Speed limits to be cut

| 18/11/2013

(CNS):The public is being asked for their input on the National Roads Authority's review of the speed limits on Grand Cayman. Officials from the NRA and the Traffic Management Panel (TMP) want to reduce the speed limit on West Bay Road from 40mph to 30mph, to reduce the 50mph limit on Frank Sound Road near the school and parts of the Queens Highway around the Reef Resort and Morritts time shares to 30mph, and to increase the speed limit on North Sound Road from 25 to 35mph. Under the latest traffic act passed by the UDP administration in 2011 changes to speed limits on the islands' major roads no longer require an amendment to the law but can be dealt with via the regulations with the approval of Cabinet.

The NRA has posted an interactive map on its website with a list of the roads where changes are proposed and is asking form comments on each of the potential alterations to the speed limits. The public consultation period will be open until 6 December, and depending on the results and support, the NRA will either prepare its recommendations for the minister with responsibility for roads, Kurt Tibbetts, or launch a more extensive public consultation period by going out to the public directly if they feel more input is required.

The map is also available for review at the NRA offices at the PWD Building on 370 North Sound Road, George Town, and staff there will be happy to talk to the public about the review.

Launching the call for people to contribute their opinion regarding the proposed speed limit changes at a press briefing Monday, the NRA’s transportation planner, Marion Pandohie, said that the NRA would be taking the map and proposals to the UCCI this week and this Sunday to the special drive being organised by the RCIPS, the NGO Streetskill and Cayman Islands Motorsports Association.

She explained that the changes to the speed limit reflected changes in the development in certain areas of Grand Cayman. Pandohie said the completion of the Esterley Tibbetts Highway to West Bay allowed the limit on the West Bay Road to be reduced, especially given the development and tourism numbers in that area. The transport expert also noted that the emergence of a major tourist area on the Queens Highway in East End also called for a reduction on the 50mph limit there to 30, as did the Clifton Hunter High School in Frank Sound, where a 15mph school zone was imposed and therefore that had to be a buffer between that and the 50mph speed limit on the rest of the road going towards North Side.

For more information and to submit input visit www.caymanroads.com email speedlimits@nra.ky or contact Marion Pandohie at 946-7780.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    speed DO NOT kill people. it is people minds and right foot that kill people. same with guns do not kill people as it is people minds and trigger finger.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Make an Island wide speed limit of 30 MPH, except in school zones.

  3. AnonymousCoward says:

    What's the point of reducing the speed limits? The majority of the fatal accidents sure aren't obiding by it. If the limit is cut in those projected areas, 90% of the driving population will still exceed it(>25mph etc).

    instead of reducing the limit what could be done is an installation of speed cameras in key areas of the proposed roads. Cameras capture plate, vehicle, speed. Simply mail the registered vehicle owner the ticket or the summons. After a while I'm sure the problem will work itself out.

  4. Anonymous says:

    There is no reason why we need speed limits over 40mph anywhere in these Islands.


    1. Why is it 50mph thru Bodden Town Road, Cottage, Frank Sound, some parts of Rum Point Road, and Queens Highway/Old Robin Road, but 30mph thru South Sound? Aren't these areas residential too?
    2. Why is it 30mph on South Sound Road and 25mph on Walkers Road, South/North Church Street, but 40mph on West Bay Road? I think there are more pedestrians on WB Road.
    3. Soon come with more.
    • Anonymous says:

      If you read the article or go to the NRA site you will see that they are changing the speed limit on West Bay Road  (or what is left of it) to 30.  It may be long over due but it is finally happening and that is a good thing.

  5. Bear Baiter says:

    REDUCE?? the speed limit on WBR? HA! The last time I was able to hit 40 mph on WBR was in 1978 at 3 in the morning!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I was stopped for going 50 miles an hour but as i explained to the officer it could not be right i wasn't even out for an hour.

  7. Anonymous says:

    You can put the limit to 1 mph but if the police can't or won't enforce it, well it will be like most other 'laws' we have

  8. Anonymous says:

    What is the rush!!! where are you people going that you have to put others lives at risk….the driving here is the purest example of ignorance….plain and simple…enforce…most of the people who speed are not in a place to pay for tickets everyday…therefore they will stop if enforced…..set an example…as for the drivers….you are not that important…respect others! there are children in these car! SLOW DOWN!

  9. Anonymous says:

    7 mile beach road should have been reduced to 30mph decades ago.

    And while the proposals here generally look alright….it will do little good as long as the Police continue to mostly ignore effective consistent enforcement!

    And the scool bus and mini bus drivers….seem to be allowed to drive, load, unload any how they like. 

    • Anonymous says:

      The last mentioned are flipping moronc idiots. They seem to go out of their way to NOT pull off the road to conduct their biz. But with no police force ya just gotta accept it. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Put speed bumps along the turning lane along West Bay Road and you will stop the hoons using it as an overtaking lane. Problem solved.!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        hoons? i like the way it sounds but what does it mean?

      • Anonymous says:

        Turning lane? Overtaking lane? I thought it was a dedicated taxi/minibus lane.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Can we investigate the roundabout before the ritz on the bypass (going to west bay), island heritage I think it's called.  Every time the pavement is wet card flip over.  Sunday was the last accident.  I am not sure why but my jeep Cherokee seems to slide on wet pavement evan at 20 mph.  Is there something wrong with the pavement? I have seen many cars losing traction even at small speeds.  

    Also, forget speed limits and start ticketing. That will reduce speed related accidents.  Also, install red light cameras and mail tickets.  No payment of fines, no future road stickers until paid in full.

     I was just cut off by a school bus full of kids running red on Monday morning. Amber light requires one to come to a safe complete stop if possible.  People floor the gas instead to make it through.  There is no consideration for the person who is trying to make a right and awaiting amber to complete the turn.  Also Amber should stay on longer that 1 second or we should have all intersection lights on red for 1 or 2 seconds prior to turning green.  This will ensure the intersection is clear.

    hefty fines for running red, speeding, parking in handicapped spaces, drinking and driving, not yielding at 4 way stops, passing in no passing zone, driving too slow etc please!

    Let's solve the actual problem. Speed limit is not the issue. There is no enforcement of law, that's the issue we're having.


    • Anonymous says:

      But pavements are for pedestrians not cars!

    • Anonymous says:

      I think that roundablut has a negative bank.  In othr words isslopes away from the centre makeing it easier for the car to be forced towards the outside.

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree with you totally. I told the NRA this and their response was that there was not enough room to make the roundabouts bank properly – whatever the hell that means.


        Truth is, the problem is in the design, not the amount of land for the roundabout.

        • Anonymous says:

          I also agree with checking out that roundabout. I was personally involved in 2 incidents of skidding there (got my tires changed quickly to avoid anymore incidents being contributed by any fault of my own) and I know of 3 other friends who had accidents there. My child and I call it the haunted roundabout.


          Maybe the NRA/Traffic Dept could tally number of accidents there and see that realtively dangerous roundabout and needs to be addressed asap. Thanks

    • Anonymous says:

      Judging by the spelling and punctuation, did you type this whilst driving your card (sic)?

  11. Anonymous says:

    The speed limit in front of Red Bay Primary should be lowered from the current 40, as in the mornings and evenings people still speed thru there even with the flashing school light.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I think it is great that they have an online way to comment.  I found that the comment section only allows about a sentence and a half.  That is not enough space to make meaningfull comments.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Before we change the speed limits, we need to educate our drivers how to drive with awareness of the vehicles around them and confidence. Then obeyance of speed limits will follow. For example if you are travelling along the by-pass where the speed limit is 40 and you are travelling along at 30, and the driver behind you is following you closely, you should either comply to the speed limit and speed up, or get off the road.  I have spoken with tourists and asked them what would they improve about the Cayman Islands.  Among a couple of things, one mention was made about the traffic and speed limit.  It was suggested by these visitors that the speed limit be increased because people were driving so slowly and causing others to overtake in excess of the speed limits.  They gave an example where the speed limit was "40 kph".  The speedometer in the vehicle they rented was in kilometers, and they assumed that the speed limits were posted in kilometers per hour.  Many speedometers in vehicles in Cayman are in kilometers.  Vehicles imported into the Cayman Islands should have conversion markers where 40 kph is equivalent 25 mph and 60 kph is approximately 40 mph.  Personally, I don't think reducing speed limits will contribute to the safety on the roads.  Driving more slowly will only enable people to text more often and become more easily distracted with driving.  And the other point I would like to make is that many years ago there was a study done on the traffic in different countries.  The essence of the study was that you can judge the economy of a country by the speed of the traffic and how well the drivers handle the roads.  The better the ease of traffic, the more the economy prospered.

    • Anonymous says:

      Idiot – it is a speed limit not a requirement. Here in lies the problem with uneducated people on our roads.

  14. Anonymous says:

    You wont stop us from going 100+.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Can we PLEASE pass a law that motorcycles are NOT to weave in between traffic!!  They follow ZERO law.  It's scary and dangerous not only for the cyclist but the drivers in vehicles!  I know I have almost hit a few because you don't even see them come up beside you!!  STUPID.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, some are completely wreckless but would probably be pissed if you accidently hit them. 

      While we're talking about 2 wheels, can we do something about the cyclists??  I know it is difficult in parts as there aren't many bicycle lanes here but riding 2 and 3 a breast in a narrow road like South Sound is just stupid and shows the cyclists have no care for their or the other people they share the road with well-being.   And then there are some who ride in a nice line but still decide they need to ride down the middle of the lane!

      • Anonymous says:

        On the new West Bay Highway the bike riders ( pedal bikes)  for some reason do not like using thier new bike lanes and rid in the main part of the road.  If tey will not use them why put them in?

        • Anonymous says:

          I've also seen joggers going down the edge of the "fast lane" in the centre, dressed all in black, at dusk.

          Natural selection at its finest.

      • Truthseeker says:

        Wreckless would be good (if it were a word, but it does not presently exist). It would mean not having had a wreck, or accident. 

        Reckless is bad; it means (according to the Oxford English Dictionary), "disregarding the consequences or danger etc: lacking caution; rash"


    • Anonymous says:

      You would thwart the musing of natural selection?    For shame!   Let those that rideth between thy cars enjoy a lower probability of living to create heirs. 

    • Anonymous says:

      We do not need a new law for this. A motorcycle has to follow the same passing laws as a car.  The ones doing the weaving are breaking current laws.  It is lack of respect by the drivers and lack of enforcement that are the problem.

    • SSM345 says:

      11:28, do you use your wing mirrors by any chance? Probably not. That would negate you almost hitting them when they pull up besdie you.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ya can't drive looking in your wing mirror all the time. Those bikie punks are pests and some will eventually take themselves out of the game. It's called natural selection

    • Anonymous says:

      Agreed, street/sport bikes should be banned, there's no reason why you should have a 1000cc bike when the max speed limit is 50mph.

      • Anonymous says:


        using that logic then there is also no need for cars with 4.0 litre engines either or small powerful sports cars

    • Anonymous says:

      Learn to drive better then you can hit a few, then that may stop them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Especially those couriiers

  16. Anonymous says:

    I've gone through and commented, some of the decreases are fair and needed, some come be bumped up to 35 now I think.  Either way, we know they won't be enforced.  Also, could we start enforcing people doing 20 in the 40 zones as they just cause traffic and probably shouldn't be on the road.  Also, left lane slow lane, right lane passing lane?

    • Anonymous says:

      Very true but right  lane is not the speeding lane.  If the speed limit is 40, then 40 is OK in the right lane.

  17. Anonymous says:

    More rules aren't the answer. More enforcement is what is needed. The moronsovertaking on South Sound Road in the morning rush hour aren't going to mircaculously start driving safely if the speed limit is changed.

    • SSM345 says:

      10:34, they need to bring back Manny, you couldn't even fart in SS back in day without him giving you a ticket. He was there everyday he was on duty becasue he knew people sped through SS.

      SS is a 30mph zone from start to finish but recently it has become a 50mph+ all day long.

  18. SSM345 says:

    How about introducing some sort of barrier down the center of the Harquail Bypass so the morons who overtake in traffic are stopped from doing so?

    Those of us with a brain between our ears do not need reminding of all the people that have been killed over the last few years, however those that continue to do this form of dangerous driving do.

    • Pliny the Meddler says:

      The Esterly Tibbetts Bypass is only half completed and is being used by various interest parties as leverage. For something.

      Meanwhile it is a deathtrap.

      • Anonymous says:

        that road is not deathtrap. it is well design road and it is idiots people who don’t understand the speed. speed don’t kill people it is the right foot and brain kill people

    • Anonymous says:


      Those are the ones with their brains in their foot bottom.

      When i see the way some people drive on our roads, i think of two things; Idiots or mental disability.

      I think a mental test should also be included in our driving test. Not because a person look sensible means they they are mental stable.

      We sure have lots of them on our roads.

  19. Anonymous says:

    There nothing unsafe about most of the speed limits in Cayman…..it's the police's inability/failure to stop, fine/prosecute/imprison the worst of the speedsters and wreckless drivers.

    Drivers that I see on a daily basis driving without care or thought to fellow road users and pedestrians.

    Catch a few doing 120mph+ in a 40mph zone, lock them up for a year ot two and confiscate their cars/motor bikes. Make an example of a few, the rest will soon learn.

  20. Maiden Plum says:

    Wondering how many people were fined for "speeding" on North Sound Rd with its ridiculous 25mph limit.  It's about time!!! Noone ever goes below 30mph on that road.  I mean noone and this includes the police, the governor, McKeeva, and everybody's grannies.  I've seen police tearing down that road at 40 mph on any given day.  They should refund anybody's money who went to traffic court on this road (within reason) and also be compensated for hypocrisy and time wasted.

    • Anonymous says:

      I was pulled over for 'speeding' on this road just last week. Curious that I wasn't fined.

    • Plum squasher says:

      Nice attitude.  Just because you do not like the law does not give you the right to think you know better and can ignore it.  You are not above the law.  If you do choose to ignore it and end up in court as a result, suck it up.  Your choice, accept the consquences. 

      If you want to do something about it, get involved in this process, they have clearly noted there is an issue and are looking to fix it.  Join the goverment and get the laws changed.  If your issue is with the police and other supposed leaders in society, buy a fixed camera in your vehicle and go on a blue spot style crusade about speeding.  Whatever, stop with the chest thumping and help out instead of complaining. 

      FYI I do agree the speed limit on that road is too low, but your astounding arrogance is the root of the problem on this island.  Everyone thinks they know better.  Do something about it, or stick to the limits.







      • Plum Juice says:

        Dear Holier than tho-

        I think you missed the point of my post.  As I hope you are aware, CNS is a public news forum where individuals are freely allowed to post their thoughts and opinions on any subject.  This post is meant to provide comic relief for a long outstanding issue I have with laws pertaining to this road and have lodged an official complaint against in the past (and yes I was being sarcastic about being compensated)   

        "My outstanding arrogance is the root of this problem of this island" – No thanks to people like you who obviously spurt out this regurgetated bs at every opportunity.  You are doing nothing to help to anyone either.  Give yourself a favour and log off and get a fresh breath and start cultivating a positive attitude about Cayman and spreading that instead of parading around on the INTERNET generalizing and making negative assumptions about "locals".

  21. Anonymous says:

    With all due respect, no one follows the speed limits in Cayman, they drive however they want at what ever speed they want. If you try and drive at the correct speed, drivers only become offended at your speed and act in an agressive way. Nuff said.



  22. Anonymous says:

    Speed limits are one thing (& generally ignored), but don't change anything in themselves. Safe crossings, traffic islands in the road to protect crossing pedestrians & prevent drivers using the centre lane for overtaking/speeding, and better driving standards still need addressing.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Might as well increase the speed on the South Sound Super Highway. If you go 30 down there you are likely to get killed by any number of oncomers, not least of which the flying school buses full of children overtaking cars already travelling above the speed limit.

    • Anonymous says:

      I've got to agree with you on those school buses, have seen that a few times myself and watched on with horror.  Glad my kids don't travel on those buses.

      • Anonymous says:

        Talking about buses, what about the trucks??? The speed they go they cannot stop suddenly with a full load. Pedestrian crosswalks why are vehicles not stopping to let people cross? in school zones enforce the 15mph!! I was told they cannot fine the offenders as the law is not gazetted yet, what are they waiting for a child to get killed!! police need to be out and fine these people, you will find the entire force would be self sufficient if they did!!  Oh and while I'm venting  YELLOW LINES means DO NOT OVER TAKE (Ocean Club/mini buses!) and no I am not going 25mph!. On the round abouts those sticks on your steering columns are called indicators please use them  do not signal left then turn right….repeat offenders, take away their license and make them take lessons and take a test again with a registered instructor…

  24. Anonymous says:

    In fairness, some are also going up, CNS!

    I've looked through the proposals and given comments on the parts I'm particularly in favour of (increasing North Sound Road between the cricket pitch and Harquail bypass from 25 to 35 and decreasing the section of Crewe Road between the King's roundabout and the Hurley's roundabout from 40 to 30) and also some areas I think could be bumped up another 5mph.

    A lot of time went into this from the looks of it and I think they've struck a good balance between protecting residential areas and areas where accidents/near accidents happen often due to speeding, while still allowing for higher speeds where it is safe and will make a huge difference in traffic and commute times.

    Now…. to see if it is enforced… Speeding is a huge thing here, and once we have a new set of speed limits that have gone through careful thought by the experts and public consultation, enforcement will be very important. I am personally fully in favour of speed cameras forming part of the CCTV system in certain areas prone to speeding. Maybe they could even be calibrated to only "catch" people going 5mph or 10mph over so they really target those who have no regard for others and drive at very dangerous speeds.

  25. Pistonhead says:

    Yes, yes, yes. Just do it. It should have been done years ago.

    The only objections will come from the boy racers and a few politicians who will insist that a higher authority ordained the 50 mph zones.

  26. Anonymous says:

    So what, people ignore speed limit laws now, travel on Spotts raceway any time of the day or night.

    • Castor says:

      You are correct on this road. Shamrock Drive is a speed way. I know because I used to live there. Some cars had to travelling at 100 mile per hour velocities.I two years living there, I never saw an a speed trap, a police car or any type of traffic enforcement.

  27. Anonymous says:

    What about the secret higher speed limits that seem to apply to taxis and buses?  Is that coming down too?  Perhaps to marginally above homicidal?

  28. Anonymous says:

    I have now heard of everything.  Do you rally think lowering the speed limit to 30 mph is going to help the problem with speeders…nope it isn't…you will need more RCIPS on the road and to be more vigilent and aware of the speeders.  You still have cars with LED Blue coloured lights, tint on windows, loud booming music….30 mph is a little redundant, do you think?

  29. anonymous says:

    Nobody needs to go 50 miles per hour on Cayman.  It is only 21 miles long.  Seriously.

    • Anonymous says:

      Here's betting you don't live in NS or EE.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is all rubbish. We don’t need to be driving any slower; it is already maddening driving along a perfectly good road at 30 mph when 40 or 45 would be quite safe. It’s not people driving 10 or 15 mph over the speed limit who are causing accidents – it’s people driving RECKLESSLY over the speed limit. You can drive faster without driving recklessly. And I’m not advocating that everyone start driving at 60+ mph (hardly what you could call fast) – just use some common sense. Just because the island is small doesn’t mean to say that we all want to spends hours getting from A to B.

      On another note, it really says something about a population when so many want to own expensive, high- performance cars, when they haven’t even one road to use them on. More money than sense springs to mind.

  30. Dennis Smith says:


    If you want to move more cars you need either more speed or more roads.

    Except for 7-mile beach road I don't understand why we would reduce speed limits on any main road. The South Sound Road speed limit should be increased until it reaches Smith Cove. This will get more cars in and out of town quicker. We still need more roads or more lanes. A 7 – mile – 45-minute commute from Savannah to George Town during rush hour is ridiculous. And these are new roads, what will it be like when we add another 10,000 drivers to our residential population? 

  31. Anonymous says:

    You can cut the speed limit to 5 mph, but if the police arent there to inforce it, then we are only wasting our time.

  32. Cheese Face says:

    Ridiculous, I've stayed at the Reef loads of times and you can see for miles when crossing the road or turning in and pulling out. Just going to become a speed trap. Go and catch the real crims.

  33. Anonymous says:

    On thw west bay side ( 7 mile beach) can be 30. However on the highways 40. School related areas 30

  34. Anonymous says:

    On thw westbay side ( 7 mile beach) can be 30. However on the highways 40. School related areas 30

  35. Anonymous says:

    Lowering speedlimits only has sense if there is enforcement.

    Increasing speedlimits leads to traffic jams at the next bottle neck.



  36. Anonymous says:

    This is a step in the right direction.


    However, mandatory governors on all cars in Cayman that restrict them to a maximum of 50 MPH would go along way to prevent lives. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Mandatory governors on all cars?? We only have one, and I don't think that you are going to get her to sit on any car – even if you ask her nicely!