Cuban migrants get seasick on cramped boat

| 02/11/2013

(CNS) Updated: A group of Cuban migrants apparently suffering from seasickness have departed the Cayman Islands heading for Honduras. They were brought to the Scotts Dock on Cayman Brac Friday following a search and rescue operation by emergency services. Police said that the 911 Emergency Call Centre received a report at about 3:40pm yesterday from a man who said he was on a vessel which had 32 people on board and that some of those people required medical attention. The caller was unable to provide a location of the vessel but police said that it was subsequently determined that it was off Cayman Brac.  Police, DoE and immigration officers responded and the vessel was brought to the dock.

The people on board were examined by a medical crew and determined to be suffering from motion sickness. The Cubans remained in safe harbour through the night until a further assessment took place Saturday morning. Twenty-nine men and three women were found to be on the boat and all 32 departed in good health and without incident.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    cubans !  stay home !  change must come from within !  look at East Germany !

    Cayman can not help you !