Gunman’s 15 year sentence sticks

| 15/11/2013

(CNS): Matio Dinnall’s appeal against his fifteen year sentence was denied this week, when the Cayman Islands Court of Appeal upheld the sentence he is currently serving for possession of an unlicensed firearm with intent. Dinnall was jailed eight years ago and will not be eligible for parole for at least two more years now that the sentence has been confirmed. The attempt to get his sentence reduced was Dinnall’s third appeal since his conviction in 2005 for a gang-related shooting in Bodden Town and was based on the fact that the judge’s starting point had been too high, since at the time of his conviction the mandatory ten year minimum sentence did not apply and the judge should have started his calculations at a lower point.

However, the appeal court judges disagreed and said that there was no indication that the judge should not have started the sentence where it was, as they pointed out that the chief justice’s guidelines had provided for a sentencing tariff of ten years in any event before the mandatory sentence was introduced.

With a maximum possible jail term of twenty years, given the circumstances of the crime and Dinnall’s previous convictions, the appeal court said the sentence was appropriate. The higher court said there was nothing to indicate that the sentencing judge was influenced by ten year minimum. The appeal court judges said that was the starting point he chose, not because it wasimposed, as they reconfirmed Dinnall’s jail time.

Dinnall, who was just 21 when he was convicted following a judge alone trial, was found guilty of firing a nine millimetre handgun multiple times at a residence in Carrington Lane in Pease Bay, Bodden Town, with another man.

Although the property, which was the home of Carlos Russell, was damaged in the incident, no one was injured but there were four people including a two year old child in the house at the time. Following the incident, Russell was convicted of the manslaughter of Phillip Watler, the second man alleged to have been involved in the shooting, after he was shot and killed at the George Town hospital.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Its all a big joke to you selfless people. You only say things to hear your damn self right? Because people like my self that know my cousin is an innocent individual doing time for something he didn’t do sure wish something like that happens to your son, your father, your brother or your grandfather and tell me how you feel. Its because of heartless feedback from people like you in the community that there are still men and women that are trying to change their life around having a hard time just getting a job. You all need to stop believing what you read and stop talking what you hear because life isn’t like the movies its a struggle out here and individuals like you that have nothing to offer the Cayman community besides negative feedback need to one day step feet in the place we call home the place where if your not able to stand your ground dog eat ya dinner. Tonight when I go to bed I will pray for you. Pray that one day you have to live 15yrs without your father, your son, your brother and grandfather. God be with all you heartless creatures.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Don't you guys have something better to do that always venting your misery all the time at people. He is someone's child and a father. He made a bad choices at a young age which is no different from many of us. Give him break! 

    • Anonymous says:

      Let me get this straight….so its ok for him to go around shooting down someone’s home with someone else's babies and children?!….so give him a break, as he is someone else’s child and father!!?? Please! People "miserable" like us speak the truth and do not want hooligans like him roaming our Cayman streets! People "venting" like us are tired of being victims and having to constantly protect ourselves and families from senseless people like him!

      • Castor says:

        "Let me get this straight….so its ok for him to go around shooting down someone’s home with someone else's babies and children?" No one said that it was OK to go about shooting people, not a poster. The point is 10 years of incarceration is a very long, log time for any one. Take away hope and please tell me what anyone has left?

    • Anonymous says:

      he made DOZENS of bad choices for a long period of time. 15 years is enough.

    • Castor says:

      It seems to me that most posters on this site are more interested in revenge, not justice. I suspect that these posters have no knowledge of the pain and heartbreak that parents, grand parents and  siblings experience when one of their family is incarcerated for a very long time. 10 years is a long, long time to be locked up. Take a way hope and what's left for the inmate? Look at Mr. Manderson Senior. What more can the Crown do to him?

  3. noname says:

    It takes a village to raise a fool. 

  4. Anonymous says:

    A failed appeal should carry with it an uplift of 25% of sentence.

  5. Anonymous says:

    We do not need violent individuals on the streets like this. You did your crime, you pay with time! Sit back and enjoy Northward!

    • Anonymous says:

      Life is great at the Hotel.  Enjoy while you can, because life is different in other countries jails.