White collar $700k theft case further delayed

| 21/10/2013

(CNS): There is still no new trial date for a former corporate manager and board director who was arrested and charged more than two years ago for allegedly stealing over $700,000 from Conimbriga Investments Ltd and Finab Ltd. Fernando Mendez' case was adjourned on 4 October due to difficulties that the defence is having obtaining the relevant computerized documents involved in the complex alleged fraud. Mendez, who is on bail,  is alleged to have stolen the money over an 18 month period going back to June 2009. The former company director and corporate manager pleaded not guilty to three counts of theft and two of false accounting almost two years ago. 

He is alleged to have stolen close to three quarter of a million dollars and attempted to cover itup but the case has continued to drag on in an already backlogged Grand Court system, where trials for those on bail are being constantly pushed back to accommodate trials for those incarcerated.

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