Misick to go home to TCI Brazilian court rules

| 30/10/2013

(CNS): The former premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands will be heading home as soon as possible, TCI attorney general has stated following a ruling by Brazil’s Supreme Federal Court Tuesday. The TCI government was successful in extraditing Michael Misick (47) despite the opposition to that extradition by Misick’s lawyers. The Brazilian court was unanimous in its decision following legal arguments that the beleaguered leader would be returned to his home country. Misick is accused of being at the heart of a corruption scandal that UK investigators have been pursing for almost four years. The former TCI leader has denied all of the accusations made against him and has yet to be formally charged with a crime.

“The decision of the Brazilian Courts today (29 October) to extradite Michael Misick is welcome as it is in the best interests of the TCI that allegations of wrongdoing are thoroughly investigated,” Hew Shepheard, the TCI attorney general, said in a short statement released by his office. “Michael Misick’s lawyers vigorously opposed his extradition, but after hearing arguments on both sides, the court was unanimous in its decision. Arrangements will be made to return him to the TCI as soon as possible. He faces trial in the TCI Supreme Court on a number of serious charges relating to corruption and maladministration in the TCI during his time in office.”

Misick’s lawyers had argued that he was a victim of political persecution and should be granted asylum but the Brazilian court did not agree. The former leader is alleged to be at the heart of the corruption scandal which has rocked the British overseas territory and led to the suspension of the local government and the imposition of direct rule by the United Kingdom. This followed a commission of inquiry by Sir Robin Auld, who found evidence of systemic corruption in the islands.

While Misick has always denied the allegations, he left his home islands soon after the investigation began in earnest. Misick disappeared for some time but an Interpol warrant for him was issued and he was eventually arrested in Sao Paulo, Brazil  in December last year. At first, Misick insisted he was happy to go back to TCI when he found conditions in his Brazilian jail unbearable but when the UK authorities began an extradition hearing, Misick resisted the application.

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  1. StayTuned says:

    Stay Tuned…. 


  2. Anonymous says:

    Well Well some people who proudly proclaimed on national radio in the past that Michael Misick was a close and personal friend of theirs ought to have some uncomfortable nights from here on in. They are neck deep in… at water : -) Let us sit back now and watch the political triangle in Cayman, TCI and Bermuda crumble !

  3. Anonymously says:

    Marl road has it that many apartments are now being given away before they become evidence. Many here, there and everywhere is going to fall. Welcome one and all!

  4. Peanuts says:

    Well the Dominos will start to fall, friends and close business associates will be wondering when the seccond and third and…………….  you get the picture.

  5. Chris Johnson says:

    This is very good news indeed which will lead to others being implicated in the many instances of TCI corruption. Much involved other politicians, a bank and a certain UK Lord. There must bemany residents shaking in their boots at the moment, albeit a few more than in the Cayman Islands.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This is a good move by Brazilian and TCI authorities atleast he will be tried by a jurors if his peers.

    • Knot S Smart says:

      But I thought that all of 'his peers' are being charged as well?

      • Chris Johnson says:

        Indeed his peers are being charged. Over thirteen arrests have been made including several ex politicians. Their cases will be heard next year. As in Cayman cases against politicians get procrastinated through no fault of the courts I would add.

        In addition there will be other persons caught up in the corruption as the net widens. I suspect the net in Cayman is also widening but it could never be as bad as the TCI. Sadly like Cayman the voters in TCI voted in the wrong politicians. However the pain suffered in the TCI by its residents is far worse than that here.

        • Anonymous says:

          You people should realy know the full story before comming to conclusions like this. I do hope that you dig deeper for the truth from the TCI people.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Oh this is going to be FUN!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Them old folks used to say, "You might do what you want, but not for as long as you want."  May our local politicians take note.

  9. Anonymous says:

     "The TCI government was successful in extraditing Michael Misick"

    It would be more accurate to say that the administrative authority (the UK) was successful in extraditing Michael Misick.