Joey admits drugs charges

| 29/01/2014

(CNS): Following his admissions regarding seventeen charges relating to theft, forgery and deception on Friday, the former Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) director, Joey Ebanks, has now also admitted to taking cocaine. In another about face following earlier denials, Ebanks pleaded guilty in Summary Court on Tuesday to drug consumption charges. When he was originally arrested regarding the theft allegations relating to his time as the managing director of the ERA, when he pilfered over $100,000 worth of iPads, iPhones and cash, he was also accused of cocaine use and possession of related paraphernalia. Having come clean in Grand Court, Ebanks has also admitted the drug offences.

According to reports on Cayman27, after submitting his new pleas, Ebanks, who remains on bail, told reporters that he had found God, which was why he changed his pleas. Ebanks had, however, always claimed strong Christian faith, which he emphasised during the recent election campaign when he ran as an independent candidate for North Side, especially on his paid-to-air evening talk show, which ran for several weeks ahead of the national vote.

Ebanks had also spent a considerable amount of time on his Facebook page, which has since disappeared, claiming his innocence and accusing the authorities and others of conspiring against him because, he claimed, he had evidence of corruption in high places. Ebanks had originally implied that the positive drug test against him had been fixed and insisted he would demonstrate that he was an innocent victim caught up in a high level conspiracy.

Ebanks is expected to be sentenced in March in connection with all of the charges he has now admitted.

No stranger to controversy, Ebanks had already faced the finger of suspicion regarding financial issues at the Cayman Turtle Farm when he was the MD there before the 2009 General Elections. However, the authorities failed to take action over the irregularities highlighted by the Office of the Auditor General. 

Ebanks ran for political office in North Side in 2009 with the PPM but lost to Ezzard Miller. However, after the elections he switched political allegiance and began courting the UDP and was later given another public sector post with the top job at the ERA.

He is accused of embezzling money by claiming false travel expenses, forging signatures on cheques and purchasing almost $70,000 worth of iPads and iPhones with public money, which he has admitted were passed on to others.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Well after watching that interview I can confidently say he shouldn't have been in charge of a kitty litter box, forget the Electricity Regulatory Authority.  The guy is nuts and a total embarressment – even to drug addicts.

  1. Mr. Ected says:

    You people!!! On one of the iPhones he bought maybe he found an app for God!!! And he was going to pass them out. 

  2. Anonymous says:

    Say what you wish about the man but he is lot more courageous than a lot of us.He has publicly admitted his mistakes, something that a lot of people have yet to do privately, much less publicly. Some people make fun of him about him finding God but as a Christian I pray for him and that God will continue to work in his life. God bless him and his family. People around here are always quick to rejoice over other's downfalls. He lied, he stole, he did drugs but which one of us haven't had our own issues to deal with and because it not public like his we walk around with our noses in the air as if we are better than this man. We are not. We may not have stolen, we may not have done drugs but we have done others things which does not make us any better than him. Sin is sin. Humans tend to rank sin, murder is worse than stealing, stealing is worse than lying but sin is sin. Check yourselves before you point fingers.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Aww c'mon Joey quit the BS already! Pathetic that he now claims to have found "Jesus". Stop kidding yourself and everyone else. Finding god was just a pipe dream.

  4. Anonymous says:

    As I sit and read these comments I am reminded of just how simple minded our people are. I can't believe just how much people rejoice in others down fall. Whether you believe that Joey found God or not look at the fact that he has come clean and admitted he is guilty! How many men or women have the guts to be that honest. He could have claimed to have found God and still gone through the trial claiming to be innocent. How quickly we forget that we have husbands, fathers, brothers and sons that could be in this same boat. I hope all you loud mouth people who are ao quick to judge doesn't have any glass in your houses since you are ao quick to throw stones. Honestly as a young caymanian you people disgust me! Joey I pray God's continued guidance and strength for you and your entire family.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Joey knows you can use bible pages as rolling paper when you're in prison.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I'm sorry.  I'm not buying into the "God" argument.  It is too often used by politicians and other officials in the hope of garnering sympathy, and despite claiming to be Christian, he didn't seem to be very god-fearing when he was lying, stealing from public purse, spouting crap on the radio and writing his rants about false accusations and conspiracies.

  7. Joe B says:

    And to think he is just one of many who are stealing everything they can get away with while "working" for the people.

  8. Slowpoke says:

    "…he found God…` I did not that He was missing.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Admitting is the cure! Congrats & I hope the best for you! Caymanian

  10. Anonymous says:

    The beauty of this story, is that is shows again that this so called christian belief is a hoax.

    Criminal after criminal (or politician after politician) finds god.

    The sad thing though, the people will except it. . . . . .

    You get the government you deserve.

    If mr. Ebanks really means what he says, he would name his cocaine suppliers. He won't, because that would destroy the real estate market.

    • Anonymous says:

      Or the police can just check who he called repeatedly at 3am to find out who his dealers were.

  11. Donkey Face brother says:

    They all claim "christianity" after they are caught!  To me that is the worst of all the crimes they commit!

    Now if you "really want to do something  good" start naming all those whom you say have committed even more atrocious acts of corruption! This will be of some vindication for you!

    • Anonymous says:

      Plus everyone who received an Apple product should be handing them back!

  12. The Parliamentarian says:

    " Ebanks had already faced the finger of suspicion regarding financial issues at the Cayman Turtle Farm when he was the MD there before the 2009 General Elections. However, the authorities failed to take action over the irregularities highlighted by the Office of the Auditor General."

    You see….?  I mentioned in my previous post that it is difficult getting action on positions of rank.  It is my opinion that the $10.000.000  given to the turtle farm is not properly accounted for.

  13. Anonymous says:

    why would you encourage comments?????? this is now a legal matter in the courts and your broadcasting it like its nothing? these news reports can have a damaging effect on sentensing. allowing him a lower sentenc prehaps????

    • Anonymous says:

      Joey does a really great job of "encouraging comments" for himself on FB, radio etc.  

      Come on, he enjoys the attention, it makes him feel normal perhaps.  


  14. Anonymous says:

    Whatever else one may say of this episode, he has been well advised by his lawyers. This is the most sympathetic presentation possible and should minimise his jail time (which in my view is unavoidable).

    • Anonymous says:

      Jail time unavoidable??  I can think of another high-ranking big shot that has stolen from the Cayman people and is still living like nothing ever happened.  It seems that they protect one another.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I see Joey is following the standard career path of corrupt ego-maniacs: take what you can for yourself without regard for the law or the people you are taking it from then, when you are caught, quickly find God and ask for forgiveness.

    The sad thing is a lot of voters will probably fall for it and think he is a changed man. He didn't change, he just got caught.

    If he was a decent human being he would not have acted the way he did.

  16. Rob Ford says:

    Just say you're sorry!!  And keep on saying it.


    I'll have to try that God thing

  17. Kadafe says:

    Vote for Joey! …… NOT!!!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    I'm hoping to be an early investor in the Church of Joey. It looks like a money maker.

    • Anonymous says:

      The after service parties will be wild.  Joey likes the craic I am told.

  19. Knot S Smart says:

    Well Ladies and Gentlemen…

    There are two things that we know for certain:

    1.   God was in Cayman on Dec 11th last year when Brother Joey had his epiphany.

    2.    Brother Joey is going straight to jail, with his Bible and Hymn Book and all…

    At this time the Choir will bring us the hymn:

    'Many Rivers to Cross' 


  20. Anonymous says:

    I do remember reading people's FB posts after the recent NS elections, and how some people were bashing those that didn't vote for Joey, saying how they must like the treatment they got w/Ezzard last time around. To those people – I've often wondered how you were unable to witness his erratic behaviour the way the rest of us could? How could you not see that there was only one sober person to choose from in NS? Ezzard is not perfect, by any means but would you rather a sober man or this representing you? I truly hope that Joey will get the help he needs, and may his family have the strength needed to move forward together as a unit.

  21. Unison says:

    And the “high level conspiracy” Joey is talking about, must be from satan and his angels… since his strong christian beliefs has led him to be innocent. The only forgiveness and cleansing from your sins I know, is made not by the blood of someone else, but by your own toil and blood, when you look within yourself and choose repent your self! God gave you the “Jesus-power” already to break any habit, admit you did wrong and not be in a state of denial or try to cover up what you did!

  22. Anonymous says:

    "Having looked at all the evidence against me, I found god"  It is called "Doing a Rolston" in these parts.  God seems to give guidance to come clean much more effectively once the accused realises that they are going down.

  23. Anonymous says:

    The pulic has the right to know who made the decision to hire Joey and give him such authority at the ERA, and on what basis.  Considering his previous record at the Turtle Farm, including what may be considered fraudulent activities and abuse of trust (not to mention showing up suddenly with $50,000 in cash from unknown sources to wipe out his debt after it was discovered), this man should not have been given any post involving control of public funds.  The person or persons who did hire Joey should share the blame and be charged legally.  That he was hired to such a post at the ERA is outrageous! An example should be set so that thieves and drug users are not in a position to squander our money..

  24. Anonymous says:

    Well, let's just see if this last minute change of heart is going to result into the desired slap on the wrist and how soon he will be up and running for office or chasing another high profile position again.