C4C begins promised government scrutiny

| 11/10/2013

(CNS): The Coalition for Cayman, the group that has always denied being a political party, is beginning its promised scrutiny of government and holding it to account. Despite having three of its members in the current administration and one in Cabinet, in its first submission to Cayman News Service’s Viewpoint section since the election, the group takes aim at the government’s immigration reform plans and is heavily critical of the move to allow 1,500 term limit exemption permit holders to apply for PR. C4C said that following its first public assessment of the immigration reform bill, it also plans to submit further comment for public discussion on the budget and other government policy.

Johan Moxam, one of the committee members, said C4C would be living up to its promise of objectivity and holding government accountable.

“We intend to put government policy and proposed legislation under the spotlight,” Moxam told CNS. “While we have no intention of criticising for the sake of it, we do intend to support when appropriate, advocate in the best interests of the country, scrutinize policy changes and legislative reform to ensure our leaders meet their numerous election promises. Where we feel that policy decisions will be detrimental to the country we will not hesitate to raise concerns and offer alternatives that we believe will be more beneficial to the citizens and residents of the Cayman Islands."

C4C, which still insists it is an advocacy group and not a political party, endorsed eight candidates in the 2013 general election campaign who were also members and backers of the group. Three of their candidates were successful and all three, after some false starts, eventually joined the PPM government, including Tara Rivers, who is now a member of Cabinet and closely involved with the immigration reform.

In their first public comment since their three candidates were returned to office, the group criticised the government’s Immigration Bill, stating that it had some strong concerns and pointing to what they believe is the misplaced belief in Cayman that guest workers should have a right to receive citizenship.

They took aim at plans to allow the 1,500 work permits holders who were not key employees to apply for PR. Taking the same position as the two independent members for North Side and East End, whom ironically they never endorsed during the campaign. C4C said the employers of these guest workers knew for seven years that they would need to replace those guest workers.

Dismissing government’s claim that if these 1,500 workers all departed at once it would cause significant economic hardship across the community, C4C said there were far more problems with the bill in general.

They said the proposed amendment to the PR system would create a costly administrative burden in the processing of all of the applications that can now be made for PR. They also claimed that there would be no incentive for employers to become true business partners for Cayman by properly providing employment, training, development and progression opportunities for Caymanians.

Removing the jobs from the pool of those available to Caymanians for longer, perhaps even permanently, would also create further problems for unemployment, the group stated, adding that allowing every guest worker the opportunity to apply for PR could create a larger pool of new citizens than even the mass status grants of 2004.

The group told government, and by extension its three candidates, to adopt a different approach by giving a final extension to the 1,500 guest workers and not allow them to apply for permanent residency. Employers, the C4C said, could then to use the final months to recruit replacement employees, with qualified Caymanians being given priority.

They suggested that this is the only provision in the bill that must be addressed as a matter of urgency and the remaining provisions could be held back to allow for more discussion and review.

“We think the government should re-consider the current proposed approach to immigration reform to one which again puts the primary objective of economic growth being to ensure the effective creation of direct employment and business ownership opportunities that benefit Caymanians,” the group advocated.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You are a bunch of ungrateful humans. PPM know what they are doing and like it or not they will show you, just watch

    • And Another Ting says:

      if you are a PPM supporter you sure aint progressive, but rather rude and crdse.  Just relax as ypu gave to the UDP so shall ye receive.  World without end.  And Another Ting.

  2. Anonymously says:

    We need 1,500 expats to run for elected office.  The expat population will do better at running government that what we have now, what is good for the goose should be good for the gande.  Please expats challenge human fights and your right to run for elected office after becoming Caymanian.

  3. Anonymous says:

    So  wasn't Johann Moxam the same C4C person who got on CITN and stated that basically if you want to get elected you don't say, the civil sevice needs to be cut etc?


    In my opinion he's right, honest people can't/wont get elected until we stop party politics, regulate the rise of Pacs like the C4C, until the electorate is generally informed and understand the importance of their vote versus short term promises and favours.


    So yes Mr. Moxam, it's a little too late, I could easily view all the initial negotiating as a question as to whether you guys used Hon Rivers to get the other C4C in government, or at least that's how it may be interpreted, so don;t try to get your PR out now after you had to be publicly called out and REMINDED of your claims…..or did you get what you want? Mr Bush is not the Premier and all C4C members are part of government and backbench??



  4. Anonymous says:

    Here cones the political pandering ezzard style. Cowards..

  5. Otherview says:

    This really shows how ineffective, misinformed , and  out of touch ALL THE POLITICAL PARTIES are on this ROCK.  In reality, if they really understood the proposed immigration reform laws, they would understand that a very small…..close to ZERO % of the TLEP permit 

    holders will never qualify for PR.  Most of them spend (good), all the money the make, or SEND IT HOME (bad)…… They have no savings (big points)…..or vested interest in a property or business (bigger points)…….no one has this…….unless they are a partner at a law firm……oh ya.

    See ya………….

  6. Anonymous says:

    C4C should probably try attending one of the government town hall meetings and understanding the bill before spouting off their mouths. Lots of improvements are in that bill but everyone is busy listening to Ezzard's foolishness and forming opinions based on his opinions.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Let us not be fooled Do any of you think that C4C ever had any other persons than the merchants and big businesses in their thoughts. They have no interest in the small man they are for big conglomerates not us. If they was for us then they would have been a voice and remain on the opposition bench and offer constructive advice and still represent us. Someone once said to me OH don't worry that C4C group don't need money that is not whythey are running, wellhave you heard of any donations to any charity from their salaries? I didn't think so. Let us remember $$ rules the world and C4C is not exempt.

    • Anonymous says:

      Stop looking for hand outs and being a liabilty to government. This donation crap has to stop. Opputunities are here, we need to take care of our familes and stop expecting government to do it for us.    

    • BORN FREE says:

      I have to wonder if this is a unanimous decision made by all 3 of their remaining members?

    • Anonymous says:

      If there were no businesses operating (whether big or small) in Cayman, do you think there would be any employment?  Not even the Government would be able to provide jobs.

      It is businesses that provide the money UP FRONT, in duty and fees, to the government, for them to spend on the services we receive, and yes, duty is included in the price of goods.

      The sooner people recognise that it is businesses that drive the economy, the better off we will all be.



    • Anonymous says:

      Is this C4C or is it just that malcontent named Johann? Just asking because none of the people I speak to who were associated with C4C support this position.

      • Anonymous says:

        Most of the ppm supporters do not support the proposed immigiration changes and support for TLEPs either. There is a real fear that this will be a repeat of last time they were in power.

      • Anonymous Expat says:

        The View Point is authored by C4C.

        You do not know Mr. Moxam if you think he needs to hide behind a group like C4C to express his views or political commentary. Remember Election night coverage on CITN he was the great and very knowledgeable. I would have turned it off if he did not do such a good job. He is brave and consistent when offering views on politics and issues facing cayman. I hope he runs for politics in 2017 because he makes more sense than a lot currently in the parliament.

  8. Bean Counter says:

    This is what we expect from C4C who are finally acting like a public awareness and advocacy group. 

    Interesting that Minister Rivers and Councilors Connolly and McTaggart who C4C endorsed seem to have become bobble heads for the Progressives instead of being as they promised independent minded leaders.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bobbleheads for ppm. ROFLMAO so true

    • Anonymous says:

      But C$C candidates are now part of the Government – so how is it that this is what you expected of C4C?  BTW did C$C know about the credentials of Ms Rivers and that she was travelling on US passport and living and working in UK when they endorsed her?  And does Bergstrom, Rutty and Scott agree with that the TLEP's etc should go home?  They run businesses.  Did they actually okay this release, are thier signatures on the release? 

    • HERO NEEDED says:

      So my friend do you undersand anything about constitutional responsiblity?  What makes you think Minister Rivers et al are ppm puppets?  She and Councillors Connolly and McTaggart are bound by collective responsiblity– which is a consititutional requirement for all members of Government which means they cannot go mouthing off against when government when a position has been taken. And News Flash #1: This bill is a PPM Iniatitve!     

      I know people expect to see the Minister leading the charge against this initiatvein the media etc. but this is not going to happen if she is to remain a member of Government (as we the people asked her to be).  While we members of the public are not privy to Cabinet discussions, how can we credibly judge this woman and her Councillor on their committment to the protection of Caymanians and their position in relation to this bill? 

      The three C4C endorsed independents ran on a pro-Caymanian platform and as members of government they're fight must take place behind close doors (like all other members of government).  Unfortunately for those of us that need to see/hear to believe it doesn't happen by pontificating on a radio programme. But talk is cheap my friends. People like Minister Rivers and Councillor Connolly get down to real work and because they do not have the luxury (due to their positions) to say the things that would passify the masses does not mean that in four short months they have reneged on their ideals and campaign promises. 

      If we look at the situation logically and strategically as it relates to Minister Rivers, it would not bode very well for her to become a bobble head for the PPM.  News Flash #2: no one from the PPM got elected in West Bay!  Most of us young non-UDP West Bayers know where her heart is and we know the long hours she is putting in to fight for us (whether we can see it or hear it).  We wanted her to take that Cabinet seat and we fully understood at the time that that meant she would be bound by collective responsiblity.  But does that mean there is no dog left in her fight?  I guess all the naysayers are flies on Cabinet's walls.


      • Anonymous says:

        It does not explain the silence of her colleagues of Roy and Winston who are not bound by cabinet collective responsibility. All 3 have deceived the people claiming independent think abilities

      • Anonymous says:

        Hero so have they joined ppm and will not state they views based on collective responsibility. They should tell us that instead of pretending to be for people. Tell us they now represent the ppm and party system

      • Anonymous says:

        They claimed to be Independents during the campaign. Looking at the post all three are now members of Progressives and vote in favor of all that is proposed. So what happen to their  own campaign promises? Nothing put excuses and politricks as usual. 

      • Anonymous says:

        A complete crock of B$!!! 

      • Anonymous says:

        It is easy to judge Minister Rivers she's acted like a diva from the very start. How can we forget her rant against the media claiming discrimination against her as a woman it was laughable

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thanks C4C. I hope your MLA’s will listen to sound advice instead of being yes men for Alden.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Well the myth that C4C is behind this law can now be put to rest

  11. Anonymous says:

    Good job C4C finally stepping up and offering sound ideas and holding government to task.

  12. #Whoyoufa says:

    It look like Tara Winston and Roy are now puppets for the ppm.

    What do they have to say on important issues like immigration and pensions? Nobody can hear a peep out them.
    Did they join ppm like Julianna for power or will they try and represent the people like they said as independents on the campaign platforms

    • Anonymous says:

      Those 3 have no chance of getting re-elected if they continue on like this. What have they said or done since elections? If they not going to do anything for people they should just formally join PPM and ride Kurt and Tony coat tails like the rest of them

  13. Anonymous says:

    Will the scrutiny include the three losers that got elected thanks to C4C?

    Or have they changed their colors?

    Last I heard they all grew a brain after election and realized they needed to work with a Party to get anything done.

    • Anonymous says:

      Read the article again it says they will look to hold the government accountable. That includes the 3 that have joined the Progressives or seem to have become mutes after the elections.

  14. Anonymous says:

    C4C please review the budget, as there is no way possible that we can have a $100mil surplus. Happy to see you guys offering your knowledge and experience to assist the government and country. I have always said that Cayman has all the resources and knowledge here tap into, but why do governments  continue to go overseas for consultants and pay exorbitant fees?? I think this is a slap in the face to fellow Caymanians who have  expercience to deal with different issues arising..