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Dump fire extinguished

Dump fire extinguished

| 15/02/2014 | 18 Comments

(CNS) Updated 5:50pm Saturday: The blaze at the George Town landfill that fire officers have been battling since Wednesday morning was extinguished at four minutes past noon on Saturday, according to Acting Chief Fire Officer Rosworth McLaughlin. Earlier today he told CNS that a few firefighters would remain at the site until this evening to make sure that it doesn't start back up, however he has now decided to take extra precaution and keep a crew and reduced number of fire vehicles at the landfill until sometime tomorrow to address any possible reoccurrence of the fire. McLaughlin said that the DEH director was asked and has agreed to provide support to the fire crew throughout the night by maintaining a small team for immediate assistance if necessary.

The fire had been especially difficult to put out as experts estimated it was some 25 feet down inside the rubbish pile and required not just dousing but excavation and turning of the landfill to allow firefighters to direct the water cannons.

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