Civil servants reshuffled and promoted

| 05/09/2013

(CNS): A number of public sector workers have been moved around and promoted as the newly formed  ministries in this administration begin to take shape. Although government is trying to reduce headcount, at least one new civil servant has been taken on. In the new financial services environment and commerce ministry, Tamara Ebanks has been appointed deputy chief officer; Wendy Manzanares is the new chief financial officer, Troy Jacobs the senior policy adviser; and Carla Martin is now human resources assistant. Nancy Barnard has been appointed as deputy chief officer for the health ministry, while Dr Tasha Ebanks Garcia, formerly with ICCI, has joined the education and employment ministry as the new deputy chief officer there.









See government releases below for full details of the changes, promotions and appointments.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Throw the Big Wigs in the CIG Civil Service a 'Book of Clues'. Please!

    Why am I paying for two new civil servants? With the large number of existing civil servants don't tell me two couldn't be found to fill these senior posts in Health and Education. That would have saved on pension and health insurance costs … or at least not added to those costs. As a taxpayer I would have been encouraged by a report that they had closed out two posts due to promotions, but 'Nope' they have added two!! Great job CIG! Not!!! The Golden Goose is being chased and under duress. Pretty soon you all will be outback with the rest of us fighting over the bones. Get a clue, CIG! Seek to promote from within! Your numbers are huge and you knuckleheads are still hiring. Inthe private sector many of you in the upper ranks would not survive. We don't give away the shop out here. We know that the money we spend on behalf of our employers is real and that if we cost them money we are fired. Get a clue, CIG! We taxpayers have never had a money tree outback and if we ever did (not) it would be damn dead by now. SMDH!! Jokers!             

  2. Anonymous says:

    Excellent selections- its obvious that the new Assessment Center approach which the Deputy Governor put in place in February last year is working. The quality of persons being appointed to senior positions in Government has improved significantly. We must be proud of these three women who I am sure will improve the performance of the Civil Service. Well done.



  3. Anonymous says:

    So much for cutting Back ???? What if some people would only try and tell the truth and not try to spin the headlines? now all we see are trips and friends & family and cronies being hired same old PPM!

  4. Anonymous says:

    They tried.  They failed.  Again.  Just what everyone expected them to do.

    • facts says:

      please these persons are replacements- not new posts. Stop being jealous of the good work going on in the civil service- which has resulted in more talented Caymanians joining the Service. How can this be wrong??  Why are you blaming the PPM for this anyway. The Ministers have nothing to do with staffing matters- please educate yourself- it would really help and diminish the number of just plain dumb posts.

  5. Uncivil Servant says:


    The Syracuse Herald, October 1913:
    "Party government isn't organized for efficiency, nor to serve the people. It is organized to provide jobs for the boys."