13 phones seized in jail

| 28/11/2013
(CNS): As the prison service continues to battle against smugglers and the flow of contraband into HMP Northward, officials said Thursday that 13 cell phones and charges have been intercepted over a matter of weeks. The authorities said they seized intercepted over six pounds of ganja as well as the phones between early October and mid-November. Despite the ongoing efforts of the Cayman Islands Prison Service and a zero-tolerance approach, the prison boss said efforts were being frustrated by members of the public who continue to try to smuggle items to inmates, or throw them over the double-perimeter fences.

With the continued security breaches, management are struggling to maintain the safety of staff and prisoners and in the case of the use of smart phones those on the outside as well.
Although the complaints commissioner's office has recommended that the prison using phone jamming or scrambling equipment to prevent the use of cell phones by inmates and reduce the need for invasive searches which could expose the authorities to legal problems but the prison says such equipment is costly and given the proximity of a local telecommunications tower to Northward technically challenging.
However, with the recent seizures it is clear that many people continue to attempt to smuggle phones into the jail for the inmates and the prison director has pointed the finger at visitors and members of the public who he says continue to supply the prison with drugs as well as phones.
“The most concerning part is that, as our information suggests, these drugs are being delivered or transported by members of the general public,” said Neil Lavis.  “It is important to remind people on the outside that it is a criminal offence to smuggle, or attempt to smuggle these items into the prison premises.”
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