Forensic experts sue immigration over unpaid bill

| 04/12/2013

(CNS): A specialty forensic service company is suing the Cayman Islands Department of Immigration for $54,000 plus interest, claiming that it has not be paid for a report it conducted into systems for individual background checks and unearthing fraudulent travel documents that could be used by immigration staff. In the statement of claim filed by Cayman Islands Forensic Service Ltd the firm said it had a contract with the immigration department for a report, which it completed in 2008, but has not been paid the $54,000 owed for the research and report. The company claims the immigration department agreed the job in July 2008 and the 18 page report, which required 176 hours of work, was handed to immigration and signed for on 4 November 2008.

In the claim Cayman Islands Forensic Service said the department has “subsequently remained in possession of the report” and it has “been used and or referred to being in the possession of and or referred to by Members of the Government and Legislative Assembly of the Cayman Islands."

Although the forensic firm submitted invoices to immigration, the director of the company, Andrew A. Miller, a certified fingerprints expert, said the bill has never been paid.

The writ asks for the principal sum of $54,000 and interest at over 2% plus costs.

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