Premier promotes Cayman in special video for JMC

| 25/11/2013

(CNS): The Cayman Islands premier has recorded a video to promote the Cayman Islands for this week’s overseas territory meeting in London. During the course of this week Alden McLaughlin and his ministerial colleague Wayne Panton will be flying the flag for Cayman at the table with FCO  officials as the mother country engages in talks with all of its territories' leaders and discusses the continued relationship. With public finances at the fore, as well as issues such as conservation and the financial services sector, this year’s meeting will also see the OT leaders mingle with UK  investors. The short video describes Cayman’s natural beauty as well as the economy and invites people to come see the islands for themselves. Go to video


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Not sure the audience for which this video is intended, beyond the attendees at the JMC but surely they could have spent a few hundred more dollars to make it a little more interesting?

    Four minutes of listening to our Premier – nothing personal, I'd have this comment even if Rihanna was our Premier – speaking (ermm, reading) into the camera while sitting in an artificially lit boardroom/office and extoling the many virtues of Cayman seems a little lacking. How about some still photos, artists renditions of Health City, or videos to back up what he's saying?

    I'm sure some kids in a local high school media club could have thrown together something more sophisticated than this effort, what with its grand total of 3 or 4 fades and transition effects.

    I applaud the current government's fiscal responsbility and transparency but come on, folks!

    • Anonymous says:

      You are never going to encourage investment in either the onshore or offshore sectors as long as in the former there is a 60% local ownership requirement and in the latter increasingly impossible to get work permits, meaning business is told who to employ. Its not rocket science.

      • Anonymously says:

        Try Dubai do you know what their ownership/partnership requirements are? Their solvency policy is even better than Cayman (debtor prison), human rights to die for.  Seems as if investors are beating a path to Dubai's door to do business, I would encourage you to do the same if you find it too restrictive here, would hate to see you leave but if you must then don't tarry and lose your investment because of a policy you came here and found, NEXT!

        • Anonymous says:

          You miss the point..much of Dubai property remains empty (I vist there regularly) and investors are there because they need to be, not necessarily because they want to be, and mostly large companies. If you are in the UK, Germany, France, Scandinavia and indeed the good ol' US of A, anyone can invest and it is in most places simple to do that is why small and medium size businesses go there, which is exactly what we need here. In UK, it pretty well does not matter where you are from, you can open a company online for GBP150 and start trading the next day, no restriction on shares.

          • Anonymous says:

            Why would investors, mostly large companies, "need to be" in Dubai.

      • Anonymous says:

        Dont worry, i'm pretty sure they will find at least one willing to fly out for talks regarding the 60/40, if they put them up at swanky hotels and guarantee at least a 10% kickback that is. 

    • And AnotherTing says:

      Well, well, movie actor our Premier is not. Yes it needed some serious brightening up, and Mr P needed some swag about him. Come on civil servants ya make de man look like a washboard. And Another Ting.