Shot fired in bar robbery

| 27/12/2013

(CNS): Armed men escaped with an undisclosed sum of cash late Thursday following another robbery at Welly's Cool Spot in George Town. Police said they received a report at 11:14pm 26 December that at around 11pm two men with their faces covered had entered the bar and demanded money from the cashiers. One of the robbers was armed with a gun and at some point during the hold-up the weapon was fired. Police said that a single shot was discharged but no injuries were reported. After taking the cash the men, who were dressed in dark clothing, fled the premises on foot and were last seen on Sound Way. The suspects are described as 6'1" and muscular and 5'8" and stocky.

Anyone who was in the area at the relevant time and saw or heard anything suspicion is asked to contact George Town Police Station at 949-4222, the RCIPS tip line on 949-7777 or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS).

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  1. Henry 111 says:

    Everyone should stay home and stop spending for one day  just to get the point across to our MLAs that this got to stop! This is a joke. We spending through our asses for a better cayman yet we get third world type of service i.e. Just take a look at CUC and tell me if Honduras or Belize have the amount of outages as cayman do?

    We certainly not getting value for money here. Only the MLAs and their posh life style are enjoying our hard earn $$$$.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The problem starts at the top of the food chain. Locals go totally unchecked in all departments of the government especially the old school employees. A lot of old timers got away with everything they have done and the younger generation feels they can do what they want afterall it is there island and they should be able to do as they please

    . Things will not change and will only get worse until the old Management is gotten rid of.

    Outsiders that are not related to anyone need to be brought in, Professionals  that have ethics and a sence of right from wrong.

    I would almost bet that that kid with the monitor on was allowed to escape because someone knew him


  3. Anonymous says:

    We need gated comminuties and more safe places like Camana Bay and the Ritz, otherwise the people Cayman needs to keep its economy going will leave.

    • And AnotherTing says:

      It is these comments coming from person or persons who don't care about this land that creates the great divide we don't need in this country. Yes we have issues here, which country doesn't, ?. The trith of the matter is if there is a continuos berating of Cayman by faceless creatures, there may come a time when your exodus on Cayman Airways maybe your only survival solution. Let there peace on this special part of Mother Earth  and let it begin with you.

      And Another Ting

      • Jack says:

        You don't have "issues", you have a multitude of violent criminals running amok and no apparent means of policing them.  Gated communities or exodus are the final remaining options, since living in the common areas of Cayman is a fool's choice, and everyone knows it.  Saying "let there be peace" is a child's view – there isn't peace and you muttering words isn't going to change that.  Get real.

        • Anonymous says:

          Take your flight NOW, don't wait until later, since where ever you came from your life fe was not jepordised.  We have opened the doors too wide and too many undesirables have came inside.  It is time to close the doors and deal with our very own undesirables and cleanse the country.

          Make an example of one and we should see a reduction in crime.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ah but the point is that xenophobic natives and their duly appointed government are the ones that are creating the great them and us divide, that unfortunately will only get bigger as those that are on island work hard, take everything back and invest even less than they do now got their term limit because it's clear they are not wanted.


    • Anonymous says:

      Wow. Just wow. 

  4. Shaggy says:

    To you don't get that at Caymana Bay, my comment is not yet, only a matter of time



    • Anonymous says:

      And when it does I will be glad there are flights leaving daily. 

  5. Whodatis says:

    The previous poster is correct – you don't get that at Camana Bay … yet.

    However, that is exactly the atittude and response that will turn this country into every other crime-ridden metropolis from which our expats are escaping.

    Growing up in the 80's and 90's there was no such thing as an armed robbery in this country – but of course there was also an overwhelming presence of a vibrant "locally-minded" middle-class as well.

    Cayman isn't getting "bad" … we are getting "normal".

    The more we "advance and develop", as some like to regard things, the more we see the telling signs of typical, capitalistic western advancement.

    We should not complain if we refuse to step back and try to implement a way forward – superior to what has proven to be the downfall of everywhere else.

    However, that would require genuine concern and regard for more than the nature, animals and economic status of the country – it would have to include the welfare of the people … and that isn't very likely, is it?

    • Anonymous says:

      I suppose inane vacuous gibberish is an improvement on the downright crazy and offensive.  The chill pills are clearly starting to affect Whodatis.

      • And AnotherTing says:

        Your comments make you a flatulous non entity. 

        And Another Ting.

        • Anonymous says:

          Your use of the words "non entity" instead of "nonentity" and the invention of the word "flatulous" make you the kind of person whose opinions are of absolutely no consequence to me whatsoever.  Do come back once you have mastered high school English.  It might be a while.

        • Anonymous says:

          Did you use a random nonsense generator to produce that quip or did you manage to prove your stupidity unaided?

      • Whodatis says:

        Postings are meant to contribute to the issues at hand – not for grinding axes.

        Better luck next time.

  6. Henry 111 says:

    Not yet but will be coming near a theatre near you. The whole island is beingaffected by these scums. Remember when it was isolated to just west bay? Now it's happening in prospect and George Town daily.

    so your mentality that Camana bay is not affected, watch and see my friend. You are to get a rude awakening unless  we come together and start to rat these scums out to the authorities!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Dear RCIPS helicopter nitwits, please stop buzzing hotels, shopping areas, and peaceful neighbourhoods at low altitude.  It is neither sneaky nor reassuring.  Beginning to feel like south central LA.  What a waste of time and money.  If you need to hover somewhere while you wait for a ground assignment, do it at 3000 feet over the ocean please.  Thanks.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Camana bay is not out of reach!


    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for the warning, Can you tell me when you and your boys are going to hit it ?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Why would anyone go to lawless places like George Town after sunset?

  10. Anonymous says:

    This must be at least robbery #20 for these 2 guys.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Stop tempting fate, as criminals like challenges too.  Wish the courts would see them for what they really are. 

  12. Anonymous says:

    The current Policing philosophy has allowed gangs, their kingpins, and culture to entrench in the Cayman Islands without contest.  It puts the onus on the public to expose themselves to retribution for tattling on what surely entire communities already know but are afraid to say.  The RCIPS have often stated that they know who the leaders are, but do nothing to intervene.  As long as criminals are given the space to thrive the moral decay will proliferate.  

  13. Anonymous says:

    It’s just the matter if time before it reaches caymana bay , don’t you see these criminals are ruthless & the law is hopeless & a waste of OUR $$$$! Bracka

  14. Anonymous says:

    How many times have we now seen this same description of robbery suspects?:

    "The suspects are described as 6'1" and muscular and 5'8" and stocky."

    This is the same duo of criminals getting away every time.  Why can't we catch these 2 clowns???

    • Anonymous says:

      If they are locals, throw the books at them, if they are expats ship them back home.  They should not be allowed to stay here.  People nee.d to be on the alert for these scum, and theachnthem manners.

    • Anonymous says:

      It take a little intelligence to catch these scums bags!

      I will say it again and again! cut the police force in half, import private security, special forces.

      I gurantee within 6 months these island would be rid of these ass @@@es!

      The UK has put 5000 special forces on the road to clean up their crimanls,. they are not sitting on their asses to wait for criminals to make a hit. This  is a small island  with 55,000 and  100 criminals. ForGod's sake Baines! get yourself a strategic plan and act now!  

      • Anonymous says:

        5000 special forces? The UK would have to withdraw every SF soldier from every combat zone and even then they still would be short of the 5000 you've quoted. Do you just make random s*** up or did you read iton some conspiracy theory website??? Moron. The UK is policed by the POLICE.

  15. Anonymous says:


    I think God is implying that grown men dont need to go to places like Wellys (and nothing againt Wellys), but if this isnt a sign I dont know what is.     Go help people and our children in our community and avoid the drink.    Not surprising that a sinful place is creating indirect sinful activity.    

    Stay away from alcohol and life is clearer.  No sympathy here!  There are children within a half mile of Wellys that need a big brother.    Helping people in need will create a much bigger high than temporary alcolhol.     It is true…….try it………

    Peace on earth and God bless!  Smile, it is contagious 

  16. Peteer says:

    Soon come to Caymana Bay,soon come.

  17. Anonymous says:

    True but the drinks are affordable there.  Unlike at Camana Bay.

    • Anonymous says:

      The drinks are affordable at Camana Bay.   By paying a sensible premium you keep the riff-raff and the criminals away.  Money well spent.

  18. Anonymous says:


  19. GTFOH says:

    Just a matter of time. It will happen and the getaway vehicle will most likely be a fast boat.

    You are living in la la land if you think our home grown pirates are going to be deterred by a few unarmed security guards with an emaciated dog on a leash.

  20. Anonymous says:

    You don't get that at Camana Bay!

    • Anonymous says:

      That's because it's well lit, hard to run from and they have plenty of security…

      • Hoping for better days says:

        And cameras that work and are being monitored 24 hours a day. You cannot hide in Camana Bay.

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      No because half the damn Police force is there protecting DART and his kingdom.

      • Anonymous says:

        Camana Bay has it's own private security force the regular patrol the grounds look for trouble makers.. That' more the RCIPS does for the rest of the island. Dart doesn't depend on the RCIPS

        • Not so fast... says:

          Private? Lol! You mean privately rented from The Security Centre. Thank you very much. And FYI, those guards at Camana Bay, are just there to make the shoppers feel secure, but I say that’s better than not having any.

          —Remember, there’s always more than meets the eye. 😉

    • Say Wha says:

      Behave yourself Star, I see shots being "fired" all the time in the bars at Camana Bay, especially in groups!


    • Anonymous says:

      Oh, really? You just hold on.

    • Anonymous says:

      Because in Banana Bay the merchants rob the customers.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yup, eventually Caymana Bay will become a gated community.


      They have been planning that from the beginning. They see the future of Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don't go anywhere now other than The Ritz or Camana Bay.  The sooner the new DART hotel is open to increase the options the better.  The rest of the place sounds like a Mad Max movie.

    • Anonymous says:

      Give it time……