Local marine cops network with territories

| 13/11/2013

(CNS): Detective Superintendent Robert Scotland and Inspector Ian Yearwood were among 60 delegates who attended the Regional Maritime Security Conference in Turks and Cacios recently. The trip which was funded by the United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office is part of the capacity and capability building programme. This aims to ensure that the RCIPS and other overseas territories law enforcement agencies stay abreast of maritime security threats. The main issue for local cops is dealing with the drugs and firearms that penetrate Cayman’s watery borders and increasingly human trafficking as well.

Larry Covington, the FCO-OTD law enforcement adviser said in a release about the conference that it was a way of helping the territories and other Caribbean countries to cooperate to address the security threats

"This Maritime Security Conference was focused on identifying serious and organised crime, and terrorism threats to the territories and other countries in the region,” Covington said “And how by cooperation and coordination they could best focus their resources to ensure greater success in combating them."

Detective Superintendent Robert Scotland confirmed that the conference was a great opportunity to work in partnership with other Caribbean jurisdictions.

"While the threat of terrorism is a concern, the real maritime security threat continues to be the transportation of drugs, guns, as well as human trafficking and smuggling," he said. "During the conference the primary focus was on how local law enforcement could work collaboratively to identify and mitigate these threats. The contacts made and information exchanged will allow us in Cayman to not only address local threats butalso help contribute to regional maritime security operations."

Inspector Ian Yearwood who is now the officer in charge of the Joint Marine Unit, welcomed the opportunity to further develop inter-jurisdictional relationships. "The opportunity to network with fellow professionals in the region has allowed us to develop professional relationships which have already begun to benefit us in the Joint Marine Unit," he added.

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