Father and son duo face consequences of jail break

| 03/12/2013

(CNS): The father and son inmates who busted out of HMP Northward both appeared in Summary Court Tuesday to face charges regarding their unlawful departure from the prison with a third man earlier this year. Steve Manderson (45) and his son Marcus (26) were wearing leg chains as well as handcuffs as they each made their way into the busy courtroom for separate appearances before the presiding magistrate, Valdis Foldats. Although the men’s cuffs were removed, the leg chains remained, giving an indication of the high security now surrounding the prisoners after their August escape. Marcus Manderson pleaded guilty for his more than three months of freedom, while his father has not yet entered a plea.

Steve Manderson told the court that he had been refused legal aid and said that “somebody is trying to cover up something”, as he asked for time to try and find an attorney willing to act for him pro bono. His case was adjourned until 21 January, and since he is serving a life sentence for murder, the magistrate noted that there would be no serious prejudice to his case as a result of the delay.

It is not clear what will happened to the oldermember of the incarcerated family duo because at present his sentence means life without the possibility of parole. While issues have been raised about the human rights implication and the need for government to address the challenge that the current mandatory whole life sentences for all murder cases poses, the current reality for him is that it would be impossible for any further imposition of a sentence. Manderson was recaptured in the Frank Sound area some two weeks after his sixth escape from custody.

His son, Marcus Manderson, managed to remain on the run for over three months, with police suspecting that he had left the jurisdiction until an operation in George Town led to his recapture last month. The younger Manderson is serving a mandatory minimum sentence of ten years after he was found guilty of possession of an unlicensed firearm by a jury, which found the modified flare gun that police say he tossed over a wall during a chase was a lethal weapon. As a result, the courts will be able to add time to Manderson’s already lengthy time in jail and he is scheduled to face sentencing on Thursday.

Chadwick Dale (20), a Jamaican national who escaped with the Mandersons, was the first to be recaptured and he was recently sentenced to another year in jail on top of his six year term for a violent robbery.

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