Man killed in GT shooting

| 12/10/2013

(CNS) Updated-corrected details: Police have now confirmed that the man who was shot and killed close to the Mango Tree  on Shedden Road following a shooting Friday night was Anthony James Connor from George Town. The third murder in Grand Cayman in less than a month occurred around 8:45 Friday evening in George Town. Emergency services and police were sent to the scene where the 32-year-old victim had received a single gunshot wound. He was taken to the George Town hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. The junction of Crewe Road, Shedden Road and Dorcy Drive Round, by the NAPA auto shop, was closed through the night as police began their third murder investigation of the year, which also appears to be gang-related.

The police have not yet given any details of how the man was shot or any descriptions of the gunman or men or any vehicles spotted leaving the scene. A major incident room has been opened at the George Town Police Station. Telephone number is 925-7240.

The killing comes on the heels of the murder of Earl Hart (22), who was a witness in a 2011 murder case and was shot at his home in Marina Drive, Prospect, on 3 October. Irvin Garlon Bush (52) was shot and killed as he entered his home on 15 September in Daisy Lane, West Bay. Bush was the father of Robert Mackford Bush, who was also murdered in 2011 in a gang-related shooting.

Detective Inspector Kathy Marshall, the lead investigator in this case, is appealing to anyone who may have information or observed anything suspicious last night in the Mango Tree area of Crewe Road to please call the police hotline at 9497777 or Crime stoppers at 800 TIPS (8477).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What baffles me is that the same people condemning this generation are the same people that RAISED this generation …

    CNS: I've moved the rest of this comment to the Viewpoint section.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I hope t Christ that when some unknown shooter blows away one of una family members that una say the same heartless, mindless disgusting things. 

    • OK says:

      Wouldn't be a gun death though.  My family fishes, so it would be "live by the fish, die by the fish".  I can see the headline now:

      Man Killed on the Docks Today, Struck by 2 Tuna to the Chest and 1 Tuna to the Head. 

      Police suspect something fishy, cast a net over the usual suspects.  One witness said "I don't know why there was tuna.  He was just fishing for the halibut."  Dock locals appeared crabby.  Police cordoned off the area and began smelling hands, hoping to bring the case to the scales of justice…


      • dick Banger says:

        Equally, all my family have been sausage makers over several generations.

        I guess if you live by the sausage, you will die by the sausage.

  3. patricia bryan says:

    I am not on island and only know hat I read in the news, but having recently lost my brother to violence, my heart goes out to all families of the murdered young men. I knew both of them but knew Anthony longer and better.Knowing one longer than the the doesnt make it any less of a loss. Losing neither is easy for their families.

    I cant speak for who did what and why and I wont try. I do know that it is sad and senseless, and only those in the inner circles may have knowledge. I can summise that may times these seemingy retaliative actions are because these people know who and what within their circles. I believe the Police may know or assume also. But they are many times restricted by the law, then most times their policing are slack. Look at the record of investigating methods and prosecuting of many recent cases. Human Rights are in; the death penalty is gone.

    I doubt guns on our police are the resolve. The men arent shooting the authorities, even when they are apprehended or suspected. They shoot one another. I have too many thoughts running around in my head to try to suggest where to start to figure this situation. I know one thing for certain, these affiiates are beyond reaching many times despite their outter appearance, and only one small thing to retrigger where they tried to elevate themselves from. They have already bred anger. Rage, against one another. The Police know, the Gvernment know. I liked Dr. Frank because he walked among the young people. The members of Government and polititions need to walk amongst their people in their districts, let Caymanians feel kinship and as if they are not being ran over or pushed aside, not set up police meetings and so forth. Caymanians want you in their homes, on their porches, looking them in their faces, as a CAYMANIAN, reardless if you're the Premier or a Minister or police.  CAYMANIAN. So they know you 'feel' them, you relate, and you are listening on their level. That was long lost. 🙁

  4. Anonymous says:

    It is what it is by by bobo

  5. Anonymous says:

    I'm not going to bother reiterate that Anthony was on a path of a changed life, just trying to prove to society he wants a better life and to give him a chance. I dont need to nail it in your head that this crime will not go unpuished because there is a God, one should not test Him in anyway, especially in cases such as these. People change folks, people make bad choices in life, and the ones that do actually learn should be encourage everyday.  The truth hurts, and the truth that is hurting you is that these young men can actually change if they choose to. Unfortunately it is always the good ones that never make it and the wicked ones stay back. I'm not arguing with you ignorant small minded people, my arguement is now for our Government. What is going to be done about these crimes? Where is Irvin, Earl and Anthony's killers? YOu mean you dont know who even did the first murder yet??? YOu better start getting help because you are beginning to be just as useless as these boys you have stereotyped and wrote of from society! We have no use for the SO CALLED RCIP Force that we have. Every restaurant corner that especially has a bar should have CCTV! Come on now, that is not rocket science. 

  6. Anonymous says:

    no matter  what kind of life seford russell  lived  he was  a son  a father and  abrother. so till u  walk the walk then u can  talk the talk. he only  took his hole  there are many more left there. so get a life

    • patricia bryan says:

      Never mind about Seaford, sweety, whoever you are that posted this. He is in a much better plae than any of the embiciles who sport his name on here.And coward not to post their names behind their words. Oh what for these types of platforms for cowards and judases.

      MY name is here though. His sister. I supported him through his bad, good, wrong and right, ever letting him know when he was anny of these at any time. I will supprt him now.

      Hopefully one day these same posters won't have the HONOR to experience  what Seaford's family or any other family, including the three murdered just recently. Then the person can step up. Life…what a funny thing, eh? Yes. One thing is for sure, Seaford's maternal family hadnt and is not trying to cover who he was, but…that is not ALL he was. To bad mankind always remember the bad…until the tables turn. Cowards. I just sit and smile quietly as he often did and say "Pat, look at dem fools nah. Dey tink dey know wha it's like. Dey idiots."

  7. Anonymous says:

    Poster 10:06 NO i dont have kids for a gangster whether dead or alive but I grew up in this environment where everything seems hopeless especially when hearing and seeing a a juvenile on a daily basis all the disparaging remarks made against my peers (myself included) just because we had single mothers or just because we didnt come from a certain area. What you need to do is get off your pedestal and go do your homework. How many youth outreach programmes are there? The few that remain are holding on at the mercy of the operators all the rest were underfunded and fell to the wayside because they werent important. The System did fail many of the youth, heck, the majority of the youths whether you choose to admit it or not. People like you that seemingly work in the "system" for a pay check rather than genuine love for what you do would automatically enter with the mindset that this child is a lost cause. Pull yor finger our your backside and look back over the past 15 years and tell me how much emphasis has been placed on the nurturing, progression and advancement of this nations children ALL of them not just the ones who's mommy and daddy support a political party and not just the ones who's parents drive fancy cars and hob nob withthe elite class of society. The problem with people is turning a blind eye to the facts and relaity that were have long been facing an epedemic of youths growing up with REAL challenges.If you cant contribute something positive then perhaps you are one of the ones that need to proceed to the back of the line and try again. As for your comment about seeding up the place, it's a woman's right to have her child no matter who the daddy is, people live and pleople learn, Cayman doesnt offer much alternatives and I dont see you WHOEVER you are handing out free tickets to Miami for an abortion which is another shedding of innocent blood if you cared to read your Bible and UNDERSTAND IT. Its a woman's business who she has a baby for and its her responsibility to make sure he steps up to the plate, if he doesnt then there's the maintenance court so its all in her hands. Furthermore SINGLE mothers tend to do a damn good job raising kids because in case you forgot the Odds are stacked against us too and you dont want to get me started on that topic. REST IN PEACE ANTHONY CONNOR! 

    • A concern Native says:

      Good morning, I admire your stance on this situation and I do agree with you that the answer to today's problem is not disposing of our unborn babbies in Miami, as this too can and maybe a major emotional/psycological cause to much of the anger that society is faced with today. I am a man and in my late teen age years my girlfriend (back in the day) both of us at the same age, at that time she got pregnant and because of us being young we took the rout of Miami. Today, I am married to someone else and no children as yet. My wife and I are praying that if it's God's will for us to have children someday and while we are waiting/hoping for it to happen we are living our lives for our God and Saviour Jesus Christ and trying our best to positively touch the lives of others, especially the young generation. Like I would often say it is no point of society working hard for what we think that we willbe able to enjoy some day (on our hope to be retirement) and turn a blind eye to these young people who will some day come in our homes and take it from us,even with gated communities. My advice today would be lets continue to see how we can positively touch the lives of our young and old. At the seem time we have to continue giving advice to our young ladies and young men (even if we think that they do not act as young men and young ladies) Please, Please let us not give up on them, as adults or the older heads our enjoyment in life depends alot on how much we reach out to the younger ones, if no more than finding something positive/words of encouragemnet to share with them, as this is lacking much in the lives of many of them. If that young man (even if he is a Thug or look like one) and has his child holding in his arms, holding his child's hand and walking with him/her let us (as society) tell him how important that is for him to continue being that loving father or even the young women tooooo for being good mothers to their children. ( I am not one for suggesting for our young people to continue to have children out of marriage and also importantly is not having them prior to getting a roof over their head and their own beds for them to sleep on). Not leaving them home or at the homes of some other persons', sometimes with strangers, younger children who are also greatly in need of parenting (that too can cause our young people to feel equal to grown ups, prior to them growing up because they stay at home with little brother or sister while their parents are out at Clubs having more, what they think is fun or even working that X-tra job to make ends meet). Leaving their children in the care of older (aging grand parents) who have worked sooo hard all their lives in oder to go out to the clubs, I would say that is thinking selfish. Sometimes is even leaving children with strangers, or older parents who have worked so hard all their lives and today need that rest in order to keep going (to stay alive). At the same time lets encourage our young men and women to make something of themselves by making the choices even if learning from the mistakes that we older ones have made with out making them toooooo. Another situation that we have is Our young that like a nice young lady who comes from a good family, smart in school and ambitious but she choses the young man who is living on the reckless lane (Thug Life) then she allow herself to get pregnant for the one who does not value life or take or take it serious. The other young men who want to cherish the life their own and others see this trend and then express that they tend to feel that he does not stand slim chance today getting a good girl without chosing the Thug life. Later they would find and hopefully prior to death will find out that she was not the right to have gone down that rough road for. Sometimes young men can be encourage to put on a condoms to have sex but some males are looking security through bringing a child in this world by getting a striving young woman pregnant, especially if they are not from here(They use the child or children as bargaining power to have a reason stay on this sweet lil rock. males are known to prick holes in the condoms prior to putting them on or even after they have put the condom on and getting those beautiful, young and striving women who wanted a good education. I would say to our young men who are looking for security through getting a smart beautiful young woman pregnant and not being able be a real father to them children wait until she has finished her education that will be an investment and easier to raise a family by having more money as a result of a good education. Our young men are getting our young women pregnant because they feel that they have to do it before the foreign men. Today I plead to our LOCAL young men stop killing ourselves and making it easy for the for the men coming off the planes to take over the sweet women who are here waiting to hear a sweet word from a man who is known to sell ice to the Escamos.This is why it is so important for parents especially fathers to give their young female children compliments, so they do not get excited when a male say something sweet to them that tickle their ears. A few books of the Bible to look at is "people with understanding control their anger ; a hot temper shows great foolishness". Proverbs 14:29 NLT. " Don't befriend angry people or asociate with hot tempered people, or you will learn to be like them and endanger your soul'. Proverbs 22: 24-25 NLT. As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear him. Psalms 103 :13.  Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth". Mathew 5;5. I try my best to live by this one in facing life's challenging especially with our young people who are filled with much anger is = "A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger". I feel that much of our young people today are being fed on grievous (harsh) words that they are finding it hard to ignore and turning voilence thinking that will relieve our stress. Thanks for taking the time to read. 

  8. Anonymous says:

    Anthony Conner came out with the intention to change his life and had such high hopes for a bright future. What is the matter with these "gangster" or so called guys running around here trying to prove something is that they dont know when to let go! They call judgement on others trying to play God and they have no fear in God but I hope they know that all they do is written down and they will have to answer to it one day TO God Himself! IN the mean time they have children, grand children and so on, they just set a generational curse on their own without fearing the consequences!

    The difference with Anthony is he was a man with heart! He cared about others, he loved children and he was compassionate for all life. That's why he's dead. IF he was heartless and wicked like the rest he would live long and get away with his dirt. Secondly, If he had children he would have been a different man. He would not have been one of the lame ass baby daddy's who only make children to say they have them and still live a reckless life, go to prison and talk about their children as if they cared about them. They make me sick! If they cared they would have changed from the beginning of having a child.

    You are no better than Anthony and he didnt damn well live by a gun! He came out and was working and trying to be a better citizen and they didnt want that. Man may not have seen what happened that night BUt God did!! Praise God!  

  9. Anonymous says:

    Convinced people sit on CNS all day and have nothin gbetter to do that spew negativity. 

  10. Anonymous says:

    Beenie had more sense than half of the ignoramouses on here chatting. Dirty, cold hearted people that dont know HALF of what they are talking about but scoff and look down thier noses at others. Tell me, can half of you or ANY of you people here survive when all the odds are stacked against you? Can you survive living in a board house with a zinc roof? Can you survive rubbing out an 8 year prision sentence? Can you survive the code of the streets, Walk and live, Talk and Dead? Can you survive the other code of the streets Snitches get Stitches? Can you survive the police beating down your door just because you USED to roll with bad company and are trying to change your life but you are stigmatized because of your past. Can you survive police harrassment? Can you survive not being able to get a job (Anthony had a job BTW) Can you survive half NO EVEN a QUARTER of the daily struggle many of the youths of today are facing? If you have neverexperienced it, if you have never lived through it, if you have never studied it, and if your only talent is running your mouth when something bad happens then your opinion is irrelevant. 

    • Anonymous says:

      So, you loved "Beenie" and he was your friend. Please,  fill us in on the struggles and how things can be improved for the teens/young adults in GC.  

      Get yourself a good education in the name of "Beenie" and continue "his strive for survival and excellence". When you are on that graduation stand, throw your cap in the air in "Beenie's name and honor". Do something positive …..for "Beenie". Then, get yourself a wonderful job in a career that you enjoy and be someone positive for the community. Become a role model for the young ones in your neighborhood. Get your friends together and design a park or playground and plant a garden or park benches in honor of "Beenie".I'm "old school" so I am sure you and your group could come up with cooler things.  I could go on, but instead of thinking negatively and dragging things down…use "Beenie and his memory" as a positive.

      You could talk about the struggles all day or you could pull your chin up and lift your head high and create a positive future for yourself and your "friends/boys/homies/brothers/mates". (old school again), but you get the idea.

      People do care. No one wants to see all this violence and the killing of young men. It is horribly sad. Once that trigger is pulled, there is no second chance. Guns are not the answer to the problems.

    • Anonymous says:

      That is what happens when you listen to too much MTV and watch too many dvd's. You start believing it.

      This is Cayman not Boyz in the hood.

      • Anonymously says:

        Too much MTV(really)? Stay high in your "Ivory Tower"  because the real Cayman is staring  all of us in the face and the knock is getting louder each day and it's not the 'Rap' music or MTV noise, it is the real Caymanians that many of us chose to (and still) believe are invisible.  

        Comments and attitudes from past governments and residents such as yourself are exactly what allowed the gang culture to take root in Cayman.  I can only pray that our young men look on the bright side and don't become the forgotten generation. Well intentioned Caymanians and residents don't share your sentiments this is why we refuse to write off these young people.  We will pray for them, give them good counsel, stop and talk to them and show genuine concern about their welfare.  Thank you Mr. Leslie and other employers that have given these young people a fighting chance by giving them employment, Mr. Moore and Ms Bush for your apprenticeship programs and a few others;  while those in their ivory towers sit back far removed from the social ills plaguing the country.  





        • snuff kitty kat says:

          Can I use these lyrics for my new rap song? 

          It is real good. Respect.

    • Anonymous says:

      "The Code Of The Streets" = apologist for anti-social lifestyles.

    • noname says:

      What a crock of warm spit.  "Life is so rough"… boo hoo.  Don't do drugs and don't deal drugs and don't pick up a gun and odds are really good that no one is going to come around and shoot you.  Instead, maybe focus on your job, or on getting a job, and on learning and improving yourself, and on volunteering to help others around you.  No?  Have to pick up the gun and the drugs?  No choice?  Boo hoo.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Una would be surprised how many of the white collar kids are out here smoking weed, popping pills, and buying guns with daddy's money just so they can say they bad boys. You would be surprised how many of the better off youths are involved in criminal activities like stealing etc just because they have nothing better to do and are bored with thier privelidged lives and private school educations but we dont see or hear about these little Sh*ts because thier partents have enough money to cover up for them and chalk it up to "acting out". The system doesnt fail these little rebels but it fails the poorer class of society because once you are of a certain color, come from a certain area, or have below a certain household income you are generalized and viewed as a statistic often times before you've even done anything wrong. And I agree with the other poster because Beenie unlike many made good of his time in Prison by upskilling himself and attending all the courses and classes offered to him. Who are any of you to judge, a person's gfreatest failure is the failure to TRY thats why I wish all the ignorant big mouth morons on here would TRY shut thier pie holes and do something constructive. Since you all seem to have the remedy well get out there and do something instead of plastering your useless opinions on CNS. For the posters who see the value of human life and value of reform I thank you, all the rest are just TYPICAL.

  12. Anonymous says:

    How do you know he was such a big problem in school? When he did more than half of his schooling in Jamaica you numbskull. Chat wtf you know. 

  13. Kim Angelina says:

    For most of you writing on here about "live by the gun die by the gun" let me be the first to say i knew this man. Yes he was not the most polished of people, but he was a person. He spent the last 7 years in prison and was set free earlier this year to make a change in his life. EVERYONE IS SO QUICK TO JUDGE! BUT GOD IS THE ONLY JUDGE THAT SHOULD MAKE THE RULING. Anthony was perhaps lost in life as we all are sometimes. Hanging with the wrong crowd and got caught up in the violence. In prison, before he came out he earned his certificates for classes that he took and anger management and also relationsip classes to help him get along with people on the "outside" better. Please instead of being typical bottom of the barrel Caymanians, justpray for him, his mother, father, family and friends. He was so exited to come out of prison and was suppose to from Winter last year. He didnt get out though until sometime in April and still did not get to see christmas outside of the maximun jail cell (which he chose to stay in after given the option the mingle with the other "bad boys"). He wanted to change his life! Please everyone deserves a chance to change. What world are we living in if we cant hold out our hands to someone in need. What place is this? Girls/women are being raped and for some its "hush hush" or "she caused it on herself". Boys/men are being killed and its "thats what ya get". Come on Cayman!!! We need to do something!!!! Maybe I'm the last of the forgiving breed. God is about LOVE and FORGIVENESS!! If this was not true we would all be doomed as we were ALL born in sin.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you. He was my friend too. People making comments are quick to judge, quick to forget that the person killed was a human being – and someone's child. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.  Rest in Peace Anthony – you were loved.

    • Anonymous says:

      I was created and born from love!!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Some of the comments on here are disgusting. The system has failed the young people, and the young people grow to be older people in which case the system on a whole has failed us all. Beenie had his flaws but he wasn't a murderer and he wasnt a thief that I can say for sure, he was far too proud, with that being said he wasnt a saint, which none of are, that doesnt mean he deserved to die like that… who does? In this day and age you can be as clean and pristine as the driven snow, that doesnt mean that you are safe as many of the gun toting criminals now a days obviously have no regard for where and when they shoot someone whether it be in the person's home where thier family is or in a public location such as Mango Tree. Unless us Caymanians and those who live here want to see true vigilante justice (i dont) then it is up to our leaders to intervene and put the proper systems in place to eradicate this type of violence, if not then criminals or anyone in fear of thier life will take it into thier own hands which will only lead to more bloodshed which I'm sure none of the sarcastic posters above want to see. Go ahead and thumbs down this comment because its very clear that many on here dont value human life. And forthose of you who dont know this man but choose to judge him, he went to prison, served his time (all of it) and was released, he wasn't a rapist, he was a son of the soil whom the system failed from the time he was a teenager, those that know KNOW and those that dont can sit comfortably at thier computers and judge all of the youths that the Caymanian corrupted system has failed, he was working and trying to forge a better future for himself, unfortunately he never got the cance, he's not the only one, there are several. Perhaps now Anthony is finally at peace. And for everyone else, be careful the words that come out of your mouth, there's power in the tongue and we should all seek to speak positive things over ourselves and our community at large. Rest in Peace Anthony James Connor. Prayers are with your family.

    • Anonymous says:

      9:05, you sound like that nice middle class girl who has kids for gangstas (one of them murdered) and who is always lamenting on the social network how they never had a chance, "system failed them" etc etc. Well, guess what, some of us tried to help them when they were very small but they were so out of order and full of violent anti-social behaviour and disrespect of authority, doing what they damn well pleased from the age of 5 onwards and right through the school system, rejecting all offers of help, until they end life in a hail of bullets. No "system"- stupid word- failed them. Their "parents"-especially the deadbeat fathers seeding up the place with kids and taking no interest in them after they tire of the babymama and move on to some other stupid easy woman – they are the ones to blame.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well said 10:06. You spoke a mouthful!

      • Anonymously says:

        Let the cycle continue and I guarantee everyone in Cayman, that within the next five years (because of its size) Cayman will be worst than our closest English speaking neighbor. As for our middle class young women having children for local gangstas I am not in favor of our young people having children in any unsavory relationship/situation. However I would rather our young women deal with our own miscreants than those we know nothing about.  Many of our young women in the 80s and 90s married charming men from Jamaica only to find much later that they were gagstas, common criminals and drug runners on the run.  Not to mention many of our young women who found perfect gentlemen in Florida who turn out to be even worst and came from long generations of criminals.  Yes, Cayman do have a few families that got into some scrimiges with the law but none with generations of criminals. Before you run your mouth off first of all check you past, deal with your present and hope for your future… By by the grace of God there goes you and I.







    • SuziB says:

      I keep reading in a lot of these comments, "the system failed him.". What? Why would anyone in thier right mind depend on the "system" to provide anything? Since when is it the responsibility of "the system" (what does that mean anyway?) to give people constructive things to do? We all have been given the free will to make decisions on how to live our lives.

      Whathappened to the family? It is the responsibility of the family unit to provide for its members…not "the system".

      Seriously…what do you mean by the system??

  15. Anonymous says:

    Same thing different year but different kid. Will it stop? Doubt it…….

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe they should start having high school students take field trips to the morgue and see what death and murder is really about? Have the mothers come in who have recently lost children and talked to the students?

  16. Anonymous says:

    My goodness, and it didn't happen in West Bay (for the third time on the trot).

    Perhaps the moron who "thinks up" the cartoons we are currently blighted with daily in the Caymanian Compass might consider extending the "tank service" to other parts of Grand Cayman?

  17. Anonymous says:

    All enforcement agencies in Cayman should join forces and work together to tackle this growing crime rate. Come on now a country this small should not have the serious crime problem that we have.  All officers should be trained in fire arms and should be carrying one. When I see a police or customs officer in the US I respect them because they are  carrying a weapon. How do you expect the police or customs to do there job if they don't have the proper tools or training to carry out there duties. 

  18. Anonymous says:

    What do you all really expect from the Commissioner? Why are you all pointing the fingers at him? Yes he is the Commissioner but he is only human too. What about you, do you know something that could stop this violence before it occurs or maybe you have information that can solve these murders?!! The people of Cayman need to stop being cowards and take a stand and not let your country be destroyed by these thugs. You know what though Caymanians get a high off of this kind of thing, they wait to hear these things and when they happen its just news for most of them to spread and make their own stories up about what may have happen. Please people these young people need guidance, even if they have already joined a gang they need someone to step in and say look I will help you get out, I willl do my best to keep you safe but you need to get out of the life you are living, Most of them are just waiting for someone to come along and rescue them, Not because they are not your son, brother , sister, cousin that you cant step in a help the youth of your country out. There are a few Caymanians that have done it and are still doing it but they cant do it alone. They have turned young caymans who were heading for a life of destruction into hardworking responsibile adults and if people would stop being afraid and help the ones you can and for the ones who just dont want to be helped, if you know something that may help in getting them off the streets then do it! Only then may we see a change for the better on our island.

  19. Anonymous says:

    We need to take back our island! Put these little punks on blast and hound them like a nightmare! Police should trial suspects till they crack. We need more vigilance by neighbors and more personal security in your homes. Best one for a yard. Dogs. For a condo, canine security detail. Said it far too often. We’re not being smart enough with these misfits and their skills. We need to pay attention to the headlines and watch for patterns and clues. A criminal ALWAYS screws up somehow in the end.

  20. Anonymous says:

     I wonder what those Ministers (then called Exco  Members) and Edcucation Dept Heads who insisted we didn't have gangs, we had groups, are thinking now. They probably live in gated or otherwise protected communities where they figure the crime won't touch them. We have buried our heads in the sand for too long – Legislagors, parents and the education department.  Our young people have been failed miserably. Not every child will be a model individual, but we have lost an entire generation and more; and we are still on the same track. 

  21. Anonymous says:

    As an expat I try to keep quiet on issues in Cayman.  I know that no one likes an outsider giving advice on how to run the country.  However,  I believe that violence will continue to increase in Cayman because the law prevents residents and police officers from protecting law abiding citizens.  When we are not allowed to carryguns and most of the police officers don't carry guns then what do the outlaws have to fear?  Nothing.  They know that they are the only ones with a weapon.  This creates a perfect environment for gangs to prosper.  Just my opinion and I hope that you don't mind my comments.  I just thought I would offer my thoughts because I already saw this play out in the United States. 

    • Diogenes says:

      You "saw this play out in the United States"……where every citizen has the right to a gun, and all police officers are armed.!  Your theory needs a better example.  

    • Anonymous says:

      The solution, in my humble opinion, isn't to add more guns to the situation. The solution is to invest in a proper education system to give more people options and alternatives to the gang life. Given the number of people who come out of the education system without being able to read, write and do math, I don't think more guns is the solution. 

  22. Anonymous says:

    This individual is the product XXXX of the environment in which he grew up in and this situation has been decades in the making. Anyone who knows, knows fully well there were members of the community who tried to assist this individual when he was growing up. However, there is so much members of the community can do when it is needed for you to be entirely removed from a horrible environment. Social Services were asked to get involved from the 90's. Yet, it is the preference of Social Services to give money instead of legally removing this individual from the home environment. Alot of these circumstances are decades in the making. Members of the community foresaw this from the 90's but were told by the Gov't of the day the voices of the community were  of propaganda. Government for decades has been ignoring and sweeping on the under the carpet the socio-economic issues because it was too busy trying to present this picture perfect facade and now this is the result. To state that communities refuse to speak has to be truly investigated. There are times when the community does speak up however, if you have been speaking up for years with no response you become wise enough to understand no one is listening.

    • Anonymous says:

      If Social Services had removed this person from his environment who would have taken him in? You?

    • Anonymous says:

      He was a big problem in school too. 

    • Anonymous says:

      And each of these gangstas finds women stupid enough to gladly have their babies. One who was shot in Honduras and whose "in loving memory" was in the Compass last week left 10 or 12 children behind. How many of them will become productive members of society?

      • patricia bryan says:

        That "ONE" that was shot in Honduras was MY brother. I wnt say sorry and hope it may never be YOUR brother, or anyone else in YOUR family for that matter. Instead of getting behind 'anonymous' and posting, be brave enough to display your name when making such derogatory remarks about others' relatives. I have never in my entire life made ONE derogatory remark about anyone dying regardess how their life was taken.

        Men do NOT normally FORCE women to have children, in case you failed to acknowledge that small fact. One has to wonder about the logic of your thinking, I suppose running off at the mouth before thinking.

        MY BROTHER too lived by the sword so no surprise he died by it, but does that make him less of a person to love and miss by those who love him? Including those 12 children you cant get your numbers right on. WE are free to write and post what we want in the papers; we pay for it.

        I wish I knew your name and pray to God you never lose someone especially to these conditions as I certainly would simply [copy and paste] your comment just to remind you of these insensitive words. MY NAME is here; I am not 'anonymous'.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I think the demise started back in the 80's when the corruption seemed insurmountable that certain recommendations were put in place.


  24. The Truth says:

    A certain Political Party used to keep these guys happy by giving them money, and "work" now that times have changed, these guys are hungry so ……you draw your own conclusion

    • Anonymous says:

      Political parties need to concentrate on promoting contraception.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is not the job of certain political parties to keep me or anyone living comfortable. It is my responsibility to take care of my self and my family. I find it hard to believe that this is the Cayman I grew up in. When I was growing up Caymanians were ashamed to ask for any handout and would work their rear ends off first before holding their hand out. And, if they couldn't get it after working hard, they did without. But not today, begging and this self entitled right that has been breed into SOME of our people by slippery politicians is disgraceful. I have no simpathy for people in this country who sing this song of hard times. Get off your arsses and push yourself to do more than just the average.

      • Anonymous says:

        Here we go again- blaming the politicians.  I blame the parents who consistently ignored the signs.  If a teacher dared to mentioned it to them  they would go up to the schools and cursed them out.  Stop blaming some one else for what you failed to do. You failed to decipline your children and now the entire country is being held hostage. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Really? Listen many of us have worked every day for the last 20 years. Government are the ones that are making it harder on us to survive on a daily basis. There is nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it. And I'm not talking about taking advantage but for those people that have worked their asses off for years are now finding it impossible to keep food on the table because of the disgraceful costs of every necessity on this Island.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you really think they are killing each other because they are hungry??  They might be hungry for something but I do not think they are hungry for food!!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Our crime siutation is like a reciepe for a great cake. We have all the ingredients to drag this island to the likes of Hondorous and Jam. You have a ineffective, no matter what the reason being and I for one do not believe it is a lack of resourses Police Service, a Governement that is not willing to demand more from the Police and sits there and praises the efforts and work product of the Police, a population that is parentless for the most part, and a bunch of gang loving women/girls, that let any man jump on them and throw a child, and last but not least a failing education system. Not to mention a developing dislike or the appearence of one, that of expats. Wake up.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Caymanians please take your children to church, adults please attend church services wehave neglected God and these are the results!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yep, that worked really well for you in the past didn't it.

      At 2 churches per square mile, each demanding 10 per cent of salary, it is very easy to work out that the religious aspect has been taken over by an economic fundamentalism.

      Save your money, live a good life and treat people how you would like to be treated.

      That may go someway to reducing the killings. If not, at least people will be 10 per cent richer.

      • Anon says:

        You should learn this – you cannot out-give God. And giving doesn't only mean giving to your (or any) church  it ncludes giving to your fellow an in need.  No church demands 10% of your salary – you must give of your own free will. And believe , if you give with a cheerful spirit and with a spirit of love, the more you give the more God gives you. Your blessings will be overflowing, pressed down, as there is no limit to God's abundance.  

        • Anonymous says:

          You are joking right!!! You are trying to tell me that if you give more than 10 per cent, ie 20 per cent you will get more return.

          The square root of nothing I believe is sweet …. bollox all even if you up the percentage. 

          Therefore 20 per cent of nothing is still nothing regardless of whether it is demanded, offered, given freely or delivered by Golden Unicorns surrounded by fruits of abundance!

          By all means give to those that are in need, lead a good life and walk a straight path with others.

          I do not need a church to act as a go between or to teach me howto do this.


      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, it did! When the majority of the population went to church we had no such problems. Now we have a generation of lawless souls and the influx of many who are opposed to the Christian faith.

        • Anonymous says:

          One doesn't have to be a Christian to have faith and many that may not believe in the Christian faith are not lawless souls. 


          • Anonymous says:

            Faith in what though? It is the object of your faith that matters. Not faith in faith.

            Didn't say that all non-Christians were lawless souls, but the fact that we have many lawless souls who are not Christians is undeniable. 

        • anonymous says:

          Yep, I am sure that was the case when the population numbered about 200 and you could lock them all in a church until someone confessed to stealing another man's donkey or coveting his neighbours gourds.

           This is a modern day problem with a modern day population and cannot be fixed by medieval, middle earth belief.

          • Anonymously says:

            I am 50 years old and wish that we could return to the medieval days and ways, justwhere Christ was foremost in our existence, those were the good ole days no expats, just born Caymanians and Caymanians at heart what a harmonious society no "us" and "them". 





    • Anonymous says:

      Why would a fictional character help?

    • Anonymous says:

      @9:08 – I cannot afford to go to church anymore, there was a time when the Pastor nor the members cared about who dropped something in the collection plate but now its all about the money!! 

    • Anonymous says:

      We are not in the 1800's anymore. Fool  !!!


    • Anonymous says:

      I am a regular church goer and I am so sorry to tell you but so many of them there are the worst that you can meet. God forgive me but he knows that it is true. The churches needs to get out and meet some of these kids before they get into trouble.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don't go to Church, be a Christian!

      That's the trouble with Cayman And many places like it

      Too many Church-goers and not enough Christians

    • Anonymous says:

      As an atheist, I have to say I have not found the need to believe in a supernatural fantasy character in order to develop a moral compass. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Why does a athiest have to jump up and denigrate someone else belief every chance they get?  We get it!  You dont believe in God.  OK.  But a athiest and a troll….come on.  Heres a historical fact for you then.  Jesus the Nazarene did live, was baptised and was executed by the Romans under the rule of Pontius Pilate. Fact.  Paul, formerly Saul, wrote of Jesus' life, death and resurrection and whose ancient writings, which are atill around, match other scholars and leaders of the time, all of which have been deemed historically accurate.  This is a man, who himself hated and detested Jesus, who came to the light and realized this was something more about this man from Galilee.  You tell me what it would take to convice youself that God is real and now you have a glimpse of what happened to Saul.  We all have choices to make and some people need help making a better choice.  The young man in this article needed more help than most.  My condolences to his family.

        • Anonymous says:

          To be honest – I do believe in God and though I sometimes question why he allows certain things to happen especially to innnocent children; I'd rather believe their is a hire power and be proven wrong than to not believe and turns out there is a God and a heaven/hell.

        • Anonymous says:

          And here's another historical fact – The earth is 4.5bn years old, Life evolved around 3.2bn yrs ago, complex life around 700million years ago, mammals evolved around 250 million years ago, Humans split from the great apes around 7million years ago and modern man emerged 200,000 years ago. Modern man migrated from Africa to the Near East around 125,000 years ago. Around 11,000 years ago the Neolithic revolution occured in the Near East around Iran, Iraq and Turkey – this was the start of Agriculture and permenant habitations for man. Small villages became large towns which became cities. I don't doubt that 2000 years ago in one of these cities there was a highly influential Jewish chap called Jesus who had a remarkable gift of the gab but not sure what this has to do with any belief in god. There is no proof or 'fact' for the existance of God (and i mean absolutely none). And yet everywhere we look, be it the farthest reaches of the universe to the smallest intricases of the atom we see the evidence of the laws of physics. Perhaps it is the laws of physics that we should be concentrating on in schools these days.


          As a wise man once said 'the good thing about science is that it's true whether you believe it or not'


          I don't mean to denigrate your faith but please do not try to use 'historical facts' to prove the existance of god. No historical fact proves the existance of god – and you know that. God is a belief and it does not sit in 'facts'.

          • Anonymous says:

            So you accept that Jesus was a real person but doubt that he was the son of God. Ok.  

            Your evolution theory is still a theory.  Every few years its changed to suit whatever the prevailing scientific opinion is on the matter.  A few hundred years ago the theory was that the world was flat.  Einstein once believed the universe was static, then it was revised to a expanding universe.  A few years ago, the theory was the universe was formed by a "big bang", today they are not so sure and there a few more theories added.  Evolution theory has changed greatly over the years.  Opinions and observable truths support all but prove none without a doubt.  Some were proven then disproven and then proven again.

            There are hundreds of theories floating about with more than a few about the formation of the universe, the earth and life.  How do you choose just one? Excuse me if I'm less than certain about some of the theories being preached as gospel, pun intended.

            Most go with the most popular or the most likely and all of a sudden, its now truth or fact, when really it may not be what actually happened or is happening.

            So it seems even atheists/scientists need a little faith or do you blindly accept what you read as irrefutable fact? As for me, I choose to believe just as you do.


            • Anonymous says:

              Many thanks for your articulate and polite answer. it is interesting that you have attempted to use the argument technique of implying doubt in my reasoning. By asserting that since the 'theories' have changed over time, in some way invalidates the theories. The problem here is that the 'theories' are not  being debunked, they are being refined. The broad brush strokes have been in the most part worked out, it's the fine details that are being added to in the intervening years. Evolution current stands almost exactly as Charles Darwin first proposed it in 1859. We have found more and more evidence to corroborate his ideas. The greatest 'change' to his idea was the realization in 1953 that the genome and genes in particular were the driving underlying force behind evolution. This was an enhancement that furthered our understanding of evolution.


              You quite rightly point out that a few hundred years ago religious scholars told us the earth was flat and the sun revolved around the earth. Thankfully scientist through diligent hard work and observation of the facts proved that neither was true. This in part lead to the scientific revolution that dragged the world out of the dark ages and into the industrial revolution.


              I am not sure I am following your example of Einstein? Yes before he worked out that the universe was expanding he, like everyone else assumed it to be static. That is the point of great breakthroughs – he finally managed to understand the observations that were being described by other scientists and put it all together. That is his great contribution to the world. No one is disputing his general model of relativity? we are constantly adding to our collective understanding of the universe and matter but his work still stands.


              The crux of this argument boils down to the fact that science is the understanding of observable features of the universe. Since the late 16th century our understanding has got deeper and deeper. The problem with a belief in god is that there is not ONE observable scrap of evidence for anything even closely proving or even questioning a 'god'.


              To end this discussion I point you to Leviticus chapter 11 verse 6 'The rabbit, though it chews the cud, does not have a divided hoof; it is unclean for you'. The rabbit does not chew the cud. Perhaps it is best we leave observations of the world to our scientist and leave the 'perfect' book as fun parable used to control the needy and impressionable? You are obviously a relatively smart man/women so even you must see how irrational it is to compare religion with no observable facts to science which is built on observable facts. if you can provide me with just one observable fact that either proves or implies there is a god (any of the 1,700 gods that have been worshipped by man, don't care which one your prove) then i will reconsider my argument.

        • Anonymous says:

          I don't think there is credible evidence that the bit about the "resurrection" is historical accurate.  That was just nicked from other local legends to make the ending of the story better – probably the test audiences didn't like the original crucifix ending.

    • Anonymous says:

      I do not need a church to point out that which is right or wrong.

      Somehow, I just know and figured itout all by myself.

  27. Married to a Caymanaian says:

    We need outside (not related to locals in any way) gang sweep intervention. Since we have been told the law knows who the top 30 gang members are, it is time to screw human rights, go cowboy, and get rid of these thugs!

    From the CEO to the street solider we need to clean house of gangs, target gang tattoos, and if you are in a gang then force you on your one way ticket to Jamaica, Miami, Honduras, Mexico or the Moon- Get off my rock!

    We need to cleanse this tiny town now. 60 ,000 people? Everyone look three people to your left: done.

    Baby mamas: need Immigration enforcement not social services(like the drug dealing marina drive situation) landlords/ slumlords need to be accountable for housing thugs, police need to stop and question the daily low life's wandering our streets… And most importantly we locals need to stop protecting these gang members by saying he usedto be such a good boy…he is not anymore!

    stop saying live by the gun and die by the gun… If you know a gang member or thug, give their name to the police- game over and stop protecting this moral decay.

    • Anonymous says:

      People were killing people on a bigger scale here long before human rights.

      I guess, when there is a need to blame it on something, that is convenient as the next excuse.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said, now stop giving Cayman away to expats only then will things change for the better guaranteed, a discont populace will only breed chaos and anarchy.

      • Anonymous says:

        12.31, as has been pointed out on here many times, Northwards population is 70% (if not more) Caymanian, not expat. If there are expat criminals then it is likely white collar ones, not gun toting gangstas. I don't agree with either, but know which one I would rather meet on the street, if I had to meet them at all.

        • Anonymous says:

          I think you are defining expat as being from a first-world country. We certainly have gun-toting criminal expats here.  

        • Anonymous says:

          Northward's population does not necessarily reflect who is committing these crimes. Obviously it only reflects those who were actually caught from previous crimes. Most crimes are unsolved.

      • Anonymous says:

        You can give what you want away but I ain't taking it with me.

        Keep it, you may need it.

        This puppy is rolling itself over early!

    • A concern Native says:

      Is it only Locals that have claqueshere? Every Nationaity that are here, have a Culture to look out for each other.      Think about it !     I think by NOT getting toooooo many people from one Country is better for the Policing of The Cayman Islands.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Why is this period of year always filled with evil tragedy like this? Maybe we should pay more attention to Christmas and Easter rather than haloween and pirates week. Probably bringing these evil actions on ourselves.

    • SuziB says:

      Great observation! Christmas and Easter are the worship of Pagan gods. The Creator of the universe and God of Israel, Yahweh, warns His people to not partake in this form of worship.

      Study to show yourself approved. Stop depending on people in the pulpit to tell you what they think the bible says. They are just as decieved as you are. STUDY! STUDY! STUDY!


    • A concern Native says:

      In light of the level of CRIME leading up to Halloween, For the last few weeks I've been sayning to quite a few people that I think we should request a suspension on Halloween for this year. As we know that it will be a perfect opportunity for more people dressed in mask to carry out Crime. I think having Halloween suspended is something we should appeal to the POWERS that be to have a suspension on it. I know that shop owners will kick against it being suspended because it will hurt their business by not allowing them to sell halloween products. However, if shop/store owners sell Haloween products be mindful the CRIMINals can buy it from the store go inside the stores' rest rooms or outside and come back to the said store they purchased it from with it on their faces and carry out ROBBERIES. Thanks for taking the time to listen and lets ask our Reps if Halloween can be suspended for this year? Be safe with God's blessings !

      • Diogenes says:

        How any of the armed robberies and murders had people using Halloween masks?  Its usually a t shirt or bandana plled over the face.  Going to ban the sale of those too?  Not to mention the obvious fact that the guns themselves are illegal – didn't stop them getting those,  so not being able to buy a halloween mask at Fosters is not going to stop the crime wave. 

        • A concern Native says:

          I do not think that you understand or will chose to understand what I am suggesting here. PLEASE Have an opened mind and understand that ROBBERS PREY on the PERFECT Opportunity and HALLOWEEN will be that opportunity. Can people like you please stop (being selfish) obstrcuting us from trying to get good things achieved here on this Little sweet Rock that you tooooooooo can continue to enjoy.Someday with hopes that it will get better you maybe able to enjoy your Halloween without the ROBBERS taking advantage of the moment.  Have a great day!

    • A concern Native says:

      Please, Please,Please, Please lets learn MORE about GANGSTERS Prior to commenting and I would Kindly ask for us to STOP calling young peolpe "WANT TO Be Gangters" because any expert in this field will tell us if we call them "a want to be", then they are going to be Gangsters. Like a Gang Culture expert (Mr. Walker) that was brought to Grand Cayman years ago by Mrs. McField of C.A.S.A. Officials from H.M. Customs on Grand Cayman, liked the presentation so much that they requested for the Brac representatives to have Mr. Walker speak on the Brac as well. He said two things we should never say to someone who is showing an interest in the THug LIfe "Never say to them you are "a want to be" because he is going to prove to you that he is "GOING to Be" and the best at it toooooo. like Mr. Walker of North Carolina has also said it's like seeing someone with a GUn holding in our face or at someone else and we use that moment to call them "A WANT TO BE" and see if it does not create a challenge for them to pull the trigger on the GuN and shoot the person to prove that they can do it. Let's be mindful how we challenge (want to be) young people and push them deeper into the GaNg mind set and have them prove to society if they chose that life style of a ThuG LIFE  that they can be a PRofesseional Thug that Kill others but will also end dead. A, solution to that is reminding them (our young people especially) that the THug life is part of the Devil and we/society DO NOT need to see anymore of them joining that party as we prefer to have them be on the party of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We need to remind our young people that there are two parties one is that of the Devil and the other Party is that of our Saviour Jesus Christ and Christ side is the Party of winning side, as we will find our forever reward by staying Close to him.

  29. Cheese Face says:

    And people are worried about immigration.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Maybe the person who scrawled that idiotic cartoon in the Caymanian Compass recently might like to assign a tank also (long overdue) to George Town? Fat chance. Psychology at play here, including, most prominantly,  denial.

  31. Anonymous says:

    you live by the gun go die by the gun!  i hope this be a lesson to be learn to the want to be gangsters! gt

  32. Anonymous says:

    Put the English cops out there to beg for help this time.

  33. Anonymous says:


    Was he on a work permit?

  34. Anonymously says:

    Please stop this senseless killing young people because if you continue it will chase away the financial industry and all the jobs.  Expats will not want to live here any more because of the crime.






    • Anonymous says:

      Do you think these young people care about the financial industry or tourists? Obviously their families were not included in the boom that spawned our super rich. Maybe all that ostracizing wasn't such a good diea after all. Decades of nepotism and cronyism left people at the wayside.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you trying to get us all killed?  I'm sure they are all teary eyed over the expatss leaving.  (sarcasm) 

  35. Expat says:

    Crying for Cayman.  The best thing she had to offer was peace and quiet – that has been shattered!

  36. Anonymous says:

    OMG this has to stop, far too many guns are in the hands of criminals.  Cayman is becoming worst than the old Wild West.

  37. Anonymous says:

    RIP Beenie!!

  38. Anonymous says:

    The gangs are ridding Cayman of gangs slowly but surely.

    • Bert says:

      Gangs are like cockroaches – killing a few doesn't thin out the population because there are more hiding under rocks and in the garbage breeding like the insects they are.  What really is hard to fathom is why Caymanian girls willingly have sex with these cockroaches and give birth to their cockroach offspring.

      • Anonymous says:

        Litlle girls who grow up in a house that is absent of a father, and especially a GOOD father, will find any man that comes along to filll that void they have. This discusting "baby dady" and "baby mama" culture that some of our people seem to glorify is what is leading to this degrated society we have today. Nine years ago I was standing in line at a store and I heard a conversation behind me. It was a woman speaking to young man congratulating him on the birth of his first child. He then replied that he "had another one on the way". The woman congratulated him again and gave him the title of a "bad man". When I turned around…he had on a high school uniform!!! I rest my case.

      • Anonymous says:

        unfortunately, alot of these girls have kids so young that they don't have a clue what monsters their baby father's will then become. Even more-so unfortunate, many of these young girls probably had no option when it came to having the child (ie. abortion or adoption) and it is my belief that many "Christian" parents force unwanted children to be born into the world to these young parents… And then what? When the kids don't get brought up "Right" people are so quick to judge the young parents. Give Caymanian girls some options, you'll probably save a lot of this heartache in the future.

        • Ya Mon says:

          I'm pretty sure they had a choice on when and wherethey took their panties off, and for whom.   Cayman is big on maintaining ignorance in the population about sex education, but surely these girl-children are figuring out early that xxxxing makes babies, no?  Are you saying they are really that ignorant that they can't connect those dots and predict what happens when they start that particular activity, or that it's a bad idea?  Maybe in Cayman children having children is thought to be a good idea.  Is it?

        • Ya Mon says:

          Just to follow up though, I agree that proper birth control need to be offered, maybe even pushed on them, and that abortions should be made available. 

    • Richard Wadd says:

      What an idiotic comment ! 

      With no fear of accountability, there can and will only be an INCREASE in Gang and Criminal activity due to retaliation, and not a reduction.

      We need to hire REAL "Gang-buster" cops (like Jamaica's Renato Adams) to come here and take these Gangs apart at the root.

      It's simple, kill the root and the vine cannot survive.

      I say "Human Rights"  for the Law-abiding Citizens and "Victims" of Cayman, and NOT criminals!

      IF the RCIPS doesn't get on with the job, then there will very soon there be a return to Vigilantism in this country, and our citizens will take these SOB's "Fishing".


      • bow n arrow says:

        @ Richard Wadd :Stop calling for Jamaica police. This is a Caymanian problem and Caymanian Police must solve it. Jamaica has its own problems to solve. Cayman is a British Overseas Territory let them send some force  to help out. don't to quell the situation. Stop putting a Jamaican spin on the situation. If you don,t know the political georgaphy of Cayman, listen and learn before you open your mouth

      • anonymous says:

        Why don't your own people sort out your own problem' s for once?

        I guess that if you keep bringing people in and it still goes wrong, you have someone there to blame.


      • anonymous says:

        Vigilantes? Too much like hard work.

        You cannot get people to turn up for a servers job or an unemployment demo so getting them to do a little "vigilantiism" is quite the pipe dream my friend.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Look at his little place completely loss it's footing and bearing listening to those who come from overseas who are well verse in failure yet they come full of advice to serve their own agenda and not the Cayman Islands stability or credibility which is slipping away.

  40. Happy Valley PTA says:

    The time has come Mr Premier to call for Mr Baine's resignation and show the people you atleast have some balls, It is obvious he does not have what it takes to correct these issues or the crime situation. A revamp at the official level is also badly needed too many incompetent people incharge at the very top are impeding progress and managing and promoting failure after failure and taking foolish advice from the so called elites who obvously don't have a clue. No more brits wasting our money importing inept and foreign interlopers who never leave.

    • Anonymous says:

      And what exactly are the top Caymanian cops, those who should know every little piece of local knowledge doing? Not a lot by the look of it. Perhaps they could show some initiative and show why they would be better leaders? Or is that too much like hard work?

  41. Bane Legacy says:

    And where are our 400 POLICE???? Did you even notice how government thrives on failure? Those who filled our police service up with British and Jamaicans are now seeing the fruits of their labour????

  42. Lead Belly says:

    The RCIPS the laughing stock of the Caribbean where foreign nationals out number locals in there own police service now here else in the world is this so. Once again Mr Premier get a real advisor! NO Yardies or Bobbies either

  43. Anonymous says:

    Cayman, the police cannot do this alone, people have to speak up or this will continue.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry, not as long as we have a police dept that is run with such little success and with so much ineffeciencies! Then there are the ones that were caught and arrested and some are even put in front of the court (without being released on bail or being part of the catch-relsease programme)  just to get a little slap on the wrist or being set free………

      Who is then going to protect me and my family? We are not in the USA where you can just move from one state to another and hope nobody is tracking you down, or where there is a proper surveillance programme……

      I don't blame people for not speaking up, not one bit! It all sounds good in theory, if you are asking someone else to speak up, but if you would be put in that situation where you might know……..I wonder what you would do…………

      If the RCIP wants the public to help, they have to do a hell of a lot better than what they have been doing………..

    • Anonymous says:

      Speak up? Like poor Earl? No thanks. Considering I can solve most of these cases from talk on the street, memories of past offences and common sense, I'd like to believe that this "capable" can do just the same. This island is TOO small for witness protection and its messed up that the police BEG us to risk our lives to help them solve things they CAN solve on their own.

  44. Anonymous says:

    No more PLEASE!! Save the young men, they are our future. No male Caymanians means that we are actually erasing Caymanians.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Not so. This is kind of male Caymanian we do want to reproduce.

      • Anonymous says:

        Readily available abortions is the best long term strategy to tackle the gang problem.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Wake up call for RCIPS – officers need to be armed #things-just-got-real!


    • Anonymous says:

      Officers need to be armed? what for?

      So they can shoot at the trees? Having a gun clipped to their belt will NOT make them more effecient and effective Police Officers. Crimes are not solved because the police have weapons.

      They are solved because the police ARE TRAINED PROPERLY, KNOW HOW TO DO THEIR JOB, KNOW HOW to properly investigate a case, KNOW HOW to preserve evidence, KNOW HOW to write a proper and detailed report (complete with spelling the words correctly), KNOW HOW to find criminals and KNOW HOW to give accurate and proper evidence when they appear in court .. and the list goes on and on.

      Do NOT fool yourselves with thinking that giving these incompetent men and women weapons is the answer to our problem.

      We need a CLEAN SWEEP of the Police Department – from the highest top dog to the lowest cat in line – clean them out everyone and send them on their way – NEVER EVER AGAIN to be hired again as "experts" or "advisers" or anything and hire Officers / Detectives / Forensics experts etc that have experience and proven track records of doing this job. Come on PPM, do something NOW or we are doomed.



      • Anonymous says:

        so what you are saying is that we should get rid of all the Officers / Detectives / Forensic experts we currently have, then recruit Officers / Detectives / Forensic experts to replace them.

        Despite all having to have a proven track record and experience to get here in the first place.

        Hopefully, you are not in charge of any budgets anywhere or operate any complicated machinery.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Good Buddies

    This is the beginning of the end for our beloved Cayman. When wesee criminals having no regards for where they commit such heinous crimes and have no fear of the Police we are in serious trouble.

    Our Police service has lost so much respect from these bunch of tugs that they ride there cycles and drive around in their cars openly smoking weed and carrying firearms day and night , simply because they do not fear the Police.

    From the time that that Kernohan came to Cayman and started that Gold and Silver command BULLSH##
    It started the demise of our Police service. Then came along good old Baines who enforced it.

    Fire the present Commissioner and give Derrick Haines a 4year contract, bring back Mel Brown Shaun Ebanks Gillard McLaughlin Davis Scott Teddy Mitchell Montaque and McAuther Bodden. Give them the half the amount of resources that RCIP currently have and I guarantee one and all that when the dust is settled there will be little for us to worry about. Those tugs would learn to respect Police again.

    • Anonymous says:

      I doubt it.

    • Anonymously says:

      Oh yes, Silver Fox, Scott, Haines and a few others are all that we needed they kept the young thugs of the day under control and even though they were thugs they respected those men and a few women.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Im sure this is going to be another unsolved mystery.

  48. anonymus says:

    Of course it's related. if the public had more info. maybe just maybe they could help. Just saying !

  49. Anonymous says:

    They could have stopped this shit in the 70's/80's. Now we have the second generation gang members,who grow up in an environment where gangs are the norm.

    It has therefor become part of cayman culture. It can't be stopped.

    Legalizing some drugs will help, but we have to get used to gang murders being a part of our day to day life.

    In a few years from now most murders won't even be mentioned in the media.

    I blame the political and religious leaders of that time for not dealing with it. The cries for help were there, but they didn't care or denied the problem.


    • Anonymous says:

      Decriminalize weed and have government sell it for profit. Fine those only seen in public using it. This will cut some of the police work down and allow them time to focus on the bigger fish properly. Believe it or not, most of these gangsters income comes from selling ganja. We cut that from them and then they will have little to work with.

    • Anonymous says:

      Legalising drugs will have no impact. The only thing that will have an impact on the drug gangs is removing their profit. Are you prepared to go as far as the government supplying drugs for free?

  50. Anonymous says:

    Can I have the full name of the victim please?? No John Doe.

  51. Anonymous says:

    What about getting some of the work permit holders in on this action?

  52. Anonymous says:

    "Revenge has no more quenching effect on emotions than salt water has on thirst."

    All these shootings look to be in retaliation for things in the past. They will not bring the people back, but instead cause more heartache, more pain, more funerals. Stop this now! It is just causing more pain. How many more tears must fall? How many more families need to be broken apart? How many more children need to lose their daddy? How many more friends do you want to bury?  If you respect these people's memories……stop this madness!

  53. Anonymous says:

    I just hate this type of reporting. Why mention the name of the business in the vicinity that this happened. Why not say close to the airport. This type ofreporting is unfair and bad advertising for the business.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well maybe turn the thing around into positive PR: "The Mango Tree : At Least People Aren't Murdered In Here, Just Near Here.  Stay for one more drink and statistically increase your life expectancy. Ask your server about our drink and body armor specials."

      • anonymous says:

        Yep, You could pay extra for a 'VIP Panic room' that is self contained and locks down automatically.

        That is a selling point right there.


  54. Anonymous says:

    Is it true , I hear he is  on parole?  Hope if true he was properly supervised. These senseless killings need to stop.

    • Anonymous says:

      If he was on parole, then presumably, being in a bar would be a breach of his parole conditions. I wonder how many people reported him to the parole service? I would guess none

  55. Anonymous says:

    Does Baines want to talk Statistics or facts
    Fact is that while on paper the situation may not apear bad, but the. Fact is that the country has lost its hand on controlling crime. With the technology that we have been given which is like snake oil at the tunes of millions of dollars we still cannot bring stability with the crime. We have montioring devices on prisoners that can be decieved as easily as puttikg tin foil on it. We have a CCTV that is of questionable quality and has not been named in one incident as being the successful tool of crime fighting. The country is being handled by these thugs and the reputation of this peaceful country of the 1980’s is now destroyed. A crime surge can happen bit when years go by and it gets worse you cannot claim success and can only waive a white hanky and have the intergrity to admit failure.

  56. The Wong. says:

    Some parents raised some worthless children.

    • Anonymous says:

      More like some children had worthless parents.  No accountability and always expecting someone else to raise your children. Our social issues continue to be exposed more and more each day.

    • Foreign Devil says:

      The mother and the sperm provider of these criminals names should be published along with the names of the criminal after they are convicted in the courts.

      mabye this will shame these people into doing a better job dragging up their children.