Tourism minister and CS bosses travel to Colombia

| 02/10/2013

(CNS): Moses Kirkconnell, the deputy premier and tourism minister, along with his chief officer, Stran Bodden, and Department of Tourism Director Shomari Scott, left Cayman on Monday for Cartagena in Colombia for the 20th Annual Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association Cruise and Conference Trade Show. Justifying the trip, government officials said that during the five day visit the minister will meet one-on-one with FCCA President Michele Paige to discuss cruise tourism and the status of cruise ship berthing on Grand Cayman. He will also be talking to partners in the cruise industry about the local product and the Cayman Islands Turtle Farm as an on-shore destination for cruise ship passengers and meeting with regional tourism ministers to discuss the industry.

“It is important for the Cayman Islands to be represented each year at this conference to let those in the industry know that we are still a viable destination for cruise ships and their passengers,” said Kirkconnell. “We had more than 1.5 million cruise visitors last year and we would like to work with the industry to see that number grow. Based on current forecast, our cruise passenger numbers are showing steady increase for this up and coming season. One way to continue that increase is attending conferences like this one.”

The annual FCCA Cruise Conference & Trade Show is considered a major event by the sector where key industry players can analyse trends and discuss current issues. The forum attracts nearly 1,000 cruise industry partners, including some 100 cruise executives each year. The conference also offers a number of round-table discussions led by a roster of industry experts and guest speakers who are specialists in marketing, sourcing, shore excursions and operations. 

As Cayman waits on its business case for cruise berthing in the George Town Harbour, which is being undertaken by PricewaterhouseCoopers and expected to be completed this month, the tourism minister has said he is working on increasing calls to Cayman, ahead of the start of the very long awaited berthing facilities.

Officials said that the three Cayman delegates will return to Cayman on 5 October and in the interim Joey Hew, the PPM’s backbench councillor in the ministry, will be acting Minister of Tourism and Transport in Kirkconnell’s absence.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What are they doing in Colomnia when Cayman is falling to pieces literally overnight with armed robberies at an all time high and moral at an all time low. Shouldnt they be here brainstorming on how to put better crime prevention in place as opposed to visiting colombia a place already riddled with crime. 

  2. Anonymously says:

    I believe the port will happen under this administration as they are willing to put it out to proper tender and let the best bid succeed. This will work out soon and our cruise market will be up again.

  3. Hear Hear says:

    Moses- on your way back, please look at simple and successful Caribbean Cruise ports in places with LESS population that Cayman = St. Kitts & Roatan.

    Simple long piers for 4 cruise ships- Wow….stop playing the retail cronies(Kirkconnell?) casino chamber businesses crap and JUST POUR THE CEMENT.

    No fancy shops or casinos.  Just shaded gangway and a long walkway please.

    My 8 year has been on 2 Caribbean cruises and cannot figure out why the other smaller island stops have a place to get off onto a pier, but Cayman has tenders… 8 year old has figured it out.  No need for another expensive trip….please!

  4. Anonymous says:

    The problem isn't that they keep going overseas, it's that they keep coming back.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Damn, all these trips…maybe I should run for office in 2017. Then again, no one would vote for me b/c I would cut the civil service, do away with the rollover and close Mt. Trashmore, amongst other things. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Yup, doing away with the roll-over just lost you my vote. We can't support the untrammeled population growth (mass status grants) that will come without time limits for guest workers.

  6. Cartel Boss says:

     Aaaah the good old days! yes many around here choose to convienently ignore the cold hard truth somedays eh? what a pity!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Moses will achieve what the others have failed to do, but he will do it in the right way.  The cruise industry will see he is an honest man and a man of his word. For God sake, give the man a chance.  The last government spent 4 years wasting opportunities.  Just give Moses some time.  Rome wasn't built in a day.

    • Anonymous says:

      rome wasn't built in a day?……… thats what the udp said for 4 years…..

  8. Anonymous says:

    Port Authority also sent delegates!

  9. Anonymous says:

    the jollies never end…….

    the sad fact for cayman is that caymanians view being elected as like winnning the lottery….it has nothing to do with wanting to make things better…….