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| 24/10/2013

(CNS) Updated Thursday: As hopes fade of finding missing sailor Mark Clarke (63) alive, the officer coordinating the extensive air, land and sea search for him has confirmed that the operation has now entered a search and recovery phase. Inspector Ian Yearwood, the RCIPS Marine Commander, said, “We know that Mr Clarke left to go fishing on his own on Monday morning around 7am and it wasn’t unusual for him to spend a few days at sea. It’s now been two days since his sailboat was found on the reef and despite a widespread air, land and sea search no trace of Mr Clarke has been found. We spoke with his family last night and advised them that we believed it was now extremely unlikely that he would be found alive. 

"As such, the police operation has now moved into a search and recovery phase. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this time."

Yearwood added, “We would like to thank the members of the public who assisted us with the search which covered an area of 79 miles.”

The Joint Marine Unit, RCIPS Air Operations Unit, DOE, and a number of private boaters took part in the search for Clarke who is an Olympic Sailor and a former memebr of the RCIPS. Shoreline searches are taking place today from Kaibo towards Old Man Bay.

Anyone who saw Mr. Clarke or his sailboat between 7.00am onMonday and 10.00am on Tuesday is asked to contact Sergeant Richard Scott on 325 8092.

Clarke's unmanned sailboat "Badger” was found lodged on the reef Tuesday morning, 22 October. Police said they received a report that the 25’ sailboat was stranded just east of the Cayman Kai channel. When the unit got to the boat they found that no-one was on board.  Enquiries with Clarke's friends and family confirmed that he left from Rackley’s Canal in North Sound to go fishing around 7am Monday but he has not been in contact with them since.

The search resumed at 8.30am Wednesday and throughout the day air, sea and shoreline searches will continued by the Joint Marine Unit, RCIPS Air Operations Unit , uniform officers, members of the Special Constabulary, the Department of the Environment, and one private boat owner volunteered to assist. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    My thought and prayers are with mark's family at this sad news.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Please pray for my Dad.

  3. Leanna Clarke says:

    This is Marks daughter. Leanna. I am happy see that there is so much love shown for my dad. I am praying that he is found in one peace and got anyone that knows anything please feel free to contact me. I am making arrangements to be there as soon as possible

  4. Kay Jaims says:

    I'm deeply saddened to receive the news as articled, I've not seen Mark in ages, but he has never been void of my mind. A selfless individual, forthright, upstanding,reliable, excellent deportment & decourum, pleasant/affable,…. "Lawd Ah Massy", ah cudda gwaan ahn gwaan.

    Such a gentleman, a true friend, excellent disposition, sporting, can be engaging too; good character, high integrity, si mi nuh stap yhet … I'm just overwhelmed that Mark is missing. I really do hope, that he's only taking a sabatical absense. If not, or whether not, I pray the "LORD" his soul to keep.

    FRIEND for Life, I'll NEVER forget the momments we shared (back home, here in Jamaica), and especially my visitation, when he hosted me in Cayman.

    Where-ever you are Mark, may the "ALMIGHTY", keep watch over you, and if you are already home, in the Mansion prepared for us all, that I'll meet with you, whenever I get there.

    To all those who are friends & family, be strong & comforted, that he's lived a good Life, done it his way, and that we are all blessed, for having a part of his Life.

    One Love, Peace Out, & "GOD" bless

  5. Anonymous says:

    I am so very sorry to learn of this misfortune for Mr. Clarke. I still hope that he might be found but if not and he perished I hope he RIP.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I knew Mark as a fellow Sailor, Raconteur and friend.  If he is no longer with us, then he left doing what he loves best.  Our time is short, but I know Mark lived a full and rich life and was admired and respected by many.  Wherever he is, may he find Peace.

    Safe Passage and clear horizons.

  7. pmilburn says:

    Mark my friend and fellow Olympian If your time has come I know that you are in a safe place and the place that you have loved for all your life.I still pray that you will be found alive but if this is not to be then know that you may be gone but will not be forgotten.You were my neighbour for a while and I remember the talks we had on sailing and how happy you were when out there on the water.We shall meet again my friend in a better place so until then Gods speed and my thoughts and prayers are with your family at this time.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Praying he is found alive. But if he has met his demise what better way than doing what you love? God bless them at this tme.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I knew Mark for many years. Great sailor lover of fishing and the sea,Also a great police officer,

    I don't like the chsracter assassination or the great eulogies that follow . Can't we just agree that whether we find him or not he was a great human who loved the sea was a great person great sailor and embrace him for that!p and btw I've never posted on CNS never!

    • Anonymous says:

      I worked with Mark in the Police as well as sailed with him for many a year, he represented Cayman for sailing… I amvery saddended to here about this but knowing Mark he would love to pass away doing his true love sailing and fishing… I really hope if he past at see he passed happy on the ocean… He ill be missed by many and unfortunately becuase of his his career he will be slandered… please dont, this man gave his life to the cayman islands as an officeer and represented our little island overseas… God Bless You SIR!!!!!!!!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I hope that Mark turns up alive and well. I have known him for many years and, although we have not kept in touch in recent years, he is and always has been one of those good guys who have my respect and whose company I always enjoy.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Wasanyone searching for Mr. Clarke prior to his boat being spotted on the reef? It is a bit surprising that Mr. Clarke had been gone for 27hours and was not reported as overdue.Was he in the habit of going on such extended trips without getting in touch with family or friends?

    • Anonymous says:

      RCIPS will not take a missing person report prior to 24hr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        To:Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 24/10/2013 – 00:48                               Maybe,but that does not prevent anyone else from searching.

  12. islandloyalist says:

    Praying for Mark, my dear friend and former nieghbour ! 

    • Anonymous says:

      My very good friend for many years and my former colleague in the RCIPS. Mark was amongst one of the first and finest CID investigators to come from Jamaica in the early 80's. We worked endless hours fighting crime day and night and I learnt so much from him as a young detective in the early 90's. It's hard to believe what has happened to him but after searching all day along the north coast in good weather, the realisation is now setting in. 

      Mark was an accomplished sailor both locally and internationally and represented the Cayman Islands in so many countries including Spain, USA, Mexico, Argentina, Cuba etc…  

      Mark first taught me to sail in the North Sound and as a result of this, I purchased my sailing yacht which he helped me bring down from Miami a few years ago. In turn, I helped him bring "Badger" to Grand Cayman just a few short months ago. I'm happy that I was able to return this favour to him. 

      He always told me that sailing on the ocean you can find the "Greatest of Peace" from the stresses on land, which is so true if you are a sailor. Be at peace Mark, our destiny is all setby Almighty God and in some strange sense, I believe the ocean is perhaps where you belonged, because I know you loved being on the water so much – day and night.   



      • Anonymous says:

        As a close friend of Mark, a sailor and former detective who investigated numerous sudden deaths, having examined "Badger" today, it's clear that Mark suffered some sort of medical emergency or simply lost his footing on deck and went overboard.

        Despite being an accomplished/proficient sailor, with good weather on the day of his sailing, an unfortunate incident did happen and resulted in Mark's unexpected passing.  

        Even having a Hi-Tech vessel, top notch equipment and travelling with other experienced sailors, you can still lose you life. Case in point, British sailor Andrew "Bart" Simpson a fellow olympian who lost is life sailing in San Fransciso Bay earlier this year, in preparation for the America's Cup. (See Youtube video)

        No matter your profession or sport,there will always be inherent risks. Whether you are a sailor, race car driver, sky diver, swimmer, police officer, electrician, fireman, taxi driver, soccer player or a teller at the bank, you are at risk from someone or something that could end your life in an instant or result in serious injury.

        Mark, you always did it your way, be at "Absolute Peace" in what you loved most, the ocean, for there you will not have no BS to deal with – in this crazy world we live in.      



  13. Anonymous says:

    Yes and a world class sailor so this is very worrying

  14. Anonymous says:

    First of all my prayers are for Mr. Clarke and his family that he will be found safe or they will have some closure to his disappearance.  Secondly, It would be helpful if the RCIP would publish at least some preliminary data so that anyone who is on the water can try to assist without necessarily being a part of the organised search team.  Not everyone can take time off their work but would like to help in some way, especially watersports operators who if for instance it is thought he was outside the reef when the boat ran ashore or if he was inside as the news seems to suggest then persons who know the waters and currents may be able to assist or at least be on the lookout for any clues.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Mark Clark was such a nice man. Just hope that he will be found. My prayers go up for him.

    • Anonymous says:

      What do you mean "was" such a nice man. Please I hate when people pronounce you dead themselves. Let's have faith and pray that he will be found safe.

      • Anonymous says:

        We need volunteers this afternoon at 2:30 at the Kiabo Beach in Northside to search the beach area.  Please call Bruce at 916 6318.

        Thank you.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Are private vessels needed tonight?


  17. Anonymous says:

    Is this the Mark Clarke who used to be in the RCIPS years ago?

    • Anonymous says:

      Why the thumbdown? It was an honest question. Now I see the photo I realise it is the Mark I knew. He is a seasoned sailor and a pleasant man.

  18. Mitzie Miller Tomlinson says:

    I Live in North Side and i was having Coffee on my Pouch and i say the same sail Boot cross my House about 8.30 9AM, Today when i say the Boat on the Reef in Cayman Kai it was Sad to  see. Hope we can Fine Mark Very Sad.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Do they need private vessels tonight to help?

    • Anonymous says:

      Errrr….by the time you wrote the above online, you could have phoned the number, errrr…