Has there been a change?

| 17/09/2013

The current government must not forget why the Caymanian people overwhelmingly voted the past UDP government out of power in the last elections. While Caymanians chose more PPM candidates than any other group, it was not a resounding win for the PPM but rather a resounding vote against UDP. Caymanians chose overwhelmingly 'anything that was not UDP'. The PPM needs to give serious consideration to what it was the Caymanian people were unhappy about and make every attempt to follow policies that are in keeping with what the people want for their country.

One of the main issues was how our representatives worked with the Dart Group. Caymanians were very concerned with what seemed to be the great 'Dart giveaway'.  It seemed as though every deal made was beneficial to Dart but with little concern as to what was best for Cayman. While we, the general public, have very little knowledge of what is contained in the deals made during the last administration, the little we do know is very one-sided in favour of Dart. Instead of the 'ForCayman Alliance', it should be more correctly called the 'ForDart Alliance'. 

Government closed the West bay Road, gave them unbelievable breaks in import duty concessions and hotel tax concessions and probably much more that we are not aware of. In return, they built a new road (opening up their valuable land). They have developed Camana Bay, but that is a business venture to commercially develop their land holdings and not a response to what is good for the Caymanian people.

If more evidence was needed that Dart shows no concern for what is in the best interest of Caymanians or even Cayman, we need look no further than their choice of hotel franchise. If they were truly interested in the feelings and opinions of Caymanians, they would surely know our history and would not bring a franchise such as the Kimpton Hotel Group to Cayman. With all the brands of hotel franchises they could have chosen, what a slap in our faces to choose one that is openly gay-friendly based in San Francisco. While no one questions the right of Kimpton to market to whatever demographic segment of the market they choose, why would Dart choose that franchise for Cayman? Most likely, either they are unaware of our culture or do not care. Caymanians are not trying to restrict anyone from visiting but simply asking those that visit to respect our culture and way of life. This choice is just one more demonstration of how much Dart really cares about Cayman and our culture. 

The new PPM government not only should but they have an obligation to redress any of the wrongs done by the past administration. Where a bad deal was made we should now be making every effort to cancel it for the good of the country. The excuse of 'it is already signed' is not being accepted by Caymanians. If these deals were made in bad faith they must be cancelled.

During the last UDP administration there were many issues that were highly contentious and the people felt were wrong. The issues that caused the most contention seemed to be the way developers were able to get planning permission for whatever they wanted, even if it was something the Caymanian people were against. 

Caymanians actually came out in large numbers and marched against such projects as the East End Port, the South Sound road and canal plans and the closing of the West Bay Road. The PPM government must make it clear they will listen to the people when it comes to these types of major decisions. If not, the people will feel as though everything is the same as before, only the faces have changed and the PPM government will be a one term government, just as before.

The minister for planning has not helped the cause by appointing a number of key members from the previous planning board to the new board. This will almost ensure more of the same and the Caymanian people will not accept it. In all the government boards there should have been a complete change but most especially the planning board as that is where the most serious concerns and lack of trust were demonstrated.

This government is still new, but they are being watched carefully.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How unwelcomig of many. We have more problems than the gays. A couple of strappijg. Toplless dudes holding hand is better than our local guys walking around with their underwear showing hold a gun. You need to see the forest from a few trees.

  2. Newsflash says:

    This is what I don't get with you Caymanian people is the fact that you talk all kinds of shyt about it and don't take action to do anything about it. Saying it and meaning it is two different comparisons. Take your stand, and march for your rights to be heard, one voice can really  make a difference it can speak for all.

      What you Caymanians really need to focus on should be the  mere fact  why so many people are dying down there from cancer, you all are dropping down like flies and your own government is doing it. They have assertively soul your souls to the devil by making the US and England experiment on you all down there, if you do not want to believe me then google it…."deadly mosquito research done in the Cayman Islands" this very important matter  and serious concerns should be address and brought forward to these  same politicians that you all have voted in. It's time to take cayman back and take charge of your rights!  

  3. Dredd says:

    Yes you caught the gayness. It's like going to northward and saying you are coming out straight.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dredd, what is it like living a life unable to understand that people might not be writing literally?  Can you seek help?

  4. Anonymous says:

    "Has there been a change?"


    Yes, there has been a change; but, more importantly, has there been an "improvement"?


    Anyone with a can of paint can change things; improvement takes real leadership and hard work.

  5. Anonymous says:

    you're hundred days are up. Why don't you use money from Caymanians who want to invest in putting the cruise ship piers? Sounds like a win-win situation. Caymanians will own the piers and we can make a little interest? Git-r-done. Time is of the essence

    • Anonymous says:

      That would take work, accountability and responsibility.  Not gonna happen here in your lifetime.  Ask yourself  "Why is that?"

  6. Kato says:

    Eyes wide open you hit the nail on its head. The previous administration gave away everything to the rich and taxed the small businessman  so hard that some closed, some bought out by mr. Dart and others now struggling to remain open. How is this fair?  We have the same expenses such as dart inc. yet we get no concessions. If this continues dart inc. will own everything on this island and potentially will be the next premier.

    I urge every citizen of these islands to keep their eyes wide open and on the ppm administration.4 years is a short time.

    • Anonymous says:

      Both administrations have given away everything to its tribes and taxed everyone else including the rich.  Everyone but government (tribal) workers have the same expenses.  Only they get free everything including gas, driveway paving, jobs with no acountability, healthcare, pension payments while working, etc.  If this keeps up only off island workers who don't have to spend half of what they make to keep the tribe fat and happy will own all the land in Cayman islands.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I stayed at a Klimpton Hotel once.  Does that mean I might have caught the gayness?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Wide open eyes, and a closed mind!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Long live Dart to upkeep the CIG and its economy and people.  Where would these islands be without Dart? 

  10. Anonymous says:

    now that's the real caymankind……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  11. Anonymous says:

    Stupidest article I ever read. It's the closed minded idiots like this that are keeping Cayman down and giving Caymanians a bad name. 

    • SSM345 says:

      00:19, I agree.

      Claiming that someone else's orientation / views is (are) against your culture or religion is like being angry at someone for eating a doughnut because you are on a diet.

  12. Anonymous says:

     The original Holiday Inn of the 70's paid NO DUTY whatsoever. Did you all know that? That is probably why the hotel had 99 % caymanian staff. They weren't great but they had no competition. The guests made friends with a lot of staff and came back to see the unqualified staff. Caymanians were very friendly and CARED about the guests like they were family. People especially from the midwest and the south loved it. 

    Caymanians weren't cosmopolitan they were simple loving people. Thats what made the people come back. That won't work in Ritz,westin, or marriott. It could work in Holiday Inn tho. It could also work in smaller hotels or bed and breakfast. Just look at turtle inn in bodden town PEOPLE love it. ITS in BODDEN TOWN. No problem it was number 3 in the entire caribbean. People in bodden town are simple loving people . GO EAST. 

    There is other businesses here that pays no duty: Tortuga rum and all duty free shops probably cay-brew?? These businesses got in early some on the pioneer act

  13. Anonymous says:

    I don't know of a single hotel on this island that would pronounce itself as not gay-friendly.. It's a shame that the ranting minority who dislike Dart clutch at any bigoted straw in order to try and bulk up their position.

    • Anonymous says:

      There is a huge difference between not excluding people because of their sexuality and actively marketing yourself to people because of their sexuality.

  14. Just Sayin' says:

    Might want to invest in a pair of sunglasses. 

  15. Anonymous says:

    Really?!  How can you find it acceptable to post such rubbish.  What an "Eyes Closed Tight" commentary!  I hope those that happen across this close minded, homophobic, and uneducated viewpoint realize it is the response of a stupid or, giving benefit of the doubt, ignorant minority.  Caymanian culture?  I suspect many Caymanians of an earlier age would be embarrassed and ashamed of the attitudes and actions of many of today's pundits.  We are better than that….better than them.  For a better Cayman………

  16. Anonymous says:

    We get it.  You don't want any one to do any thing better than you can do it by yourself.  That would be unfair competition.  A new way, especially a new better way is not for you and therefore should not be for anyone else.  We understand why you think this way. The only way you can survive is if nothing changes for you and so it can''t change for any one else.  Life is not fair for good reason.  Get used to it, step aside, or get run over.  On second thought just stand your ground.  A good lesson is on its way.

  17. Anonymous says:

    To ‘Eyes Wide Open’…

    Whilst I agree with your political points in regards to the vote being less pro PPM and more anti UDP, as a member of the group called ‘the Caymanian people’ referred to in this article – I take offense that you have focused on the fact that the Kimpton chain of hotels is apparently openly gay-friendly (by virtue of their being based in San Francisco?!) and that the Caymanian people will feel this is a ‘slap in the face’ because it is ‘against our culture and way of life’.

    As a Christian Caymanian, I would say that our culture and way of life should be more focused on the teachings of Jesus who when asked what themost important commandment was, simply said there were 2, and they were, ‘Love God’ and ‘Love your Neighbour’.  The essence of this to my mind, is that if those 2 commandments are followed, the ‘Do Not’s’ of the original 10 commandments aren’t needed because if you ‘do’, i.e. ‘Do love’ (in this case God and your neighbour), you are not then going to blaspheme, murder, commit adultery, steal, lie covet etc…

    So, as much as you may not wish to condone or encourage behavior that you feel is wrong, we are specifically taught not to judge and instead to love – our neighbour is as much those we like and approve of as those we don’t.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could simply say that the Caymanian culture and way of life was based on a love of all mankind rather than what we tend to see in Cayman which is a love of all mankind as long as it fits our narrow vision of what is acceptable and a way of life we understand. 

    Are we not all created equal in God’s eyes?

    Further to the Kimpton being a chain of hotels that specifically goes against our culture and way of life I’d say you’re looking a little too deeply into this – I would say they have a savvy business model given all research will tell you that the most disposable income is to be found within the gay community – so perhaps not a business model you personally wish to emulate but one that is understandable whichever side of the great debate you are sitting on.

    • Anonymous says:

      "I would say they have a savvy business model given all research will tell you that the most disposable income is to be found within the gay community"  Did you read this in your "Christian Caymanian" bible?  While I agree with your post, I do not agree with the Caymanian Cultures way of stating ridiculous opinions as facts to try and get your point across.  Now days Caymanians are not just talking to Caymanians.  All real research will tell you that most people will not belive you.

    • Anonymous says:

      You seem to have fallen into the trap of believe that "Cayman Christianity" pays any heed to what Jesus taught. 

  18. Unison says:

    Also a part of Cayman culture is showing hospitality and goodwill to all people no matter their sexual orientation. I don't know of any historical record where our forefathers would ask people at the borders if they were gay or not gay. They were always open to accept visitors with the assumption that they obey our laws and respect our culture. We have more to worry about than gay people. In God's eyes sin is sin, and we have alot of sins that are committed in the dark between a someone with someone's spouse. It is happening rampant in Cayman, and it is leaving our children exposed to wrong influences and destroying our homes. Hmmm… I shiver at the thought… because if we can't fix our society of broken homes, indeed perhaps it is through this Dart project that the foul chickens are coming home to roost.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Speak for yourself. I voted for the PPM and I support the NRA agreement and can't for the life of me understand why the landfill has not yet been closed and the waste management facility opened.

  20. Anonymous says:

    cave mentality….backed up with no facts and generalised small minded soundbites……

    • Spirit of Ormond Panton lives says:

      The pro-DART blogging and PR machinery will now try to destroy some very clear sentiments expressed by the author instead of trying to fully understand why most Caymanian people do not trust the organization and its management team. 

      Caymanians do not want their small communities and paradise to end up like Bentonville, Arkansas and Mason, MIchigan. 

      • Anonymous says:

        "Paradise"?  Where? 

        • Anonymous says:

          If you are from Cayman then you do not appreciate how lucky we are in Cayman compared to many others. If you not from here then there flights everyday to a better place since this is not paradise in your eyes.

          • Anonymous says:

            the classic caymankind 'love or leave it' response………

          • Anonymous says:

            If it was Paradise I would not need to be paid so much to stay.  Most contract negotiations start with pointing out how awful the place is.

      • Anonymous says:

        At least the pro-Dart machinery runs on facts and results instead of very clear sentiments expressed by third world educated know it alls who would love Cayman to end up like Cuba.

      • Anonymous says:

        What's wrong with Mason, MI? According to census data, their little community has a fairly high average income and low unemployment, particularly in comparison to other areas of the state.

        • Anonymous says:

          You have deliberately missed the point. It is the home of big money and corporate greed that owns everybody just like Bentonville, Arkansas. Google it

          • Anonymous says:

            Isn't that like decrying the general workers of Enron for the actions of Lay and Skilling? Just because they are the physical towns in which the Dart Container Company and Walmart are headquartered, dosen't mean you should lump the communities in with the corporations. That's about as silly as claiming Cayman is home to corporate greed and immorality just because HSBC Bank Mexico (HBMX) recently may have played a large role in facilitating money laundering.

    • SSM345 says:

      The author might have googled "the pink dollar" before his tirade from the dark ages. There are a couple of generations on this island that really need to die off, they have had their day and their views are outdated beyond belief.

      • Anonymous says:

        Not to worry they are dying 

      • Anonymous says:

        Morality is never outdated, my friend. You and your moral degenerates. Wishing for your own countrymen to die off…Wow. That says a lot about you.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes, morality is never outdated, like stoning people for blashphemy,  All I did was say to my wife, "That piece of halibut was good enough for Jehovah."

  21. Anonymous says:

    Some Caymanians, but not all, wine and complain about unemployment and when someone like Dart has the balls to inject billions of dollars into our economy on developments that create employment you all sing like ungrateful mockingbirds.


    Get a grip. Without development, new jobs won't come any time soon. I am Caymanian too and believe that we need Dart as our government doesn't have the competence to put thousands of people back into jobs single-handedly. 

    • The Parliamentarian says:

      You say, "Dart has the balls to inject billions of dollarsinto our economy."   You aren't thinking.  Dart isn't "injecting" anything into our economy.  He is a taker, not a giver.  Anything he "gives" is made up many times over by what he takes….. like the tax breaks and land "deals".  Any money injected in government projects comes out of the public purse, which is is OUR money, not Dart's!   How a person with so much can be so obsessed with taking more is hard for me believe.  The person who coined the phrase "ForDart Alliance" hit the nail onthe head. 

  22. Anonymous says:

    Same shit, new day, recycled Gov't!!

    • Bear Baiter says:

      I think the best we can say at this time is that hte PPM thus far appears to be "less bad" than was (is) the UDP!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Well said!