Worker injured on Shetty Hospital site

| 18/10/2013

(CNS): A construction worker is being treated in hospital after an industrial accident on the site of the Dr Shetty hospital in East End. Police have confirmed that at around 10:35 this morning, Friday 18 0ctober,  911 received a report that one of the workers at the construction site had been injured. The man sustained  a serious injury to his right ankle whilst working alongside heavy equipment. Police and EMS attended the scene and the man was transported to the Cayman Islands Hospital, George Town. Officers from the Department of Labour also attended but the details of the incident were not revealed by officials. However, other sources have indicated that the young worker's foot was severed by a forklift.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It would stand to reason that the employer to precautions to prevent this. There was a waiving of prerequisites to obtain a job here to be able to employ Caymanians. You cannot have it both ways. Accidents happen. An increase in likely hood of one taking place can happen when you have alchol and drugs in the midst. However I think that the good of what has been done hre at this sight far out wieghs an accident and should not be blown out of proportion.

  2. ammokyd says:

    I was present at the site when the accident occurred. If the injured young man, and few of his colleagues had thought carefully about the potential consequences of their actions, this could have been avoided.

    Mandatory safety meetings are every Tuesday, for all employees on site, and an investigation was put in place, as soon as the accident happened.

    i personally wish the young man a speedy recovery, and kudos should go out to all the emergency services. Ambulance, Fire and Police, as well as Mr Gene Hydes from the Labor Dept, for their professional work.

    Although a very serious injury, I do not believe the mans foot was severed, but badly broken. I hope this is the case.

    Lastly, maybe CNS could make the short trip out to the site, and see for themselves, the many hard working Caymanians earning a living, instead of constantly producing negative comments about the project, I have viewed over recent months. 

    • Anonymous says:

      This is one of the best written and thoughtful comments I have seen in awhile.   Thanks for writing a balanced comment that was very informative.  People want to sensationalize sometimes but these comments are more helpful. 

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like you are already pointing the finger at the Developer/ Contractor 16:53. You have no facts in this case, and have already concluded they lack "adequate safety training and precautions, drop safety checks, use faulty equipment,"and so on. So what, had they brought in a large contractor company from the US (like Ritz did with Flour Daniel) accidents wouldn't happen?

    Accidents can happen to anyone under the best of circumstances, and sometimes they are what they are, accidents! You were right about one thing though, Construction is a dangerous profession. Anyone working in that field must accept a certain level of risk, it comes with the job. 

  4. Anonymous says:

    hopefully he recovers fully .

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is very unfortunate but must be investigated thoroughly.

    was it just an accident caused by malfunctioning equipment?

    was it due to the employees lack of experience, impairment etc?

    was it due to the employer not carrying out adequate safely instruction and taking appropriate safety precautions?

    If this was avoidable – Hiring people without construction experience while failing to provide adequate safety training and precautions is a recipe for many more accidentsto come.  I was shocked to hear that this developer hired most workforce by dropping many safety checks such as drug testing, experience etc.  Construction is a dangerous profession and not everyone should qualify to be employed by virtue of just being unemployed.  No job is worth losing a limb. 

    I wish the employee a speedy recovery.

    • I miss Marius says:

      There are some things in life that I wish I could Un-See.  I hope that this unfortunate young man has the best of care during his recovery.


      I never want to see another severed bone with a foot attached by a small amount of flesh.


      • Eyes Wide Open says:

        The Shetty site has some of the most stringent safety standards on Cayman. There are safety meetings every week and no one is allowed on site with our proper gear… one, not even the owners. Unfortuantely accidents do happen but this is probably the first INCIDENT(much less accident) since the site started and that is a lot of man hours.

    • Anonymous says:

      The employer merely hired people without digging into their pass so they could give them a second chance–they didnt just get drugged-out crazies off the street. All the folks on site require safety training and the site is tightly managed. Just because a Caymanian went to jail some time ago should not preclude him from getting a job now. I met one of the men from the site who had been to jail and he was properly kitted out, was very serious about his job, been there everyday and clearly was not taking drugs or otherwise. I was proud to see him there and he was very, very happy to get a job and a second chance… this incident I am 100% sure had nothing to do with the employees past….It is also I understand the first incident on the site since it started….if you go around Cayman to all the construction sites and find out how many incidents occur daily you would realise this has only been sensationalized in the press because it is Shetty.

      The site has the most rigourous safety standards of any in Cayman. From the time you hit the gate the safety signs start. They have safety meetings weekly, safety training before you start work there and strick rules for safety clothing….so your speculation 16:53 is pure BS…sometimes no matter what, an accident happens. God speed to the young man and his recovery.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you specialise in stating the bloody obvious?