Cops to hold public crime prevention seminar

| 25/09/2013

(CNS): With another increase in violent crime, in particular robberies and home invasions as well as an on-going battle with burglars the police have organised a major crime prevention seminar aimed at local business owners, those involved in the tourism sector and community representatives. AN RCIPS spokesperson said the presentations will appeal to a wide variety of people as they include commercial, residential, marine and financial crime prevention advice. Chief Inspector Angelique Howell, the driving force behind the seminar said she was keen to see as many people as possible attend.

“While overall crime is falling, burglaries continue to rise,” said CI Howell. “ That’s why we felt it was important to bring together our partners in the tourism and business sectors as well as Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators, so that we can all work together to reduce its impact on the Cayman Islands.”

There will be a host of speakers from the RCIPS and the keynote speaker will be William Shagoury, Custos Rotulorum & Chairman of the Clarendon Crime Prevention Committee. He will discuss ‘The Role of the Crime Prevention Committee in the National Crime Reduction Strategy’.

“Over the past three years Clarendon, Jamaica, has benefitted from a consistent reduction in crime,”said CI Howell. “Much of this can be attributed to the efforts of the Crime Prevention Committee lead by Custos Shagoury. We are delighted that he has accepted our invitation to come to Cayman and share some of his experiences with us.  It promises to be a very worthwhile and informative seminar.”

Thanking the partners working with the police to put the event together she said the RCIPS was sure that “everyone who attends will leave better informed and better prepared to play their part in reducing crime in Cayman.”

Her officers are liaising with Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators throughout the Cayman Islands to raise awareness of the event. Invitations have also been disseminated via the Chamber of Commerce and the Cayman Islands Tourism Association for their members to attend and take advantage of the raft of information that will be available.

The event , will be held on Thursday, 3 October, at the Westin Hotel on West Bay Road. It will open at 9.30am and close at 2.00pm. Those attending will also have an opportunity to visit a number of booths where crime prevention information and the latest security equipment will be on display. Partners working with the RCIPS are the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce, the Westin, Cayman Crime Stoppers ,Cayman First, CITA, Book Nook and Cayman National Bank.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Successful public events in Cayman need to be promoted well ahead of time to increase attendence.  Unfortunately, responsible working grownups with school-aged children have complex schedules to keep and need to make plans well ahead of time to secure babysitters, make diners, reschedule previous commitments, etc.  It is unreasonable to announce these events with hours notice and expect a standing room audience.  The politicians and parties didn't get this during the lead-up to the election, and the cops don't get this now.  Maybe one day someone will figure this out.

  2. Anonymous says:

    All these meetings are bull sh-t. While you drive around just look out the window at all the undesirables on the streetthen you have the answer. I parked on Smith Road and saw a man walking that was even talking out aloud to himself, and walking so fast. Trust me I was even afraid. Police should stop their cars and ask these people questions. Night and day they can be seen walking, riding and even in cars including rent a cars. Most meetings in Cayman is only about talk never fruitful.