Man hurt in robbery attempt

| 14/12/2013

(CNS): A victim of a street mugging in George Town was wounded on the leg on Friday evening when he was struck by a machete-wielding would-be robber. According to the police report, the incident happened at around 5:30pm yesterday, Friday 13 December. As the victim was leaving a bar on Martin Drive, he was accosted from behind by a man armed with a machete. The man demanded cash and used the machete to inflict injury to one of the man's legs. The assailant ran off on foot behind the Globe Bar. Police said that no description of the suspect could be provided and no money was stolen during the altercation.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    all these ghetto places should be shut down

    • Anonymous says:

      Alright, Smarty Pants, so the bar made the lazy ass robber commit this crime? Well, if that's the case, lets shut down Seven Mile Beach, George Town and any other place where robberies have taken place and continue to do so. As a matter of fact, lets shut the whole of Cayman while we're at it. Boy, some of you can come on here and post some bullsh*t. This could've happened anywhere. Stop bashing the bar.

  2. 4Cayman says:

    16.12  if this problem doesn't come under control, Camana bay and the ritz soon will not be safe either. Just a matter time…….people who live in gated communities will have to come out one day. 

    The issue needs to be addressed and put under some control before it really gets out of hands.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What are the RCIP supposed to do??? There was no description of the assailant…..No description.. Are they supposed to go after Casper the friendly ghost. Are the police supposed to be on every corner of every block. Hmmm, maybe they should be more like Cuba with men standing in uniform on the corner with assault rifles……that'll be good for tourism.

    • Anonymous says:

      No we arent asking for Police on every corner, we are simply asking for the RCIPS to do their damn job. This  incident is but one of a few where there is no description, however what about all  the other robberies where there was good descriptions yet those remain unsoiled. The RCIPS will be holding up traffic over the next few weeks to check for drunk drivers and vehicle licenses, and while I support this, it doesn't negate that they shouldnt take the same proactive stance with violent crimes. It's time for the CoP to either crap or get off the commode and we find someone who has a good pair of balls to do the job. We cannot go through 2014 with this same mentality of policing. The criminals and thugs have the upper hand as it is.

    • Anonymous says:

      It's called going undercover. Police should be placing themselves in positions where opportune attacks could take place. Start nipping this in the bud before it gets out of control.

      its not rocket science.

    • And AnotherTing says:

      Maybe we do need more police presence on every street corner, to allay the ever growing fear of residents, and maybe this is what we really need to show us how many police officers we hear about but really do not see. Oh And Another Ting Cuba does have police presence everywhere and also has over 2 Millio tourists on an annual basis, and their crime rate is no where the size of Cayman. And Another Ting.

  4. Weapons Grade Bollocks says:

    So what are we going to do RCIPS? What are we going to do?

    The CoP can fudge the numbers like the Met does back in Blighty, but the fact is that we are faced with an onslaught of violent crime and the current policies of passive, non-existent law enforcement are simply not working.

    • Anonymous says:

      I just go to Camana Bay and the Ritz.  Haven't seen any crime at all.

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually, this comment is an insightful view of the future Cayman.


        Gated communities enclosed in razor wire will divide the people into groups of "insiders" and "outsiders".


        This always happens when the "rich get richer and the poor get poorer". This trend should not happen in a supposedly "christian" country.



        • Patricia X says:

          What do you mean by "future"?

        • Anonymous says:

          This also tends to happen when the rich get richer the poor start robbing them. The gates separate the hardworking people from those who prey on them…Don't blame the rich blame the people doing the crime. They are the reason we needs gates around our home..

      • Anonymous says:

        You would have struggled to get to the Ritz yesterday afteroon..

      • Anonymous says:

        Not much crime in Camana Bay because there are security guards EVERYWHERE you look! (Sort of like Cuba, huh?)

    • Anonymous says:

      Any suggestions? Or would you like an overnight solution to a problem that has taken genrations to manifest?

      • Weapons Grade Bollocks says:

        For starters the police need to be out on the beat. Studies in developed countries show that crime falls markedly where the police are active and engaged in the community. Our police are more like duppies in this respect.

        And they need to be armed. The criminals have no fear of or respect for the police. Things are so bad that thugs are willing to cross 75 miles of ocean to destroy the peace in Little Cayman because they know full well the poor officer there is unarmed and defenceless.

        This ain’t rocket science and for the huge sums we expend annually on the RCIPS we should get a lot more security and peace keeping.

        Stop making excuses.

      • Generations says:

        Generations to create this.  Government politicians wanted uneducated loyal voters to flock to them for favors and insisted the people rely on government and THIS is what we get.  Generations of locals now rely on what we voted in.  Shame on the politicians for creating this mess!

        We need to get the poor and uneducated to work.  Very few criminals would rather rob than work, give these men back some pride.

        To do this we need stricter Immigration and new vocational training!

        Govt, you made this mess now don't blame the police, fix it!!!

        • Anonymous says:

          Shut  up please with the blame game again. Even though you would want to imagine that  it is the un-employed persons doing this stupid crimes, I beg to differ, do your research, the punk criminals are your everyday employed gangstas wanna be. or idiot wanna be. The police and the courts can prove this facts. These criminals have been or are employed. A criminal mindset is same as having an addiction. Its the entitlemnet attitudes that has been allowed to set in that creates this hatred to "Rich" or "White" or "Black" or any other poor reason as an excuse. Politicians did not create this suitation, but they sure do endulge in it. Yes we need trade schools. We need alot of things, but robbing and breaking into people homes or doing hold ups will not stop until the people take responsibility. Cayman is not unique in this world when it comes to crime. One thing that stay the same is the Lazy, dark minded persons that think that they should not have to work to get what other people have worked so hard to get in life. No pride and no ambition is the root. And as mentioned before, it does make you wonder if the police always out of site is something that is being encouraged. I still would like to know whos idea it is that suggest that tourist do not like to see police while on vacation. One fact remains is that whenever you have Police doing good patrol in all areas the criminals or wanna bees go deeper into hiding and less opportunity for crime means less crimes. Period. I am still waiting for someone to show me the facts that any of these stupid crimes have been commited out of need.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you have an alternative?  Oh yea … arm everyone like in a country nearby perhaps, where on a daily hasis people are being shot to death, even innocent children in schools?  No thanks! I will stick with the passive policies instead.