifying, particularly since they are responsible for visitor’s lives.

      • Anonymous says:

        Only Cayman people should be able to smoke weed. They taken all the good stuff.

        • Anonymous says:

          Oh shut up- it is idiots like you that have us in the mess we are in!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Wow!!!. All I can say is wow. Ezzard is doing the right thing. I've reviewed this and I have seen the titles of positions which I have applied for. Given that they have TLEP status it is obvious why I have yet to recieve an acknowledgement to the receipt of my resume much less contacted for an interview. And yes I am a Caymanian who is willing to work, has over 10yrs experience within the financial services industry, 2 degrees and unemployed. Ezzard I appauld you for the work you are doing. At least we know that you are not there to just simply fold your hands and sit down collecting a cheque. PPM IT IS GOING ON FOUR MONTHS WHAT IS GOING ON IN YOUR CAMP. NOTHING SUBSTANTIAL AND EFFECTIVE HAS BEEN PROPOSED FROM YOU TO RESOLVE THE RISING UNEMPLOYMENT. Or are you too busy cooking and eating turtle meat again?

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow!!! talk about prejudice! I can see where all the anti expat hatred comes from.  Cayman leadership is willing to screw over its private business sector just to get rid of those pesky hard working expats.  Houses, cars, and restaurant equipment will soon be dirt cheap too. Great short term fix.  Whats the long term fix?  O wait.  Why would you need that?

    • SSM345 says:

      13:20, Maybe an attitude adjustment or course in job interview skills is in order?

  19. Anonymous says:

    what a crying shame

    these pople and the employers knew very well what the time limit was.

    they knew it was up in 7 years

    where are the replacment workers ???

    what a bunch of BS

    all we are left  with at the end of the day is more status holders and PR

    who then dont need permits anymore and possible conpete with their former employers in the same businesses

    I have seen that a hundered times before

    Sad news

    i say 6 year permit  and when it is up,  it is up…. go home

    come back later if you like !!!

    • Anonymous says:

      who the heck is giving this BRILLLLIANT post the thumps down ?

      you mad ?


  20. Huh says:

    Do we NEED (56) Barbers?  Really.  Me-Thinks these are "permits for favors" and not full time jobs.  How many times do we hear people are brought in for one or two days a week work and then must scrap for themselves or resort to crime to make up the rest?

    Where is Immigration Enforcement on all this?  We scream loudly over Baines and the Cops, but our own Mr. Wong has been sitting back for far too long!!!  Time to speak og Garfield, you dropped the ball for the past decade.

    42 Adminstrative Assistants?  11 Clerks?  66 Secretaries? 

    Now here is the kicker:  55 A/C Technicians? 

    WHERE is our vocational school for these jobs?  Otis, Andro, Mikes Ice- SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!!!  Superior Auto is teachung the young for automotive technical jobs and we are importing over 50 work permits for Air Conditioningtechs?  The salary is $38,000 to $42,000 per year!!!  See:

    I rarely agree with Ezzard, but he is putting the C4C elected candidates to SHAME with this work permit renewal nonsense.

    If you are Caymanian, I dare you to say you do not know of a qualified person who is unemployed and struggling…..they are everywhere!

    Govt- get off the Work permit fees mentality and get our people back to work!  It takes 5 WP fees to pay for 1 person on Social Services.  Wouldn't you rather teach a man to fish than to feed him?

    I have not even started on the White Collar glass ceiling and glass front door!?!  What an Immigration farce.



    • Anonymous says:

      Yes!! shame on all of you private businesses that are still successfull and without a government bailout fund too.  Your making CIG (the guys who want you to now do it their way or the highway) look incompetent.  You can no longer be trusted to run your own businesses.  Unless you start to do what government should be doing and train the Caymanian people instead of running a business.  Then maybe we will let you do it but just for 7 years then you got to go.  Unless we feel the need to renagotiate the "deal" before that goes without sayen.

    • Anonymous says:

      "SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!!!" – The sad truth of the matter is if one of the companies can do it and get away with it, they outcompete the more honest companies.

  21. Anonymous says:

    The carpenters in his constituency I have tried only want to work when they feel like it and do not take direction well. As a result they are too much trouble to deal with. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Thats because those expats spoiled you.  If there were no expats on the island they would then be the best Carpenters on the island.  Thats why expats need to go and fast.

      • Anonymous says:

        If all the doctors, nurses, maintenance and orderly staff left a mental institution, the only people there would be mental patiients. Great idea you have there.

    • Anonymous says:

      That, 12:42, is only one of the problems encountered when hiring Caymanians but you are dead right. I just wish the likes of Ezzard actually owned businesses and tried to employ Caymanians. Or he could even try talking (privately -nothing will be said if a name has to be attached to it) to Caymanian owners of businesses and hear what they have to say. Most would speak a mouthful to him.

      • Anonymous says:

        spoiled?? By showing up to work? Guess that is being spoiled to have an employee at work. 

        When the expats leave I would love to see how the country works… back to the old days, when the fishing was good. Oh wait, you mean there are no fish anymore? uh oh….

  22. Anonymous says:

    Sure Ezzard, you want my details? My helper is one of those persons on your list who is on the TLEP. But I dont see many Caymanians who want to be helpers. And should the LA change the law in October before October 28th, not ALL of the persons involved want residency. They just want to keep their job in order to make a living for them and their family. My  helper, who has been with our family for 9 years and has helped raise and care for my 2 children, doesnt want residency. She just wants to keep her job, and my family would love for her to be able to keep her job too. That's all. Plain and simple. Maybe this is not the case with many other people on the TLEP, but for some of them yes it is.

    • Anonymous says:

      Send her home and get a new helper even if you have to get another work permit. 9 years  as a helper certainly does not qualify her to be here forever. Are you going to take care of her when she gets old and can no longer be employed as a helper?  Are your prepared to deal with her looking for a new job when she gets PR? My God we have women literally starving and can't feed their kids. Why are we so concerned with a few helpers ?


      • Anonymous says:

        Well said. Go find youself another helper even if its only for a year, after which you can bring her back. It's people like you that are destroying Cayman. The writer is right. Who is going to take care of her and the many family members that she will bring along with her. It will be the government and you will be the first one to complain and make noise when the government have to increse fees to cover the cost to support these people. Shut up and think with your head if you happen to be a real Caymanian.

        • Anonymous says:

          If being a 'real' Caymanian is to be bigoted, racist, xenophobic, intolerent and an international pariah then shame on you. These people have worked harder for their minimum pay than any Caymanian would dare. They have bought goods and food in your stores and drinks at your bars, they pay their duties to the governement and they live peaceful lives, now you discard them like trash.

          You are the most dispicable kind of nationalist ass, your isolationist views are better consigned to the stone age than the modern world. In any other right thinking country your odious views would be dismissed with the contempt you deserve and you would be arrested for inciting hatred.

          But as this is a country that airs advertisments that are overtly discriminatory, (the dolphin park that employs locals, not low paid foreigners, bo bo) then you stand little chance of taking a seat amongst decent folk any time soon. 

        • Anonymous says:

          What a nasty horrible individual you must be. People are not disposable commodities. If you are  representative of the general view of local people then I fear for the future of Cayman. 

          And I bet you consider yourself a good Christian as well. Unbelievable. 

  23. Anonymous says:

    Presumably he is licenced to be an employment agent? And now there is no longer a need for the unemployment office so we can save millions. Which will be needed, 'cos damn Cayman about to lose millions in permit fees…

  24. Anonymous says:

    People should be held responsible for the joke of what is called the immigration board.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I hope CNS and other news media attend the open house that is being held in North Side to ensure that we get documentary evidence that there are a whole host of unemployed Caymanians out there.  I just looked at the list of jobs, and I am sure that somewhere out in North Side there is an actuary and several accountants, as well as butchers, babysitters etc., that are just waiting to take these jobs that expatriates have. 

    I want to see all Caymanians employed because that is the only way to grow this economy. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Verifieable evidence is a good thing.


      It sure beats bigotry.

    • Anonymous says:

      11.33 the lack of a basic understanding of economics on these blogs is frankly frightening. Get people employed at any cost? You will be bankrupt as a nation in 6 months. It cannot  and does not work like that here or anywhere else. Cuba and Venezuela ( despite the latters oil money) tried socialism and giving jobs to all and they are now both bankrupt. Soviet Union did the same, also went bankrupt. Vietnam and China had to move away from that to avoid the same fate. 

    • Otherview says:

      I would be interested to find out how many of Ezzards constituents would be willing to

      Suffer a 30 or 40 minute bus ride, twice a day, 6 days a week (as many expats are willing or forced to work) for $5.00 or $6.00 dollars per hour………most of theses jobs he plans to review 

      are in George Town and/or the Seven Mile Beach Coridor……..Ezzards and his people are not.

      This seems to be a cover for the failure of the Go East (and North) Innitiative that some years ago was to stimulate development and business in other districts.  These people may be offered jobs, accept jobs, start jobs, and quit when they tire of the commute and low pay. Expats cannot

      quit at will as they would have to leave the island.  


  26. Anonymous says:

    This man is a total menace.

  27. Anonymous says:

    the usual backward small town soundbite from ezzard….  as usual doing nothing to help the country…

  28. Anonymous says:

    Is he going to take any time to make sure they can do the job and show up enough times to get the job done before making private business get rid of their loyal and proven skill?  Of course not.  This is all about getting his tribe payed.  Its not about getting them trained to compete.  And its not about keeping Cayman business from closing.  What he is going to try and do will not be good for Cayman.  Just his tribe and himself.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Ezzard, make sure your North Side constituents applying for the carpenters job, mechanics & the like hold a graduate certificate for the trade. Same for any applying for accountants jobs, lawyers & financial analysts …et al

  30. Anonymous says:

    let them go! 1500 more will be right behind them..


    Alden you are NOT protecting CAYMANIANS!