Immigration bill passes

| 24/10/2013

(CNS): Despite concerns and opposition to the legislation, the government has successfully steered its controversial immigration amendment bill through the Legislative Assembly following a 14 hour session that lasted from noon Wednesday to the early morning hours of Thursday. Shortly after 2am, legislators voted in favour of the bill. However, government lost votes from its own benches when Employment Minister Tara Rivers failed to show up to the parliament at all, sending word that she was unwell and unable to attend the critical debate. And veteran PPM backbencher Anthony Eden joined the opposition benches and voted ‘no’ to the government’s change due to his concern that more than 1,500 exemption permit holders will remain on island, entitling them to apply for residency.

Prior to the premier’s presentation of the bill and ahead of the long debate, a petition was presented to parliament with more than 800 signatures by Ezzard Miller, the independent member for North Side. The petition is now a public document and is understood to have a significant portion of names from West Bay, even though the government’s public meeting there had changed the minds of many in the district where much of the opposition to the law had first emerged.

Acknowledging the opposition and controversies surrounding the amended legislation and the haste with which it was being brought, Premier Alden McLaughlin was still not persuaded to make many significant changes to the legislation.

He noted that the term limit had already been dropped from ten years to nine and that an amendment to the draft legislation would be made to preserve caregiver certificates to those who already had them. He said that much of the opposition had been generated because he had not done a good job at delivering the message about the changes in the first instance but considerable efforts in the last few weeks and won more support.

“Government understand that there are still those that have different views and the petition is an indication,” he said “We know that there was a march, then a demonstration of sorts at the weekend … Although the numbers are not great, there are people who are not comfortable and to those I say government takes your concerns on board," he said.

“We understand that there are real concerns about the state of the economy and unemployment and they colour views about this as they think this will make life easier to employ foreigners. We take the other view. We think it is going to make it more likely that Caymanians will be employed,” McLaughlin told the House, adding that the law introduced severe consequences for those trying to defraud the system.

More than a dozen amendments to the law presented by Miller were all ignored. These included a proposal to make business staffing plans public, force government to also follow the same immigrations regime and changing the tag from work permit holder to guest worker. 

However, government has committed to addressing some of the issues raised by the North Side member, including removing government’s exemption from the work permit regime and limits for expatriate employees.

As he opened the debate, the premier reminded members that the Progressives had campaigned in the run-up to elections on a platform that included a revision of immigration legislation. This was specifically to address the question of the term limit policy, the removal of key employee and the question of permanent residency. He said the PPM view articulated by him on behalf of party on the hustings was that the immigration regime was not working.

“What we didn’t realise at time was that the situation with Term Limit Exemption Permits (TLEP) was so difficult,” he said, as he spoke about the expiration of more than 1,500 permits on 28 October.“Very early in office we realized that some policy decisions and steps had to be taken to address this,” he added, noting that the government had struggled to comprehend why the UDP government would implement a policy which saw every permit expire on the exact same day.

McLaughlin reiterated the message delivered by government of late that all employers must advertise these posts within 45 days of the law being enacted, and he said they would not get work permits if Caymanians were available. Justifying the decision to bring the 1,500 TELPS into the system rather than allowing them to leave over a staggered period, McLaughlin warned about potential law suits that could follow if the TLEPs were simply told to go. He said that legally it would be hard to argue that the time spent on a TLEP could not count as ordinary residency.

Articulating the main thrust of the bill, which was the removal of key employee status, a policy that gave the power to choose who stays here to employers instead of government, McLaughlin spent considerable time stressing the fact that the new PR application system would deter many people from applying. He said only limited numbers would now meet the more stringent criteria.

The premier stated that while TLEPs would now have the same right as anyone who stayed here for eight years to apply for PR, “whether they get it or not, is quite another matter as they will need to meet a significantly more demanding point system,” he added.

Removing the seven year term limit and allowing everyone the opportunity to make a PR application if they chose to stay long enough created a level playing field in the first instance. More importantly, he said, it puts the decision about who stays in Cayman and who goes on to become Caymanian back in the hands of government.

Emphasising a new enforcement regime and more objective and transparent criteria where people can self assess, the premier said he believed this would deter applicants who have no chance of being granted residency from applying but would help those who have a chance to make sure they can meet the criteria before they go through the process. Spelling out the details of the new regime, including addressing the abuses of the system and particularly appeals, he pointed to a new era of enforcement.

He said that when a few of these abusive employers and applicants were prosecuted, “the message will hit home.” 

Acknowledging that the issue of unemployment was heavily tied to the bill, he said the employment minister was tackling that side of the equation with myriad initiatives to help skilled Caymanians find work and train the unskilled.

However, Tara Rivers was absent from the chamber throughout the day and made no contribution to the debate about her position on the legislation or how she would be helping to ensure that Caymanains would get first refusal on the TLEP jobs. Instead, once again, Winston Connolly, the government back-bencher and counsellor in the employment ministry, stepped up to the plate late in the night to reveal what was happening to deal with that on the absent minister’s behalf.

Check back to CNS for more on the immigration debate, including the view from the opposition benches, over the next few days.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So when is the government starting to imposing the fine against companies that do not hire qualified Caymanians/PR holders for jobs? And what is the process for reporting such instances?

  2. Anonymous says:

    How can you/anyone tell she did not VOTE?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Any how, I hope this wasn’t a scheme to try to increase revenue for the country cuz if ppl are out there owing up to a million dollars now, wa make una think these new ones that going get PR going pay for theirs?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have noticed two things in the comments lately about immigration reform:

    1) People seem to think that the changes are going to let 1500 people get PR 

    2) People seem to think that these changes are geared towards helping expats and that by definition this is screwing Caymanians.


    My comments on this are simple: 

    1) Getting all wound up because the government has said they will give 1500 people the chance to apply for PR is over-reacting and here is why. It's kinda like saying "if you can jump over this fence into the Cayman Islands, we will let you have PR" but no one seems to notice that the fence was rebuild to be 30 feet high and by the way the fee for being allowed this chance to jump has gone way up. The challenge to get PR will be nearly impossible for all but a few now so relax. 

    2) Why do people assume that anything that helps expats is, by definition, bad for Caymanians? This simply doesn't make logical sense. In some situations this might be true. In other situations helping expats might also be beneficial to the country and to Caymanians. I see a lot of people already deciding mere months after the election that because one law was changed in a way that is perceived to help expats that they are already planning to vote the government out next time. This is bizarre considering this change in the law is actually going to result in a lot of expats leaving. I personally know at least a dozen right off the top of my head. Many of them own businesses and property. Their money will be removed from the economy. I feel that the situation should be evaluated more objectively and less emotionally. Allowing some expats to apply for PR is not inherently bad for the Cayman Islands or Caymanians. First of all, these people have been here for 7 or 8 years on work permits. Each work permit renewal requires the employer to make an effort to find a suitably qualified Caymanian to fill the position before the permit will be renewed. The fact that the permits were renewed for all those years should tell us something about the true availability of suitably qualified Caymanians. And no, these unemployed people are not all totally qualified and suitable and just experiencing prejudice. The longer people go on believing this the longer the situation will go unresolved. Stop making excuses. These people do not have the training, experience and many times the interest to take the jobs available and do well in them. At least that has been my own experience based on the dozens of people I have encountered applying where I work. Most come with not even the most basic requirements. By the way, they all say that they are willing to learn but I find no evidence on their application or resume that they are intersted in learning new things or capable. I have literally had government representatives and agencies tell me that we should reduce our requirements in order to enable Caymanians to qualify for the job. Huh?! That's a sure fire way to fail in business. 


    So.. my point is that allowing expats to stay will create an environment of competition in the labour market here. That's good. Everyone thinks it's bad because it's taking jobs away from Caymanians but it's good. Slowly but surely the young people need to be brought up in a culture of knowing that no job is theirs, no job is guaranteed and that to get ahead in life you have to bust your ass and make yourself stand out as better than all the rest. And by the rest I mean the world. The labour market is not restricted to these three tiny islands in the Caribbean. It's a global labour market and the sooner that the powers that be recognized this and make changes to allow youth to compete on this stage, the better!

    This should be done through world class education, training opportunities, overseas exchange programs and more. All the while we need to pound home the message to young people that the opportunties in this country are golden and should be taken advantage of. In my experience, young people here do not show appreciation for what they have, but instead simply covet what they do not have but do not want to work to get it. That culture has to be changed if the unemployment issue is to be tackled. Simply forcing businesses to take on staff that they don't want and who don't truly want the jobs is not a solution to unemployment. The solution will not occur overnight. 

    When I graduated from teacher training there was a recruitment drive where people from jurisdictions all over North America were trying to recruit teachers for their districts. The Cayman Islands would do well to attract the best and the brightest teachers from ALL over the world to teach here. Pay them 1.5 or 2 times what they would make anywhere else. Give them power in the classroom to control the unruly and disrespectful behaviour that our currently underpaid and under resourced teachers put up with. This would be a start to improving the unemployment situation. 

    When I was in high school I got to participate in a foreign exchange program. I was able to see that my small home communiity was not the only thing in life. 

    When I went to university I did so in another city from my own and stayed for four years. 

    All these experiences and opportunities have enabled me to get to where I am today which is occupying a job that apparently a Caymanian should have. 

    Sending me away is not the solution to the unemployment problem. Learning from me might be a part of the solution but only when the culture here has changed and people realize the opportunities that arise from having so many different expats from so many different cultures here to learn from. I have tried mentoring people over the years that I have been here through a variety of the current programs (Prep for Success for example) and the people i encountered were not interested in learning or in the opportunties that others were trying to provide for them. Until this attitude and culture changes, there will always be a significant percentage of unemployed here. Also, the people I encountered through this program had no basic reading, writing or speaking skills at all. Imagine how overwhelming it must be to be placed in a business environment to get experience when you can't read and have no clue what is going on. Again, back to education. 

    And now on to a totally taboo topic: inbreeding. Some of the people I have encountered through this program have significant learning disabilities and mental challenges. It doesn't take a genious to see that with such a small population here there is bound to be less mixing of genes. New people coming into the country is a must if the strength of the gene pool is to be maintained or better yet, improved. Maintaining this insular, us versus them mentality is not only socially backward and unproductive, it's very much contributing to less and less genetic mix in the pool. I find it sad that no one seems to want to talk about the issues that arise when children are born without the same basic learning potential due to the small gene pool. This topic shouldn't be taboo, it should be a high priority. At the moment, it seems to not be a priority at all but a instead just a side joke that everyone knows about but doesn't talk about. Very sad. 







    • Live Free..... says:

      Anon Mon, 28/10/2013 – 09:21. You echoed my post dated Sat, 26/10/2013. You done a great job trying to explain to the Caymanians people why it's important to have Expats working here. The Caymanians feel like expats is going to take over, I agree that a company should behable to hire whom they want, but they must first give the Caymanians a chance. But here's the growing problem, Companies hire Caymanians, but they don't show up to work on time, and they feel that they are entitle to have every/any job in Cayman, I say to them, they are living in a Fantasy World. But here's another problem, for example a young Caymanian just finish School, looks in the Classify section of the Newspaper and see's a Plumbing job that requires the applicant to come to work at 6am, and would be making $7.00 an hour. Do you think he would take that job? Maybe/Maybe Not, and if it's not, here are two reason. (1 ) The morning hour is too early ( 2 ) The work might be too hard. Believe me I know people who own Businesses, and two statements that comes out of the Caymanians mouth is the work is too hard, and the hours are too long. And worst of all, some Caymanians just don't show up after a weeks work.


      This is why Companies are so hesitant to hire Caymanians, and it's sad, because I know many Companies would like to have Caymanians working for them, and it's unfortunate for those other 45% Caymanians who are willing to work any hours, any job just to make ends meet. But the other 55% leave's bad marks on the Companies, and it's a sad state for those willing individuals. So as you can see the unemployment is not the Expats fault, it's the 55% Caymanians whom done this to themselves. they get jobs and leave in a week, They get jobs and show up late everyday or even call in sick, they get jobs and want to do as they please because they feel that they are entitle, because they are Caymanians( Is Pure Nonsense). I think I said enough.


      Live Free…..

  5. Anonymous says:

    I still don't get this…These people were to be rolled over after seven years…We gave them another 2 years because in 7 years there employers could find anyone else from under the world or even in Cayman to replace we have not only extended their time but given them the opportunity to have PR..

    What the hell is Cayman coming to?? Why do we keep electing these useless politicians?

    We are screwed!!!


    • Anonymous says:

      If we dont get these expats out of here fast, I will have to start to pay my employees more than I can afford. We need them out NOW soI can hire new expats at a lower wage.

      Why does the government have to paint this whole scenario like it is a cayman unemployment thang. It aint, its about keeping our slave work force(indentured servants) young, dumb, and at a slave wage where a caymanian like myself can still afford my entitled expensive cars and house.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don't get how you would be screwed if they stayed? They have been here 9 years already. Are you screwed now? Many of them will only be replaced by another newer expat. Will that not screw you just as much as if they stayed?

      I'm asking honestly, what is it about giving long term expat workers a chance to apply, just apply for PR make some people think they are getting screwed or that the Cayman Islands is doomed?

      In my opinion, efforts should be made to attract the best and the brightest along with those who work in so called lower level jobs. Currently efforts are being made to shun these people and to make this place less attractive to migrant labour. How is this good for the Cayman Islands? 

      Perhaps those 65 to 100 people who protested will somehow find work out of all this mess. New expats will fill the rest of the jobs and life will go on. But meanwhile, people like myself who thought about buying a house here to make it my permanent home, are thinking twice. I didn't have to think hard by the way. I won't be buying a house here as it makes no financial sense given that I won't be able to live in it after I get rolled. I will be pulling my pension out as soon as possible as it makes no sense to keep the money in a pension plan in a country where I will be rolled long before I retire. Everything the government is doing and all the changes to the immigration law are encouraging middle to lower class expat workers to NOT invest in this country. 

      This can't be a good thing. Personally, I plan to pull my pension and set up shop in a country that is more welcoming and with more government incentives that encourage me to make it my home. 

      Sadly, after 8 years, I can hardly wait to leave now whereas before these changes I was really looking forward to making this my permanent home by investing everything I have into my life here. 



  6. Anonymous says:

    Alden…now  officailly the new Mac…can Cayman get any worse?

    • Anonymous says:

      It can only possibly get better now that we've gotten rid of the old mac.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Never heard a peep out of Alva Suckoo..Wonder how Alden got him to calm dowm..Was it the same "Kool Aid" he gave to Mervyn and the Lion?


    • Herllo says:

      Didnt you hear the man say he could now support the bill because of the additional changes that benefitted Caymanians?

  8. Live Free..... says:
    First off  the Immigration: The Immigration responsibilities are to protect our borders, not to help with the unemployment.The Government can amend and do all the Immigration reform they want, to please those who think expatriates cause them to be unemployed.The Immigration Grants Permits in the Cayman Islands just like any where else in the World, even though they uses different name than Term Limit Exception Permits (TLEP). But still can’t guarantee local people Jobs, there’s a different agency to deal with that, I think their call Employment Agencies.
    The Immigration also handles the Permanent Residency and Status, but it is now the Government who would decide the fate of the applicants. And it’s the Government that makes the Immigration laws, not the Immigration. Some Laws has been there but not enforce, or simply ignored. The new Government just took some of those Laws that was already there and address them in this newly reform Immigration Bill, again this is not going to fix unemployment in Cayman, but what it would do is, make it harder for anyone after 8 years to get Permanent Residency. What the Premier is trying to achieve here is a level playing Field, expats gets jobs, Caymanians get’s jobs to keep our economy growing, where we work together, not against each other.
    Now lets look at the Unemployment: Really and truly Cayman don’t have a unemployment problem, here’s why. Cayman has 55,000 People which includes status holders, out of that 55,000, my statistics my not be very accurate, there is some 17,000 employed, which leaves us with 38,000, no need to panic here. In that  38,000 some are off to University, we have the Elderly, School Students ( Pre-School, Primary School, High School and Colleges). Then the disable, and Prisoners. These all makeup the total population of Caymanians. We have 20,000 Expats working in these Islands, which would give Cayman total Work Force 37,000. Do Caymanians know that there are more jobs than the whole population, we even have more Cars than people here.
    The question is why are Caymanians talking about unemployment, and they can’t find work? Every time I open up the Newspapers, and look in the classified section, I see lots of job Vacancies. These very jobs Caymanians ignore, and foreigner takes, and then the Caymanians go complaining, the jobs was there, why didn’t they go for them? Companies are not going to sit around for a month waiting for Caymanians to show up for the jobs, and when they don’t show, what must they do? Not hire a foreign person to keep the business going. I understand Caymanians have this not so nice reputation that businesses brand them as lazy, as much as I don’t like that, the reality is there.
    I seen this first hand, they show up to work when they feel like, call in more sick than the foreign workers, and they don’t do as they are told, and because they are Caymanians, they feel that they can do whatever they want, that don’t sit well with companies.I see foreign workers doing as they are told, and show up to work everyday on time. I love to see Caymanians getting jobs, but need to improve on their work ethics, to change this perception or reputation that they are lazy. And for those who want to see all the foreigners go, I wonder how 17,000 people is going to sustain the economy of the Cayman Islands? Now that is something to think about.
    Live Free….
  9. Anonymous says:

    I expected better from Roy and Winston..Enjoy these four years…You only get to fool people once…oops sorry what the hell am I saying loook at MAc and Alden..ok two times you get to fool us but don't bank on it…

    Tara, come on! what a lame excuse! Shame on you!

    C4C ..what a joke!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Not a joke. I don’t think the C4C laughing at their “investment” being blacklisted so quickly in the game with bad PR and terrible representation. Right now they are in crisis mode. Her reputation is heading south real fast.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Go PPM!

    You will get my vote – just as soon as I get PR this year.

    Thanks – yes!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Tara Rivers is doing the same thing that the expats accuse us of doing. Not showing up for work when important work has to be done.

    I don't care how sick she was, this was probably the most important piece of legislation for her to vote on and to give her explanation of support of it.  Until I can see a letter from her doctor saying that she was too sick to drive to George Town even if only to be there to vote and have her vote recorded then I strongly believe she is nothing but a coward and this is the precedent that she has now set for herself..

    • Anonymous says:

      Was it raining?

      • YOUNG CAYMANIAN says:

        "had this process run its normal course, these individuals (TLEPs) would have already been replaced and the impact would have been minimal". He was absolutely correct then, based on Section 16.(4) (b) of the 2009 Constitution none of these TLEPs would have ground for any potential law suit as claimed by Alden. The cited section gives full latitude for the Government to create laws that affect "entry into or exclusion from, or the employment, or residence within, the Cayman Islands of persons who are not Cayamanian". In other words, Alva was correct then, I am not aware the Constitution has been changed since the 2009 General Elections. Further meaning that all TLEPs whom were granted after the passing of the 2009 Constitution should have made themselves aware of this provision. IGNORANCE IS NOT AN EXCUSE FOR THE LAW.

    • Anonymous says:

      So many of you West Bay nerdies need to awaken to the fact that your beloved macs horrendously strangulating power grip on this country is history. Forever. No amount of clawing at Tara's throat is ever going to change that. We understand that hurts many of you where it hurts most but there's only one thing to do folks. Get over it. And say "Thank you Lord", and get on with your lives.   

    • Anonymous says:

      She should be fired! Will Alden have the guts to get rid of her for giving this govt a bad press already? If he were smart he would, but then…

  12. Anonymous says:

    After all that crying and begging and trouble to get the job she then doesn't show up when needed the most.  This is true representation.  Thankyou for once again showing why employers do not want to hire Caymanians.  But thanks to people like her they all have too. 

  13. Knot S Smart says:

    Could it be that Tara stayed away from the immigration vote because the whole immigration, identity, passport issue – leaves her confused and agitated?

  14. Str8 up says:

    Farewell Caymanians, fearwell…

    I am completely disgusted with all the so-called "Representatives" on the Government side, but especially Alva Suckoo and Tara Rivers. They were the young hope, but has demonstrated on more than one ocassion that they are the typical politician that says one thing, does another. Did they not campaign against this type of misleading representation?!

    Alva in this very forum wrote several Viewpoints about the plight of the Caymanian and Caymanian worker and back on 8 August 2013 sat down with this very News provider and gave an interview titled "Backbencher to fight for jobs". In said interview, Suckoo claimed to be "the voice of the people" and that "had this process run its normal course, these individuals (TLEPs) would have already been replaced and the impact would have been minimal". He was absolutely correct then, based on Section 16.(4) (b) of the 2009 Constitution none of these TLEPs would have ground for any potential law suit as claimed by Alden. The cited section gives full latitude for the Government to create laws that affect "entry into or exclusion from, or the employment, or residence within, the Cayman Islands of persons who are not Cayamanian". In other words, Alva was correct then, I am not aware the Constitution has been changed since the 2009 General Elections. Further meaning that all TLEPs whom were granted after the passing of the 2009 Constitution should have made themselves aware of this proviso, ignorance is not excuse for the law.

    Considering the above fact, along with Tara creating a precedent that one can be gone for extended periods from their "homeland"  whilst living in another jurisdiction is still very much resident there demonstrates that Alden is no different from McKeeva. They both will use scare tactics to PUSH through whatever they deem is necessary, not necessarily what is best for the majority or the next generation.

    Sadly only one from the Government side realised the groundless claims of Alden, and he is by far the only one on the government side that is not attached or beholden to "big business". This very fact speaks for itself that Mr. Tony understands the plight of the Caymanian worker who face discrimination daily, the majority not even offered an interview. This new legislation now gives these unscrupulous employers whom obviously have no regard for the socioeconomic wellbeing of the Cayman Islands because they have been abusing the system for the past nine years, full and complete legal means to shut thedoor on Caymanians workers. This legislation fails to put in safe guards such as suggested by Ezzard or provisions that eliminate custom / tailor-made job descriptions or classifies, therefore the Immigration stats henceforth will undoubtedly show work permit numbers will not decrease even though many of these employees would have changed their immigration status from work permit holder to Permanent Resident because of this legislation.

    This is indeed a very sad day in the history of the Cayman Islands, its people due to the Constitution and this new legislation have now been further relegated to the annals of history, which are to be likened to the Native American Indians save for any provisos making them unique and deserving of special economic status under law. Farewell you very unique people, farewell!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Strange I don't see any comments about cap't whogene staying home for the past two hundred years. Get well and God bless you Tara. The mob is out to get you.

    • Anonymous says:

      maybe because we expect more than the whogene level of representation…..

      • Anonymous says:

        At least you admit you're one of the mob. Just thank goodness you've never had to stay home sick in your life.

      • Anonymous says:

        The rest of the world prefers to think it's because he's mckeewa's buddy.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Tone Tone we are so proud that you did not vote on this bill as you know what Uncle Haig and Aldens Uncle Haig likewise would have come out of his grave and choked you with Daddy Jim behind him with a stick to beat you. Alden is saying that there was a small amount of people in the march but he fool fool or wa . Dont he know how many Civil Servants him have and dey cant come out in a march nor vote against nuttin. Poor Gilley worked hard nuff on the Radio talk against it too so sorry he did not run for the Brac. Any how brethern plant unna food and learn to get along as a family sharinf your little spaces in unna houses as all unna young people is sold out and will neve get nuttin again.  

  17. Anonymous says:

    This is just like the song THIS IS GOT TO BE THE SADDEST DAY OF MY LIFE, I refer to it as DOOMSDAY in the Cayman Islands. I only see a few real strong Cayman men with back bone. I will just name a few very outstanding men that stands out, Mr Billy, Our PREMIER MR EZZARD , Mr Arden, our beloved Mack, and our lovable Mr Eden whom we are so proud of. So sorry that Mr mike was not there to as he too would have voted against it, anyhow dont worry Bo Bo you will be first in the roll call comes next Election, you only missed by a few votes It looks to me like PPM hands were tied by some people wanting Residency, thats how it looks to me and not tomention their stupid advisors, anyhow some peoples business will BOOM now.

  18. Anonymous says:

    What a sorry mess. I sorely regret the vote I gave Winston Connolly. The only time in my 50 + years of voting have I regretted it Lord, make him or any of his supporters turn up at my door next election and you know I'm ready to give him a good piece of my mind. The whole bunch of them who pushed this through should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wouldn't give you that handout you were so dearly expecting?


      • Anonymous says:

        I don't need a hand out from Winston Connolly  or any MLA 11:20.  I have my own money that I work very hard for thank you. What I do need is for him and other MLAs to keep their promises to put Caymanians first and represent us above and beyond the expatriates in these islands but that is NOT what they are doing, in my opinion. What I I didn't get wasthe representation he and his cohorts promised! His support of this Imigration Bill is not in the itnerest of Caymanians.

        • Anonymous says:

          Have you even read it? This bill makes it near impossible for any of the usual crowd of opportunists to get PR. You have to have invested heavily in our country and proven yourself to be worthy to get PR under this new Law. PPM well done, stick to your guns this is step 1 in "Taking Cayman back"



  19. Anonymous says:

    Alden, you have not earned my vote in the past, for which reality I am grateful, and after this you can rest assured that you will never get an electoral vote from me. Someone recently said that the difference between the former and present premiers is only a slight refinement in behaviour and a bit more education. I agree with that theory.

    • Anonymous says:

      Someone was either grossly underestimating Alden or grossly overestimating mccracker. Either way i'm sure Alden can do without your vote.

  20. Anonymous says:

    More gaddam drama again!!! If it wasn’t the passport problem, the south Africa trip, the criticism of the press, now we got this??? Why give such a big role to a new comer anyway? I think this is what the PPM were hoping happens. Showing Caymanians that, “see we offered a role to a opposition member amd a young woman at that, now look what’s happen? She is failing at her duties.” That is why, when dealing with the countries affairs, it should be best left in the hands of an expert. Tara has never run a mass of responsibilities like this in her life. She maybe smart. But EXPERIENCE is more powerful. Ironically this is exactly the problem with employment now, too many experienced people shunned for certificates of foreigners! Nothing wrong with getting your education if you get the opportunity. But yah see here in this little island? Not everyone is as fortunate to be financially supported by parents to obtain this. And not many scholarships support full costs. So most survive by hands on learning, and nothing beats that. Ask any old Cayman pioneer to show you their college stats, and they’ll show you a picture of them working at a job. Government needs to look into the qualifications structure of most of these business’ anyway, because before long they are going to require a PHD in waitressing. Buncha B.S. all around!!!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Firstly; how many sick days are our part time politians allowed? What's there salary again? 120k plus and you are not feeling well, very disrepectful is waht i say… Tara could have shown up and sat and listened , shoot in my job, unless my leg,arm or im almost dead i show up to work.. my sick days and job are really improtant to me,but of course not to part time elected employees making a sh… load of cash and free trips around the world, when they could do skype calls… Secondly; Mr. Miller (and i hate to say this, I'm not a big fan of his) "Hats of to you SIR", finally youare making some sense.

    • Anonymous says:

      He has always made sense. Just that you excluded him because he is not for a party but represents his district solo.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Don't know what kind of illness Tara had yesterday to miss that vote but she looked 100% healthy to me today.  Quick recovery??? Smh as a Civil Servant I already feel shafted because we are told to keep our act together but the Minister herself is playing hoodie.  Playing every side she can. 

  23. Anonymous says:

    Having read this article I am so angry this evening … but not at all surprised. The only surprise today was that Tony Eden had the balls to stand up and vote "no."  I vote in GT and chose not to vote for a single PPM member, including Marco for whom I have some respect. The sad thing is that those elected C4C members that I did vote for are no different and I am hugely disappointed in Winston in particular. Who exactly does he thing he is right now? I guess his true colours were exposed finally. Next election I'd better not hear from him asking for my vote.

  24. Anonymous says:

    What have we learned:

    -PPM is continuing the waffling of their last administation…listening to the few and indecisively governing all

    -Tara has shown herself to be one of the many weakly educated Caymanian lawyers who neither understand logic or are wiling to make a decision

    Tara has shown herself to be getting the best tof both worlds..exotic travel of the jet set and questionable interests of the UPD but avoiding even self interested decisions.

    This is all so pathetic.



    • Jah Horace says:

      “Tara has shown herself to be one of the many weakly educated Caymanian lawyers….”

      Have to take issue with this statement. She has degrees from top universities in the USA and Canada and is admitted in several jurisdictions. And was good enough to be recruited by a UK magic circle firm.

      But I certainly agree that her actions are unfathomable in light of that impressive pedigree.

  25. Anny Omis says:

    This was the correct move, no question. I am glad Alden did the right thing, and didn’t cave in to the uneducated fear mongers. Sorry but it that is the truth. Expats are not the problem with our economic woes. The problem is punitive fees for businesses which make us uncompetetive in a global economy, excessive govt waste, back door deals favouring ‘certain’ interests, lack of a proper dock, and an ineffective education system that excludes those most able to improve it.

    • Anonymous says:

      "CORRECT MOVE"? Are you fuzzy brained? When last did you notice the SIZE of say Grand Cayman? And the unemployment rate of Caymanians, irregardless of wht they do or don't do? Our country was better off 15-20-25 years ago without all of this investiture. I hope you will be in the lower class of the only two classes that will soon exist in the Cayman Islands namely Weathy/Upper class and poor/lower class. I'll read from you in about a year or two when it effects YOU.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Winston and Roy, I voted for you both. just because you were not a part of PPM nor UDP, and so did many others (thumbs up if you did too). Neither of you had a political resume to speak of. but I bought that you were independent thinkers and voted for you. You both are now building that political resume, and, quite frankly, on this your first test you score a big FAIL if you are judged by the common prople like myself. I am sure you also scored a big A+ if judged by your handlers C4C. I can see why Alden was so against C4C in the campeign, he knew what I did not know at the time, C4C can control Alden any time they want to. I too am very impressed at how easily C4C steered Alden into making the Governments top priority that of ensuring certain Expats with the kind of "upper class" C4C hang out with, have a clear path and Human Right to citizenship.Quite frankly I would have thought that Alden's political savvy would have prevailed and the path would be opento all……….But NO, now only "certain kind" of expat will be allowed to qualify under this law. I do not know that you guys got elected with the "common people" vote taking you across the line ahead of the also rans, and I do know that you will need that common people vote to get elected, I also know that you did not get any PPM voters because they campeigned against you. With legislation like this, that is so against the interest of the "common people," I am wondering if Alden may have outsmarted C4C by pushing through unpopular immigration reform that he can later blame on C4C. I write all this to say, light a fire under their buts to bring legislation for one man one vote now and I will grade you with a C+.

  27. Honey Boo Boo says:

    Ain’t no “team” in “Tara”………

    In hindsight, she is most definitely not Minister material.

  28. Anonymous says:

    When you pass enterview to a Caymanian and ask them why they leave their last job, and you get the answer: " Mam I'll be honest with you if you go see all my ex employer they will tell you that I wasn't reliable, a lot of sick leave and problem to come on time"  What are you expecting Caymanian? Show employer that you want to work, not just that you deserve the work because you are Caymanian. Don't come to work just when you feel for or because you are broke, even after pay day we need to go to work, when it's raining we need to go to work, we you have a headache, a bellyache….. Pharmacy will be happy to sell you some medecine and umbrella to help you to go to work. Stop cry and show really want you can do. Maybe this is one of the reason why Cayman need so many expat.

  29. Anonymous says:

    THANKS ALOT ALDEN AND TARA.  I am a 7 generation Caymanian and I am sick of this shit. I am sick of being insulted and painted with the brush that Caymanians are lazy and stay home sick just to use up their "sick days". I am so sick of it that I have only mised two days sick in the past 4 years, one of which I was hospitalised and the other was doctor ordered. Now after all these years of trying to improve others opinion of me as a Caymanian worker, this damn fool Minister of Labor, misses entirely, the single most important discussion and vote on legislation to effect her Ministry since she was elected. I will never agree with anyone who generalise and say that "Caymanians are lazy" but from today onwards, I will never argue with anyone who says that Tara Bush is "lazy and makes sure she gets her sick days."  Alden, I am a qualified auto mechanic who has to make a living working in construction. Thanks a MILLION for putting 68 more people with similar qualifications to mine, in the fast trach to PR and new Caymanian status …….. I guess and hope that i will still be around when they get rolled over, or until we create some more jobs in my skill sets. THANKS ALOT MR PREMIER ……..

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, and it is the absence of a good work ethic, accountabillity and basic good judgement that Tara Rivers displayed that will make "paper Caymanians" the employer of choice.


  30. WHERE R WINSTON & ROY? says:

    3 Facts:

    The Minister of Labour is a member of Cabinet therefore she is bound by collective responsibility so she cannot vote nay against the Bill so it does not matter whether she is sick or not as her only recourse if she was in the House would be to abstain from voting.

    This Bill is a PPM INITIATIVE so let's not get distracted. A PPM INITIATIVE! 

    Roy McTaggart andWinston Connolly (who are not bound by collective responsibility) VOTED for this Bill.



    • Anonymous says:

      Poster, you write with such authority therefore for my benefit and the rest of the ignorant readers, where do we find this "collective resposibility"? It is not found anywhere in the Constitution, the Standing Orders etc. I keenly look forward to you helping us find this law, if it is not a law then each elected member pursuant to the constituion have a duty to their constituents and not a Party!

      Consequently, "elected" MLAs make this so-called principle a choice because it is certainly not a directive under law. If they choose to hide behind it, then they should never be elected ever again!

      Tony Eden demonstrated his free will under law with his NO vote!!!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Alden, do you really want to trash your own country with this ridiculous influx of people we cannot possibly contain? Who is holding the gun to your head, who, dammit?

    • Anonymous says:

      I'm sorry.. what influx of people? These are people who have been here 9 years. There is about to be an outflow not an inflow. 

      I can't believe how many people are commenting on this as if the law literally gave 1500 people the right to stay. It didn't. It gave them the right to apply so that the Cayman Islands doesn't get sued for breach of human rights. It also made the points system all but impossible for anyone who might be economically middle class or lower. 

      Good riddance you say? Fine. Enjoy cleaning your own house, mowing your own lawn and looking after your own kids. OH wait, you won't need to do that because new expats will arrive to do it. 

      So, in the end, there is no influx or outflow.. just a changeover of a group of people who have been here 9 years on continuous work permits for new people starting year one. 

      I'm not sure how making middle class and working class expats leave benefits the Cayman Islands at all. 

      I've said it before, if no one was available to take these people's jobs in the last 9 years, why suddenly would someone materialize now after they have been rolled? 

  32. Anonymous says:

    How many sick days has Tara got left?

  33. Anonymous says:

    Weighing the effect, it is more favorable to Cayman’s economy through investing locally im guessing very few can only meet the new set point system

  34. Anonymous says:

    "And veteran PPM backbencher Anthony Eden joined the opposition benches and voted ‘no’ to the government’s change due to his concern that more than 1,500 exemption permit holders will remain on island, entitling them to apply for residency." Some Caymanians, I just have to shake my head. These 1500 people lived on the island for the last 7-8 years, contributed to this economy and now you would rather just tell them "Thanks for your services and your money, goodbye!" Might I remind all these narrow-minded Caymanians that of the 1500, about 900 are those jobs are unskilled (domestic helper, gardener etc) and we know that Caymanians don't want these jobs so basically people like Mr. Eden would prefer that we simply replace that lot with another lot and not give them any sense of security! So what is going to happen is the next lot are going to know what you did to this lot and they are going to invest as little as possible here and send or take their money home or elsewhere because they know that at the end of the term limit, you are just going to run them anyway so what happens to the economy? It begins to shrink, then it will go into a recession and Caymanians will be wailing loudly and whose fault will it be? Narrow-minded people like Mr. Eden. I know Mr. Eden is a good ole boy from Savannah and he is well liked and he wants to remain in his constituents favour but sometimes you have to look beyond the trees my friend and see the bigger picture.

  35. Anonymous says:

    So Tara was unwell? Didn't even have the guts to go and vote on behalf of the people.  If she had really wanted to vote she should have shown up on a guerney if necessary! If I had voted for her (I'm not in her district)  I would be seriously sorry now.  Caymanians should keep this in mind for the next election and be very scared of what has happened to us now.  I feel so hopeless. Why do our own people do this to us?  Guess he who has the gold pays the piper. Sad day.

    • Anonymous says:

      She is just typical of the absence of work ethic and responsiblity that is endemic on these islands. Hundreds of her own citizens do exactly the same everyday, that is why expats will always be the employee of choice for most businesses.

      The truth hurts when its written so large by one of your own.

    • Anonymous says:

      Tara Rivers ran independant, BUT DIDN"T REMAIN INDEPENDANT…Tara Rivers "didn't feel well" so decided not to show up for a pretty important decision… the saying goes same s..t just different day

      • Anonymous says:

        Learn to spell first, then come talk to me moron. It's INDEPENDENT!

    • Anonymous says:

      You ARE seriously sorry now. You ARE so hopless.

    • Anonymous says:

      It amazes me how most know-it-alls on here judge that a person who say she is unwell, is deemed by those who know nothing concrete except for their pitiful imaginations to have been fit enough to attend the LA.

      What do you know? Nothing. Where is the so called Cayman Christian spirit? Off island apparently. Not one decent Christian among the people on here. If you were sick and took the day off and your employer told you that you are not sick and you must turn up for work, how would you feel? Oh! Thats it, isn't it? People pull sickies when not sick here and decide that everyone else is the same…bunch of hypocitical mentally challenged morons.

    • Anonymous says:

      How can you/anyone prove she did not VOTE?

  36. Gatekeeper says:

    Dear PPM

    The amendments are so bad even Anthony Eden did not vote for it.

    Apparently it was bad enough to make Minister Rivers was too sick to touch the subject. 

  37. Por Que Pig says:

    How will this impact the price of bacon?

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, pigs may well start flying when integrity becomes part of the Caymanian culture. I can see a significant devaluation until then, because most of the pork on this island has got its collective nose in the trough.

    • Anonymous says:

      it will go up….just like everything ppm does…

    • Anonymous says:

      We will still pay far too much for second-rate anti-biotic laden bacon.  But if you talk like this in public there is an increased risk that that the price might go up.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Well, it looks as though Tara is being trained by the Speaker on how to slither through without pinned down to any blame or responsibility.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Progressives giving away our Cayman like UDP

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry but at least the UDP can say that the U K demanded that they give status to a a certain amount of ppl. What was PPM's reasoning please?

  40. Anonymous says:


    Run and hide when a decision have to be made that is unpopular that is just what them West Bay CLOWNS voted you in to do. LMAO

  41. Anonymous says:

    The rushed passing of this piece of legislation will certainly not be forgotten in 2017. Hats off to Anthony Eden for crossing to joing the opposition on this. As much as Ezzard Miller is not my favourite person, I found this part of the above article interesting, "More than a dozen amendments to the law presented by Miller were all ignored. These included a proposal to make business staffing plans public, force government to also following the same immigrations regime and changing the tag from work permit holder to guest worker."  I have to say that Iagree with Ezzard Miller fully on this. Why would the government not want to make business staffing plans public? Why wouldnt the government not want to follow the same immigration regime? Very telling!

  42. anonymous says:

    Tara you are a Chicken Chicken. you were for it all the way, just could not look at MR Miller MR Mclean and your West Bay people.

  43. B.Towner says:

    Anthony should run Independent. We need an Independent for Bodden Town.

  44. Small Axe says:

    two simple comments: 1/. Ms. Rivers is a coward because she should have shown up & even though bound by 'collective responsibilty' she could have debated it & therefore made it clear where she really stood, but "unwell" my backfoot! Poor excuse. 2/. Tony Eden as usual is playing ploitics & therefore very disappointing. He knows what the propsed bills intends, if not, then why the silence for so long? Give me a break T!

    • Anonymous says:

      not simple 16.44, vindictive and not based on any facts at all, just your weak minded suppositions.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Even the UK doesn't want as much immigrants as PPM:



    • Anonymous says:

      the uk and cayman are seperate cases

      I'm guessing that many immigrants in the UK are a drain on their economy. I'm guessing that more immigrants are needed here for a Better economy.

    • Small Axe says:

      It is NOT the PPM, Sherlock, it is the fault of the UDP! If they hadn't irresponsibly "kicked the bucket down the road" by giving these permit holders 2 more years in the first place we would NOT have this problem today! The UDP is who wants immigrants, because that adds up to more votes for them (they pander to the Expats to get their votes), NOT the PPM!

  46. Anonymous says:

    Why would PPM not want the Staffing Plans to be Public?

    • Anonymous says:

      Because they would no longer be able to ignore the lies of many so called leading businesses and be forced to treat them as the criminals they are.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ask PPM mi dear, only they have that answer! I am so glad that I followed my mind and did not vote for a single PPM member last election. I erred in voting for Winston but he can enjoy this ride because he is finished so far as ever getting a vote from me again! What a disappointment!

    • Anonymous says:

      That's like asking "Why would the PPM not want to make every private individuals finances and net worth available to the public?"


      Answer: Because as a private individual, you do not want everyone knowing your business, how much money you make, etc.

    • Anonymous says:

      Because some of them have businesses with business stafiing plans…

  47. Anonymous says:

    Now that they have sorted the expat problem – watch how long before they touch anything to help the Caymanians.

    • Anonymous says:

      This IS helping Caymanians….it keeps the economy going.

      • Anonymous says:

        it actually does neither…..more businees will close and unemployment will go up…..

    • Anonymous says:

      16.34, are you incapable of helping yourself? need the state to be mummy for you? Get off your fat a$$ and do something for yourself instead of bitching the whole time.

  48. Anonymous says:


    PPM supporters should really be wondering about what they did.

    • Anonymous says:

      As a PPM supporter I am happy that the Govt. decided to keep 1500 people here to keep spending, renting our properties, spending in our shops and paying permit fees….You want to take all that away one lick for the 30 people who say they want jobs….?

      Thank you PPM

      • Anonymous says:

        If that would have happened another 1500 would come. They always do.

  49. Anonymous says:

    So pleased that our Employment minister feels it right that she should be absent from the debate and vote.  What a disgrace.  She seems to be absent for all key votes.  Horrible decision PPM to put her in as a Minister.  She should be removed for shirking her responsibility.  In the USA, some senators who are on their death beds come in to the house to vote on key bills.  Poor Tara had a cold and couldn't do her job.  Ridiculous. 

  50. noname says:

    So when you don't show up for work here and your Caymanian its normal right?

  51. Anonymous says:


    Mr. Eden is a man of principals and he stood firm for what he believed in and voted NO. Let me also thank the other members who voted NO, many many thanks.
    This is clearly the end for our young Caymanians who aspire to go to the top as the only persons that will get PR will be those in a certain field I.e Lawyers, Accountants and the likes, so what will happen is that our children will have a more difficult time in acquiring a job in the said fields as we already know that the present time they rather hire the XPATS than the Caymanians.
    I only hope that the merchants see that ALDEN MCLAUGHLIN delivers on his promises to them, so save up for the next campaign. But there is one thing I am willing to wager and that we won’t have this worry after 4years because PPM is on their track again (a one term government). NOW ALDEN SINCE YOU HAVE TAKEN CARE OF EVERYONE BESIDES THE CAYMANIAN SEE IF YOU CAN DO SOMETHING FOR US. Remember they can’t vote the next term for you so you need us.

  52. Anonymous says:

    So what did Winston say?!?

  53. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations to the Government. I read the bill and these changes are good for Caymanians. Looks like Tara is showing her true colors early in the game and as for Anthony…..I guess saying "yes" was too much work for him. I was particularly proud of the way Marco, Winston and Alvasupported their positions they are already showing the signs of being true leaders and statesmen. I hope the country can now relax a bit and let the Government get on with their work!



  54. Anonymous says:

    If the petition is now a public document, CNS could you post it?

    CNS: We would like to but we need an electronic version and so far there is no sign of one.

    • Anonymous says:

      A public petition should not be supported by a free, independent and impartial news service. CNS, you are wrong to want to do so.

    • Anon says:

      C'mon now, its like the courthouse records – ridiculous state of affairs not having electronic records in this day and age.  Makes this so-called financial centre look more like a backward town. 

    • Anonymous says:

      if only someone would create a machine that turns paper documents into electronic ones…….

  55. Chris says:

    Short term economic activity followed by increased social services receipts, joblessness, hopelessness as rising inflation and stagnant wages lead to increased crime.

    Huge population increase that is unsustainable.

    Stress on the infastructure beyond what we can afford to pay for.

    Thank you Tara for being sick….just as the rest of us were when we examined the contents of the bill.

    Thank you Anthony Eden for voting No.

    Thanks to Ezzard and the opposition for voting no.

    No substantive change to the bill during committee stage…Message to the people: Govt roadshows and solicitation for comments are meaningless.

    Alva Suckoo caught on the opposite side of the fence from where he started on this issue.

    As one of the rookies who publicly promised the people "a hand up, not a hand out" this hand up is well disguised and looks more like a kick in the face to Caymanians and the opportunities for their children.

    Caymanians, the people who voted for you, did not benefit from this Law.


  56. noname says:

    Minister Rivers XXX, there is always an excuse for why she cannot do a thing or in this instance don't even bother show up on such a crictical vote on legislation. Please don't give the public a BS answer like I was not well. If you were not admitted to a hospital bed, there is no reason why a submission could not have been presented by her. We the public demand to read her contribution to this most crictical debate, which will highlight her position and how she was to vote. CNS can simply attach it to this or another article. Therefore don't pander to the poor masses in West Bay. Live up to what is expected of you and that is to be mature and be str8 not skirt around issues like a seasoned politician. 

    Sadly and frustratingly her actions since taking office personifies the stereotype me and my fellow Caymanians are labeled with; when needed, it seems they are never around or available. She and her fellow West Bay MLA McKeeva Bush is why a recall vote is needed in these islands. These XXXX the Cayman Islands if not held to account by being recalled when they fail their voters like she has done on this legislation. It is not unreasonable to believe that She is hoping that in four years the ignorant masses of West Bay will forget how she failed to be a leader since taking office Yet at the same very time continue to court the wealthy attracted to the Coalition for Cayman (C4C) whom are behind this damning piece of legislation for the generational Caymanian.

    This type of politics demonstrates that Tara Rivers hopes to continue the legacy of McKeeva Bush style politics in West Bay, which is to hell with the next generation, we need to live for today. The great difference, which is the only thing I respect about McKeeva Bush, is that he does not hide or skirt around, he'll ensure that the entire world is aware of his position. I guess that is why many refer to him as a great Leader. 

    Keep it up Tara and you'll be featured on a tv show similar to VH-1's "One hit Wonders, where are they now".

    As for 2017 you cannot count on my support and vote as you enjoyed this time 'round.

    • Anonymous says:

      So you want to replace her with Velma then? lol Just kidding … I agree with you her behaviour is disgraceful!

  57. Truth says:

    Any educated and moral person whould be embarassed to call these persons leaders.  But that is not news here.  All their efforts is toward the how to go around and beat the human rights standards of the developed world and replace them with the third world menatlity that they are more comfortable with.  We see you for what you are and what you do and why.  In the days to come remember these words, "treat others as you would have them treat you."

  58. Anonymous says:

    So only a handful of folk get to vote? How is this democracy?

  59. Anon says:

    I mean this most respectfully – the Employment Minister being absent from the Parliament during this debate/vote is serious – I hope she was really sick enough to be absent and didn't just duck out because she wasn't  "feeling well".  Bad example for Caymanians who already are so prone to "call in sick".  I'm a Caymanian (older) and have had this experience with my own Caymanians. 

  60. Anonymous says:

    The fact that Tara Rivers was not there at all nor did she contribute at all to the debate even though this is her damn area of most concern and interest is very disturbing and she should be ashamed of herself.  She has proven over and over that she cannot handle pressure in her short time and will run from it whenever she can and use Winston as her scapegoat.   I am truly disappointed that I voted for her.

  61. Anonymous says:

    I don't understand how the key employee system put the "power to decide who stays" in the hands of employers and not the government. This doesn't make sense given that it was government who decided who was granted the designation of key employee. The employers merely decided who they wanted to apply but they had no power to decide who was granted key empoyee or not. How does this bill take control "back from employers" when they had no control in the first place? Did the government think that employers were not choosing people to submit for key employee that the government thought should stay? I was under the impression that the government was concerned that people were being granted the ability to stay without their say so but how can this be true if there is a key employee board at immigration who decided the merits of the key employee applications?

    So now instead of a two step process where people had to first prove their value to the economy and their employer to stay past 7 years, EVERYONE gets to stay past 7 years without any need for approval at all. Then all these people can apply for PR regardless of whether or not anyone found them to be "key employees" in the economy or to ta particular employer. 

    Of course, the PR points system is now so difficult that basically anyone middle class or lower is cut out and will not be granted PR. I guess the middle class doesn't spend enough money to be considered valuable contributors to society or to the economy? Of course, these people will not be given PR and will leave, only to be replaced by some other expat. Why not a Caymanian you ask? Well, if a Caymanian couldn't be found over the past 9 years to do their job what makes anyone think that one will suddenly materialize at the end of 9 years? Does this make sense? Kick a person out after 9 years which represents a significant commitment to this place, only to replace them with someone who has no commitment. That new person will of course see the writing on the wall from day one and is likely to consider this place to be a transient step in their lives and a risky place to invest in or to put roots down in, all the while not knowing if the rules will change just before they qualify to apply for PR. Instability does not inspire investment or commitment confidence.

    It seems to me that you can reach 9 years of continuously working while on work permits here then you have earned your right to stay. Simple. For 9 years no local person was available to do your job and for 9 years you worked and contributed to the island and the economy through payment of bills, purchase of goods etc etc. What benefit is it to the Cayman Islands to make this person leave? Seriously, what good comes of this? 

    My two cents. 


    • Anonymous says:

      No worries, there are thousands of poor people here already so you won't be short on them 11:40. Perhaps the best thing about this bill is that it might help to reduce the social service budget somewhat.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think Cayman law should be compared to other countries immigration laws.  Do other countries grant citizenship based on the amount of the time they have been there?

  62. Anonymous says:

    Tara Rivers not present at LA Meeting because she does not want to face the issues with Unemployment.  I say get rid of her

  63. Anonymous says:

    This is just great. The Minister responsible for Labot doesn't show so we will never know her opinion under the cloak of her collective resppnsibility. Al Suckoo who raised the initial fuss backed his government like a lame duck supporter. The C4C who might as well be called the PPM's half brothers and sisters fell in line with their PPM counterparts and lastly the PPM's own member Anthony Eden voted in opposition of the bill.

    If that is not a message to the PPM. I don't know what is. I can tell you thi much I am ashamed of Winston and Roy. I voted for them respected them and they threw us to the wolves. the PPM lost my respect years ago and the uDP , well what can we say…much as I hate to admit it this time they did the right thing..

    It is amazing how we allow these politicians to fool us year after year with their promises. Atleast we know no and can plan to remove them at the next election..To bad we don't have an election every couple of years. I'll bet they would listen to the people then, instead they bank on doing the ugly the things at the start of their terms hoping that the people will forget by the next election.

    Shame on all of you. This will come back to haunt you! Believe me!!


  64. Anonymous says:

    11th hour incompetence from CIG….. the damage has already been done…this is a kick in the teeth to employers and their hardworking employees…….

  65. Anonymous says:

    tara's attitude is a clear example of why employers don't want to hire caymanians….

  66. Anonymous says:

    what is thepoint of tara river's existence??????? she sums up perfectly the failures and incompetence of caymanian politicians….

  67. Anonymous says:

    Surely it is only a matter of time before PPM replaces Minister River with Mr. Connolly as Minister of Education and Employment in a Cabinet reshuffle.

    • Anonymous says:

      sorry  but caymanain politicians don't do resignations or sackings………arrogance and ignorance go hand in hand…..

  68. Hello says:

    Surprise Surprise no Tara Rivers. The Great Hope is the Great Nope!

  69. Who the Cap Fits says:

    Remember these words people " McLaughlin warned about potential law suits that could follow if the TLEPs were simply told to go.  He said that legally it would be hard to argue that the time spent on a TLEP could not count as ordinary residency"  

    The above was the same argument used on granting the 3,000 status grants, and was the argument that thethen so called Opposition  used when they backed off fromtheir big bluster statements and from  proceeding with further actions against the infamous status grants.  Are we getting more of the same, does a leopard ever change him colors? Oh MY people cant you see they trying to take advantage a we, Better must Come one Day, Better representation has to come..

    • Anonymous says:

      And what do the PPM and UDP administration have in common?


      The same Attorney General…. the UDP & PPM both have had same legal advisor.


      The next petition must be for term limits of the AG/SG positions.

    • Anonymous says:

      10:33 I see brother what you are saying and it certainly makes sense. So the 1500 will get Residency. Alden will have enough after some years to support him. Can someone tell me the amount of money that you have to have in order to apply for American Residency when you dont have a right to Residency through a family member? My child wanted to apply while studying in the USA and the amount of money was somewhere in the region of $200,000….