Body found in George Town

| 28/10/2013

(CNS) Updated: Police have now confirmed  earlier unofficial reports that a body of a man was found behind the Cox Lumber store in George Town this morning. An RCIPS spokesperson said the body was reportedly discovered on Spruce Lane, off Courts Road, Monday at around 7:30am. The RCIPS have said very little but CNS understands the death may be linked to a missing person report that was filed with police on Sunday afternoon but was not made public. The RCIPS has not released any further details regarding the cause of death, but police did say that scenes of crime officershave visited the location and the death is being treated as suspicious and an investigation has been opened. Check back to CNS for more later.
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  1. Albert Jackson says:

    This crime thing is out of control and must be addressed now. When domino players are at risk what does it take to get you worked up? This spread from West Bay and has taken hold of these Islands and all because we had a leader that did not care about crime or take it seriously and that is how we arrive at this horrid moment. I believe that many are in denial that a criminal eliment is even here. I am not that hard headed and I can see the Forest with fallen trees. 

    • Anonymous says:

      The fact that anyone things this "spread" from any one district just goes to show how undoubtedly ignorant a lot of people here are. Perhaps it "spread" from ignorance just like this! The "Oh, let's blame somewhere else" mentality has to be stopped in some way. It's not until we each evaluate ourselves and our own that we'll be able to get a handle on the crime taking place on this small island. It's a shame. Violence has "spread" from lack of employment, lack of education, a lack of guidance in some cases, an excess of legal drugs – such as alcohol, and a lack of fore-sight. My two cents… but it's probably easier to be ignorant and blame West Bay anyway.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cant solve no murder but they can spend thousands of dollars of our money to listen to people private business on phone though!

    • Anonymous says:

      Which is EXACTLY WHY they should be able to SOLVE MURDERS!!! All that "listening" they do. Incompetent and too busy minding people business.

  3. Otherview says:

    Did the RCIPS helicopter find the body?

  4. Anonymous says:

    My heart goes out to this person's family, as I am sure they loved him and are indeed feeling bad about this. Equally, I am also sad to say that I have just as much confidence in the RCIP solving this as I do in Christopher Columbus returning to Cayman with the Requiremento this Christmas.

  5. Anonymous says:

    "a missing person report that was filed with police on Sunday afternoon but was not made public." -enough said.