Hitchhiker robbed at gunpoint

| 19/11/2013

(CNS): A 26-year-old man was robbed at gunpoint in the early hours of Tuesday morning after he accepted a lift from two unknown men, who were said to be in a jeep type vehicle. George Town detectives said the robbery took place in George Town after the men had picked up the victim in the Queen’s Court area of West Bay Road. The suspects, one of whom was believed to be in possession of a handgun, drove the man to Sparky Drive, where they robbed him of his cell phone and cash at around 2:45am. They then drove off leaving the uninjured man at the location, near Progressive Distributors

Police said the suspects were both described as dark skinned with Caymanian accents; one had dreadlocks and was wearing a white shirt while the second had a redbandana across his face.

Anyone who saw the man getting into the jeep type vehicle, or was in the area of Sparky Drive around the relevant time is asked to contact George Town CID on 949-4222, the RCIPS tip line 949-7777 or Crime Stoppers 800-8477(TIPS).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Please take a taxi ,its cheaper and safer.

  2. Anonymous says:

    We should have a march against people that rob hitch hikers. Say where and I'll be there. 

    • Anonymous says:

      What is a march going to do? We just had one for one of the worst laws ever in the Cayman Island history and nothing happened. Spineless Politicians would not even turn up.

    • anonymous says:

      Will there be free food?

    • Diogenes says:

      Don't hitch a lift to get there!

    • Anonymous says:

      Brac, outside Kirks, 4.30am tomorrow.   If we're not there just start without us – we'll catch you up.

  3. Anonymous says:

    "The Sorrows of Gin"

  4. Anonymous says:

    Lower the costs of cabs and have public busses run every hour throughout the night.  What options do we have if our car breaks down at 3 am? Walk home? Hitchhike? 

    • anonymous says:

      Recently, I saw a cab driver abuse a young couple and call them effing pigs as they had stopped the vehicle and got out after she tried to charge per person.

      I have not used a cab since 2010 and encourage others to do the same.

      • Lock, Stock says:

        Similar thing happened to us. Taxi driver wanted to charge per person for a trip from South Sound to SMB – total cost would have been $80! We all refused and got out and were abused for it. The taxi driver even called police saying that we were skipping the fare, the police came, put the taxi driver in her place, and then took some of us home for free! This one experience has unfortunaltey turned me off all taxis here forever. If the opportunity presents itself I also give tourists a lift from the airport for free so that their first experience in Cayman isn't of being ripped off! 

        • Anonymous says:

          Bang on! We should collectively look out for each other and make a dent in two areas of criminality – the robbing of hitchhikers and the fare robbing of taxi passengers.

          I will always give rides from the airport to people i know for sure.

    • Anonymous says:

      Get a better car.

  5. Anonymous says:

    You have to wonder how stupid some criminals can be to give someone a ride so the victim can see their faces, hear their voices, describe the car, and perhaps even give the license plate number.

    Of course they might be even more stupid than I imagined if they were driving around at 3am with a gun in a car with no license plates.

  6. UHUHUH says:

    Unna nah see nutin yet! Unna wait till jus bifore Crismus wen dey gau get a lil presunt fuh dey lil bastud chile, en a new cellfone fuh dey gieulfren.  Dah wen yuh guh see sumting.

    Ah bin tellin unna da wah wuh go happin, but unna wuden lisen. Now wa ah wahnt, is fuh di police to hia me, en ah guh priten ah's a turis waukin long di road, an wen dey take mi hanbag, it goh be fulla cow-itch an a lil remote cuntrol xplosive, an as soon as dey  outa site ah goh hit di buttn, an afta dat ahl call di police. An yi know wah a go du afta dat, ah goin look way dey is,   an dey guh be runnin roun scrachin like two dogs wid flees.  An yi know wah ah go say tiwum.

    Unna Tek Dat!  Da Wah Unna Get! Then ah go tel um ti go jump in di sea so dey kin wash off di cow itch.

    AAAH HA HA HA !  Ah betcha dey wouhn figet da one!

    Dey Wud Stil Be  Scrachin!!!


    • Dog Hates Dyslexics says:


      • Anonymous says:

        Good that it's gibberish at least da one dat dem furners wou undstan. Tank you Jesus, dem even wa to stop us from being we.


  7. Baines of our existence says:

    We know this ain’t Cayman anymore. The question is what are we going to do about it.

    Not much apparently.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Great, I guess my hitchhiking days are over.  

  9. philip says:

    there are security camaras all over the place by progressive distributors , but i am sure the police know that

    • SSM345 says:

      There was a security guard murdered at Progressive a few years back and the cameras did absolutely eff'all solving that crime if I am not mistaken?

    • Anonymous says:

      there are CCTV cameras all along West Bay road too…but 9 chances outof ten they were not being monitored or were out of service..


      Oh by the way…someone please tell the police.

  10. Anonymous says:

    A physical injury heals, emotional stays  for a life time and in the end manifests as cancer, depression and  all kind of bodily diseases.

    • Anonymous says:

      You seem to have mixed up the real world with that X Files box set you were given last Christmas. 

      • Anonymous says:

        That is the real world, Bobo. There is a direct link between such thoughts and physical ailments.

    • Anonymous says:

      So I guess you're not a baby spanker. Good for you!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Stupid acts lead to bad outcomes.  The West Bay Criminal Enclave is best avoided. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Queens Court is west bay??!! I live in west bay. Why to hell does it take me 25 minutes to drive there? Bermuda Triangle?

      • Anonymously says:

        Get your facts straight Queen's Court is not not in the district of West Bay it is in GT. Get your facts straight newbie!

        • SSM345 says:

          06:18, Can we  stop calling it West Bay Rd then?

          How about a petition to change the name of the road?

          We can  warn people about the perilsof the Republic, that if you are white you stand a good chance of being robbed between the hours of 6am-6am, that it's a breeding ground for gang violence and murder, most of the big man drug dealers live there etc etc?

          I can understand back in the day when there was one road from GT to WB but if WB residents are so effing picky about where their actual district starts (Fire Station / Cemetry) let's call it something else and use DARTS new roads to bypass their shitty Republic.

          Better yet, lets dig a trench across the road from SMB to the North Sound right where DARTS hotel is, you can then have your 2 second view of the water and keep it yourselves, and we the rest of Cayman can enter the Republic via a toll bridge at our own leisure and risk.

          • Sunrise says:

            SSM345, I think it would be better to dig a trench across your head.  But if you want we can consider cutting the West off from the rest of the island and let you all suffer!!  We can start resricting the rest of the island from going to the Turtle Farm, Stingray City, both Dolphin Parks, some of the finer restaurants, etc..  But we are not that stupid, we realize that 90% of West Bayers are professionals, so we do not need to become a republic!!  Because a drunken Magistrate once tagged us as a Republic state, when he was so hung over that he may have thought he was in Russia, and it stuck because of stupid people!!  Do a review of the murders that happened on Grand Cayman, yes Grand Cayman, not West Bay and see the stats.  Surprised, well don't be, try to do a little research before you say anything.  As my dad always said, " please engage the brain before the mouth".  I have lived West Bay all my life and I feel very safe in this district anytime, day or night.  I have sat with the top politicians, preachers, social icons, and I have sat with the so called low life.  What we tend to forget is that some of these people have been dealt with a bad deck of cards, so we just throw them away.  We have a lot of ill fated young people on these islands, not just West Bay, who need our help.  I have seen a lot of young people change just by sitting with them and giving them sound advice, or showing them that we care about their actions.  Be a positive input to the society, do not condemn the nation for one person!!  Remember, they crucified Jesus Christ, and he was God's son, so crucify us and we will rise again!!  Let us live in peace and love 345, so we can remain at least a united island.  The outsiders just love to see us fight amongst each other, as they did in other islands around us, which were their ruination!!  So bless up and come to the West, I will show you my beautiful district with no fear!!  One love!!

            • SSM345 says:

              Hey Sunrise, XXXX

              Did you rise in the West?

              You can have West Bay and those bottomless pits called Boswains Beach and the Dolphin Park, that saves us a bucket load right pff the bat. Good riddance.

              I don't need to research any murder rate of Cayman to know for a fact that when both of your main gangs, Birch Tree and Logwoods go at it, there are at least 4-5 people killed in each spate of "tit for tat", which then seems to spill over to the rest of the island because your scum are getting away with murder and they feel they can as well.

              Does GT, BT or EE have people who murder 4yr olds by shooting them in the head? Cause 6yr olds to be hit by ricochet during armed robbery? Hell f**king no. That's your district pal.

              People always get help, whether they choose to use it or continue is their choice, and their choice only. Loads of people are born "with a bad deck of cards", and guess what, they get on with it.

              I lived in WB for 3yrs and left when I saw what was happening. You can keep the Wild West, the Republic, and the Welfare State of the Cayman Islands where churches and churchgoers do not practice what they preach.

    • Anonymous says:

      @12:25 It is the continuous steretypical comments about West Bayers that prevent newcomers to Cayman to be on guard in every district, which is common sense really.


      Why not advise them of the nationality of most of the crimes based on criminal convictions and the dominant nationals in Cayman, which by simple math will indicate the liklihood of being robbed is probably from Nationalities A, B and C?

      Don't just label the West Bayer or West Bay area my friend, look at the people working around you and start there, we never know do we?

      • anonymous says:

        Ok, so using the information supplied, it is best to avoid taking rides from dark males with caymanians accents.

        • Anonymous says:

          Stupid (and racist) comment.

        • Anonymous says:

          Pretty close @7:34 and not simply being 'stereotypical' but have to use stats as some guide, in most American cities I would be most cautious of males between 20-50, all these stats are starting points


          …not sure if stricly Caymanian accent though, from most news reports seems to be either Jamaican or Caymanian accent and saldy it's usually the Jamaican or Caymanian male who would also be most willing to stop and genuinely assist, I would bet no 'caucasian' would stop to assist a local they didn't know well, but yet they're willing to hitch a ride.

        • Dog Hates Dyslexics says:

          …especially in West Bay.

      • Anonymous says:

        Nope, West Bay is best avoided.  End of story.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Why would anyone, considering the amount of crime in Grand Cayman these days, accept a ride from someone he/she doesn't know?

    • Anonymous says:

      Engage your brain if you have one.  When you go out make sure you have a safe passage back home. I don't hitch hike and I don't pick up hitch hikers.

    • SSM345 says:

      12:21, that's easy, alcohol clouds one's judgement.

      And secondly, not enough money to pay one of Cayman's premier rip-off artists to get home because of the first reason, drinking too much alcohol.

      Those would be my guesses at why you would get into a car at the hour on your own with people you do not know.

    • Diogenes says:

      Wearing a bandana over his face, at 245 in the morning.  Why indeed. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Probably because the "Cayman Islands" have been regarded as one of the safest places in the world. Although I think that reputation has been tarnished beyond the point of no return in recent years. How sad that there are people on the Island capable of doing the crimes that are now being committed. I guess it comes down to family breakdown, education and a lack of respect for your fellow man. I am lucky to spend a lot of time on the Brac where, Thank God, apart from a few drunks I would feel completely safe at anytime to walk home!.

      • Arf says:

        The fact that there are still people in the workd who try to sell Cayman as safe is itself criminal.  Talk about setting up victims for Caymanian criminals!  Anyone still saying it's safe in Cayman is guitly of misrepresentation so wrongful that I hope they get personally sued by the victims who baleived them.

      • Anonymous says:

        We have accepted and allowed too many undesirables into our Islands and districts. It is mind boggling to think that we could allow such an influx of characters into our neighbourhoods.

    • Anonymous says:

      He probably won't next time

    • Anonymously says:

      There are more crimes committed now but most Caymanians are still kind and generous people and we will continue to assist others in need when we can.

  13. Hoping for better days says:

    WOW. You would think it would be the hitch-hicker that would be dangerous…not the other way around…sad times for Cayman.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Folks, this is what happens when you accept a ride from someone wearing a bandana across their face……