Mac faces probe over limos

| 18/09/2013

(CNS): Police have confirmed that the Financial Crimes Unit is pursuing yet another investigation that involves the former premier, this one regarding the misuse of public funds to finance limo services in the United States. The RCIPS issued a short statement Wednesday following enquiries by CNS and revealed that McKeeva Bush, now the opposition leader, attended the police station regarding the latest investigation on Tuesday but he had not been arrested. Asked about the latest probe, Bush said he had done nothing wrong and he had told police the car services used in his role as premier when visiting the US were organised by staff and followed a protocol that had been in place for many years.

“Car services have always been provided by staff in the US since the 1990s, and both security and car services were made available for the premier both here and overseas by the protocol office,” he said. “The police asked me about cars but I don’t know what is paid to which companies for them; I was merely provided with the cars when needed.” Bush noted that it was an historic provision and he had no idea who owned the companies involved.

The opposition and UDP leader told CNS that he believed this was just more of the “vindictive witch hunt” against him “to make my life hell and to make me look as bad as possible”, but he saidhe was grateful that there were people who knew the truth of it all.

The RCIPS gave limited information regarding the issue but other sources suggested that allegations had been made that cars were being used for non-government business and the firm used was owned by employees in Cayman’s Florida office, who were also responsible for procuring the necessary limousine services for any visiting Cayman Islands officials, including the premier.

Police said that they were in a position to confirm that Bush had attended at the RCIPS Financial Crime Unit on Tuesday, 17 September, by appointment.

“Mr Bush was not arrested,” the police emphasised. “He was interviewed in connection with the alleged misuse of public funds to finance limousine services provided by a company owned by an employee of the Cayman Islands Office in Miami. Enquiries are at an early stage and as such it would be inappropriate to comment further," an RCIPS spokesperson stated.

Bush is currently facing several corruption related charges over the alleged misuse of a government credit card, but earlier charges of theft have been dropped. He appeared in Grand Court last Friday when the trial, which is expected to last four weeks, was scheduled for next September.

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