Crown opens forgery case against BT woman

| 03/12/2013

(CNS): A Bodden Town woman has been accused of using forged currency and counterfeiting after she allegedly handed over forged Cayman Islands cash in two locations during 2011. Shannon Ebanks is accused of using fake money at the Everglo bar in Bodden Town and at a branch of Dunkin’ Donuts, where CCTV footage shows her taking a $100 note from her boyfriend and handing it to a cashier. Police later found 41 half printed forged 25 dollar notes at the house where Ebanks lives with her boyfriend, along with equipment that prosecutors said could be used in counterfeiting. She has denied knowledge that the currency she used was forged or knowing anything about the partially printed notes found hidden in the bathroom of her home. 

Ebanks’ boyfriend, who stays at her home in Kipling Street, Bodden Town, and who was with her at Dunkin’ Donuts has not been charged.

Prosecuting counsel said that the crown would show that Ebanks was aware and had knowledge that the money she used was forged and that is supported by the evidence found at her home. Police recovered a photocopier, metallic strips, paper, metallic pens and a counterfeit pen along with the partially printed fake $25 notes.

The trial continues Tuesday in Court One before a jury and presiding judge Justice Alex Henderson.

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